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2 Touching Technology for Smarter Homes
“The way people interact with computers is going to change dramatically,” Microsoft chairman Bill Gates predicted in his 2008 CES keynote
speech this past January. Gates
echoed the sentiments of many in the
consumer technology industry: in the
next few years, interactive and natural
technologies like touch control,
vision, and speech recognition will
slowly replace traditional keyboards,
hard buttons, and the mouse.
It’s an inevitable evolution—one
with a trickle-down influence on other
lifestyle products. Americans love the
convenience of touch-surface technology, from ATMs to voting
machines, and are including “touch”
into their buying decisions for the
home. Touch control is now a common feature in hardware developments in 2008, and the CEDIA community is at the heart of this exciting
The computing and gaming industries are bringing sophisticated convergence products to market that
emphasize “touch” in the modern
The Nintendo Wii has changed
the paradigm for user interaction.
Instead of playing with handheld controllers, gamers just wave their hands
or make faces at devices
SAVANT Systems' ROSIE Touch 20 and 24
embedded video readers. The Wii
and Guitar Hero let users move the
controller in various ways, and the
device responds; it’s a genuine twoway relationship.
Panasonic also has visual recognition technology for the digital living
room. Its Life Wall prototype caused
a stir at CES in Las Vegas. The colossal interactive display with embedded
proprietary facial recognition technology tracks a person’s movement and
alters its display size automatically,
depending on the viewer’s position
and location in the room.
Sony, Canon, and other notable
CE manufacturers are using facial
recognition for real-time feedback.
Sony plans include TVs that instantly
sensor and
parental controls if a child
is viewing the
set. How the
TV would know
the viewer was
indeed a child is
uncertain, but it
is an interesting
goal nonetheless.
Many 3G smart
Niles Audio’s iRemote TS
phones like the iPhone operate with
touchscreens, and their multi-touch
interfaces are getting more robust.
Rapid response time and higherpower processing allows for nimble
touch control. Users can zoom in or
out quickly, scroll through data, or
find images in vast libraries of information.
Microsoft’s Windows Vista, the
firm’s often-criticized operating system, has sold more than 100 million
licenses since it launched in 2007. Its
significant criticism has been countered with promises for future downloads and an improved upgrade later
this year. Hewlett-Packard and
Microsoft collaborated on a touchsensitive PC named TouchSmart
launched last year as a complement
to Vista.
Arguably the most influential force
in the touch revolution is Apple, with
its popular touchy-feely products like
the iTouch, iPhone, and myriad computers. In fact, Apple has seen profits
top $1 billion in the third quarter, up
31 percent from last year. The company shipped 2.5 million Macs this past
quarter, and iPod shipments rose 12
CEDIA-focused manufacturers like
SAVANT are wise to create products
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Whether the products are Applefriendly or not, custom integrators
have more opportunities than ever to
introduce new clients to touchpanels.
Jay McLellan, president of HAI, headquartered in Lousiana, said touchpanels are becoming increasingly attractive to consumers because of how
well they simplify and synthesize the
home’s electronics.
“It’s just so much fun to walk up to
a touchscreen and tap which album
you want to listen to,” McLellan said.
“It’s one touch, right off the screen
after you turn off the security—no
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5.7 requires no additional programming, and can be
mounted in the wall or used as a
tabletop panel.
more searching through piles of
DVDs. It’s one of the more enhancing
elements of the home.”
In terms of enhancement, New
Jersey-based Crestron is promoting
its versatile new touchpanel, the TPS6X that delivers improved performance, power, and mobility without the
hiccups of Wi-Fi.
When it is docked the TPS-6X displays full-motion video and communicates via Cresnet or Ethernet. It is also
capable of displaying full-motion
video in any size window, and is also
equipped with a Synapse Image
Rendering Algorithm and high-speed
2.4 GHz RF wireless technology for a
wider range of movement.
Frank Sterns, president of Miamibased Niles Audio said that his
CEDIA offerings will include a host
of new products including a new
hybrid touchpanel with fixed buttons that recently debuted. “The
iRemote TS is a hybrid product
that controls the whole-house
system and the home theater
with two-way feedback for the
metadata,” he explained.
“Now you don’t have to learn
two different systems or
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Adam Goldstein
VVP, Group Publishing Director
that dovetail with the iPhone and
Apple suite. “The sophistication of
the applications you can develop for
the iPhone is in a class of its own,”
stated SAVANT’s director of product
management, Victor Saverino. “We’re
looking forward to delivering novel
and entertaining applications that will
shake up the market, and will take
advantage of the iPhone’s large display, multi-touch user interface, fast
hardware-accelerated 3D graphics,
built-in accelerometer, and locationbased technology.“
As the global leader of home
automation and AV solutions,
Crestron provides the broadest range
of touchpanels. With over 100 models to choose from, it offers distinctive touchpanels for every application.
The Crestron TPS-6X is a new
achievement in touchpanel design
and functionality. Built for speed,
style, and extraordinary versatility, the
TPS-6X streamlines the Crestron family of touchpanels, blending the attributes of nine other models.
A wired panel while docked, the
TPS-6X communicates via Cresnet or
Ethernet and is capable of displaying
full-motion video in any size window.
The TPS-6X can rest on the docking station for fast charging and
removal, or latch to the base to
enable tilt functions. An optional
security key can permanently lock the
panel on the dock so it cannot be
Lifting the TPS-6X off the dock
instantly transforms the panel into a
high-powered wireless device, communicating via two-way RF up to 200
feet (1-way IR is also built in). As a
slim, lightweight wireless controller,
TPS-6X provides exceptional graphical performance and communication
speed without the challenges of WiFi.
MJPEG video from IP cameras and
servers. The onboard biometric scanner automatically identifies users for
added security and presenting personalized interfaces.
The Isys TPS-6L wall mount touchpanel delivers a great new choice for
small flush mount touchpanel applications. It has an innovative new front
bezel design that provides 12 pushbuttons with illuminated button separators and optional backlit text, and a
no-button front bezel version.
Available in textured almond, black
or white finishes, this 5.7-inch touchpanel is slightly smaller than the
3100L and slightly larger than the
The first small video touchpanel by
Crestron with high-speed Ethernet,
the TPS-6L significantly reduces
graphic load times especially in larger
installations. A built-in sensor automatically adjusts the display and button backlights for optimal visibility in
dark and bright light conditions.
High-quality laser-engraving enables
customized text to appear crisp and
legible at all times.
WiFi touchpanel features an embedded Windows XP OS for secure
onboard PC functionality including
802.11a/b/g wireless capabilities.
Access other computers using VNC,
while Skype enables VoIP directly
from the panel. Supports wireless
■ High-speed 2.4 GHz RF wireless
■ Wired Ethernet, Cresnet, and
Crestron Home CAT5 connectivity
■ Tabletop tilt docking station
■ High-speed Ethernet & Cresnet
■ Single full-motion, fully-scalable
video window
■ Solid or backlit text button
■ 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi 2-way wireless
■ Windows XP Embedded operating
■ Onboard PC applications for Web
browsing, streaming media, conferencing, VoIP, and remote computer access
top: TPMC-8X
bottom: TPS-6L
Niles’ award-winning
IntelliControl ICS lineup
boasts an impressive
array of touchscreens,
which includes the
iRemoteTS, Contact and
Contact TT. Unlike other
touchscreens featuring metadata display capabilities,
these touchpanels require no
complex connections or complicated programming. Each can
be easily installed and simultaneously configured to control and
operate the whole-house audio/video
system, all in a matter of minutes.
The IntelliControl ICS system
accommodates all of today’s popular
sources including satellite radio, HD
Radio, iPod, IP-based music sources,
AM/FM, and legacy audio sources
such as CD players and media servers.
The iRemote TS is a wireless user
interface that provides elegant operation of the IntelliControl ICS system
and sophisticated home theater systems. It employs reliable ZigBee twoway wireless technology to provide
users with all the necessary metadata
to scan, select and play program material from menu-based media sources. It
also integrates with the Niles HT-MSU
to manage and automate all components in a home theater system including the television, home theater receiver and up to 14 additional sources
such as digital video recorders, DVD
players and cable/satellite receivers.
The Contact is a wall-mount color
Remote TS
Handheld color touchscreen
remote; controls multi-zone and
home theater applications and
displays all the metadata.
Wall-mounted color touchscreen;
metadata, favorite presets and
menus are displayed.
Remote TS
Contact TT
Tabletop color touchscreen;
touchscreen that displays source
metadata and allows total system
operation from a remote location. It
features a high-resolution 3.5-inch display along with accessible LED backlit
hard keys for commonly used functions. It features plug-and-play integration with the IntelliControl ICS
GXR2 MultiZone Reciever. Metadata,
favorites, presets, and menus are displayed from both audio and video
sources. The Contact also features
pre-defined control screens for all
sources and favorites that configure
quickly and easily. The Contact has the
ability to turn off other zones around
the home from its fixed location.
A table-top version of the Contact,
the Contact TT, is designed for customers who want the flexibility of a
tabletop touch panel display for use in
dens, offices, on nightstands, or for use
in areas where wall-
displays all of the metadata from
sources as well as system status.
mounting is either impossible or
undesirable. Similar to the Contact, the
Contact TT displays all of the metadata
from sources as well as system status. It
allows total control of any source and
any zone within the home from a
remote location and utilizes a high-resolution 3.5-inch color touchscreen
display. Preset control screens for each
source provide intuitive control for the
user. In addition, the “Party” mode
feature allows all zones or select zones
to turn on which a single button press,
which is great for entertaining.
For more information, visit
right: Contact
left: Contact TT
8 Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI)
Remote Technologies
Incorporated (RTI) is the
leading manufacturer of
innovative and intuitive
control devices for professionally installed electronic systems. The company’s
design philosophy
emphasizes an easy,
enjoyable experience when using any
of their system controllers, central
processors, or accessories. All RTI products, including the
award winning T3-V, T4,
and K4 Universal System
Controllers, are programmed with their
renowned Integration
Designer software.
The RTI T3-V is designed
to seamlessly integrate into
any system both in function and
design. It features a contemporary,
cutting-edge design with a sizzling,
3.5-inch color VGA touchscreen display, which enables the device to
showcase graphics, photos, and web
pages in vivid detail. Additionally the
remote is equipped with a large
capacity battery to maximize uninterrupted use over long periods. This
controller also features wireless
Ethernet and a built-in web browser.
When used with other RTI accessories it is capable of RF transmission
through walls and cabinets, power
sensing, and RS-232 communications
for advanced control.
K4 In-Wall Controller
RTI’s K4 features a 6.4-inch TFT
LCD touchscreen with full VGA
resolution, powerful 32-bit
processor, and infrared receiver
which provides users complete
and precise control over all
audio/video components, lights,
or other electronic systems. Its
touchscreen is small enough to
top: RTI’s K4 features a
6.4-inch TFT
left: T3-V Universal Controller
blend into a room’s interior while
providing the detail necessary
for displaying video sources and
web pages. In addition, the builtin Ethernet port allows the K4 to
When it comes to control,
the T4 has it all: direct IR control for stand-alone operation,
RF output for control processor operation, Wi-Fi for IP
control and Internet access.
The T4 design maintains the
perfect balance between display size
and resolution. At 6.4 inches, the LCD
is small enough to be a truly handheld device, yet provides the full VGA
resolution necessary for displaying
(MJPEG) video and web pages. In
addition to the limitless software customization, additional RTI accessory
devices provide the T4 with power
sensing for reliable operation, and
RS-232 communications for advanced
For additional information on RTI,
please visit www.rticorp.com or call
T4 Universal
access the Internet. Four built-in
video inputs provides the ability
to view composite video full
screen or in a scalable viewing.
Video sources could include
security cameras or a music
library stored on a hard drive
music server.
T3-V Universal
The T3-V is a powerhouse of control wrapped in a stylish,
ergonomic design. It builds on
the original award-winning concept with improved aesthetics,
button layout, graphics, and
communication options.
T4 Universal
The T4 is RTI’s flagship wireless
controller, a culmination of many
years engineering and design
experience. It provides the ideal
solution for those that require
the very best in wireless touchpanel control.
10 SAVANT Systems
(Above) Control components and subsystems directly from an iPhone or iPod
touch with ROSIE Mobile Devices.
(Left) SAVANT’s ROSIE nine-inch in-wall
widescreen touch panel
“We’re thrilled with our new and
diverse touchpanel line-up for 2008,”
said Victor Saverino, director of product management. SAVANT touchpanels provide a stylish and entertaining
interface delivering a multitude of
options to enhance the user experience. SAVANT touchpanels are available in a variety of form factors and
capabilities, from the ROSIE Surface
to the ROSIE Touch TV to a family of
ROSIE Mobile Devices. In addition,
traditional wired and wireless touchpanels are available in popular sizes
ranging from 5 to 24 inches with stunning and easy to use graphical interfaces.
The entire line of touchpanels support full motion video playback, and
are configured and customized using
RacePoint Blueprint design tool without writing a single line of code.
Moreover, with Blueprint touch screens
are auto-generated and also offered
with vivid animated backgrounds—It’s
all part of the SAVANT vision.
The following products are currently available or will be shipping in 2008.
els offer the perfect combination of
form and function and are offered in
five-, seven-, nine-, and 12-inch
screen sizes. The five-inch model is
the ideal next generation keypad.
ROSIE Mobile Devices allow you to
control all components and subsystems of your home automation system directly from your iPhone or iPod
touch™. Entire whole-house control
is available using ROSIE Mobile
Devices including controlling and
navigating SAVANT’s interactive OnTV Menu System.
SAVANT also offers the Nokia
N810 and Samsung Q1 Ultra mobile
devices in its mobile touchpanel line.
The family of ROSIE Touch TV user
interfaces is the ideal multipurpose
solution for viewing HD video content, while simultaneously functioning
as a large display whole-house control
interface. They are available in 24-,
32-, and 40 inch HD LCD displays.
The first Apple®-based surface
product, the ROSIE Surface brings
the converged functionality and
capabilities of SAVANT’s touchpanels
to a surface technology that is practical on the one hand, entertaining and
exciting to use on the other.
The perfect dual-purpose solution—
elegant all-in-one desktop computer
and whole-house control interface,
stated Saverino. The ROSIE Touch 20
and 24 supports all the control capabilities of SAVANT’s suite of touchpanels. You won’t want to hide your
iMac®-based The ROSIE Touch 20
and 24 in a corner of the den. With
their anodized aluminum frame and
glass cover, they’re striking to behold.
ROSIE In-Wall widescreen touchpan-
Interactive products like the ROSIE Touch TV exemplify how SAVANT is
changing the residential touch screen market.
12 Vantage Controls
How do you manage a luxury home?
A truly luxurious home is a unique
animal in the world of residential
buildings. Many of these structures
have large footprints that can exceed
twenty, thirty, or even forty thousand
square feet. Home theaters surpass
the private screening rooms of even
the most powerful Hollywood
moguls. Extensive use of distributed
audio and video provide instant
access to multiple forms of digital
entertainment media throughout the
home. With powerful climate control,
security systems and many other feature-rich subsystems, these homes
rival moderately sized commercial
buildings for their scope and complexity. So, how do you manage such
a complicated home?
Vantage, a pioneer in luxury home
systems, has been in the business of
managing luxury homes for more
than 20 years. Known as the innova-
tion leader in the world of home control systems, Vantage long ago realized that today’s luxury home requires
a powerful automation system and
equally powerful touchscreen interfaces to effectively manage the complexities of a modern luxury home.
Recently Vantage has increased its
line of touchscreens to include the
TPT650 in-wall mounted touchscreen
and newly upgraded TPT1210-1 web
tablet to the Vantage portfolio so the
luxury homeowners now have an
even broader range of stylish solutions from which to choose.
Designed with the needs of the
luxury homeowner in mind, the
TPT650 is a 6.5-inch touchscreen that
provides total intuitive control of the
Vantage InFusion™ system. Utilizing
the simple drag and drop programming of Vantage’s powerful Design
Center software the TPT650 can be
infinitely personalized to cater to the
homeowner individual taste and
needs. Using preprogrammed
libraries, widgets as well as other
design elements, the Vantage dealer
can quickly create complex and
attractive touchscreen solutions.
The TPT1210-1 is the upgraded ver-
sion of Vantage’s award-winning
TPT1210. Featuring more memory, a
faster processor, redesigned bezels,
and a new charging pedestal mount,
the new TPT1210-1 wireless touchscreen has improved an already popular Vantage offering. This touchscreen
not only allows for full control of a
Vantage system, but also has the complete functionality native to a web
tablet (email, web browsing, etc).
Whether the 1210-1 is undocked and
communicating to the system wirelessly or docked to an in-wall, on-wall, or
pedestal mount, homeowners can conveniently enjoy complete interaction
with their Vantage home control system from anywhere within the home.
With Vantage’s InFusion Media and
TPT Designer software the dealer can
easily customize any Vantage touchscreen and provide the homeowner
with the ability to interface with home
theaters or digital music to provide
them with easy playback and control
of their entire media library.
The complete TPT line of Vantage
touchscreens vary in size, function
and capabilities; for in-wall mounted
solutions, this would include the 10.4inch TPT1040 (releasing in September
2008), the TPT650 and the 5.5-inch
TPT550. For wireless control, Vantage
offers the TPT1210-1 and the 7-inch
TPT700 portable touchscreens.
Vantage has a touchscreen that is
perfect for any room, style or taste.
14 AMX
The ENV-VST-C ViewStat Color
Communicating Thermostat is a convenient solution for managing the comfort levels in a home, business, or any
other heated and cooled environment.
With a unique 3.5-inch color active
TFT display and paintable exterior the
ENV-VST-C complements any decor.
The ViewStat Color
Communicating Thermostat is fully
programmable for automatic scheduling, automatic temperature and relative humidity adjustments, and poweroutage protection. It also communicates with your existing AMX control
system, for convenient, centralized
management of temperature information from your touch panel.
the need for an AC outlet at each
point of installation.
The Metreau Entry
Communicator Key
■ Two-way VoIP audio to an intercom-enabled Modero touchpanel
■ One-way video conferencing with
any touchpanel
AMX’s ViewStat Color
Communicating Thermostat
■ Stylish design and paintable surface complements any decor
■ Versatile HVAC control, including
single- and two-stage furnace and
A/C, roof top two-stage heat and
cool, boilers with A/C, singlestage heat pumps, and first-stage
The ViewStat Color
Thermostat Key
■ 3.5-inch (320x240) color active
display provides clear bright
■ Humidity display and control
■ 7/1 programmable settings with
four set points per day
■ Energy Star and California Title
■ 5-day weather forecast optional
(through subscription service)
■ Current date and time
■ Communicates with AMX NetLinx
control system for system-level
control and scheduling
radiant floor heat)
■ Includes remote temperature sensor for reading outdoor or second zone temperature
For convenience and security, the
Metreau Entry Communicator with
display can be placed at weather-protected entry points of homes, condos, or hotels to provide audio/video
communications with anyone at a
door or gate—all over IP. An AMX
Modero intercom-enabled touch
panel can interface with the Entry
Communicator and allow residents to
open doors and gates.
The MET-ECOM-D’s integrated
display (not weather-resistant) provides the option of placing custom
logos, personalized greeting messages, privacy notifications and other
announcements (e.g. “Welcome”,
“Do Not Disturb”, “Make up Room”).
Use with the PS-POE-AF Power
over Ethernet Injector to simplify
wiring and installation by eliminating
■ Includes I/Os and Relays that
enable guest entry from a Modero
■ Dual-color LED button provides
feedback and doorbell notification
■ Small form factor and shallow
depth make for easy installation
■ VoIP integration allows an unlimited
number of entry communicators to
be accommodated per system
■ Camera can be easily positioned
to correct angle for viewing
guests at door or gate
■ OLED display for personalized
■ Power over Ethernet
AMX’s Metreau Entry Communicator
with IP control
16 ELAN Home Systems
(Left to right) ELAN’s VIA!®10.0-EM, OLÉ®XL, VIA!®Valet10.0-EM, N800, and XP84
EAN Home Systems is a leading
manufacturer of innovative multiroom audio/video and home automation systems. ELAN’s diverse lines
offer complete lifestyle solutions for
every customer need. And now with
MSRPs ranging from $380 to $2000,
more people can enjoy touchpanel
technology creating new opportunities for ELAN dealers.
■ 10-inch, widescreen video touchpanel
■ Ideal for tabletop and undercabinet mounting
■ Ultra-fast response, reliable execution, live video and ease of programming
■ Great option for the senior market
(larger format and bigger buttons)
■ Easy to program with ELAN’s
newest VIA!®TOOLS software
with pre-written two-way serial
drivers for Lutron’s
■ Wireless 8.4-inch touchscreen,
great high-res graphics
■ Same functionality as the N800,
HomeWorks®and RadioRA, Jandy
priced very competitively and
Aqualink®, and many other inte-
includes a great charger station
gration partners
■ Reliable wireless control of all
entertainment, theater, and
whole-house systems
■ Internet access
■ A sleek hand-held package makes
the ideal go-anywhere controller
for the entire house
■ Revolutionary functionality, keypad-like simplicity, affordability
■ Unmatched customization
ELAN Home Systems
■ Extra-large OLED display
that sits on Ethernet
■ New, extended battery life
■ The new VIA! lineup includes two
new sizes: 7-inch VIA!7-EM and 10inch VIA!10.0-EM
■ Widescreen landscape formats
■ Live video and ease of programming
■ The new VIA!4.0-EM takes the success of the current VIA!4-inch
panel and matches the low-profile
■ The VIA!10.0-EM’s large, widescreen viewing area makes it an
ideal in-wall TV monitor
Control4’s new seven-inch touchscreen is a
16x9 format with enhanced features like
screensaver functionality.
Control4 is expanding its touchscreen
product family, consisting of the
Control4 10.5-inch portable and wallmount touchscreens and the Control4
Mini touchscreens with the new
Control4 7-inch portable and wallmount touchscreens. The Control4 7inch touchscreens combine a new
ergonomic styling with an easy-to-use
interface, offering convenient control
of whole-home automation, including
a home theater, multi-room music,
advanced temperature control, security integration, smart lighting, and
Expanding the touch screen family
with a seven-inch version provides
increased flexibility on price, size, and
functionality for additional rooms in
the home. And, the new industrial
design adds elegance to the wholehome automation experience along
with increased performance capabilities.
Control4’s new touchscreen is a 16x9
format that has three times the display area of the Control4 Mini touchscreen and has four custom buttons
for programming. Also, it is capable
of running the screen saver functionality that turns the touchpanel into a
picture frame. Users can now be
greeted in a unique way when a
touchscreen is not in use. Once the
photo screensaver has been enabled
on a system, Control4 Composer
Home Edition software can be used
to add or remove pictures and configure display settings.
The Control4 7-inch touchscreen family is available in three skus: 7-inch
POE wall-mount touchpanel at $1,195
MSRP, 7-inch Wi-Fi wall-mount touchscreen offered at $1,195 MSRP, and
the 7-inch portable touchscreen
priced at $1,495 MSRP.
20 HAI
HAI’s OmniTouch 8p and OmniTouch
10p portable touchscreens
HAI’s OmniTouch 8p is a 8.4-inch
screen while the 10p is 10-inch
screen. Both can be completely personalized and offer customized
updates of traffic, weather, and stock
Other key features include:
• Total home control: video cameras, lights, thermostats, irrigation,
drapes, etc.
• Total control of stored media such
as pictures and videos
• Acts as digital photo frame
• Optional charging cradle available
HAI’s Pronto Link is a ProntoScript
integration module for the Philips
Pronto remotes that works with the
Pronto 9400, 9600, and the new 9800.
It’s a free download
touch control of securifrom the ProntoScript
ty (Omni family systems
for Philips Certified
only), temperature,
Installers portion of
lighting, audio, and
the Philips Pronto
other home control
website: www.pronfunctions via easy-toto.philips.com/pronrecognize icons. The
unit mounts flush with
The screens are
the wall and features a
preprogrammed in
5.7-inch color, touch
Pronto Link so an
sensitive LCD screen
installer can easily
with TFT Technology
merge the HAI funcfor brighter colors and
tionality into a stanbetter viewing angles.
dard Pronto project.
The OmniTouch 5.7
Pronto Link allows
is designed to be
a homeowner to use
mounted in-wall, but an
a single remote to
optional stand allows
control his or her
for tabletop functionalihome theater; adjust
ty. Color change kits
The Pronto Link for the
lights, temperatures,
include white, black, silPhilips Pronto with Wi-Fi
and security settings;
ver, almond, light
and control multialmond, and ivory.
room audio systems,
There is also a 5.7e versuch as the Hi-Fi by HAI system.
sion that communicates via POE and
Wi-Fi capability allows it to be
can connect to the Internet for RSS
used as a wireless touchscreen for the
feeds and other live data.
HAI system. The Pronto communicates via Wi-Fi to a standard Wi-Fi
router or access point,
which then connects to the
Ethernet port on the HAI
system. You can even view
surveillance video on your
remote control.
For an affordable touchscreen option, the
OmniTouch 5.7 provides a
fun and affordable interface for HAI’s Omni LT,
Omni IIe, OmniPro II,
Lumina, and Lumina Pro
home control systems.
The OmniTouch 5.7 does not
require programming and configures
itself. Customers can enjoy the one
The OmniTouch 5.7 requires no additional programming, and can be
mounted in the wall or used as a
tabletop panel.
22 Touching Technology for Smarter Homes
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RTI's T4 Universal Controller
interfaces, or have one remote for the
theater and a separate controller for
the whole-house system.”
Also at CEDIA Niles will launch a
brand-new technology called IM Net
which works like a source card. “It
searches the Internet or home network and delivers content through
the whole-house ICS System,” he
explained. A finalist for CEDIA’s
Technology of the Year in 2008,
Sterns said that Niles wanted to
develop a product that worked seamlessly with subscription services like
Vantage Control’s Derek Jensen
was quick to point out that interest is
so great in the touchpanel category
that Utah-based Vantage has expanded its offerings with various new
models. The TPT line of Vantage
touchscreens vary in size, function
and capabilities, and offer a product
for every style and performance
need. The in-wall mounted 10.4-inch
TPT1040 will debut at CEDIA in
September 2008, while the TPT650
and the 5.5-inch TPT550 will ship this
summer. For wireless control, Vantage
offers the TPT1210-1 and the seveninch TPT700 portable touchscreens.
“Our new models are
market driven, and
the portable
options are popular,” Jensen said. A
portable panel with
Wi-Fi provides complete freedom and
mobility to control subsystems and access
movies, music, and digital
content from any room of
the home.
HAI is also promoting
portability. HAI will use
the CEDIA forum to showcase its new portable touchpanel solutions including the
OmniTouch 10p. The 10-inch device
is totally customizable and offers personalized updates of traffic, weather,
and stock info, as well as media control and access.
McLellan said that the new touchpanels from HAI reflect an exciting
expansion for the company. “We’ve
come full circle at HAI. We’ve always
been very good with security and
now we are evolving into media
selection, all built into one ultrareliable system,” he said.
Along with the new touchpanels,
HAI will release a new rewrite of its
programming software, dubbed PS
3.0, to make integration even easier.
With so many forms and features
to choose from, it is up to the homeowner to select which touchpanel
best fits their style and lifestyle
needs. According Remote
Technologies Inc. (RTI), based in
Minnesota, its popular K4 touchpanel
has it all—beauty and brains. In addition to its 6.4-inch color TFT LCD, RTI
K4 is offers infrared control, video
monitoring, Ethernet connectivity,
and a built-in Web browser. It’s a con-
troller, personal computer, and monitor all in one sleek chassis.
RTI’s Pete Baker said that in addition to showcasing its tried-and-true
touchpanels, at CEDIA the company
will introduce an entirely “new product category, new handheld touchpanels, and two-way communication
The two-way transmission path is
significant for RTI, because, as Baker
explained, “now our popular panels
will have two-way communication”
for instant feedback from home
devices such as thermostats or
Baker also described RTI’s continued efforts with its Integration
Partner Program continues to reach
out to many industry manufacturers
to ensure that their products work
seamlessly. Similarly, the manufacturer is building its database of RS232
strings to help save its dealers valuable programming and install time.
Many manufacturers such as
Control4, also based in Utah, see the
value in offering various
panels for varying system needs. To
that end, Control4 is expanding its
touchscreen line-up with seven-inch
portable and wall-mount touchscreens for whole-home automation,
including a home theater, multi-room
music, temperature control, security,
and lighting.
The Control4 7-inch touchscreen
suite includes the 7-inch POE wallmount touchpanel ($1,195 MSRP), 7inch Wi-Fi wall-mount touchscreen
($1,195 MSRP), and the 7-inch
portable touchscreen ($1,495 MSRP).
An opportunity to add even more
value to a custom system elevates
the expertise a contractor offers.
Being a luxury service provider means
building systems that surpass the
client’s expectations. IP or remote
access fits into this value-added vendor strategy.
ELAN Home Systems, located in
Kentucky, is proud of the new IP
developments with its HomeLogic
brand. David
Vantage's TPT1210-1
municates directly with AMX NetLinx
As many in the custom install industry
know and as Charles Darwin first
observed, it’s the species that are the
most responsive to change that ultimately endure. SAVANT is committed
to staying on top of the trends and
creating solutions that meet changing needs. Savernio believes that
connecting with the clients’ “user
experience” is essential. “The proliferation of multimedia content and
technology has created a demand for
interactive user interfaces beyond
standard fixed touchpanels,” he
“The diversity in our line of
touchpanels will do more than ever
with their music and videos with
easier and more entertaining and
interactive access to their content,”
Savernio added. “Our focus is on
the social experience of the user
Margot Douaihy is a contributing editor of Residential Systems magazine in
New York City.
new 7-inch touchscreen is a
16x9 format with enhanced features
like screensaver functionality.
Moore, ELAN’s product
manager for user interfaces, said that CEDIA
attendees should expect to
see a major software system upgrade that lets the
HomeLogic and OleXL system work together more
seamlessly. “Now the
HomeLogic can become
the true bridge and core of
the system with full, twoway feedback with OleXLs
all over the home.” Moore,
who used to be an ELAN
dealer, said integrators are
excited about this upgrade
because it creates a scalable Good,
Better, Best lineup and bridges the
mid- and high-end IP offerings.
Also new from ELAN is the XP84, a
flagship wireless Web tablet due to
ship in September. “It’s a wonderful
panel with Windows XP embedded
that supports Flash, Web browsing,
web-based e-mail, and incredible
software bells and whistles,” Moore
stated. “We listened to our dealers,
took their input, and rolled out a
product that we think will be a home
run,” he said. “It’s more horse power
with extended battery life.” Moore
added that it carries a low price point
to keep the dealer margin high, a priority for ELAN.
Another way to distinguish your
service offerings is client personalization. Since energy-conservation is on
everyone’s minds, AMX’s ViewStat
Color Communicating Thermostat is
an appealing solution for climate
control and energy conservation.
The Dallas-based manufacturer’s
ViewStat is a 3.5-inch color active
display with pin-sharp graphics,
programmable settings with four set
points per day, HVAC, and humidity
control for every zone of the home.
To make integration seamless, it com-
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