Veranda 132299 Instructions / Assembly

Veranda 132299 Instructions / Assembly
Solid Color Tops
To activate your new solar post cap:
•Remove top by pressing inward on the side
of the housing, grasping the edge of the top
and lifting it off.
•Install the batteries.
•Replace top by snapping it onto side panels.
(Ensure the holes in the sides are matched up
with the stubs on the top.)
•Place your solar post cap in direct sunlight for
24-48 hours to fully charge.
Your solar post cap is now ready to be installed onto your post.
To attach your post cap to the post, apply
PVC glue to the underside of the post cap
before placing the cap firmly on the post.
Note: Included with each of our solar post caps are LED light bulbs and rechargeable batteries. With a normal usage of 6 to 8 hours per day, our LED light bulbs will have an
average life of 10 years. The rechargeable batteries will last an average of one year. They
must be replaced with rechargeable batteries. Using regular batteries in the sun will
destroy the solar collector in the post cap.
Our solar post caps contain nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries. Battery must be recycled or disposed of properly.
If your solar light is not working, check the following:
Are the batteries making contact in the circuit?
Are the batteries installed in the proper direction?
Do the batteries need to be replaced?
Has the solar post cap been fully charged?
If your solar light still does not work after these steps, contact your place of purchase.
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