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APC’s quality
system is
certified by
ISO 9002
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Proven Expertise.
Proven Reliability.
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From corporate data centers to home offices,
APC is regarded as an innovator, designer,
and manufacturer of high quality availability
solutions. With a proven reputation for
Legendary Reliability®, leading companies
depend on APC every day to protect and
support many of the most critical networks
in the world, including those at Microsoft,
Toyota Motor Sales, Inc., and IBM.
Over the last 20 years, APC has been a
pioneer in the development of new power
Depend on APC AV for
Pure Uninterrupted Power.
You’ve invested a lot of time, effort, and money to build
the best high-performance system possible. You expect
and demand the most realistic cinematic performances
your home theater technology can provide. But, in the span
of a single movie frame, your entire investment can be lost
due to bad power. Every day, power fluctuations, noise,
and outages can make it impossible for your system to
perform to its maximum capability. Volatile memory
settings, DVR recordings, and media server data can be
lost (sometimes permanently) when the power goes out.
Costly projector bulbs can also be damaged by blackouts.
protection unit that eliminates all these power threats.
From the world’s power experts comes the home AV power
less industry awards, design patents and
Complete protection means peace of mind. And peace of mind
protection technologies, resulting in count-
an installed base numbering in the tens of
means complete relaxation and enjoyment.
with APC-owned and controlled factories,
have helped ensure that APC solutions are
among the safest, most advanced, and
reliable available. When you buy APC, you
buy “peace of mind”.
millions of units. Multiple R&D centers, along
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Your High-Performance AV Experience Begins (and Ends) with Power.
Signals and storage are both dependent on electricity.
The quality and availability of power for high-end AV systems is just as relevant and important as it is for any computer system or network. Poor power can
have a noticeable impact on sound and video quality. Component power supplies and electrical circuits can be stressed or even destroyed outright. Power outages
can result in the loss of system presets and in missed DVR recordings. The presence of hard drives and network connectivity makes AV systems even more susceptible to damage or lowered performance as the result of power disturbances. Blackouts can make home security and automation systems inoperable. The ability to
conduct basic household functions and chores can be lost simply because of changing power conditions, often that have nothing to do with your system.
Powering household
appliances and power
RMS voltage
waveform is distorted
Overloaded utility network;
storm activity; downed power
lines; animal infestation
Possibly degrades
sound quality
RMS voltage goes to “0”
Too much demand on electric utility; running
of larger household appliances
Sustained low or high RMS voltage levels
There are several types of power anomalies that can negatively affect your audio/video experience:
Generated by appliances,
HAM radios, nearby radio
stations and even AV
equipment itself
Limits dynamic range of sound produced by
the amplifier; not enough current is available
during peak periods
Electromagnetic and
radio frequency
interference (EMI/RFI)
If severe enough, can
cause an audible hum or
buzzing sound
Creates visible lines of distortion
Dramatic and
increase in voltage
Start/stop of household
appliances (washing
machine, AC, etc)
Damages or reduces lifespan
of projector bulbs
May result in visible
lines of distortion
Visible lines of distortion
(“hum bar” distortion)
Stresses power
Stresses power supplies by forcing larger
current draws; may result in premature failure
due to increased stress
Catastrophic failure
Short-term increase
in RMS voltage levels
Typical Cause
of Disturbance:
Stresses power supplies
and/or causes premature failure
Effect on
Audio Quality:
Effect on
Video Quality:
Effect on
Entertainment becomes unavailable or is interrupted; DVR
recordings are lost or missed;
pre-sets are lost; hard drives
may be damaged or data lost;
security and home automation
systems become inoperable
APC AV Means Legendary Reliability® for Home Entertainment
The world’s most trusted provider of availability solutions brings our reputation and history of innovation to your
audio/video electronics. When you want to ensure the best experience, look to APC AV.
APC AV S Type Power Conditioner with Battery Backup. This unit was designed and engineered solely for
high-performance audio/video systems. This new power solution ensures the quality sound and video per-
formance you expect and demand, combining the features you need for uninterrupted home entertainment.
Protect your AV investment and experience with APC AV’s S Type Power Conditioner with Battery Backup.
The S Type’s Uninterruptible Power Supply
(UPS) feature prevents interruptions and lost
presets, DVR recordings, and media server data.
In the event of a power outage, an extremely
deep power sag or over-voltage, the S Type
Power Conditioner with Battery Backup will
instantaneously provide pure sine wave
power from its internal batteries to keep
your entire system up and running without
any interruption. With APC AV, you’ll never
have to worry about your DVR missing a
recording, losing system presets or being
able to finish a movie, game, or pay-per-view
event. Home security and automation
systems will remain operational no matter
what happens to the power.
The S15 model allows you to add additional
battery packs (SBATT) to get the runtime you
desire. Even at full load capacity, it is possible to have well over an hour of runtime
available when the power goes out.
Other competitive home UPS manufacturers
try to cut cost by designing units that output
“step” or “square” wave power when operating on battery. This type of waveform, while
ideal for switched mode computer power
supplies, is not optimal for video sources.
APC designed for performance by building an
inverter that outputs a pure sine wave when
on battery, ensuring the purest power possible for all your components.
Add extra batteries
to get whatever
runtime you desire.
Pictured here is an
S15 with two extra
SBATT battery packs connected.
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Conditioned. Protected. Uninterrupted.
Built to Handle Multiple Types of Power Disturbances
Complete Power Conditioning = Surge Protection + Filtering + Voltage Regulation. Many competitive brands like to
call their surge protectors “power conditioners”. Surge protectors and even voltage regulators do not offer
complete power conditioning. A surge protector does not address the most common power disturbance: voltage
fluctuations (a.k.a. brownouts and over-voltages). Conversely, a voltage regulator typically does not offer
much in the way of surge protection or noise filtering. APC AV’s S10 and S15 offer complete power conditioning.
A Reliable and Pure Power Foundation = Power Conditioning with Battery Backup. Anything less puts your home
AV experience and investment at risk. APC AV’s S10 and S15 Power Conditioner with Battery Backup offer an
all-in-one solution that eliminates all power threats to your high-performance entertainment system. By eliminating surges, spikes, brownouts, over-voltages, EMI/RFI interference, and blackouts, APC offers the secure
power foundation that protects your investment and enables your system to perform to its peak capabilities.
Voltage Regulation Can
Improve Sound and Video
Prevents the Most Common Power
Disturbance from Impacting Video Quality
and Stressing Component Power Supplies
APC’s Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
corrects brownouts (low AC voltage) and
over-voltages to keep the RMS voltage
within proper operating ranges for your
components’ power supplies. This helps your
system perform to its maximum capability.
Ideal for those who live in chronic brownout
conditions, APC AV’s units can operate
indefinitely in AVR mode without overheating or causing undue stress to the unit.
With APC’s Automatic Voltage Regulation,
your high-performance system will no
longer be a slave to fluctuating voltages.
12 Surge-Protected Outlets
Protect Your Components
Proactively Protects Your Investment
and Eliminates Potential Insurance
Claim Hassles
Twelve surge-protected outlets provide
guaranteed protection against surges,
spikes, and even lightning. Tested to
the toughest standards of UL1449 and
IEEE, APC AV offers very low LetThrough Voltage ratings, ensuring the
best level of protection.
Surges and spikes come in many
different forms (different amplitudes,
different durations). Unlike other surge
protectors and power conditioners,
APC AV employs a multi-stage strategy
that is more than capable of reducing
any surge or spike to harmless levels,
regardless of amplitude or duration.
Isolated EMI/RFI Noise Filter Banks
Maximize Sound and Video Quality
Allows Your System to Perform to Its Maximum Capabilities
APC AV’s S Type Power Conditioner with Battery Backup virtually
eliminates any electromagnetic and radio frequency interference that
may exist on the AC power circuit. There is a specific filter circuit for
Digital, Analog, Video, and High Current components. Both the input and
output AC are filtered.
Each filter bank is physically and
electrically isolated to prevent
noise generated by the components
themselves from polluting other
connected components. Unlike many
Filters EMI/RFI noise to
competitive brands, our High Current
help ensure best sound and
video quality.
filter allows for protection of highpowered amplifiers and sub-woofers
without compromising their ability to draw high currents during periods of
peak sound output. Plugging the amplifier into a separate and unprotected
wall outlet is not necessary with APC AV. In buildings where electrical
noise is negatively impacting sound and video quality, APC AV can make
a noticeable improvement in performance.
APC engineering subjects its designs to
6,000V spikes of varying current levels to
simulate worst case, real world scenarios
that could be found at a building duplex
outlet. We then measure how much of the
spike gets through to the outlet and to any
connected equipment. This measurement
is referred to as the Let-Through Voltage
Rating by the Institute of Electronics and
Electrical Engineers (IEEE). According to
UL’s 1449 standard, a Let-Through rating
of “<330V” is considered good. APC AV’s
S Type Power Conditioner with Battery
Backup has a Let-Through Voltage rating
of “<40V”. Simply put, the lower the number,
the better the performance.
According to the IEEE, Let-Through Voltage
Rating is the best indicator of surge protection performance. What matters in the
end is how much of a surge or spike actually reaches your valuable equipment. LetThrough is a direct measurement of this.
Other companies promote Joule ratings as
an indicator of surge performance. A Joule
rating only communicates how much energy is required to break down the surge
protector, but has absolutely nothing to do
with how effective the protector is in preventing surges and spikes from reaching
your equipment. With APC, protection is
guaranteed for life.
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COAX, Phone, and Ethernet Protection Jacks Prevent Damage from Surges Traveling Over Data Lines
Protect Your System’s “Back Door”
It is very common for surges and spikes to enter a system over
COAX, phone, or Ethernet lines. APC AV’s low insertion loss protection jacks offer you the protection and flexibility you need. Three
pairs of gold COAX jacks are included to protect CATV, satellite,
and antenna lines. The S15 also includes a low insertion loss
splitter to facilitate splitting a COAX line to both a CATV box and
a cable modem for those who have Broadband service provided
by their cable TV provider.
For any component that is connected to a home computer network,
the S15 offers Ethernet protection jacks. Finally, if you have a DVR,
set-top box, or DSL modem connected to a standard analog phone
line, protection is available through the unit’s 2-line, 4-wire phone
protection jacks. (Note: S10 has single line only)
Display Panel and LED Indicators Provide Advanced Monitoring and Configuration
Know Your Power Situation at a Glance…Customize To Your Environment
Not only do APC AV’s S Type Power Conditioners with
Battery Backup proactively notify you of changing power
and unit conditions, they also allow you to configure them
for your particular power and system needs. Either the
display screen or the LEDs will tell you if the unit is operating on battery power, how charged the battery is, how
much battery runtime is available, whether the unit is
boosting/trimming the voltage, and much more. Through
the display screen, you are able to adjust various settings including transfer voltage points, unit sensitivity to
power disturbances, outlet turn on delays, alarm settings,
and LED/Display brightness.
DC Trigger Enables Remote
Sequenced Turn On/Off of
the 3 Delayed Outlets
Components “Follow the Leader”
in Power On/Off
Many high-performance AV components use a DC voltage trigger to
automatically control turning on
and off other components. Both the
S10 and S15 have a built-in DC
trigger that controls power to the
three delayed outlets as well as
acts as a pass-through for another
device downstream.
3 Delayed Outlets Prevent
Stressing Speakers and
Help Manage Current Draw
on Startup
APC AV Helps You Power ‘ON’
Safely and Easily
If the system is powered “on” out of
sequence, an audible “pop” will be heard
through the speakers, which is believed
to cause unnecessary “wear and tear”.
By turning on the pre-amp and amplifier
(or receiver) in the correct sequence
(with the right delay), this stress can be
avoided. APC AV’s S10 and S15 provide
this “sequenced turn on” functionality.
Delays can be set by the user via the
front panel display.
If the branch circuit is heavily loaded,
proper sequencing can also avoid
tripping your circuit breaker. Both the
S10 and S15 are designed so that
these in-rush start-up currents do not
overload, or cause damage to, the unit.
APC AV is easy to install
Hardware is included to fit any 19” rack. No
custom shelving or mounting hardware needed.
Style. Function. Performance.
Designed Specifically for High-Performance AV Environments
Unique needs require special design. We know you pay attention to detail when it comes to your home AV
setup. APC spent extra time and resources to ensure we provided the right design to complement your audio
and video components. That’s not to say it’s just another pretty faceplate. You get the trusted technology that’s
earned APC millions of delighted customers worldwide.
APC AV’s S10 and S15 were engineered to manage its thermal dissipation so efficiently that the ultra-quiet
cooling fan should only need to operate during power outages. Audible alarms are set to “off” by default.
LED and display brightness can be independently controlled by the user to suit their particular tastes.
All of these details are critical to creating an all-in-one power protection unit that is well suited for
high-performance home AV systems.
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Page 10
UL1778 (tested to relevant UL1449), cUL,
FCC Part 68 Class B
Two 3.5mm mini-jack plugs (5-30V)
17”W x 5.125”H x 18.55”D
57.2 lbs / 26 Kgs
3 pair + splitter
1 pair 10/100bT
2 line, 4 wire with splitter
7ms typical, 10ms maximum
4 12V 9aH sealed lead-acid maintenance free
<8 hrs
User-replaceable, hot-swappable
2 – 5 years
Full load: 11 minutes / Half load: 24 minutes
Full load: 38 minutes / Half load: 75 minutes
Full load: 70 minutes / Half load: 140 minutes
NEMA 5-15R
88V – 144V
47 – 63 Hz
55 lbs / 25 Kgs
3 pair
1 line, 2 wire
Full load: 20 minutes / Half load: 40 minutes
N/A (S10 does not accept extra batteries)
17”W x 3.5”H x 18.55”D
62.83 lbs / 29 Kgs
8 12V 9aH sealed lead-acid maintenance free
For more information, visit http://www.apcav.com
or call 1-888-88-APCAV
Contact your local audio/video dealer.
Ready to Buy?
visit http://www.apcav.com or call 1-888-88-APCAV
Interested in Selling
APC AV Solutions?
General Product Specifications
Input Voltage Range for Operation on Utility
Nominal Voltage
Allowable Input Frequency for Operation on Utility
Rated Input Current
Input Circuit Breaker Rating
Number of Outlets (all outlets are surge protected,
conditioned, regulated and backed up by battery power)
Outlet Type
Rated VA Capacity
Rated Watt Capacity (continuous)
Rated Output Current
Transfer Time to Battery During Blackout
Battery Quantity/Type
Typical Recharge Time to 90% Capacity
Battery Service
Battery Life*
Battery Runtime** with Internal batteries only:
with Internal batteries and 1 SBATT:
with Internal batteries and 2 SBATT:
Let-Through Voltage Rating
DC Trigger
Unit Dimensions
Unit Weight
Safety Agency Approvals
Lifetime Equipment Protection Policy***
* *Depends on use and environment temperature.
**Actual runtimes are determined by load, battery charge level, battery health and quantity of batteries installed.
***See user manual for details
The NASDAQ-100 Index is composed of
the 100 largest non-financial stocks on the
NASDAQ stock market.
Information Week identifies the most innovative
users of IT from U.S. companies with $1 billion
or more in annual revenues. Awarded 2003 for
the 4th year in a row.
Every year since 1999, APC has been named
to Forbes Platinum 400 list of the Best Big
Companies in America.
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