The new world of BI and CPM

The new world of BI and CPM

Better decIsIons. Better BusIness

It’s all about making better decisions

In a global economy, traditional competitive factors are losing their importance: many organisations offer similar products, new technologies are quickly copied, scope for innovation is increasingly limited and off-shoring has weakened geographical advantages.

It is the decision-making processes that make the difference

Winning companies are those that make the best decisions and implement them in the shortest timeframes, by aligning strategy with operations and providing relevant and timely information to every organisational level.

By integrating Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management in a single product,

BOARD helps companies manage and control the entire decision-making process: from data collection to information analysis; from goal-setting to decision-making; from operational execution to results monitoring.

Along with delivering an unmatched speed in building applications the innovative “toolkit approach” provides an intuitive self-service analysis environment bringing the benefits of Business Intelligence and Performance Management to every user.

All In one

Within a single product BoArd offers all the functionalities needed to build any Business Intelligence and corporate Performance Management application, without the need for any programming.

Its revolutionary toolkit approach, as well as delivering unrivalled speed in BI and cPM application building, customisation and maintenance, provides end-users with an advanced interactive interface. this unique capability turns the self-service creation of any report or analysis into the simplest of tasks.

One product

From the outset, BOARD was conceived as a solution to maximise the efficiency of organisations’ decision-making processes, by integrating Business Intelligence (BI) with

Corporate Performance Management (CPM): a visionary approach called Management


Twenty years later, BOARD leads the way in

BI and CPM unification, providing a seamless solution from both a technological and also functional standpoint.

A full range of Business Intelligence functions, including reporting, data exploration, ad hoc querying and interactive dashboarding, are combined with the ability to manage and monitor all performance planning and control processes, from budgeting, planning and forecasting to profitability analysis, scorecarding and financial consolidation.

One vision

BOARD helps organisations reach a single vision of their performance in a simple and extremely effective manner.

Information originating from various sources is integrated into a virtual data repository shared by the entire organisation, thus providing business users with a customised but unitary vision.

The native integration between the information base and applications ensures that changes made to applications are propagated to data, and vice versa. The end result is a full alignment of the Business Intelligence and Performance

Management environment, which translates into a shared vision of Corporate Performances throughout the organisation, hence into a single version of the truth.

One technology

Unlike its main competitors, BOARD is not based on a patchwork of different products and technologies coming from multiple acquisitions and then forcibly integrated.

The result of an organic development project launched in 1994, BOARD is a unique, integrated product, which enables organisations to oversee their entire Business

Intelligence and Performance Management areas using a single interface, a single application construction environment, a single technology and a single strand of know-how.







Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

Profitability Analysis

Strategy Management

Financial Consolidation



Marketing & Sales


Supply Chain

BusIness IntellIgence And corPorAte PerforMAnce MAnAgeMent WorkIng together


BOARD offers a modern self-service reporting environment that allows users to create and edit any report using drag and drop measures and dimensions of analysis.

An advanced point-and-click interface enables users to utilise any BOARD object (graphs, cockpits, dataview lines) as a driver for analysis and to effortlessly manage filters, sorts, and alerts, interacting in a natural and intuitive way with the data.

Once the results are achieved, each user can save and organise their analyses in their own repository, ‘PinBOARD’, creating a personalized way to access information.

Full integration with MS Office environment allows users to perform both analysis directly from Excel, and to create Word booklets and

PowerPoint presentations based on BOARD objects and consequently able to interactively access data and to auto update.


BOARD makes it possible to easily integrate data from different sources and create a self-service analysis environment, that allows users to run:

Data Discovery

, to easily explore data, metadata and applications and to use the results as navigation drivers for further explorations.

Drill-through & drill-anywhere

, to navigate data from the highest level of aggregation to the lowest level of detail.

OLAP slice & dice analyses

, to obtain a multidimensional view of data (e.g. viewing sales by channel, zone, agent, POS), and identify and analyse any sub-set (e.g. sales by agent X, of product Y, for territory Z).

What-if and Goal-Seeking scenarios

, to simulate the impact of future events and to determine the necessary actions to achieve a previously set objective.

Business data modelling

, to build sophisticated models for distribution, allocation, consolidation, conversion and reclassification.

Ad-hoc queries

, to allow users to build personalised data analysis in a self-sufficient way.


Thanks to a wide selection of gauges, dataviews, charts, widgets, and other data-aware objects,

BOARD users can easily create customised dashboards. These representations provide a visual overview of Corporate Performance and of the main trends and factors affecting it.

Role-based views enable the build of a single dashboard for multiple users, with data seen based on security profiles.

The ability to feature pictures, images, icons and the latest-generation graphical animations and containers, such as carousels, books and sparklines, ensures that key data is represented with groundbreaking clarity.

Native drill-down and drill-through functions enable users to examine the information down to the lowest level of detail, for immediate and in-depth analyses.


Thanks to innovative graphic functions,

BOARD makes it possible to easily create sophisticated Strategy Maps and Scorecards, combining striking visual appeal with outstanding effectiveness when illustrating corporate strategy.

The integration of BI and CPM provides an interactive link between the visual representation of KPIs and the data, thus giving all users a customised and updated view of their performance against set goals.

Users can make in-depth analyses of the trends, highlighted by the Scorecard, by using the native drill-down and drill-through functions to explore the events and dynamics affecting the various KPIs, to the lowest level of detail.

The extreme flexibility of the toolkit approach makes it easy to create Scorecards adhering to the most popular methodologies, such as

Balanced Scorecard and Six Sigma, or to a customised criteria.

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

BOARD offers a modern IBP (Integrated Business Planning) platform that enables the integration of strategic, financial and operational planning, providing a full control of performances across the organisation.

Unlike spreadsheets, BOARD’s multidimensional planning environment makes it possible to utilise a single shared data repository and to introduce workflow, security, audit trail and versioning mechanisms. This enhances the controllability and efficiency of the entire process - making it fully reliable in terms of results and significantly less onerous in terms of time and resources.

Advanced functions of What-if and What-for analysis are combined with the capability to create and manage scenarios, allowing multidimensional simulations in which the impact of future events is automatically spread to every level of data aggregation, from the broadest outline (e.g. Sales by

Division) to the lowest level of detail (Item Code).

• Complete management of: workflow, audit trail, versioning, scenarios and approval status processes

• Automatic allocation of changes, to modify data at all levels of aggregation (e.g. budget by division)

and to distribute the change automatically to the finest levels of detail (e.g. items and customers)

• Advanced data-entry (cell-freezing, drivers and model based allocations, validation rules,

data entry on calculated fields)

• What-if and What-for functions, for real-time impact assessments

• Excel add-in, with offline data-entry functionalities

• Support to any kind of planning process (rolling, top-down, bottom-up) and methodology

(incremental, zero-based, driver-based)

• ERP, RDBMS write-back

BusIness IntellIgence And corPorAte PerforMAnce MAnAgeMent WorkIng together

Profitability Analysis

BOARD provides a complete Visual Modeling environment to create sophisticated models for the allocation of costs and earnings, generating detailed views of company profitability and optimising pricing, product inventory and commercial policies.

Thanks to BOARD’s multidimensional logic, costs and earnings can be calculated to the lowest level of detail and automatically distributed by aggregation to different objects, allowing immediate association of several analysis perspectives (e.g. highlighting product earnings in relation to a specific customer). In this way, in addition to the traditional marginality by customer and product, BOARD makes it possible to calculate profitability at various levels of hierarchy and drill-up and drill-down to aggregate and disaggregate data for each analytical or reporting dimension.

The multidimensional “What-if” and “What-for” capabilities make it possible to test hypothetical scenarios to verify the potential impact of future events or new business strategies, providing a powerful tool for simulating and optimising corporate profitability.

In addition to offering multidimensional and simulation capabilities, BOARD stands out from conventional cost controlling solutions for its ability to integrate margin analysis with the processes of Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting, providing a control for the future economic performance of the entire organisation.



BOARD helps organisations to manage the process of strategy formulation, to translate it into practical action and to monitor its execution.

The toolkit approach ensures that the strategy can be converted into accurate Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecards, with the capability of providing users with a customised vision of their goals.

Advanced simulation capabilities allow organisations to manage Scenario Planning, and to evaluate the impact of hypothetical events on company results.

The integration of BI and CPM makes it possible to align reporting and budgeting processes with strategic objectives, and to promptly monitor results and their impact on performance.

Financial Consolidation

In the Financial Consolidation area, BOARD integrates its Toolkit approach with BOARD FC, a packaged solution that natively meets all statutory and management requirements.

BOARD FC addresses the challenges that multi-entity organisations face today with intercompany reconciliations, consolidation adjustments and group reporting.

Turn-key functionality merges data from different locations and across multiple general ledgers, performing multi-currency conversions and eliminating time consuming and non-compliant spreadsheet based processes. A Workflow Control Panel makes it easy to monitor and manage the consolidation process across the whole enterprise, highlighting the operations status and certifying internal controls.

• Legal and management multi-level consolidation of complex group structures,

with automation of:

- Currency conversion with exchange rate difference calculation

- Investments (Holding company) / Equity (Subsidiaries)

- Intercompany transactions (receivables/payables, expenses/revenues)

- Dividends and tax credit on dividends elimination

- Mark up on inventory

- I/C profits on assets disposals

- Write off / revaluation on investments

- Consolidation difference allocation (goodwill / badwill)

- Minority interest calculation

• Flat and Staged consolidation model

• Creation and comparison of unlimited scenarios (Actual, Budget, Forecast, etc.)

• Multiple and customisable closing periods (Year, Quarter, Month, etc.)

• Management of multiple charts of accounts: local, group and reporting

• Journal entries at company and group level

• Multilanguage

Specific Solutions


HR Performance Management

HR KPIs and Dashboards

Skills Mapping

Employee Cost Monitoring

HR Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting


Sales Analysis

Analytic CRM

Brand Performance

Cross-Selling Analysis

Loyalty Cards Management

Loyalty and Retention Monitoring

Merchandise Intelligence

Products, Channels, Customers Profitability

Promotions Analysis


Capacity Planning

Inventory Forecasting and Optimisation

Labour Management


Manufacturing Intelligence Supplier Rating


Demand and Supply Management

Delivery Optimisation

Financial Insights across the

Extended Supply Chain


The Toolkit Approach

Simply the best way to build, customise and maintain your analytic applications

The Toolkit

BOARD provides the user with every tool needed for database creation and update, data presentation and analysis, and process modeling in a single visual and interactive environment, making it easy to quickly build customised analytic applications (“Capsules”).

“BOARD Capsules” are containers that can accommodate any BOARD object: reports, graphs, spreadsheets, folders, point and click filters, simulation models, gauges and navigation menus. These objects can be freely positioned on the screen using a simple drag & drop from the ribbon bar, and interactively configured. They are immediately synchronised with each other and with the database with the ability to then automatically react to users’ actions.


1. Dragging and dropping of objects

from the ribbon bar

2. Synchronisation of the objects

with the data

Thanks to its innovative toolkit approach, BOARD makes it possible to create customised Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management solutions without the need for any programming.

From simple reports to the most sophisticated performance management applications, any analysis can be easily built using the drag and drop function and the configuration of objects that are automatically synchronised with the data.

End-users have access to a full self-service information environment, which enables them to obtain immediate answers to their questions through a verified, consistent, shared information source.

Application administrators can efficiently build and maintain applications, with a “Time to Solution” and “Total

Cost of Ownership” which is unachievable from traditional BI and CPM solutions.

3. Configuration

of the graphic format


Unified Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management

BOARD unifies Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management, seamlessly linking data discovery and analysis to the planning, controlling and strategic cycles of the Enterprise. This unique approach makes business insights infinitely more actionable and inherently connected to the business decision making processes and, consequently, allows organisations to deliver tangible business value, extending the traditional Business Intelligence perspective from static information to dynamic performance.

Integrated Business Planning

BOARD offers the flexibility and functionality to manage and unify any planning phase (strategic, financial, operational) vertically across all organisational levels and horizontally across functions and departments.

This provides the capability to evaluate and simulate the impact of business decisions across the whole company.

What-If, What-For Scenarios

Advanced what-if and what-for analysis capabilities are combined with the ability to create and manage scenarios, making it easy to compare different business assumptions and to coherently simulate future outcomes.

Business Models

BOARD enables the rapid creation of sophisticated models for simulation and support of business processes, such as Planning, Cost

Allocation, Financial Consolidation and Rolling Forecast by means of a comprehensive set of business rules.

Dynamic Data Model

BOARD offers the unique ability of modifying the data model during a planning or forecasting process, without affecting users’ operations.

A new business unit, a new product, a new market or a different investment can be added in a controlled way during a planning cycle, simulating “on the fly” the effect of a new scenario on the whole business model.

Configurable Workflow

BOARD has the capability to assign tasks to different users in sequence, for launching processes when certain conditions arise, and for notifying users of occurrences, making it possible to effectively build, customise and manage any corporate work-flow, from simple approval cycles, to complex multi-company and multi-currency budgeting processes.

Multi-User Concurrent Write-Back

BOARD supports simultaneous, multi-user write-back through a native logical function, which spreads changes to all levels of detail (e.g. if you enter the turnover of a products line, the turnover of each individual product will be automatically updated).

BOARD technology guarantees data integrity and consistency, without the need to run batch processes for allocating and consolidating changes made by each individual user.

Advanced Data Entry

BOARD offers the most comprehensive set of data-entry capabilities available on the market today.

Validation rules, role based security, cells freezing, handling of calculated fields, drivers/calculation based data spreading, ERP write-back, real time multiple calculation (to insert data in one currency and to then have them immediately available in several different currency formats) and data spreading modeling (to freely define, adjust and simulate data allocation patterns) simply makes BOARD the best fit for managing any kind of data collection process.

Financial and Management Reporting Capabilities

Unlike the main data discovery and visual analysis tools, BOARD embeds all the additional logic and presentation capability required to create structured Financial Statements and to meet the related regulatory and reporting requirements.

Full MS Office Integration

BOARD offers the ability to access its multidimensional data models from its Office add-ins, providing users with the traditional OLAP analysis functions (drill-down, slice and dice, filtering, ad hoc-query) directly into their Excel spreadsheets, Word documents or PowerPoint slides.

The BOARD ExCEL ADD-In offers a familiar environment for managing data collection processes and enables users to work both on-line and off-line.

The WORD ADD-In allows users to easily embed BOARD reports and charts into Word documents for the creation of dynamic company statutory reports and management booklets.

The POWERPOInT ADD-In allows users to meet advanced presentation needs and create dynamic slides including BOARD charts, cockpits, bubble charts, and data view.

Comments and Attachments at Cell Level

BOARD enables any type of file (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, RTF, image files) to be associated with an individual cell, in order to qualify the numeric or textual information contained within it.


Search based Data Discovery


BOARD offers an interactive search function working across screens, data, metadata, and applications.

As a single, unified solution, BOARD allows any search result to be immediately used as a driver for further analysis (i.e. if the search is for a product name the user can immediately choose a report where this is included, and use the product or a correlated dimension as a navigation criteria) or as an element for creating new reports, using the new drag and drop selfservice analysis UI.


In BOARD the visual modeling environment

(toolkit) is complemented with a drag and drop UI, which allows the user to create their own reports or to customise centralised reports on the fly.

Any user can choose values, set rows and columns, define calculations, run reports and view business insights at the speed of thought.


BOARD enables each user to create their own personal Business Intelligence apps.

Users can select and combine any existing report, graph, or gauge and save it as a personal app to the PinBOARD, and even edit as required. This is all without the need for IT to intervene. Once created, the apps offer personalised access to information that is physically distributed across the entire Enterprise.


BOARD Multidimensional Database

Hybrid in-memory, Fast-track, Data Federation, Write-back

BOARD revolutionises the concept of multidimensional database and projects it into the future, offering a Hybrid in-memory generation, obviating the effort required by traditional solutions for creating cubes and sparsity (fast-track) and providing the opportunity to transparently apply a single multidimensional business model across multiple relational data sources (data-federation) – all of this improving the ability for advanced write-back and data modeling that has fueled BOARD’s international success.

Performance, ability to handle large volumes, and the ease of construction of the data model are combined with an unmatched flexibility in modeling and analysing information, making the BOARD multidimensional database superior to any other technology currently available on the market.


1. Point to a relational data source

2. Instant creation of a BOARD data model

An InnoVAtIVe ArchItecture

Unified Metadata

BOARD is the only product on the market to offer a unified architecture for Business

Intelligence and Corporate Performance


Both reporting, dashboarding and analysis functionalities, and planning, consolidation and simulation capabilities are delivered from a shared data repository with a single logical view of the data model (metadata layer), a single security, a single interface, and a single administration and development environment.

The result is a platform in which any change to the data, data-model, security profiles or business rules is immediately propagated to every Business Intelligence and Performance

Management application, offering great ease of use, unmatched time to solution and a single version of the truth across the entire organisation.

Multiple clients

BOARD is a modern “Service Oriented

Architecture” (SOA), entirely built according to the Windows Presentation Foundation standards.

In this architecture, a “service provider”, the

BOARD Server, sends data to a set of different consumer endpoints, which are the client applications, namely the BOARD client, the web-browser client, the MS Excel, Word and

PowerPoint add-ins and the BOARD tablet and mobile environments.

Furthermore, the services supplied by the

BOARD Server can be consumed by portals, web services, and any other application in a simple and standardized way, enabling the easy integration of BOARD across the existing company application environment, through a platform independent technology (SOAP/XML).

This modern structure provides significant advantages in terms of interoperability and architectural management of scalability and technological risk.


(Hybrid Bitwise

Memory Pattern)

BOARD’s unique HBMP technology has been conceived to exploit the full potential of IMC

(In-Memory Computing) in terms of better performance, without sacrificing the flexibility, scalability and ability to support write-back that have fueled BOARD’s international success.

This innovative approach delivers the capability to do all the processing against data held in-memory or to just use the most appropriate data-set, or to store in-memory indices and mapping and to retrieve data only when needed.

This provides clear advantages over standalone BI technologies in terms of:


(not limited by RAM availability)

Support for write-back and data spreading

(poorly supported by stand-alone in-memory solutions)

Data model flexibility

(not achievable if data is only stored in RAM)

Application extensibility

(to data stored in relational databases)

Capability to embed CPM functionalities

Enterprise Class Capabilities

BOARD not only enables the quick creation of any BI and CPM application, but makes its enterprise delivery simple, offering an architectural framework and a set of administration features analogous to transactional applications.

BOARD enterprise class capabilities include:

Access to any RDBMS or other data source

Data Federation

Role based security

Logging and audit trail

Windows and LDAP authentication

Strong data encryption

Multi-level workflow

Sharepoint and company portal integration

Parallel processing

System performance monitoring

24x7 fault tolerant environment

Standards conformance (WPF, WCF)

Unified BI and CPM

> no modules

> no integration costs

> Single know-how



> Unmatched time to solution

> Easier application


> Faster learning curve

User self-sufficiency

> Lower impact on IT resources

> Higher user effectiveness

> Minor support costs

OUtstandIng tCO

Why BoArd Is unIque?

since our founding we have pioneered an integrated approach to corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence, naming it Management Intelligence. By combining our vision and creativity with the continuous flow of feedback from customers about their needs, we have nourished the continuous and organic growth of an All in one BI and cPM solution that is completely programming-free: BoArd. this is why BoArd’s superiority is even more evident when compared to the competition. from the disconnect between cPM and BI modules, to the need to resort to programming; from the lack of flexibility, to the excessive costs; from restrictions when dealing with large volumes of data, to complex architectures: it does not take much to spot the limits of traditional Business Intelligence and corporate Performance Management solutions.

The five values of BOARD


A self-service data-discovery environment enabling any user to easily search for information, interact intuitively with data, and make in-depth analyses with the utmost simplicity.

• Search based data discovery

• Self-service reporting

• Self-service analysis

• Interactive visualisation


From the revolutionary HBMP in-memory technology, to the toolkit; from the Fast-track, to the multithreading, every component of

BOARD has been designed to ensure maximum speed of development and high performance in managing large volumes of data.

• Hybrid in-Memory (HBMP)

• Multithreading

• Fast-track



A unique framework and know-how can be used in various business units, divisions and departments across the whole enterprise.


From Business Intelligence to Budgeting,

Planning & Forecasting; from Profitability

Analysis to Scorecarding; from Dashboarding to Financial Consolidation: BOARD provides a holistic view of business performance in a single solution.


• Personal or shared, local or distributed


• SOA for a full interoperability

• BOARD Web Services

• Native mash-up

• Clients auto update


A single integrated platform combines all the features and functionalities needed to build pervasive Business Intelligence and

Performance Management applications quickly.

• Single administrative environment

• Single user interface

• Single metadata layer

• Single security management

• Single data-repository

• Data federation and integration

Self sufficiency

The programming-free approach empowers customers to rapidly develop and maintain applications autonomously, drastically reducing the Total Cost of Ownership.

A powerful and friendly end user environment minimises training time and maximises individual productivity.

We helP our clIents BecoMe hIgh-PerforMAnce orgAnIsAtIons

After two decades, BoArd is the preferred solution for over 2,500 companies of all sizes, across all industries - each of which shares a common asset: an excellent decision-making system.


Amlin; Banca d’Alba; Banca Sella; Bank of Cyprus;

Brightside Group (Rock Services); B-Source; Corner Bank Group;

EGARSAT; Fondo italiano Investimento SGR; Gruppo Credito Valtellinese;

HanseMerkur; Hauck & Aufhäuser Banquiers Luxembourg;

Hwa Hong Corporation; Legal & General UK; Pulaski Bank;

Tenet Sompo Insurance; UBAF (Union de Banques Arabes et Francaises);

Unicredit Holding; Uniqa Assicurazioni; Willis


ALMC (Australasian Lubricants Manufacturing Company);

American Refining Group (ARG); Arexons (Petronas Group); BASF Agro;

DuPont Performance Coatings; Eigenmann & Veronelli; Gruppo Sapio;

Klüber Lubrication Italia; Kuraray; Materis Paints; Ricardo Molina S.A.;

Syngenta Group; Tamoil


BG&E; Billimoria; Clivet; Gruppo Santarelli; Mace; MC Prefabbricati;

Naim Holdings; Pavimental; Pickard Chilton; Simonds Homes


AGL Loy Yang; Alerion; Greenenergy; juwi; Sorgenia


Acqua di Parma (LVHM); Alviero Martini; Bata; Bio Line spa; Calze Gallo;

Clarins Paris; Dainese; Desigual; Giorgio Armani Operations;

Incotex (Industrie Confezioni Tessili); Keaton (Ciro Paone); Kemon;

L’Oréal Productos Público; Levante; Nike; Puma; Seven;

Shiseido Cosmetici Italia; The Purist Company; Trussardi; Uno de 50


Ahemon; Amica Chips; Aperitivos Snack; Austral Group; Bacardí España;

Balocco; Bauli; Bayerische Milchindustrie; Berlucchi; Bindi; Birch&Waite;

Caffé Vergnano; Castello Banfi; Chupa Chups - Perfetti Van Melle;

Damm; Döllinghareico; Farchioni Olii; Fontanafredda; Fratelli Averna;

Fratelli Saclà; Fruttagel; Galbusera; Geti Wilba; Granarolo;

Grandi Mulini Italiani; Greenland; Gruppo Grifo Latte;

Gruppo Salov (Olio Sagra e Filippo Berio); La Versa; Lindt & Sprüngli;

Loacker Remedia; Mahou San Miguel; Malgara Chiari & Forti;

Marchesi Antinori; Marlow Foods; Monini; New England Seafood International;

Norbega; Nosio Spa - Gruppo Mezzacorona; Nutrexpa; Palacios Alimentación;

Panapesca; Panrico - Galletas Artiach; Pasqua Vigneti e Cantine;

Pastificio Rana; Pastificio Rummo; Pepsico - Snack Ventures; Pernigotti;

Riso Gallo; Riso Scotti; Sab Miller - Compañía Cervecera de Canarias;

San Lucar Fruit; Sibeg (Coca-Cola); Sterilgarda Alimenti; Stock Spirits;

Strega Alberti; Terre da vino; Terre del Barolo; TIC Gums

Otsuka Pharmaceutical; Sacco Azienda Ospedaliera; Specchiasol;

Unifarma Distribuzione; Vitaldent; Zai Xing Hospital


IGP Decaux; Il Secolo XIX; Kompass Karten; MAIRDUMONT;

Marketing General, Inc.; MDR; Rai Way; Rainbow; Sevenload;

Telegraph Media Group; Vincentz Network


3Pagen; A. Victor Wehling; Agorà Network; Bollin Group; Carburoil;

Charlotte Russe; Computer Gross; Conad; Coviran; Dental Trey; Dia Argentina;

Doctor Glass; Elettroveneta; Euronics; European Tyre Enterprise;

Excelpoint; Fred’s; Ge.S.A; GEPA - The Fair Trade Company; Halfords;

Harvey Nichols; HD Covalco; Hein Gericke Deutschland;

Home Shopping Europe; Interdis; J.J. Haines; Jane Norman; Kwik Fit;

La Senza; Landgard; MacKays; Mothercare; PAC 2000; Reifen Ruhdorfer;

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Shaker Group; Sogegross; Tavola; World Duty Free


CONAI; Consorci Sanitari de l’Alt Penedès; Contraloria; DGA;

ERSAF Lombardia; FIP - Federazione Italiana Pallacanestro;

Fondazione Arena di Verona; GIP-MDS; Informatica Trentina;

Kreisverwaltung Pinneberg; L&Q Housing Association;

LA CDC - Los Angeles Community Development Corporation;

Landeshauptstadt Potsdam; Note Printing Australia;

Oakland Housing Authority; Provincia Autonoma di Trento;

Richmond Housing; Security Industry Authority; US Navy; YPO


Assicom; Bilfinger Real Estate; Börsenverein des dt. Buchhandels;

CAF ACLI; Carglass; DKV Euro Service; Gabetti Property Solutions;

Landesmesse Stuttgart; NTT Data; Piepenbrock Services; Water Logic


Arvind Mills; Cotonificio Albini; Frette; Gruppo Marzotto;

Kusumgar Corporates; Leinefelder Textilwerke; LH Dienstbekleidung;

Olimpias (Benetton Group); O.R.V. Manufacturing (Industrie Maurizio Peruzzo);

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Mitsubishi Electric; NEC; NGK Spark Plug; nkt cables; Pro-Dex; Redi;

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Snaidero; STIEBEL ELTRON; Terraillon; Tristone Flowtech; UFI Filters;

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Alliance Health Care; BAG Health Care; Bioiberica; Boehringer Ingelheim;

Casa di Cura Columbus; Diakonie Michaelshoven; Eisai; Euro Medic;

Farmac Zabban; Farmacie Comunali Torino; Giuliani; GlaxoSmithKline;

Grupo Lactalis Ibérica; HengYang Central Hospital; HuaiRou Hospital;

ISDIN; Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori (RCCS); Johnson & Johnson; KOS;

Laboratorios Combix; Laboratorios Leti; Liaocheng Hospital;

Medicare local (Perth Central & East Metro); Merz Consumer Care;

Montefarmaco OTC; Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF);

Nestlé Nutrition; Ning He Xian Hospital; Novartis Consumer Health;


Banyan Tree; Best Western; Casinò di Venezia; Derby Hotels; Digital Bros;

Emaar; Fußball- und Leichtathletik-Verband Westfalen e.V; Luna Park Sydney;

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre; Park Plaza; Rainbow;

Robinson Club; Robintur; Seneca Business Travel; Sistic; Slow Food;

The Space Cinema; Van Der Valk; Warner Music; Webjet


BTC Speciality Chemical Distribution; Cemat; Ceva Logistics; Darwin Airline;

DHL Exel; Gregorys Transport; Heinrich Koch Internationale Spedition;

Kuehne + Nagel; Lufthansa Cargo Charter; Moventia; Saga Italia; Sita;

Star Trasporti; Umbria Tpl e Mobilità


Acque Veronesi; BARD Engineering; Drachen-Propangas; DYAS; Egea;

Gelsia; Iren; Monaco Telecom; NCPA -Northern California Power agency;

Nord Stream; Telcoinabox; Warid Telecom; Westfalen AG

BoArd InternAtIonAl

BoArd International is a global leader in the Business Intelligence and Performance Management space.

BoArd has enabled over 2,500 companies worldwide to rapidly deploy BI and cPM applications in a single integrated environment, completely programming-free and in a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional solutions.

BoArd provides one accurate, complete view of an organisation’s information, fully integrated with its processes, uniquely linking performance from strategic vision to all levels down to operational detail. headquartered in switzerland, BoArd is a fast growing international company with offices and partners in all major markets worldwide.

BOARD’s strategy is based on:

Management Intelligence

Since our foundation, we have pioneered an integrated approach to Corporate Performance

Management and Business Intelligence, which we have called “Management Intelligence”.

After more than a decade, we lead the way in the unification of BI and CPM, by offering a fully integrated solution from both a technological and functional point of view.

Toolkit philosophy

By combining our vision and creativity with the continuous flow of feedback from customers about their CPM and BI needs, we have nourished the continuous and organic growth of an

All in One solution that is completely programming-free: the Toolkit.

Innovative technology

Our development laboratory has always dedicated its energies exclusively to the creation of a single product: BOARD.

Our specialisation and continuous investment in Research & Development enable us to adopt the most advanced technologies rapidly and introduce major functional innovations frequently, thus confirming our position as one of the most innovative vendors in the field of BI and CPM.


BOaRd australia

100 Walker Street

NSW 2060 North Sydney

Tel: +61 289049777 e-mail: [email protected]


BOaRd India

602, Landmark Pllatinum

337/338, S.V. Road

Khar West, Mumbai 400052

Tel: +91 2226050100 e-mail: [email protected]


BOaRd Mexico

Durango 269, Piso 3.

06700 Col. Roma Norte

Tel: +52 5585968693

Fax: +52 5552720178 e-mail: [email protected]




Exchange House

494 Midsummer Boulevard

MK9 2EA Milton Keynes

Tel: +44 1908255611

Fax: +44 1908255891 e-mail: [email protected]

Where to find us:


BOaRd International

Via Balestra 18

6900 Lugano - Switzerland

Tel.: +41 91 911 6020

Fax: +41 91 911 6021 e-mail: [email protected]


BOaRd argentina

Godoy Cruz 2841 3rd fl.

Ciudad de Buenos Aires


Tel: +54 1147777575 e-mail: [email protected]


BOaRd deutschland

Schaberweg 28

61348 Bad Homburg v.d.H.

Tel: +49 6172171170

Fax: +49 61721711770 e-mail: [email protected]


BOaRd Italia

Via Caduti di Marcinelle 5

20134 Milan

Tel: +39 022108071

Fax: +39 0221098550 e-mail: [email protected]


BOaRd Middle East

Level 28 Al Habtoor Business Tower

Dubai Marina

United Arab Emirates

P.O Box: 29805

Tel: +971 44532832 e-mail: [email protected]


BOaRd Usa

33 Broad Street, Suite 502

Boston MA 02109

Tel: +1 8572638919

Fax: +1 8572638919 e-mail: [email protected]


BOaRd asia Pacific

1 Maritime Square #12-06A

HarbourFront Centre

099253 Singapore

Tel: +65 62789138

Fax: +65 62789136 e-mail: [email protected]


BOaRd Hong Kong

Unit A, 20/F,

9 Queen’s Road Central, Central

Tel: +852 31897087

Fax: +852 31897689 e-mail: [email protected]


BOaRd Japan

10F TOC Minatomirai 1-1-7

Sakuragicho Naka-ku Yokohama

231-0062 Kanagawa

Tel: +81 452285165

Fax: +81 452285166 e-mail: [email protected]


BOaRd Iberica

c/Galileo, 303 - 4º

08028 Barcelona

Tel: +34 933944426

Fax: +34 933399171 e-mail: [email protected]

Other areas

BOARD has a worldwide reseller network with local partners in:





BOARD International Network

[email protected]

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