Explain, Create and Manage Hard Drive Online Spare Technology

Explain, Create and Manage Hard Drive Online Spare Technology
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HP ProLiant Server - Explain, Create and Manage Hard Drive Online Spare
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Manage Online Spare
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Explain, Create and Manage Hard Drive Online Spare Technology
What is Hard Drive Online Spare? For any configuration except RAID 0, further protection against data loss can be achieved by assigning a drive as an online spare
(or hot spare).
This drive contains no data and is connected to the same controller as the array.
When any other physical drive in the array fails, the controller automatically rebuilds information that was originally on the failed
drive to the online spare.
The system is thus restored to full RAID-level data protection, although it now no longer has an online spare. (However, in the
unlikely event that another drive in the array fails while data is being rewritten to the spare, the logical drive will still fail.)
When user configures an online spare, it is automatically assigned to all logical drives in the same array.
Additionally, user does not need to assign a separate online spare to each array. Instead, user can configure one hard drive to be
the online spare for several arrays if the arrays are all on the same controller.
More information:
Smart Array controllers enable administrators to designate an unlimited number of drives as online spares to arrays containing one
or more fault-tolerant logical drives.
The same spare drive can be assigned to multiple arrays as a global spare. Smart Array configuration utilities ensure that SAS hard
drives can only be assigned as spares for SAS arrays (and likewise, SATA hard drives for SATA arrays).
During system operation, these spare drives remain up and running but not active; that is, no I/O operations are performed to them
during normal array operation.
Spare drives are held in reserve in case one of the active drives in the array should fail, and then an online spare drive is selected
as the replacement hard drive.
User cannot use ORCA to configure one online spare drive to be shared among several arrays. What happens when an active hard drive fails on the Array?
If an active drive fails during system operation, the controller automatically begins rebuilding each fault-tolerant logical drive onto the
online spare; no administrator action is required.
Once the rebuild operation is complete, the system is fully fault-tolerant once again. The failed drive can be replaced at a convenient
Once an administrator installs a replacement drive, the controller will restore data automatically from the failed drive to the new
At that point, the original online global spare will return to standby mode. How to configure Online Spare through ACU?
Using Express Configuration mode in ACU Windows Edition:
1. Click Express Configuration in the lower right panel of the main ACU configuration screen. The Express mode start screen
2. Click Begin. ACU creates the optimum number of arrays and logical drives from all of the physical drives that are attached to the
controller. This process takes a few moments. When it is finished, the screen is updated. The gray Configuration View panel shows
the new configuration, and underneath this panel is a list of possible fault-tolerance levels for the first logical drive.
3. Select a RAID level, and then click Next.
4. If user selects a fault-tolerant RAID method and an unassigned physical drive of the appropriate capacity is available, ACU asks if
user want to assign spare drives to the array.
• If user do not want this array to have a spare, click No, and then click Next.
• To assign spares to the array, click Yes, and then click Next. On the next screen, select the drives that user wants to be the
spares, and then click Next.
• If user discards the configuration, user needs to return to the main ACU configuration screen so that user can manually configure
the new array.
• If user accepts the configuration, the next screen displays confirmation that ACU has saved the new configuration. At this point,
user can refine the configuration using one of the other modes, configure another controller, or exit ACU. 5. Select the appropriate radio button to accept or discard the configuration.
6. Click Finish.
Online Spare management
NOTE: An array can have several spares, and any spare can be shared by several arrays.
1. Click Spare Management, and then click Begin.
2. Select the array that is to have additional (or fewer) spare drives.
3. Select the drives that user wants to assign as spares, and de-select the appropriate checkbox for spares that user wants to
4. Click Next.
5. Click Finish to accept the changes.
6. Click Save, and then click OK on the confirmation alert.
Click here for more information on \"HP Array Configuration Utility User Guide\".
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