174 OTR Carl Behning on Pelican Lake, MN, 06-2012

174 OTR Carl Behning on Pelican Lake, MN, 06-2012
Carl Behning on Pelican Lake, MN, 06-2012
Tents. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 176–178
SLEEPING PADS & BAGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 179-190
KNIVES & TOOLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 181, 187-189
FISHING. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 181
LIGHTS & LANTERNS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 182-185
Camp Chairs & tables . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 190-193
COOKING & EATING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 193-196
SKINCARE & BATHING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 198-201
FIRST AID & SAFETY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 202-203
“Touring on a motorcycle and living by the way is
a glorious sport. He who has never rolled with a
softly purring engine between his knees out into the
country, stopping on the heights to drink in every
detail of the scenery; he who has never slept through
the cool, starry nights in the soft grass among the wild
flowers has not yet tasted of a simple, wonderful joy.
No man who has a motorcycle can believe himself to
have exhausted the possibilities of his machine if he
has not enjoyed to the fullest extent all the pleasures
of touring.” —Theodore Werle, Camping Hints When Touring
With a Motorcycle, pub 1915, found by Tom Berry.
Eureka Backcountry 1
The problem with a bivy (even a great one) is that it’s no tent. Duh,
…but if you travel solo and need the privacy a tent provides, the
Backcountry I makes a great ultralight choice. It weighs and packs like
a bivy, but is fully self supporting (no stakes needed) and lets you sit
upright inside for changing clothes, which is handy during rallies or at
public campgrounds. There’s even a bit of extra room for keeping some
of your riding gear covered. Screened twin track side opening doors
make entry easy. A unique screened hi/lo vent system lets fresh air
circulate even in rainy conditions. The taffeta nylon floor and fly, shock
corded aluminum poles, clothesline loops and mesh storage pockets
are all features that make camping nicer and the Backcountry a top
value for your solo trips. Green Backcountry 1 sleeps one. 3'×8'×3'
(packed size 4.5"×15") 3 lbs. 15 oz.
NikWax TX Direct Spray-On
Tent (1 Person) #1710 $189.00
Gear Loft #1709 $15.00
Ground Cloth #1711 $19.00
Restores the durable water-repellent finish of all
types of waterproof/breathable fabrics. Ideal for garments or single-wall tents and synthetic sleeping bag
shells. Best when sprayed on damp material. 10 oz.
#1360 $14.00
Camp Dry Silicone
Water Repellent
One of the strongest water repellents available. Contains
a heavy duty silicone water repellent and other ingredients that prevent water from being absorbed into the
surface fibers of nylon. Great on all Cordura nylon soft
luggage, bike covers, courier bags, etc…Slight initial
odor. Not recommended for use on garments. 12 oz.
#330 $12.00
Flexible Clothesline & Utility Cord
This is a travel clothesline and more! Netline makes it possible to dry clothing anywhere
without clothespins. The braided, highly elastic, natural rubber cord stretches to 7 feet. To
attach clothing simply part the braided strands and insert a fabric edge. Handy loop ends
and clips allow attachment to all sorts of anchor points including doorknobs, furniture and
pack straps.
#2079 $12.00
Morpho 2P Air Beam
That’s right, no poles! Originally designed for extreme mountaineering,
this innovative 2-person, all-weather tent features two incredibly strong
inflatable airbeams enclosed in puncture-resistant sailcloth shells that can
withstand twice as much force as standard aluminum poles. Even if the airbeams get bent all the way to the ground, they simply spring back into shape. A broken
pole is usually a tent’s death sentence. In the rare event that you somehow accidentally
damage one of the airbeams, no problem…they’re inexpensive and easy to replace. Plus,
no poles means less to worry about misplacing or damaging. With remarkable strength,
easy setup, and beautiful simplicity, this shelter can handle it all: vicious downpours,
high winds, and early season snow. It’s durable, packs tight for extended trips, and takes 45 seconds or less to set up. Stays virtually condensation-free, thanks to waterproof/breathable fabric and vents. At 40 square feet when erected, the outer fly provides an additional 14
square feet of vestibule space. Nasty weather? Simply close all the doors for impervious storm protection. Mesh canopy for comfort, ventilation and bug-free star gazing. Rear scoop further aids ventilation, even when all doors are closed, and the scalloped tail helps keep body
taut. Included foot pump collapses flat as a pancake. Sleeps two. Green. 8'8"×5'4"×3'5". Packed size 7"×14", 5.1 lbs.
Tent (2 Person) #1739 $449.00
Ground Cloth #1702 $49.00
Pump #727 $44.00
Black Diamond HiLight 2
A spacious one-person lounge or a cozy twoperson assault-style tent, the HiLight uses
a two-and-a-half pole design for steep,
water-shedding walls and a
wide, high ceiling. Three-season,
freestanding solo shelter that
is roomy enough to sit up in, yet packs
down small and weighs less than lightweight
tents for one or two people. The full side-opening
door has a built-in no-see-um mesh window, and coupled with another window on the opposite side, the HiLight
offers excellent ventilation. The canopy is built with highly waterresistant and breathable Epic fabric, and the floor is double silicone coated nylon ripstop. For keeping track of the little things,
the HiLight has two interior net pockets. Sleeps two. Maize.
3'8"×6'10"×4'2". Packed size 6"×9", 2 lbs. 10 oz
Tent (2 Person) #1729 $349.00
Ground Cloth #1731 $49.00
Scenic Pass 2
Wherever you choose to call it a night, this dome will feel like home. The strong and versatile two-pole shockcord design
is simple to set-up and convenient to get in and out, with two large side opening “D” shaped doors. A 2-person tent with
two doors…well, this provides airflow that’s adjustable to wind and weather shifts, and it just makes sense for organizing
middle-of-the-night ingress-egress. Bat wing vestibules cover the doors and allow for excellent ventilation, even in rain.
Speaking of the wet stuff, the durable floor features a wrap-up side design that will keep you dry in the worst of weather.
Four interior storage pockets and an included gear loft provide plenty of extra space to stow things. A great self-supporting moto-travel tent that is big on function, but packs up small and light when it’s time to hit the road. Laurel Green.
3'8"×7'5"×4'11", Packed size 24"×5". 4 lbs, 14 oz.
Tent (2 person) #1776 $169.00
Gear Loft #1722 $15.00
Ground Cloth #1711 $19.00
Kelty Gunnison 2
Combine extensive technical features, a classic self supporting design and a great price…voila, you have the lightweight Gunnison tents. Their vaulted pole clips and ball ended seamless aluminum poles provide tremendous strength
that can resist high winds and the worst weather. Double hang-to-the-side doors and mesh panels allow great cross
ventilation and flexible access. The nylon tent floor and stretch resistant, fast drying polyester fly are both fully taped
for weatherproof strength. Quick release buckles attach and adjust the fly to make pitching and striking fast and easy.
Both doors have #8 YKK zippers with nickel plated sliders for years of trouble free wear. There are also two integrated
vestibules (front and rear) for keeping your saddlebags, packs and other stuff both out-of-sight and dry. All Gunnison
tents include two gear pockets and a mesh gear loft. The main vent and door zipper pulls are reflective so you can
see ‘em easier at night. These are elegant, feature-rich well-made, tents that you will enjoy wherever you make camp.
Grey. Sleeps two. 3'2"×7'8"×4'10" (packed size: 7"×25"). 5 lbs. 11 oz.
Tent (2 Person) #1725 $199.00
Ground Cloth #1727 $39.00
High Tech Cot
Sleep in bed-like comfort with this lightweight cot. Packs small, so
it’s convenient for taking along. Set up is quick and painless. When
assembled, it stands supported by bowed trusses 4" off the ground,
so you can sleep on your stomach, back, and even on your side in
suspended comfort. If your back can’t handle the cold hard ground, or
if you’re tired of sliding off of your sleep pad in the middle of the night, this
cot provides the perfect solution. Sleeps cool in hot weather by allowing air
to circulate below you, or combine with the Luxury Lite Pad for extreme comfort
and added insulation on cold nights. Low profile design so you can even place it
underneath your tent. Inside the tent, it will not damage the floor, and outside the
tent, no ground cloth is needed. You can walk across the cot without harming it. If you sit
on it, your butt will sit on the ground, but when you lay down, you float above the ground.
Even if you’re 7' tall, you’ll sleep great because there are no poles across the ends to hit your
head or feet. Also might make a nice parasail when combined with skates and a frozen lake (?).
Ultralight aluminum and polycarbonate construction. Supports up to 325 lbs. Comes with carrying
bag. 74"×25"×4.5" (set up), 16"×5" (packed), 48 oz. Grey.
#4105 $229.00
Therm-a-Rest Pads
What’s the point of a sleeping pad if it won’t stay under you? These pads feature Staytek™, a
specially-woven fabric that increases friction preventing you and your sleeping bag from
sliding onto the ground. The underside of the pad is covered with a durable nylon that
is resistant to moisture, dirt, and punctures. A noble product that’s worth its weight
in gold when camping.
Trail Pro
The Trail Pro is the best combination of durability and full-length
comfort. 32 oz. (1'8"×6', 21"×5" rolled). Green.
#705 $89.00
Using Therm-a-Rest’s new Litefoam™ for increased compressibility,
the ProLite is lighter and has less bulk for easier packing. Full-length is
24 oz. (1'8"×6', 11"×4" rolled). Short is 17 oz. (1'8"×3'11", 11"×3.5" rolled).
Short #780 $89.00
Full-Length #776 $109.00
Ultralight Emergency Bivvy Sack
Use in combination with a summer weight bag in colder conditions instead of purchasing
a winter bag, or use it alone when nighttime temps are
above 60 degrees. Retains up to 80% of radiated body
heat. Tougher material on bottom withstands rocky terrain
and hard packed snow. Can be opened at the bottom and
side to allow moisture and heat to escape. Waterproof and
windproof. 36"×84" (unpacked), 8"×5.5" (packed), 6.5 oz.
#1737 $29.00
Angle Titanium Tent Stakes
Forced to pitch a camp on terrain that’s harder than Hunter
S. Thompson’s liver? No problem. These titanium stakes are
tough, super light and can be used in a variety of surfaces
from snow to the most unyielding soil—they won’t look like
mangled, rusty fossils even after years of hard use. 6.25".
Package of six.
Stake Bag
This small, heavy-duty, reinforced nylon bag will hold tent
stakes, cooking utensils, or other smallish camp gear in
rugged security. Hook and loop closure with reinforced
bottom. 11"×3.5".
#4103 $6.00
#4071 $27.00
Wire Titanium Tent Stakes
Ultralight goodness. Tougher than the proverbial nail. Although costing more than other tent stakes, you’ll find that you won’t be replacing these. Ever. Abuse-resistant and very light. Can be lashed to the
end of a long stick to drive interlopers away from the beer cooler.
6.5". Package of six.
Tent Pole Bag
Tents generally come with onion skin thin nylon pole bags that won’t
stand up to the abuse of motorcycle touring. This heavy-duty reinforced nylon pole bag will go the distance. It has daisy-chain webbing for easy attachment virtually anywhere, which comes in handy,
especially if you separate your tent into pieces for more compact
storage on long rides. Hook and loop enclosure. 23"×4".
#1720 $24.00
#4104 $8.00
Wiggy’s lamilite® Bags
Jerry Wigutow’s (Wiggy’s) sleeping bags are carefully designed and manufactured in his modern factory in the mountains of Western Colorado. These refugees from shopping mall sporting goods stores are filled with a unique silicone impregnated fiber called Lamilite®, giving them the edge over every other fiber-filled bag you’ve seen.
You’ll like the comfort, warmth, compressibility, durability and features ideal for cycle camping. They’ll easily meet your more ordinary sleeping bag requirements too.
The four models we offer are very compact, quick to dry, and feature an oversized zipper and an unconditional lifetime warranty.
The same design and features as
the Ultralight but longer, wider,
and thicker for more room and
warmth. This is the all-around
bag to have if you like a square
shaped design. Packs smaller
than 8"×13" in our medium
size Square Compression
Stuffsac (#9081). Dimensions
8 4 " × 3 6 " . We i g h s 3 l b s .
Loft 3.5". Rated to 40°F. Purple.
Summer and hot weather: that’s when you
do most of your traveling and camping, and
this bag is just right. The rectangular shape
is more comfortable in hot weather because
it allows you to move your legs and feet
around. You’ll get a better nights sleep. As light
and small to pack as a standard “mummy”
design. Open the long zipper down the side
and across the bottom to use it as a blanket, too. Will pack smaller than 6.5"×12" in
our small size Square Compression Stuffsac
(#9080). Dimensions 80"×31". Weighs 2.5
lbs. Loft 2.5". Rated to 45°F. Black.
#702 $169.00
#701 $149.00
Midweight Mummy
Your basic mummy with all the
normal features plus Wiggy’s
exclusives: Lamilite fill, and
a uniquely shaped hood so
you can snuggle in and yet still
breathe easily. Which is nice on
frosty nights. If you’re a three or
four-season camper, camp out at
higher elevations, or just sleep
“cold,” this is your bag. Will pack
as small as 8"×13" in our medium
size Square Compression Stuffsac
(#9081). Dimensions 80"×31".
Weighs 4 lbs. Midweight is rated
to 20°F with a 4" loft, Royal Blue.
Midweight Plus is rated to 10°F with
a loft of 6", Black.
Midweight #703 $199.00
Midweight Plus #784 $209.00
Warm, comfy, lightweight down sleeping
bags are the insulation choice for many
riders, especially with the widespread
use of modern drybags to keep gear reliably dry, even in the wettest conditions.
This bag, rated to 15° F, will keep you
camping in comfort earlier (or later) in
the riding season or at higher elevations.
Lightweight nylon silicone shell is filled
with 22.5 oz. of 800+ fill goose down.
Ground level side seams and contoured
zipper eliminate drafts, while the strech
tricot baffles provide ultimate bag strength
and durability. Stuffs down to an incredible
7"×14". Dimensions 85"×32". Weighs 2.6
lbs. Loft 6". Blue
#707 $329.00
Pocket Pillows
A simple concept that provides comfort without adding bulk. These soft, flannel-like bags
accommodate your spare clothing to create a
comfortable pillow to nod off on. Of course if
your campmates start doing rev-outs at 3AM this
won’t help much. Maybe you can smack someone with it. The Traveler has an anti-microbial
Trekker (Grey, 14"×17") #2099 $13.00
Russell Belt Knives
No other belt knife looks, cuts or feels as nice. Exhibited at the Museum of
Modern Art in New York and made in Canada since 1961, this award-winning
design is world famous among hunters, campers and cutlery experts. The high
carbon stainless blade is satin finished by hand and absolutely razor sharp. The
polished rosewood handle is carefully shaped and fits your hand like no other
knife. Three oversize cutler’s rivets secure the handle to the tang. Even the sheath
is of premium quality leather. So well balanced you might start using it every
day in your kitchen. You simply cannot own a better belt knife; perfect cutlery for
kitchen/camp paring and general food preparation (when you need that “surgeon’s touch”). The Camp Knife blade is 4" in length, 1/8" thick, and an overall
length of 8.5". The Trout & Bird Knife blade is 4" in length, 3/32" thick, and an
overall length of 8".
A. Trout & Bird Knife #3534 $77.00
B. Camp Knife #4675 $87.00
Travel Sharpening Stone
A quality double-sided ceramic zirconia pocket stone sharpens super fast and is
easily carried on any trip. It’ll also get a lot of use around your shop if you keep it
handy in the top drawer of your toolbox. One side is fine 600 grit and the other is
medium 400 grit. A leather storage pouch is included. 1"×5"×.25".
C. #2414 $37.00
Retractable Knife Sharpener
Quickly sharpens serrated and fine edge blades with a triple diamond plated design.
Retractable sharpener, heavy duty, lightweight, easy to use and always at the ready.
7.5" (open), 1.5 oz.
D. #2417 $12.00
Lexan Surface
Versatile: A smooth desk surface for your in-tent postcard and journal writing. A workbench surface for your
field carb strip or speedo rebuild. An insulator for when laptop computer bottom gets too hot on sleeping
bag or thigh. A cutting board surface for meats, breads, and veggie prep for dinner. A filet surface for fresh
panfish (caught or bought). A card or game table surface. A windbreak for cook stove. A fan for getting
a pile of wet wood blazing hot. A paddle for whenever you’re up the creek without one. A sophisticated and thoroughly researched example of Aerostich product design. It’s also an 8.5"×11"×.25"
Lexan board, which is about the optimum size for this kind of thing.
#4004 $17.00
So you’re out on the road and that power bar you had this morning hasn’t exactly satiated your hunger. You know that greasy spoon is only 10 more miles down the road past the third
lake, but you can already taste their gaseous cuisine in your mouth from the last time you were there. Wait a minute…Lake? Why not a shore lunch? Why not indeed, any of these handy,
portable fishing kits are all you need to land that lunker…really. (If you do actually catch some fish, please send us a photo as proof…)
This kit comes complete with a lightweight, cork-handled graphite rod, reel, fishing
line and a tackle box (you provide the tackle). The ball-bearing-driven, open-faced
reel is a nice, smooth-running, stainless steel, brass and aluminum instrument with
drag and clutch options and can be easily switched for right or left handed anglers.
Pole assembles securely in seconds to 6' and disassembles to 15.75". There’s
plenty more space inside the soft-sided, foam packed bag for worms, lure spray,
more tackle, sunscreen, etc. Easily fits in a rear or rack bag, pannier or backpack
or can be strapped on anywhere there’s space. Rod & reel alone weigh only 12 oz.
Entire kit weighs about 1.5 lbs. Kit is 18"×8.5"×3.5".
The best of both fishing worlds, this travel kit includes both a high quality ball-bearing spinning reel with a 4.8:1 gear ratio aluminum spool and a durable but smooth
single action graphite fly reel with drag. The 7' long, medium action 4/5 fly weight rod
is constructed of strong, lightweight high modulus graphite, with a reversible handle
grip to accommodate both the fly and spinning reels. The rod disassembles in seconds into seven compact 14" pieces and packs up, along with the reels, into a heavy
grade nylon zippered carrying case lined with form-fitting foam. Compact enough to
strap to a rear rack, stuff in a saddlebag or even fit into some larger tank bags, this
combo is ready to catch nearly any species that swims. (You’ll need to provide the
fishing line and tackle for this one). Rod and reel together weigh only 13 oz. Entire kit
weighs 1.5 lbs. 15"×7.5"×2.75".
#4107 $47.00
#4148 $57.00
Nano Light
Practically microscopic in
size, this nanolightology
machined aluminum marvel
shines brighter than most lights 10 times its size.
Featuring a 100,000 hour LED bulb, it will radiate a
bright 10 lumens for up to 8 hours, on one set of batteries (included). Weatherproof and featuring a detachable clip, this tiny little torch really can be taken along
anywhere…’cuz you never know when you might need a little
light. Weighs only .36 oz. 1.47"×.51".
Pelican L1
A concentrated close-quarter beam emits from the 6000 candlepower white LED
in this tiny and therefore handy flashlight. Built to Pelican’s usual high standards,
this little unit slips unnoticed into a pocket, ensuring you will have light when you
need it. Four replaceable LR44 Alkaline coin cells (included). A really nice little
flashlight. 2.75"×1". 8.9 lumens.
#887 $20.00
#8201 $12.00
Enhanced performance LED with an
ultra-distance adjustable
focusing beam that projects up
to 145 meters. This weatherproof,
impact resistant torch is small, tough
and ready to light up any task. A powerful
104 lumens, it will burn continuously on full
power for over 8 hours with the three included AAA
batteries, or up to 36 hours on low power mode. Easy to
operate push-button tail cap switch also activates an emergency safety strobe mode. Made from rugged anodized aluminum in a sleek,
performance oriented tactical design. 1"×4.75". 104 lumens.
#8245 $42.00
Princeton Tec Pulsar
For those fumbly tasks that get less so when you can see what you’re doing, this
amazingly bright, coin-sized LED flashlight stores invisibly on your keyring. The Switch
version features a lock-on switch for when you need both hands free. Two replaceable lithium coin cells (included). 4 lumens.
Switch #885 $9.00
Scorpion™ Police Flashlights
Inova X1 Focused LED
A compact and super-brilliant LED projector flashlight of uncompromising design and build
quality. Throws a focused, defined beam up to 65 feet for 10 hours at full brightness. Its
military grade anodized aluminum body holds the included AA battery. A twist cap provides
constant on/off function and holds a momentary button-on switch. There’s a lanyard hole, a
double-coated glass lens, a digital power regulator and a bunch of other techno. Reliable in
extremes. A compact 4"×.75". 40 lumens.
#8203 $24.00
Ever wonder how most police officers are able to produce intense, bright light
from a single flashlight (not that any of us have ever experienced this first hand
of course)? Lots of cops carry these. They’re a couple of the lightest and brightest personal lights ever made. Besides sending heart rates sky high, they’re so
bright that they’re sometimes used as a self-defense mechanism to temporarily blind opponents. The Police Xenon delivers 7900 peak beam candlepower,
thanks to its powerful xenon bulb. That adds up to 114 whopping lumens, the
brightest flashlight we carry. The Police LED features an anti-roll head and has a
superbright LED for a total of 47 lumens. Because of their intensity, the included
3V “123” lithium batteries last 1 hour at full strength for the Xenon and up to
3 hours for the LED, slowly decreasing in strength thereafter. On the other hand,
the batteries have a 10-year shelf life. Built of machined aluminum with a rubber
armored sleeve and positive sealing o-rings, these are superlative pieces of work
that will drive back the dark when you need it most. Truly blinding and far reaching light. Please make sure you don’t go and do something dumb like point either
of these right into your own eye after you turn them on. Like we did. Ouch. Xenon
is 5"×1", 4.4 oz. LED is 5.7"×1.25", 5 oz.
LED #853 $68.00
Xenon #847 $52.00
Replacement Xenon Bulb #852 $9.00
“[business] Meetings are a potential source of much anxiety, and also cookies. Write everything down. Your
not buyng the paper. You’re not buying the ink. Use it like it’s going out of style. (Look around the room at the
number of leather clad iPads being tapped an smudged and poked, the way the apes do to the Plexiglas of their
enclosures. It is.)”
—Patrick Coleman, Rules of Reingagement, The Morning News. Reprinted in the Utne Reader, May-June 2012
Infinity Task Light
Inova X5 White LED Floodlight
Designed for the most demanding conditions, this may be the toughest lil’ flashlight you ever own. Machined from solid aircraft aluminum, the pint-sized and
water resistant Infinity features a bright, high-intensity white LED that throws a
beam for 30 feet and will last a lifetime. Driving this is patented circuitry that
manages the flow of power to the LED, increasing battery life substantially. Burn
time is up to 60 hours on the included AA battery. Metal clip allows for handsfree use. 8 lumens. 3.25"×0.75".
Blazing intensity from 5 brilliant white LEDs will show you what you are doing, or where
you’re going under any conditions. This is an extremely well-made handheld lighting unit
that is waterproof to 150' and turns on with a twist of the barrel. It uses two 10 year
lifespan 123A lithium batteries (included) that drive the emitters with enough punch
to be visible at a range of 2 miles under dark conditions. LED life is calculated at
110,000+ hours which oughta hold ya. A fluted body/barrel enhances grip. Think of it as
the Colt’s Dragoon of flashlights. 4.75"×1". 60 lumens.
#874 $27.00
#873 $34.00
multi Bug Lites
This milti-purpose pair keeps bright LED lights at your fingertips. Built-in elastic strap wraps
securely around handlebars with no tools, no hassle. Can also be used for a keychain light.
Includes one white and one red light. Easy on/off power push-button.
Features two lighting patterns: On and Flashing. Small enough to take
with you anywhere—and so useful , you’ll be glad you did.
#8200 $12.00
Octo Holder
Little firefly lights with a huge cool factor. The looped nylon cord attaches quickly
and easily to zippers, jackets, pants, keys, packs…emitting a soft, floody glow anywhere a little extra light is needed. Attach one to the tent zipper for easy return
navigation after answering nature’s call during the inky pre-dawn hours (after
drinking way too much, earlier). Even inebriated operation is simple with an on/
off knob located on the back-side of the light. Burns up to 24 hours. Includes pair
of lights and two extra batteries. Specify white or red. 81"×.75"×.5". 2 lumens.
Remember when your Mom tied strings to your mittens, so you wouldn’t lose them when
you tok them off? These are pretty much like that, but for your gear. Great for keeping
small lights, cameras, tools or other accessories close at hand. Coil Lanyard extends to
36" when released. The Octo holds gear close and releases with a quick pull. Retractors
use an extending cord to keep items tethered and available. Locking model extends to
30" and Mini extends 20".
Coil Lanyard #1619 $15.00
Octo Holder #1621 $7.00
Mini Retractor #1626 $19.00
Locking Retractor #1627 $27.00
#8244 $6.00
Lighted Mini Alarm
Sometimes it’s nice to have a
way to get yourself up for your
favorite outdoorsy/motorcycling
pursuits before the sun burns you
out of your tent. (Fishing? Meteor
Showers? Hit the Road?) Enter the
Mini Alarm. A compact alarm in an
elemental and inexpensive execution. You set the alarm, it beeps,
you wake up. You know the drill.
Runs on one AA, not included.
#8210 $10.00
Like the original versions developed for combat pilots to aid in cockpit visibility
while flying and operating in low-light night missions, these inexpensive, compact
LEDs are a convenient way for road pilots to illuminate a handlebar thermometer or
reference a map during post-sunset navigation. An easy to use push-button can be
operated with one hand to activate two flashing modes or an always-on flashlight
setting to provide bright, usable illumination without sacrificing night-vision. Elastic
finger strap fits over most gloved fingers. Three replaceable AG10 button batteries
(included). 1.75"×.5"×.5". 4 lumens. Available in Green, White and Red.
#891 $4.00
Great for general after-dark camp wear whenever you need to
do any kind of hands-free work without slobbering from a miniflashlight clenched in your teeth. Durable and waterproof, the
mega-bright Quad power LED spotlight (two single power white
and two Single power red LEDs) won’t leave you wanting in the
light department, with settings that include full strength proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red night vision
and lock mode. The whopping 200 lumen output of this torch
will throw a beam up to 200 meters and burn for an impressive 80 hours on high power (175 hours on low power) with the
included 4 AA batteries, a power meter shows remaining battery
life for 3 seconds after switching on. Simple push-button operation and comfortable, easily adjustable head-straps make this a
go-to light in any situation. 2"×1.5"×1.3", 7.8 oz. 200 lumens.
#8246 $79.00
Princeton Tec Headlamp
This headlamp is designed to confidently guide you through the
darkest conditions you may find yourself in. Both are lightweight
and incredibly well-built, so you won’t have to worry if one takes
a tumble or accidentally gets knocked against something hard.
Some LED lights burn bright in the beginning and slowly fade as
the batteries run low. These are equipped with regulated LEDs
that maintain constant brightness throughout the life of the batteries. Smart idea. Plus, a monitor lets you know when it’s time to
change batteries. Three brightness levels and a 90 degree rotation
focus light right where you need it. The Quad has four brilliant white
LEDs for all-round illumination. Waterproof up to 1 meter. 21 lumens,
included batteries last about 150 hrs. 2.25"×1.75"×1.25". 3.5 oz.
Quad #8209 $36.00
Estrella LED
Original Krill Lamp
At 5"×1", the Krill Lamp fits in any pack or pocket. With
two AA batteries, it weighs a scant 3 ounces, and will
radiate 360 degrees of soft glowing light for up to five
days. That’s as long as 15 chemical light sticks which
cost 25% more. The durable case and positive on/off
switch are waterproof to 150 feet and rated to 3000
hours of use. The perfect light to hang in a tent. White.
#845 $26.00
Like bringing a house lamp to your campsite or
roadside repair—without the weight or bulk. This
compact and ultra-portable LED throws an amazing
160 lumens while the low draw of the single 3W
bulb sips power through your bikes accessory
port with the included 12V plug adapter. Use
it alone or daisy-chain up to 8 lamps together
to be bathed in hours of brilliant light. The
nine foot long extender cord provides plenty
of reach, with an adjustable in-line carabiner for easy hanging. A 15" snake-like bendy
cord wraps around handlebars, tent poles,
branches, etc., to keep the durable and lightweight casing securely in place, while directing
the light exactly where needed. More than just
a lamp, this is an all-star illumination system
that radiates versatility. Destined to become your
go-to light source. Rated for 20,000 hours of use.
2"×2"×2”, 11 oz. 160 lumens.
#843 $59.00
Petzl Tikka 2 XP Compact Headlamp
Compact, comfortable and crucially convenient. Illumination for
hands-free after-dark roadside repairs or that page-turner in the
tent. Easy to use on/off switch for quick toggling between five
lighting modes, including long range beam (shines up to 200
feet), economy mode and flasher. Also features continuous
and flashing red light modes to preserve night vision
or use as an emergency signal. Tilting base allows the
bright 60 lumen high-output LED bulb to be pointed
exactly where you need it, and an easy to manipulate
wide angle lens offers more lighting options. Adjustable
buckle on elastic headband doubles as an emergency
S.O.S. whistle too. The ideal combination of light weight,
small size, versatility, powerful lighting and long burn times.
Three included AAA batteries last about 160 hours. 2.25"×1.75"×1.
5", 3.1 oz. 60 lumens.
#8241 $59.00
Versatile, water resistant, bright, compact, easy to use (…choose
any three and the other two are included at no extra cost). One
large push-button switch toggles between an intense one
LED Maxbright narrow-beam spotlight that throws a beam
nearly half a mile, or a three LED Ultralight powered
wide-beam pattern. Shines brightly at up to 70 lumens,
and will keep lighting your way for up to 200 hours (in
low and wide mode) with the three included AAA batteries. Lamp is housed on a pivot to let you direct light
just where you need it and attaches to a fully adjustable
elastic headband. 2.93 oz. 2.5"×1.75"×1.3". 70 lumens.
White or Green.
#8243 $49.00
LED Pak-Lite
Simple, ingenious, ultra-compact
LED flashlights that pack light.
They are actually a .5"×1"×.625"
hard plastic cap that snaps directly
onto any standard 9V battery. Talk
about efficiency…Provides 600+ hours
of use on low setting with included battery
(white only—red and green are good for 30+ hours).
LEDs themselves are rated to give 100,000 hours. Four
colors: white, super bright white, red/white and night-vision
preserving green. The Basic and Hi/Low white cap models glow in
the dark. Red/white one is great for reading maps, paperwork and lighting controls at night on the road. Green LEDs protect night vision and still allow
you to see your way. Compact, impressive lights.
Basic White #8218 $14.00
Hi/Low White #8219 $28.00
Hi/Low Green #8220 $28.00
Red/White #8221 $28.00
Carrying Case #8233 $8.00
At just 17 grams, the Point is virtually weightless; a press of the large, convenient
button activates the light on a flexible neck to direct light wherever it is needed.
The LED is recessed into a rugged aluminum head, providing directional light and
eliminating the chance of blinding fellow riders while reading a map, for instance.
Two included Lithium coin cell batteries will provide up to 36 hours of burn time.
LED color choices include, white, blue, green, and red. 10 lumens. .6 oz.
Touratech Tent Lamp
This little acrylic dogbone packs four white LEDs and four yellow
LEDs to provide a nearly indestructible source of tent
or campsite illumination. A sixteen foot super flexible cord connects directly to your bikes electrical
system for all night reading and card games. In
the daytime the cord wraps around the frame
and stores in an included fleece bag. This is
the lightest and most reliable way to
have lots of light around any camp.
Fitted for BMW sockets, but can be
adapted to anything from a Molex to an
SAE connector. About 5"×1.2" stored.
Touratech Tent Lamp #883 $79.00
BMW to Cigarette Lighter Adapter #881 $24.00
A quick release bicycle handlebar mount light.
With an easy push of the oversized on/off
switch, you quickly toggle through high, low,
and ‘don’t-stare-at-it-too-long’ flash modes in
this self contained, 100 lumen vessel of visibility. Because
drivers on cell phones come from all angles, the power of the
front light is augmented by independent light pipes that emit
though side windows ensuring over 260º of visibility. A simple
hold of the button allows the side flash to be disabled, allowing you
to focus solely on whatever lies ahead. The PUSH is mounted to your
bars utilizing a mountain bike race proven bracket system, so you can
not only take it on and off instantly, but you can be sure of its firm and reliable grip. 3
AAA batteries facilitate 63 hours of burn time. 100 lumens. 4.05 oz.
#8248 $49.00
#8247 $14.00
Lame, you’d think, and you’d be half right. But what if you really did find yourself in
some one-in-a-million survival situation? Just once spending all night lost and alone
for any number of unanticipated and ordinarily
implausible reasons. Be ready with this compact
life-saving survival tool tucked into a jacket
pocket. The hollow body is 100% waterproof for
holding matches or anything else you want kept
dry and secure. A liquid-filled, luminous dial compass is embedded in the screw-off top, keeping
you pointed in the right direction, with a signal
mirror hidden on the inside of the cap. The flint molded into the side of the virtually
indestructible ABS case is useful for starting a fire without matches. The nylon lanyard
makes it easy to keep track of, and the built in signal whistle…is how to alert those
nearby blithely bypassing individuals who are unaware you are lying painfully trapped
beneath your bike behind some thick weeds just beyond their line of sight. 4.5"×1.2",
1oz. Orange.
Bear Bag
In many areas of the country, a fact of camping out is Animals Eating Your Food
When You Aren’t Looking. This can vary from a nuisance to downright dangerous.
(i.e., ranging from theft by cute looking little quadrupeds to the really large, scary
as hell, befanged kind.) Based on designs used by backpackers for years, this
small, self-contained bag/rope/weight sack enables you to hang food high up in
a tree branch, out of reach of the aforementioned critters. An even more wonderful use is as a self-storing laundry drying line when spider-webbed across and
around the fixtures in your overnight motel room. Lets you dry out all of your
wet stuff. Packs down to 5"×3.5". Has 60 ft. of 600# test paracord and a 1000
Denier Cordura stuffsack.
#1701 $24.00
#2021 $5.00
Bear / Defense Spray
Announce your whereabouts to others with this shrill, dual-tone, ultra compact, really
loud whistle. Clip it to a jacket or hook to a key ring, or attach a lanyard to wear
around your neck. When you want to be heard, this
does the trick. 2.75"×.5"×.75". Orange. Set of 2.
One pound of serious leave-me-the-heckalone deterrence. Oh yes. 15% Oleoresin
Capsicum (Red Pepper) spray that will
shoot up to 20 feet and will ruin
somebody’s day big time, be they
bipeds or quadrupeds. Just the
thing for protecting yourself
against violent attack. #3562
(9" tall × 2" diameter) #3563
(4" Tall × 1.25" diameter)
9 oz. w/Holster #3562 $49.00
2 oz. #3563 $19.00
#2043 $5.00
Why the Whistle?
By Matthew Parkhouse (first published in the BMW MOA’s Owners News, Sept. 2010)
Well, on another return-from-Britt trip in the early 1980’s, I had left later in the day and was running
west very late at night. It was a warm summer night, and the wind was at my back but I was absolutely
beat. I figured it was something like 2 AM. My plan was to just pull off in the rather tall grass alongside
the interstate, cover the bike with a dark green poncho, and lay the sleeping bag out next to it. I’d be
far enough off the road to be invisible in the darkness. I would wake up at first light, a little more rested,
and finish the run to Colorado.
I pulled off, waited until there were no headlights approaching and rode slowly into the tall grass. It
did look tall, soft and comfortable. Suddenly I dropped about two feet into a drainage ditch! The sloping
side pitched me and the bike over and I ended up face-down, with one arm folded over my back, and the
Slash Five squarely on top of me! I could not move.
The bike quickly quit running and, in the quiet, I could smell hot metal and leaking gas. I estimate
I spent 20 minutes inching my way out of the trap I was in. As I worked my way out, as I paused to rest,
I had time to reflect on how “trapped” I was. Had I been hurt, say with a broken bone or two, I absolutely
would not have been able to get out from under the bike. I probably would have remained there until the
highway department came by to mow the grass!
I’d done some wilderness survival training with the Sierra Club in high school and remembered that
a whistle was one of the ‘ten essentials’ that should be carried on any wilderness outing. The reason is
that while an injured person cannot yell for a long period of time; a whistle makes a much more distinct,
louder noise, with far less effort by the person in distress.
I ended up being able to ride the bike out of the ditch and suddenly found I was nicely awake and
able to finish the trip riding through the night. Since then I usually have a whistle in my coat pocket. I’m
also much more cautious riding through tall grass where I can’t see where the front wheel is going!
Pepper Spray Batons
Three size choices for spraying the bad guy in the face. These
police-strength units feature a rugged, knurled baton barrel
machined from aerospace aluminum. A twist-safety locks
the solid-brass thumb-firing mechanism, which activates an
Oleoresin Capsicum insert containing a 10% formulation generating 2 million Scoville heat units, which means in-the-face
agony. The baton configuration of these devices ensures accurate projection of a cone-shaped spray right on target.
3 gram Palm Defender (4") #4623 $36.00
5 gram Key Defender (5.5") #4625 $40.00
Pepper Spray Baton
Replacement Cartridges
3 gram Palm Cartridge #4624 $12.00
5 gram Key Cartridge #4626 $12.00
iPood Pocket Trowel
The name says it all. It’s a collapsible,
lightweight, strong, full-size pocket trowel
for…um…you know…Has a hollow handle
for handy storage of t.p., mini-flashlight, wet wipes, reading material, etc.
Handier to have around than you might
think. Comes with carrying sack. Colors
vary. 9.75" open, 5.5" collapsed. 3.5 oz.
Leave No Trace.
USMC Utility Knife
Any big pig sticker of a knife is incredibly versatile. This one is a lot lighter to carry than a hatchet or machete, but
still large enough to hack up firewood easily. Ergonomically optimized by generations of field experience, this big
boy is the right tool for digging, cutting, food prep and all general camp chores. It’s also the same genuine KA-Bar
knife soldiers use all over the world. Black coated blade and slip resistant handle. Blade is 7.75". Total length of
12.75". 9 oz.
#2438 $87.00
#1585 $21.00
A folding trowel for all your scooping,
scraping, digging, chiseling and prying
needs. High-quality stainless steel
means it cleans in a snap and won’t
bend easily or rust. Comes with rugged
carrying pouch. Blade is 2.25" wide.
9.25" unfolded, 5.75" folded. 6 oz.
Ontario Survival Machete
Nothing thrashes kindling wood like this tool. Possessed of a nice “heft,” this machete works great for chopping up
deadfall wood for the fire. Equipped with a .25" thick ×10" long parkerized black carbon steel blade and heavyduty Cordura and leather sheath, the Ontario SP-8 is a very useful, simple and formidable heavy-duty device. If you
cannot make a great pile of firewood with it, you should give up on camping entirely. 1 lb. 3oz.
#3557 $97.00
#1584 $24.00
Backpacker’s Trowel
When you get out there…really out there…and you
gotta go, you’ll need one of these. The Backpacker’s
Trowel is made of light, strong, high impact styrene. It will do the job when you need it. 10"×2.5",
2 oz. Orange.
#1581 $5.00
Woodsman’s Pal
This rather nasty-appearing device is actually quite useful, well-made, and sports a distinguished pedigree of service (60+ yrs.) with our armed forces. Featuring a specially annealed high carbon
steel blade, the Pal is extremely strong and works great for chopping up kindling for the fire. The chisel-sharp sickle
hook works great for sweeping an unimproved campsite free of ground-level sprouts and saplings to make for a
more comfortable tent site. Unusual in form, the Pal fits your hand nicely and is so well balanced, it truly feels like
an extension of your arm. Black oxide coating prevents rust and corrosion, and a “safety toe” one inch from the end
of the axe side of the tool help reduce deflective injuries. Hack away. Cordura belt sheath included. Total length of
17". 1 lb. 14 oz.
#2440 $97.00
Glock Spade
Drill sergeants and grunts alike call the familiar field shovel the “E-tool,” short for “entrenching tool.” But compared to the Glock spade, the standard shovel is stone age.
Glock, the world famous maker of sophisticated weapons, combined lightweight alloys and advanced resins to produce a tool of sheer genius that is so superior you might end
up seeking out rough camping areas just to have the pleasure of using it. (…Naah) The 180° foldable, extendable handle contains a sawblade and the shovel blade’s angle is
adjustable. In worldwide military use. 25"×6"×2" extended, 10"×6"×2" folded. 24 oz.
#2407 $49.00
Cordura Case #728 $19.00
Stormy Lighter
A very effective low-priced outdoor lighter. A
piezo-electric ignition intensely generates
enough concentrated heat to light
just about anything, in any weather.
O-ring sealed top and impact
resistant body with lanyard
ring. Refillable. Colors vary.
#2077 $18.00
Victorinox SwissChamp
The Champ. Says it all, doesn’t it? This knife is the classic Swiss got-it-all-right-here
tool. Knife blades, screwdrivers, scissors, can and cap openers, a frighteningly sharp
saw, magnifier, on and on...oh, and of course the corkscrew. Thirty four tools in all,
contained in a classic pocket knife profile (well, it IS a little wide) that will have
cutlery aficionado’s nodding knowledgeably when you produce it to save the day. With
one of these and a multi-plier you can rule the planet. A fine, comprehensive pocket
#4537 $97.00
Blazer Micro-Torch
A cigarette lighter size torch that is packable in
your tool or emergency kit. An adjustable flame,
piezo electronic one button ignition, and windproof
burner make it handy to use. The ten minute continuous burn time between refills is longer than
it sounds. A way cool-o pipe or cigar lighter, and
excellent for working with heat shrinkable tubing
in your garage. Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets.
#2509 $57.00
K.I.S.S.™ and P.E.C.K.™ Pocket Knives
Almost brutal in their simplicity, these knives unique design have blade precision
fitted alongside the handle with one-hand opening/closing characteristics and a very
positive blade lock. The “Tanto” inspired blade and the handle of the K.I.S.S. knife
are both high carbon stainless steel with a fine bead-blasted finish. The P.E.C.K. knife
features the same impeccable qualities, though slightly smaller and incorporates a
razor-sharp Warncliffe blade. Both have a pocket/money clip for secure carrying and
an accessible hex-head fastener allows precise adjustment of each blade’s opening and closing tension. Slim, technically advanced and quite beautiful, the K.I.S.S.
and P.E.C.K. are high-performance edged tools you will be proud to own. K.I.S.S.
blade length: 2.25" (overall length: 3.5"). P.E.C.K blade length: 1.75" (overall length
K.I.S.S. #3510 $29.00
P.E.C.K. #2423 $19.00
Spyderco Endura Clipit
Gerber Paraframe Knife
Not only does this knife look really cool, it performs great as well. Features an
ergonomic, frame-lock stainless steel handle and a razor sharp high carbon
stainless blade. Clips to a belt or pocket so it’s there when you need it. A classic, strong, and high quality one-hand opening all-purpose knife. 3" blade, 4"
closed, 2.6 oz.
#2447 $32.00
These folding knives are overwhelmingly preferred by military
and police forces worldwide. The stainless blade design offers
superior sharpness and the Zytel handles combine strength,
light weight, and a comfortable non-slip grip. The exclusive
Spyderco designed thumb hole in the
blade makes them the easiest and surest
one-hand opening locking blade knife. A
metal clip on one side of the handle lets
you “holster” them on the edge of any
pocket opening for super quick access
in an emergency. These knives have fantastic cutting ability. Black handle and
smooth blade. 3.9" blade and is 4.8"
when closed.
#2410 $97.00
Small size with big performance, these are the
same lightweight, minimalist design issued by
the U.S. military for decades. Time-tested for
toughness, dependability and making quick
work offing the lid on a can of tuna. Made from
nickel plated, hardened carbon steel, the blade
folds flat for storage
and will stay sharp
for years. Sold in pairs.
Attach to keychain, lanyard
or tuck one in to any pocket or bag.
A jack-of-all-trades multi-tool to handle
nearly any task—go from emergency roadside repairs to prepping dinner at the
campsite to scissoring open tamper-proof
packaging. The unique design and sturdy
construction allow the stainless steel scissor
blades to be detached for use as individual
tools, including: screwdriver, knife, wrench,
can opener, bottle opener,
wire stripper/cutter,
nut cracker, fish scaler
and magnet. Housed
in a rugged Cordura
4"×8.5" sheath, this
compact do-it-all stores
almost anywhere, to be ready for
nearly anything.
#2068 $4.00
Ahhh Biner
Dual purpose stuff is neat, especially when one function
helps you to easily enjoy a refreshing beverage. High
quality stainless steel construction and sturdy gate closures on both ends make this classic S-Biner a dependable
tool to attach and carry keys and water bottles, hang lights
or lanterns or just clip two things together. When it comes
time to crack a cold one after a long day in the saddle,
both sides also multi-task as bottle openers, making
you the envy of every thirsty rider in camp. Ahhhh, now
that’s cool. 3.25"×1.75"×.13". 1 oz.
#4137 $4.00
#2424 $15.00
Small holds up to 10 lbs. Medium holds up to 25 lbs.
Large holds up to 75 lbs. Sets of four. Black. Not for use
in climbing.
Eliminate overburdened, clumsy split-ring key chains. Six
color coded 1.25" plastic mini-biners allow for easy key
identification, clipping to a durable stainless steel carabiner organizer. Keys easily attach or release to take
only the keys you need. Looks cool too. 2.75"×1.25".
Small (2"×1") #4111 $8.00
Medium (2.5"×1.25") #4112 $10.00
Large (3.5"×1.5") #4113 $12.00
#4136 $6.00
Titanium Ring
It’s hard to beat the allure and practicality of titanium construction. Around two inches long with a screw-type connector.
#4024 $7.00
Multi-Pack ‘Biners
Five multicolored carabiners in varying sizes
for hundreds of uses.
#4038 $6.00
Leatherman Freestyle CX
Minimalism is good. This bare bones multi-tool offers
back to basics functionality and pocket size portability. The three inch, razor sharp, stainless steel blade will
become your “go to” pocket knife with the practical outside
accessible, locking blade, which opens easily with just one
hand. The CX’s two-in-one needlenose/standard pliers sport
the versatility to assist with most roadside fixes or campsite
tool needs. Carbon fiber handle insert offers superior strength to
weight ratio and the ergonomic grip ensures comfort and ease of use in all conditions. Powerful functionality in a portable package. Folded length: 3.45", 7.2 oz.
Designed for military use to eliminate potentially dangerous snagging, this modernized
carabiner is strong enough to carry the same
weight as your old metal ‘biner. Opens with
the touch of a button. 1.5"×2.25".
#2432 $77.00
#4001 $4.00
Aisling O’Connor enjoying the fire in her Kermit Chair in Hope, AK. Taken by Brian O’Connor, 2012.
Kermit’s Kamping Chair
Chances are you’ve noticed the twisted, broken remains of many a plastic and aluminum discount-store
folding chair abandoned or stuffed into garbage cans after rallies and events. Ah, wasteful, race-to-the
bottom consumerism…You will never see a Kermit’s Kamping Chair suffer such an ignominious end, however, because this is the real deal, a hand-crafted piece of artistic sitz-tech that will keep your butt off
the ground with unmatched elegance, ruggedness, and utility. Constructed of beautiful oak and aluminum
structural elements, with Cordura fabric, the Kermit weighs only 5 lbs. and packs into a 4"×6"×23"
Cordura bag. When you are ready for your last folding chair, the Kamp Chair awaits. Blue, green, burgundy, or black.
#740 $137.00
Leg Extensions #741 $47.00
The strongest, lightest and most portable folding chair available—not a cheap throw-away. The legs are made of a special
alloy, reinforced at the center hinge to provide strength with less weight. The seat is made with two layers of fabric supported diagonally across the middle and attached to
straps on the back. When you sit down, weight is distributed to produce comfortable support with no sagging.
Folds to a 4" diameter bundle with a built-in shoulder
carry strap. 26.5"×4" (collapsed), 2.5 lbs, 250 lb capacity.
#4068 $47.00
Monarch Two-Leg Chair
This ultralight camp chair is so comfortable it will never be empty
long enough to swing in the
breeze. Unique two-leg design
and double ripstop nylon sling-style
seat cradle you about seven inches off
the hard ground below. Simple and quick to
set-up with super-light, tent-style collapsible aluminum poles. Breaks down easy too, and stores in matching
nylon stuff sack. This chair rocks…literally, the dual legs
are adorned with non-skid rubber feet that let you kick
back and relax in lounger style comfort. 23"×21"×17"
(set-up), 12"×4" (collapsed). 1.35 lbs, 250 lb capacity.
#744 $67.00
Atlas Stool
This is the smallest, strongest, most lightweight, versatile, take-it-anywhere rump roost
available. The anodized aluminum tubular telescoping legs are flattened on one side
to lock in place and sit sturdy on any surface, even in sand or mud. Once the legs are
extended, they’ll stay put until you’re ready to move on. Folded up, it’s not much bigger than
a thermos and carries effortlessly. The unextended leg position is excellent for low-to-theground jobs—it takes a minute to get your balance at first, but once you get the hang of it,
your knees and back will forever thank you. Seat is made of ripstop nylon mesh, easily
supports up to 495 lbs. and has been tested to withstand up to 900 lbs. Comes with
a durable carrying pouch. Made in Sweden, where they know a thing or two about
design. 22"×16" extended, 16"×3.5" collapsed. 28 oz.
#751 $94.00
Energy Mints
Buzz Bites
These chocolates taste pretty good,
given the fact that each one contains
a freakin’ massive amount of caffeine
(100 mg) and no sugar. No sugar?!
That’s right. Also contains B vitamins, ginseng and taurine.
Tin of 6 #2736 $4.00
Cover up that stale mid morning
coffee breath and keep that coffee
buzz going clear through to lunch.
Each sugar-free mint contains a whopping 100mg of caffeine. Peppermint
flavored. Also contains B Vitamins,
Ginseng and Taurine.
Tin of 12 #2737 $4.00
The epitome of German efficiency, this lightweight, ultra-compact Pocket Stove has been a capable cooking appliance used worldwide for
the past 75 years. Rugged structured steel sides flip open into two lockable positions for stable support and concentrated heat delivery to
your cooking pot or fry pan. Esbit® solid fuel tablets store inside the diminutive 3"×4"×.75" self-contained
case, burning for 13 minutes each and delivering enough heat to boil a pint of water in less than 8 minutes.
When the cooking is done, extinguish the tab and re-light it with the next use. Ideal for boiling liquids or
cooking up a quick, light roadside meal. Adding a piece of heavy duty foil for use as a windscreen
or ground reflector makes this the ultimate minimalist travel stove. 3.75 oz. Includes six
5 oz. solid fuel tablets.
Pocket Stove #4131 $16.00
(12) Replacement Esbit® Fuel Tabs #4133 $8.00
Backpacker’s Grill
Sometimes the sizzle and pop of a steak over an open fire out-serenades a hissing stove. Made
of chrome-plated steel, this foldable 12"×6.5" grill is great for when you have something meaty,
like steaks, chops, or fish, and want to sear ‘em over a fire, like things were meant to be. This
grill is perfect for spanning said fire and supports medium sized pots and skillets. Unfolds to
make a sturdy grill and folds flat for out of the way packing. Comes with a rugged Cordura
storage bag. 10 oz.
#4070 $18.00
Cranky Pump
No need to carry additional fuel—this
handy little unit takes all the dirty work
out of refilling camp stoves. Just stick
one hose end into your gas tank and
the other hose end into your stove
and start crankin’. As long as you
turn the handle, transferring
ensues. To stop siphoning, just
stop crankin’. Transfers a gallon
of liquid in about 2.5 minutes.
4"×2.25"×2.75", 5 oz.
FireSteel Scout
Channel your inner caveman.
Use small spark, make big
fire, ugh. Scrape a knife or the
included striker down the length
of the FireSteel rod to release a massive
a shower of 5400°F sparks. No worries
about damp matches or a lighter running
out of fluid. If you can’t start a fire with
this tool…well, then you probably shouldn’t be playing with fire anyway. Timeless
back-to-basics fire starting tool works even when the conditions are wet and cold
to ignite a stove, paper, dry grass or any dry tinder. Twenty years from now it will still
work perfectly, too.
#4987 $42.00
#4116 $15.00
bpa free Nalgene Bottles
Made strong enough to be practically bullet proof.
Very suitable for moto-campings everyday
knocks and bounces. The
wide opening and graduations on the side make
it easy to mix drinks
and soups. Guaranteed
leakproof. Resistant to
staining and retaining
odors. Extremely tough.
Available in one liter
(8.25"×3.25") or halfliter (7"×2.25").
1 L #2032 $12.00
.5 L #2082 $9.00
Space Saver Cup
This 16 oz. stainless steel cup was designed to
fit right over the end of the 1.0 liter Nalgene
bottle with large folding handles on one side
and easy to read measuring graduations on
the other.
#4022 $10.00
Lexan Java Press
Made of the same lightweight, indestructible material as Nalgene
bottles. This press brews gourmet coffee or
tea out in the wilderness just like the
French cafes in the city. A double-walled
lid helps retain heat, and an insulated
neoprene wrap adds insulation in cold
weather. Ideal for the camp or country
picnic. Two sizes: 20 fl. oz. (6.1", 10.8
oz.), 30 fl. oz. (7.7", 10.3 oz.).
20 oz. #4102 $28.00
30 oz. #4108 $30.00
The ultimate little helper for
the caffeine fiend. Unique, collapsible silicon bellows holds a
#4 filter to brew 1 to 12 cups of
fresh coffee. A wide transparent
base provides stable, spill-free
brewing support over a myriad
sized selection of mugs, cups
or bottles. The lid holds heat in
while brewing and doubles as a
campsite trivet. Fancy. Weighs 4.8
oz. travel dimensions 5.6"×5.5"×1".
#4147 $13.00
wide world of SPORKS
The preferred take-along food handling tool for minimalists. Other catalogs have
been selling these elegant utensils for years (…uh, why?) There must be some
universal appeal to the utilitarian, ultralight, all-in-one, take-it-with-you, be ready
to eat “anything, anytime, anywhere” idea. The Titanium and the Teflon® friendly
Polycarbonate sporks pull triple duty with a built-in serrated cutting edge on
one of the fork tines, while the two eco-friendly bamboo versions help to save the
planet, one bite at a time. Pack one of these in a tank bag, fanny pack, cook kit…or
even a jacket pocket and always be ready to eat your Jell-O. Titanium/Polycarbonate
6.75"×1.5", Large Bamboo 6"×1.25", Small Bamboo 3.6"×1.25".
(A) Titanium #4138 $17.00
(B) Polycarbonate (Asst. Colors) #4134 $5.00
(C) Large Bamboo #4139 $7.00
(D) Small Bamboo #4135 $4.00
Collapsible Cups
Micro & Macro Tables
Now pay attention 007. These roll-up, fold-out aluminum
tables will keep your martini and potted shrimp off the dirt
and pine needles that comprise the ground cover at so many
unimproved campsites, rally and race sites, and “off the beaten
path” places without campground amenities like picnic tables.
Admittedly a bit decadent at first glance, but quite practical and handy in use. The
smaller Micro table is 11"×15" and will get your stove and other kitchen stuff off the
aforementioned terra firma. It packs to 3"×3.5"×15", and weighs just a tad over a
pound. The two person Macro is 24"×18" with longer 15" fold-out legs to keep your
stuff even higher off the ground. It packs to 3"×5"×24", and weighs 4.7 lbs.
It’s always useful to have a cup handy, but
hard to find room to carry one where it’s easy to get
to in a tank bag or jacket pocket. Regular cups are
too bulky and cylindrical. Cheap, unreliable and fragile plastic versions of this telescoping invention have
been around forever…but beautifully crafted, durable
stainless steel ones like these are rare. Packs neatly
anywhere so it’s always at-the-ready. Suitable for enjoying hot or cold beverages.
About 1"×3.5" (folded). Quaff away.
2 oz. #2024 $13.00
5.4 oz. #2025 $15.00
5.4 oz. w/ Zippered Carry Case #2027 $20.00
Micro (11"×15") #4002 $34.00
Macro (24"×18") #4069 $47.00
Titanium Cup
Make any drink a “Lite.” This .4 liter cup has
folding wire handles for convenience and a
rolled rim. A tough and durable featherweight
at 1.9 oz. (3.25"×3.25").
#2037 $39.00
Folding Utensils
Carrying kitchen tools is a lot easier if they fold and go right inside your cook kit.
Spatula #4025 $6.00
Strainer #4026 $7.00
Bob’s Java Hut Gourmet Coffee
Comes in grades, like motor oil.
Flavors endorsed and designed by
FBF (Fast By Ferracci). Tastes good
and has loads-o-kaaaffffeeeeeen to
perk you up. Believe it or not, it is
manufactured (roasted, ground, and
packaged) two miles from our shop
in Duluth, MN…from beans grown somewhere in South
America by someone whose name we do not know.
Titanium Fork and Spoon
For high performance, ultralight, maximum speed competitive eating, nothing beats these titanium utensils.
#2033 $27.00
Ferracci 20/50W #2719 $10.00
Super Speedway #2720 $10.00
Timeless design. This stove has been around for over a century and still sets the
standard for compact outdoor cooking equipment. An ultra-classic lightweight white
gasoline stove, made of solid brass, there is no design obsolescence with this neat
little stove, it just works. Weighing a mere 19 ounces, the compact design features
an aluminum lid that doubles as a small cooking pot, this stove is ideal for single
ventures or when volume and weight must be kept at a minimum. The integrated
4 0z. fuel tank is self pressurized, requiring no pump. This single burner will boil a
quart of water in about 7 minutes, with a full fuel tank providing up to 50 minutes of
burn time. Weighs 19 oz. 3.9"×5.1".
This is an ultra-efficient all-in-one design combining cooking vessel and burner in
one compact system. Transfers about twice the heat output of conventional camping
stove-and-pot combinations—so your minestrone, chowder, coffee or ramen will boil
faster on less fuel. The 1 L mug shaped cooking cup is wrapped in an insulating cozy
and features a unique color-changing heat indicator to signal when the contents are
hot. Add the optional Pot Support/Stand and Coffee Press that stow securely inside
the unit for added versatility. A built-in piezo electric igniter and heat exchanger
brings water to a boil in minutes. Space-saving design allows everything to nest
inside the cup for convenient storage.
#4146 $109.00
Flash #4128 $99.00
Pot Support/Stand #4065 $17.00
Coffee Press #4066 $17.00
JetBoil Fuel #4047 $6.00
Convenience Vs. Mess? Getting gas on your hands stinks, and conventional remotetank liquid fuel stoves are notorious for creating a fuel spraying mess when hooking-up
and priming them. Not this one. The Soto Muka Stove was the winner of the 2011
Backpacker Magazine Editors’ Choice Award because the tank goes off and on with no
mess or spill. This non-priming dual fuel stove provides consistent all-weather performance without leaked pools of fuel or the dirty soot and hassle associated with preheating the stove before lighting. A unique fuel delivery system foregoes the typically
messy needle valves, instead using a grooved brass drum to deliver a precise mixture
of atomized gas and air to the burner. Pump up the pressure in the proprietary widemouthed fuel bottle (sold separately) until the red pressure indicator button pops up
and it is ready to light. A single control dial operates ignition, adjusts heat control,
extinguishes the flame, and clears the fuel line to prevent dribbling gas when detaching the stove from the pump. Neat. Really. Boils a liter of water in about 4.5 minutes
burning either white gas or unleaded. Packs up small for easy portability. Includes
hose, pump, maintenance tool and carrying case.
Stove #4153 $148.00
700ml Fuel Bottle #4154 $18.00
This rugged single burner will bubble a quart
of water in about 4 minutes while efficiently
burning your choice of white gas, kerosene,
diesel or jet fuel to name a few. The compact
and durable steel case protects the tank and
burner when packed, and opens to
reveal a sturdy pot support
and a precision flame
control knob. Ideal for
extended touring, rallies, picnics or even a
quick roadside spot of
tea. Weighs 55 oz. and
burns up to 1.5 hours
on a scant 12 oz. of fuel.
#4145 $199.00
Aluminum Fry Pan
A fry pan makes a great addition on any trip, especially if you love burgers or sizzling panfish. This lightweight aluminum pan is non-stick coated and transfers
heat well. The spiral-turned base grips stoves and
grills securely and the cool grip wire
handle swings inside the pan for
compact storage. Just the right size
for the job and packs easily with your
kitchen kit. 12.8 oz, 8.6".
#4126 $20.00
Two Cook Kit
Perfect for a party of two or family, this
durable, lightweight nesting stainless steel cookset will make multiperson meal prep easy. Cooks and
holds enough to handle everyone’s appetite. This set is also
just large enough to hold either of
the MSR stoves for maximum packing
compactability. Includes 1.6 qt and 2.2 qt pots, a lid that works on both, a PanHandler™
gripper and a reusable nylon storage sack. 26 oz, 4.5"×7".
#4008 $37.00
Stainless Solo
Cook Kit
The minimalist’s ideal cookset. Includes
two pots, .75 qt (24 oz.) and .63 qt (20
oz.), a 5.5" fry pan and an 8 oz. plastic
cup, all with built-in fold away stay cool
handles. Copper bottoms ensure quick,
even heat distribution over campfires and
stoves. Designed for the lone traveler, but
works for two in a pinch. Light and very
durable pieces have easy-to-clean shapes
that nest together for compact packing
into handy nylon pouch (included). 3"×6". 1.5 lbs.
#4114 $27.00
ALUMINUM Dual Cook System
A matryoshka doll for your kitchen kit. This compact, lightweight system contains
an amazing amount of dish and cookware functionality under its lid. A 60 oz. pot,
strainer/steam lid, two 20 oz. insulated cups, two 20 oz. bowls and two sip tops fit
one inside the other to provide all you’ll need for a hot meal for two in the bush.
The pot and mugs are made of a proprietary anodized aluminum alloy that is as
strong and light as titanium, yet conduct heat better and more evenly. Plus, they’re
anodized to create a surface that withstands scratches and abrasions like nothing else and are easy to clean. A convenient folding handle on the pot locks into
place for cooking and secures entire set for transport. The crushproof Lexan® lid
features an integrated strainer/steam escape that prevents accidental high heat
deformation of your pot/lid. The seam sealed stuff sack holds the entire System
and doubles as a sink or wash basin. The bowls/mugs have an integrated insulating
sleeve that keeps your drinks hot or cool and the sip lids virtually eliminate spills.
6"×5.6"×5.7", 19 oz.
#4000 $64.00
Solo Cookset
This three-piece cookset features 1.6 qt. and 1 qt. nesting
pots, a snug-fitting lid, a “litelifter” handle and a reusable
stuffsack. Stronger than aluminum and 45% lighter
than stainless steel, it
weighs just 10.9 oz.
#2038 $137.00
Aluminum Non-Stick Two Cookset
Hard anodized cast aluminum with triple coat Quantanium® non-stick interior
surface for easy cleaning and healthy cooking. These kits are twice as hard as
stainless steel and heat quickly and evenly, spreading heat from edge to edge
making cooking easier and faster. Folding insulated wire handles stay cool to
the touch, even when the contents are smoking hot. The cookset contains a 1 qt
and 1.5 qt pot with lids and a 7" fry pan. All pieces nest together and store into
a mesh carrying bag.
#4117 $47.00
A Tiffin is a nifty lunchbox that hails from India
and is a reusable, BPA-free and lightweight
option for carrying food on the go. Great for
both hot or cold foods, its compact size is
perfect for toting lunch for the daily commute, transporting cooking staples on an
extended trip, and makes for a stylish
doggie bag after dining out. Available
in either a 3-Tier or 2-Tier Snack
version, both feature a self-latching 2"×4.75" top container, that
holds 2 cups, and can be used
solo for snacks or smaller meals.
The bottom containers are slightly
larger (2.5"×4.75") and each hold 2.5
cups, allowing the units to be stacked
together for a multi-course feast. These
Stainless Steel containers are non-leaching, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The
optional Recycled Cotton Carrier Bag has added insulation for your hot/cold foodstuffs, and sports an adjustable strap for carrying convenience. The tiffin’s compact
size also allows for easy storage in a saddlebag, tank bag or strapped to the seat.
Measurements, including latches are: 3-Tier—6.75"×5.5", Snack—4.75"×5.5".
3-Tier Tiffin #4150 $27.00
Recycled Cotton Carrier Bag #4151 $17.00
Camp Grill
Works wonders when trying to brew a cup
of java during your mid afternoon rest with
a ten mile an hour breeze ripping across
the plains. This foldable 5-panel screen
is made of lightweight anodized aluminum and packs small so it will be there
when you need it. 10"×3.75"×1" (folded),
10"×19" (open). 9 oz.
#4039 $14.00
Cooking the One-Burner Way
Backcountry cooking doesn’t have to consist of runny eggs,
burnt toast and a shoe leather steak. This book teaches you
how to prepare more than 150 meals, from the simple to
the elaborate, all on top of your trusty one-burner compact
stove. Easy-to-follow recipes allow even the most bereft
of cooks to whip up tasty meals on the road. By Melissa
Gray & Buck Tilton. Softcover, 5.25"×8.25", 146 pp.,
b/w illus. 5.25"×8.25", 146 pp.
#5890 $12.00
Stainless Thermos
An exclusive and unique vacuum manufacturing process pioneered
by Nissan made the world’s first all-stainless thermal bottles possible more than fifteen years ago. Today only Nissan Bottles are
assembled in a patented vacuum chamber. It’s an exclusive process that yields a better internal vacuum. That plus Nissan’s tighter
manufacturing tolerances make these thermal containers the
benchmark. Skip the cheap look-alikes. Hours after filling one, you’ll
appreciate the difference.
At restaurant stops, have your server fill it with fresh hot
coffee or ice cold lemonade. Later at your motel, a wayside
stop, or a late night campfire…enjoy. A quarter-turn of the
removable stopper allows no-drip pouring. You’ll want it along
on every ride and use it for other activities too. Unmatched
thermal performance. Truly the most civilized way to carry
frozen margaritas through Death Valley to remote desert
campsites. Performance: Hot water at 203° F will be 163° F
after 6 hours and 116° F after 24 hours in a room at 68° F.
16 oz. #2012 $26.00
26 oz. #2022 $28.00
34 oz. #2023 $32.00
Vacuum Thermals
Not only do these keep hot and cold liquids
hotter and colder a lot longer than ordinary
plastic or Nalgene bottles, they’re also portable
Buddhist temple gongs. Flat tire? Unforeseen
crappy weather? *@!#&%! minivan owners!? No
matter what the calamity or where you may be,
just gently tap one of these incredibly resonant
bottles on any hard surface and you’ll be instantly
transported to a state of heightened relaxation.
Blood pressure…lowering. Urge to maim…decreasing. Impending myocardial
infarction…gone. Ahhh…The effect is a lot like the Incredible Hulk, only in reverse.
Double-walled, vacuum-sealed stainless steel with leak-proof lid and a carabiner
clip. Calming effects increase with potency of libation. Safely carries 30°-206°
potables. Sharp looking, too. 15 oz. is 9"×2.8", 19 oz. is 10.25"×2.8".
15 oz. #2053 $20.00
19 oz. #2028 $24.00
WIDE MOUTH stainless
Transporting fresh, crisp, clean tasting beverages is of tantamount importance to any
expedition, whether trailblazing through
dense jungles, bashing across arid desert
terrain or commuting across town. These
wide mouth bottles make it easy to add
ice from soft drink dispensers at roadside
places, take drink, and keep clean. They
are constructed of 100% 18/8 food-grade
stainless steel, providing ultimate protection
that’s totally free of BPA and other toxins, and won’t
impart any funky flavors to your beverage of choice. Topping the extra-wide mouth
opening is a sturdy polypropylene loop-cap, with a stainless interior. The wide
opening makes filling and pouring a cinch, and universal thread design accommodates a water purifier without the need for adapters. Possibly the last beverage bottle you’ll ever need. The rougher the ride, the better this bottle performs.
18 oz. (7.5”×2.75”), 27 oz. (10”×2.75”), 40 oz. (10”×3.5”).
18 oz. #2046 $18.00
27 oz. #2047 $20.00
40 oz. #2048 $28.00
Aluminum FLASK
A rugged black powder coated finish and unique oval
shape allow this .4 liter aluminum drinking bottle to
fit comfortably in your hand and stow easily in any
tank bag, pannier or pocket. Features a durable leakproof cap with a handy carabiner clip. The interior surface is specially treated to ensure beverage flavor is
fresh and unaffected. Ultra-lightweight and BPA-Free,
this compact bottle is just the right size to safely
transport any beverage-of-choice. 6.5"×2"×3.7".
14oz. #2067 $15.00
Titanium Bottle
Lighter than steel, fresher taste than aluminum and able to boil
water on a stove top or directly in the fire (try that with plastic…), this titanium bottle is the crème de la crème of water
receptacles. Drink with confidence knowing that this bottle
is 100% safe to drink from, no chemicals leaching from the
bottle material, no added liners that will break down over time
and no foul plastic taste. The polypropylene loop cap seals
tight with an O-ring closure to keep the contents secure on the
go (just make sure to remove the cap if boiling water…) Light.
Strong. Biocompatible. This is a better water bottle. Weighs 4.6
oz. Capacity 650ml (22 oz.) 10.5"×2.75".
#2058 $75.00
Stainless Steel Hip Flask
Enjoy elegant sipping at the end of a hard day’s ride
or just the end of a day. These classic flasks are curved
to fit perfectly into your hip pocket, tank bag or fanny
pack. The cap is attached to the flask so it won’t ever
get lost. Because they’re crafted of the finest stainless
steel, you’ll enjoy only the pure taste of your 30 year old
Scotch or fancy French cognac.
8 oz. #2026 $17.00
Poly Flasks
As you stare into a mesmerizing campfire on a damp
evening you might want a sip of Scotch. This is the
way to carry it. Any distilled spirit you carry here has
a higher intoxicant density per ounce (or volume)
than beer. Don’t worry where the nearest store or
tavern is. Travel light (and don’t drink and ride).
10 oz. #2015 $4.00
16 oz. #2014 $5.00
Triple your pleasure with this titanium ménage
a trois. The vacuum sealed, double walled insulated bottle comes with three lids; one for hot
beverages, one for cold, and a third for easy
sipping. The insulated thermal lid will
keep your coffee or tea steaming
hot for up to six hours. The cold
lid includes a gel pack that can
be frozen to keep any drink properly chilled, while the bottle also
accommodates a canned beverage
to act as a portable micro cooler. The drinking lid converts the bottle into a
handy travel mug too. Neat. A lightweight enthusiasts dream, the bottle weights
a scant 5.7 oz. (without lid) and the titanium material ensures the flavor purity
of your beverage of choice. Whether you’re toting whiskey, hot chocolate, or
both, raise your Titanium Vacuum Bottle in the air and boldly toast the good life.
Kanpai! 6.8"×3". 13 fl. oz.
#2054 $155.00
shower nozzle
Ortlieb Water Bags
Ortlieb Water Sack
These coated nylon reservoirs hold enough water for an entire campsite. The innovative three piece cap is watertight, and protects from accidental spills. Accepts a
shower nozzle, and is compatible with most water filters.
This water bag features a roll-top closure with a nylon buckle. Use this big Water Sack
as a dry bag en route, then fill it with water and hang in the sun for use as a camp
shower with the Shower Nozzle accessory. 10 L.
4 L #2073 $26.00
Shower Nozzle
#2078 $4.00
10 L #2074 $34.00
Shower Nozzle
#2078 $4.00
Handheld Water Purifier
Aquamira Water
A 2-part water treatment made of chlorine
dioxide (contains no chlorine). Treats up to
30 gallons. Two 1 oz. Bottles.
#4005 $14.00
This is just plain cool. Push the activation button, stick
the wand in a glass of “questionable” water and watch
the wand glow. Swirl the wand and wait for the light
to turn off while repeating the following words, “A
La Peanut Butter Sandwiches…A La Peanut Butter
Sandwiches…”(…these words must be spoken or the
unit will not function properly…) Presto! Safe drinking water anywhere on the planet. No tablets, no
drops, no iodine or chlorine aftertaste. Works by
ultraviolet light to kill 99.9% of all harmful organisms. If the water is especially murky, we suggest
filtering it first—unless you like drinking brown
water with unidentifiable floaties. Purifies up to
32 ounces (1 liter) in 90 seconds or less. Works
for up to 8,000 treatments. The optical sterilizing sensor also doubles as a flashlight for that
night-time walk to refill your water bottle. Neat.
Protective pouch included. 6"×1.5"×1", 3.6 oz.
(with two 123A batteries).
#4003 $97.00
Potable Aqua Water
Purification Tablets
Contains ol’ tried and true iodine, but it doesn’t taste horrible. Two tablets treat one
liter of water in about 30 minutes. 30 tablets.
#4115 $8.00
Dr. Bronner’s
Peppermint Soap
With a bracing, deep-cleaning peppermint aroma and a claimed variety of uses including shaving, massages, clothes cleaning, and toothbrushing, this is one versatile soapy
substance that will do just about all
the cleaning required when on the
road. (Don’t know about that toothbrushing bit though-let us know.)
Also features an amazingly wordy
and somewhat strange label that
could double for reading material if
you are trapped in your tent (or the
can) during a downpour. Dr. Bronner’s
soap is super-mild, environmental,
biodegradable, safe to use in rivers
and streams, …and leaves whatever
you wash (you, your clothes, etc…)
clean and fresh.
4 oz. #2061 $5.00
8 oz. #2062 $7.00
Pocket Soap
An ingenious hygienic solution for travelers. Pocket Soap consists of fifty paper thin,
single serving sheets of pure dry soap. Just add water and the leaves dissolve completely for use as body wash, shampoo, or for dish and clothes washing. Use one or two,
and the rest stay dry, so there’s no need to contend with the soapy mess of traditional
bars of soap. Comes efficiently stored in a plastic case that’s about the same size as
those mini hotel bars of soap. Ideal for travel, but will come in handy on weekend excursions so leave one in your tank bag. Fragrance-free. 1.75"×2.75"×.75", .5 oz.
#2066 $5.00
Caffeinated Soap
We tried this stuff and felt refreshed and
alert afterwards. The idea behind this soap
is that the infused peppermint and caffeine absorb into your skin,
leaving you zippy as a squirrel
after use. The jury is
out on whether the
caffeine, peppermint or both do the
trick, but whatever it
is, it works. Buy some
for your favorite caffeine junky or
a.m. curmudgeon you’re taking that road trip with. A perfect pick-me-up
for groggy mornings on the road after late night tomfoolery. All natural & smells
nice without the usual poisons, perfumes or chemicals. Sold individually. 4.5 oz.
#4101 $6.00
Dermatone Lip Balm
An advanced, protective formula that has its roots in Sweden, a place with harsh
sun, winters, and wind. Dermatone is not only a soothing moisturizer, it provides
level 23 sunblocking in a sweat-and-waterproof form that absorbs rapidly with no
greasiness or residue. It keeps your lips from chapping or sunburning. Not only that,
but it has menthol and phenol to give relief to cold sores.
.15 oz. Lipbalm (Stick) #2084 $2.50
.3 oz. Lipbalm #2085 $3.00
SunX Sunscreen
Natrapel Wipes
When your ride brings you to places where the mosquitoes are so big they have ticks,
you’ll be glad you tucked these DEET-free wipes into your bag or pocket. Convenient
and easy to use, these are specially formulated with 20% Picaridin, apply with a
light, clean feel and provide up to 8 hours of protection from the relentless stinging and biting of surrounding swarms. Strong, effective protection against insect
bites, but not the incessant drone of little buzzing wings, which is why you packed
earplugs, right? Pack of 12 wipes.
#2049 $7.50
Sun X cedar scented, SPF 30, PABA free, non-greasy, water
& sweat resistant sunscreen contains Aloe Vera Gel and
Vitamin E, and discourages insects.
4 oz. Bottle #4089 $6.00
Repel Lemon Eucalyptus
Naturally repel mosquitoes and
ticks for up to 6 hours. Provides
the protection of DEET, with all
natural, plant-based, non-toxic
ingredients. 4 oz.
#2007 $8.50
Gary Benson and Kathleen Judy Eagle River, Alaska (2002)
You will look weird in these...
But once in a while, mosquito nets can save you a lot of discomfort if you camp in the wrong place
at the wrong time.
—Mr. Subjective (2007)
Non-Deet Insect Repellent
After swarms of mosquitoes & flying pests play
an irritating little game of chicken with you,
THEN they bite you! Keep the little devils off
your face, neck, and head instead of running
around willy-nilly and swatting at the air like a
crazy person. Or smearing yourself with smelly,
greasy concoctions of poisons. All nets fit easily
over a hat—even wide brimmed ones (hats
shown are not included).
A concentrated blend of herbal plant
extracts that bugs hate. Small enough
to be there when you need it. Won’t
bother people with sensitive skin. 4 oz.
#2086 $8.50
Black Fly
Effective protection, up to 10 hours, in the most
severe conditions. Odorless respite from mosquitoes, ticks, flies, gnats, no-see-ums, chiggers and
fleas. 23% DEET. Pen size pump, .475 fl. oz.
Does not have a spring ring or no-see-um mesh,
but features a cinch cord at the bottom and
folds up & fits into an accompanying bag about
half the size of your hand.
#4061 $12.00
#2101 #3.00
Horse Fly
A foldable spring-ring keeps the no-see-um
mesh off your face, not to mention the nasty
little critters and whatnots further away from
your skin. A hidden pocket within the headnet
wraps it all together in a neat, snapped bundle
so there’s no extra storage bag to lose. There’s
also a draw cord at the bottom to seal the net
close to your shirt.
BugX Towelettes
Repel mosquitoes, ticks,
fleas, chiggers, black flies,
sand flies and deer flies
with these easy to use insect
repellent towelettes. Contains
DEET. 6 single use towelettes.
#4060 $18.00
#4090 $5.00
Repellent Patch
An effective but less expensive version that does not
have no-see-um mesh, but features an elastic band
at the bottom to help gather the net close to your
#4098 $8.00
Contains Thiamin B1 that gets
absorbed and released through
your skin pores, making you invisible to mosquitoes. Protects up to
36 hours. 12 Patches, 2"×2".
#2081 $12.00
Nail Clippers
An uncommon European design (…actually made in Asia) allows this clipper to be
folded totally flat. Admittedly, such spacesaving rectilinear cleverness is no big deal
in a tool this small, but you’ll still
enjoy the classic precision and
feel of this nicer shape. Made
super-sharp to accurately clip,
too. The incorporated diamondtype file and cuticle tool also work better than those truckstop cheapies. In a pinch these also
double as a wire stripper or 1⁄8" flat tip screwdriver. Stainless steel. 2"×.5" Includes a pleather
storage sleeve.
#1515 $7.00
Braun Shaver
A quick clean shave is no problem with this
cordless shaver. It features a unique twist
cap that extends the shave heads to full
function when open and protects the heads
when closed. Includes built-in cleaning
brush. Compact design is small enough to
fit right in your shirt pocket. Two AA batteries included.
#3887 $32.00
Backcountry Organizer
A silicone-coated ripstop nylon construction keeps the weight and bulk minimal
without sacrificing durability of this handy
organizer pouch. Contains a multitude
of pockets and zippered compartments
inside and out to hold travel docs or
small personal, first-aid, or kitchen items.
9"×5.5"×2.5", 4 oz.
#9145 $30.00
Micro Hair Dryer
Packing a full 1600 watts of hairdrying power, this tiny unit folds up
and features 2 speeds and the ability
to operate on 120 or 240 volts. A very
nice storage pouch is included. Not the
sort of thing a lot of people would think
of bringing along, but if you feel the need
to do hair maintenance and look presentable, this is the thing. Provided there is
someplace to plug it in, of course. Folded
size: 4.5"×4".
#1582 $27.00
Featherweight Mirror
A high-tech descendant of the soldier’s
mirror that has hung from countless trees
and other perches around the world. However,
unlike the stainless steel mirrors of The Big
Ones (1&2) this one is made of strong unbreakable acrylic that gives a razor-sharp, accurate reflection of your visage unlike the somewhat dreamy quality of the old ones. Instead of splintering trees, you’re
more likely to prop this mirror in front of where the missing mirror used to be mounted in the gas station restroom or in the campground
shower. The enhanced clarity may not be as romantic, but makes shaving easier.
2.75"×4.25" and weighs half an ounce. Isn’t it nice to not have that dang stubble grinding under your helmet strap?
#1700 $4.00
Motorcycle Camping
Made Easy
Inflatable Snake
Ostensibly designed to keep dung-producing birds
off the docks where yachtsmen park their fancy
boats, but we were intrigued by the potential for tent/sleeping bag mayhem involving
reptile-averse members of the riding fraternity. Liven up that rally campsite and
maybe get yourself punched. Great
fun. Measures an alarming 6' long.
#3437 $12.00
Camping with the Corps
of Engineers
A no-nonsense primer on heading out on the scoot
to camp. Valuable tips and practical techniques will
point you in the right direction if you are interested
in going to bike rally events or perhaps heading out
on your own for a bit of remote solitude. Real-life
issues like assessing your current bike for load-carrying ability and space, packing what you’ll need,
camp skill basics like starting a fire and cooking, as
well as info on finding motorcycle-friendly campsites, along with all the rest you’ll
want to know. A good book for anyone with questions about saddling up and
heading out for multi-day adventures. By Bob Woofter. Second Edition. Softbound,
7"×8.5", 256 pp., b/w illus.
A little-known fact (to us, anyway) is that our U.S. Army
Engineers have these rather nice campgrounds scattered
around the country and they’re not all that expensive as
it turns out. (Our tax dollars at work?) Anyway, this book
will show you state-by-state where these campgrounds
are located and directions for getting to them, what amenities they offer, and what the costs are for staying. This
guide is a useful addition when planning trips and may
get you into locations that you did not know existed. A
quick scan of the book seems to indicate that a lot of these are located near Corps
projects such as dams, rivers, and reservoirs, so go catch a big catfish or something. By Spurgeon L. Hinkle, U.S.M.C. Ret. Softbound, 5.5"×8.5", 244 pp., b/w illus.
#5784 $19.00
#5760 $17.00
MicroFiber Towel Tech
Microfiber towels are softer, thinner and more absorbent than
conventional towels. They use an ultrafine fiber that’s woven like
no other textile. Each square inch of a microfiber towel contains
about 90,000 microfibers that are a blend of 80% polyester
and 20% polyamide. These fibers provide tremendous absorbency…up to 7 times the fabric’s weight in moisture…yet they
dry quickly. In addition to having a luxurious texture and fast
drying ability, these towels are chemical free, lint free, non-abrasive, and hypoallergenic. When used dry, microfiber is perfect
for polishing. Dampened with water they are great for cleaning
any washable surface. They’ll leave even the smoothest surfaces
(eyeglasses, CDs etc…) lint and streak free. They pack in a third
of the volume of normal towels, which is perfect for any trip.
6 ft.
4 ft.
2 ft.
Aquis Travel Towels
It’s a luxury to have towels this large when traveling. Both styles will completely dry you after a shower
(or swim), absorbing more water than cotton towels, yet fold small enough to be carried on extended
travels. Hang dry overnight to pack in the morning. Hand or machine wash. No bleach, no fabric softener. Dryer safe. Medium is 19"×39", 3.5 oz. Large is 29"×55", 6 oz.
A thinner travel towel that feels like a densely
woven, nubby terrycloth. Green.
A more luxurious travel towel that feels like a
light, soft terrycloth. Off-White.
Medium #1577 $20.00
Large #1579 $30.00
Medium #1578 $20.00
Large #1580 $32.00
0 ft.
G H Large Aquis Travel Towel (#1579 & #1580)
Large Aerostich Techno Towel (#1562)
Medium Aquis Travel Towel (#1577 & #1578)
Medium Aerostich Techno Towel (#1561)
Aquis Personal Camp Towel (#1576)
Small Aerostich Techno Towel (#1560)
Microfiber Dish Towel (#1574)
Microfiber Utility Rag (#1572)
Utility Rag
A versatile microfiber terrycloth for washing and drying your bike. Absorbs and
holds more water…faster than all ordinary rags, and wrings dry. Non-abrasive.
Packs away tiny. Hand or machine wash
(no bleach, no fabric softener), dryer safe.
Ultra Terry Weave. 16"×16", 1.5 oz. Blue.
#1572 $4.00
MicroFiber Dish Towel
A thicker feeling waffle weave of dense
microfiber that is designed to feel great
in your hand and work best around a
camp or a home kitchen. Holds a ton of
water and dries fast. Hand or machine
wash (no bleach, no fabric softener),
dryer safe. 16"×24", 3.5 oz. Blue.
Aquis Personal Camp Towel
This size is perfect for all-around travel, camping and utility use. It also makes
the world’s finest window, windshield and bike drying towel. Nice for camp
kitchen chores, too. Hand or machine wash. No bleach, no fabric softener. Dryer
safe. “Adventure” weave feels like a densely woven, nubby terrycloth. 15"×29",
2.5 oz. Green.
#1574 $8.00
#1576 $16.00
Camping’s Top Secrets
Detailed and concise writing coupled with a dash
of humor results in a very readable and informative book that is packed with hundreds of tips on
living outdoors and dealing with the vagaries of
mother nature as well as those of camping equipment. Lots of information here on stuff you might
not even think of but is good practical knowledge.
Recommended. By Cliff Jacobson. Softbound,
5.5"×8.5", 288 pp., b/w illus.
#5736 $15.00
Ortlieb Folding Basin
6:00 AM, unimproved campsite: heat water on camp stove and fill basin, mixing with
unheated water to ideal temperature. Wash face and body in warm water. Towel off
and say: “AAAHH!” Tough and versatile, the uses for this item are legion: doing dishes,
washing clothes, picking berries, bathing sore feet. Made of the same material as
Ortlieb dry bags and saddlebags, this basin folds up small. 11"×11"×5.5". 10 L.
#2075 $28.00
SOL Hybrid 3 Survival Kit
Not being prepared is always inconvenient, be ready to go above and beyond the unexpected with this essential collection of 73 indispensable first aid and survival solutions. More than just first aid, this 3-in-1 kit provides medical supplies for dressing wounds,
stabilizing fractures, and treating illnesses; survival tools to signal rescuers, navigate, illuminate your surroundings, start fires, and stay warm; and gear repair items (beyond
duct tape) to jury rig just about anything back together. The ultralight clamshell-style nylon organizer bag zips open to reveal two zippered compartments with clear vinyl windows, labeled for fast easy access to exactly what you need, and features a small detachable pouch that fits neatly in a pocket, perfect for carrying basic items for short trips
away from your bike or gear. A practical, durable and invaluable way to have human repair and survival gear handy and usable in any situation. 7"×6"×2.5", 1lb 4.6oz.
#2069 $56.00
Attached to a pocket, zipper-pull or key ring, this simple, easy to update and economical device will be
accessible to first responders and medical professionals. The shatterproof, waterproof and highly visible
carrier includes rewritable personal/medical information forms to keep all of your pertinent info up to date
and easily available. Mounts easily with included zip-ties. In Case of Emergency, having one of these attached
to a jacket, pants, bike (or all of the above), can’t hurt…even if you are.
#1603 $10.00
Truck Stop cafe
Salmonella Detector
Saves four or five long days in a cheap motel room sweating and
weakly drinking occasional sips of Gatorade for the electrolytes. And
endless sleeping. Feverish. Sweating. Then more weakly drinking
Pedialight or Pediasure for the nutritional stuff. And more sleeping.
More sweating. Hours on the toilet. Microwaving a package of instant
Chicken soup. More sleeping. Repeat for another two days. Then showering, dressing
and unexpectedly pooping yourself again because you are still not better yet. More
Gatorade and Pedialight. More sleeping. Why suffer?
#FUNN $678.91
Ultralight .9
Ultralight .7
Ultralight .5
This 58-item kit is the one to bring along on
extended road trips, and it’s versatile enough to
be your primary first aid kit for home use, too. Two
waterproof DryFlex™ ultralight cases hold and organize premium quality supplies inside a seam sealed
sil-nylon outer bag for multiple layers of protection. Equipped to deal with a wide variety of firstaid needs, you won’t want to leave without this kit.
10"×10.25"×3", 12 oz.
Everything you should have on hand for an afternoon
adventure on the backroads or a weekend rally
camp-out is packed into this superior, lightweight
46-item kit. A waterproof and see-through interior
DryFlex™ bag keeps items dry and organized, with
an outer sil-nylon bag lending extra protection and
additional storage. Compact enough to bring on
every ride. 6.5"×8.5"×2", 8 oz.
Compact enough to be barely noticeable in your
jacket pocket, Courier Bag or fanny pack, yet
filled with a carefully selected assortment to treat
everyday bumps and scrapes. The rugged, zippered
sil-nylon pouch holds a see-through waterproof
DryFlex™ liner filled with 35-items, with room to
spare for adding additional first aid or essential
gear. 6.5"×5"×1", 3.68 oz.
#1767 $26.00
#1768 $16.00
#1766 $34.00
SOL3 Ultra.9 Ultra.7 Ultra.5
Essential Equipment
1 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 5 3 3 2 11 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 4 3 2 CPR/Bleeding
EMT Shears
Splinter Picker Forceps
Duct Tape
Safety Pins
Tincture of Benzoin
Antibiotic Ointment
Ibuprofen (200mg)
After Bite
0 4 0 0 4 4 3 2 0 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 2 2 SOL3 Ultra.9 Ultra.7 Ultra.5
5”x9” Trauma Pad
Nitrile Examination Gloves
Elastic Bandage (2" or 3")
0 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 SOL3 Ultra.9 Ultra.7 Ultra.5
Knuckle Bandages
Strip Bandages
Cotton Tipped Applicators
Sterile Alcohol Prep Pad
Hand wipe
2 3 3 2 4 5 5 4 0 1 0 0 0 3 3 3 1 1 1 0 Wound Care
Irrigation Syringe
Povidone Iodine Solution (¾ oz.)
Wound Closure Strips
Butterfly Closure Strips
After Cuts & Scrapes®
4×4 or 3×3 or 2×2’s
Non-Adherent Sterile Dressing
Gauze Bandage (2" or 3")
Adhesive Tape 30' (1/2" or 1")
4” & 8” Cable Ties
Aluminum Foil (3 sq. ft.)
Button Compass
Fire Lite Striker
2W LED Headlamp
Survival Blanket
Mini signal mirror
mini rescue whistle
nylon cord (10 ft. 100lb. test)
tinder quick
0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 4 0 3 2 3 6 4 3 6 5 4 4 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 BeeSting Ampules
Bee, wasp and hornet impacts and stings are an unwelcome but inevitable part of
long distance riding. After doing an emergency jacket and helmet shedding roadside
dance (live-chicken-on-a-hot-skillet), apply one of these disposable swabs. They
contain enough Benzocaine to immediately relieve the searing pain so you can ride
onward enjoying the rest of the day.
Five Swabs (.5cc each) #2092 $4.00
Rescue Facts Emergency Packs
Communicate information to EMTs when you’re not able to. Rugged nylon with
hook & loop.
Strap Pack (Red) 3.5"×1.25" (Folded) #4668 $10.00
Helmet Pack (Black) 5.75"×2" (Folded) #4669 $10.00
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