Rider - The Main Attraction Band
The Main Attraction Band, LLC
hereinafter referred to as “Artist”
Access to venue- The building or hall must be unlocked and available with staging in place and freight elevators
(if needed) available no less than four (4) hours prior to the start time of engagement or the designated set-up
time specified in the contract or designated time when room must be quite. Failure to do so may result in a delay
in the starting time of the performance.
Electrical Requirements- Purchaser to provide six (6), 20 amp, 120 volt, dedicated AC circuits on separate
circuit breakers, terminated at the stage, for the exclusive use of the Artist.
Payment is to be made after artist set-up, but before performance, in cash or check (school, company,
cashiers or certified only) NO PERSONAL CHECKS.
Dressing Rooms-purchaser to provide (2) two dressing rooms at load-in time to accommodate the Artist
comfortably. One for two ladies and one for seven to ten men. The rooms should be available and stocked at load
in time with ice, cups, water, coffee and soft drinks (no alcoholic beverages). The room should be climate
controlled and contain a mirror, table, clothes rack and enough chairs to seat the band.
Catering- In all likelihood, the band members will have traveled a good distance to perform for your event and are
not able to leave the premises once they arrive. Therefore, if you hire the basic band package, Purchaser is to
provide twelve (12) HOT meals for band and crew before showtime (no cold sandwiches and no pasta). If you are
hiring the band plus horns, please add an additional meal per horn hired. Artist will be on-site for approximately
ten hours, so, please make every effort to provide them with the dressing rooms and meals as specified.
Artist Price Includes sound system adequate for 500 persons in one room. If you anticipate a larger audience or
want audio coverage in other rooms, please let your agent know and Artist can arrange for additional equipment
for an additional fee. If purchaser elects to provide sound for the artist, purchaser should request artist’s “fly-rider”
for specifications and artist’s sound operator should be allowed to operate the system during the artist’s
performance only.
Stage- To perform to the maximum, Artist needs a stage that is twenty-four feet (24’) wide and twenty feet (20’)
deep and two (2’) feet in height, along with an eight (8’) feet by eight (8’)feet drum platform. A smaller stage will
be considered but the purchaser should make an effort to insure as much staging as possible. The band’s frontline
performers ability to perform at an optimum level is assured with a 24’ x 20’ stage.
Outdoor Shows- Artist to be notified in advance of any outdoor engagements. Purchaser agrees by signing this
rider that he/she has gotten all proper permits and is aware of local ordinances on outdoor sound systems. If
performance is not permitted or shortened due to sound ordinances the artist shall be paid in full. In the case of an
outdoor engagement purchaser bears all risk of artist’s inability to perform due to inclement weather and artist
shall be paid in full. Artist may elect not to perform, but shall be paid in full if the ambient temperature is less than
55 degrees or if there is any rain or if the performance area is damp or if it is over 75 degrees in direct sun on the
stage. Artist will not set up more than once if weather threatens event or if bad weather fails to materialize. We
stress that all outdoor engagements should have an alternate indoor location and a covered stage as well as
proper permits and a detailed plan of compliance with sound ordinances.
Performance Time- Unless otherwise specified, a four (4) hour performance by Artist includes a maximum of
(3:20) three hours twenty minutes total combined hours of music on stage and (40) forty minutes of total combined
break time. This can be applied or modified in various ways to maximize the effectiveness of the event. One such
way may be to shorten the total engagement time and take only one break so there are no breaks in the crucial
last one and one half hours of the event. This will not cause any of the three and twenty minutes on stage to be
loss but will shorten the total length of the engagement. This will only be done with the expressed consent of the
purchaser and if agreed to will not give cause for any deductions to payment in full or cause the artist to be
required to perform more than three hours and twenty minutes playing time without additional pro-rata payment.
10. Song Selections- The Main Attraction Band plays dance songs that are appropriate for weddings receptions and
corporate events with a prearranged set list. It is not necessary to pick any songs other than your Special dance
songs. You may choose your first, second and third special dance songs from their song list which you will find on
the band’s page at MusicGardenBands.com. If you don’t see songs you would like, please provide them on an
iPod. TMA may learn one (1) song for you, provided we have a minimum of six weeks advanced notice and the
song is in their musical and vocal range.
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