Thermo Kit Installation guide

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Thermo Kit Installation guide

Safety warnings

All hardware connections must be made by a person who is suitably qualified and aware of the risks associated with installation, observing minimum standards of safety, and with the equipment isolated from the power supply.

The user assumes all liability and risk connected with the steps of installing, configuring and utilizing these products with the end in view of benefiting from the various functionalities they offer. The liability of the Astrel Group in respect of its products is governed by the Astrel Group General Conditions of Sale (posted on the company website:


R ialto

t heRmo

K it

must be used indoors. Use R ialto

t heRmo

K it

in a dry place and avoid placing it in wet environments.


To clean R ialto

t heRmo

K it

wipe with a slightly moist cloth. Do not immerse the product in liquids or attempt to clean it with liquid solvents.

Do not dismantle, open up or attempt to repair the product. Opening up a sealed component will have the effect of invalidating the warranty.

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R ialto

t heRmo

K it

is a system for the smart management of domestic heating, easy to use, allowing you to adjust the temperature of many independent zones.

R ialto

t heRmo

K it

manages the domestic heating both at home and from remote, thanks to the “Rialto” App, available for Android/iOS smartphone and/or tablet.

Compatibility requirements

To instal R ialto

t heRmo

K it

you need:

ƒ DHCP server function enabled in router (enabled in most domestic routers)

ƒ Router connected to the Internet

ƒ Internet connection

ƒ Mobile device (smartphone ot tablet) with iOS (minimum version required

7.1) or Android operating system (minimum version required 4.1)

ƒ e-mail account for device registration and remote control via app

Info and technical assistance

For further information and technical assistance please visit

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Necessary equipment for assembly

1 slotted screwdriver

(preferably mains tester) 1 drill with 5 mm tip

1 philips screwdriver Electrical tape

| 4 |

Package contents

no. 1 R ialto

t heRmostat no. 2 AA batteries no. 1 USB/micro USB cable no. 1 R ialto

W hite

B ox no. 2 screws + no. 2 anchors no. 1 Ethernet cable no. 1 USB power supply

| 5 | no. 1 Installation guide


R ialto

t heRmostat


1. Operating boiler

2. Decrease/increase the temperature set-point

3. Radio signal strength level

4. No radio signal

5. Temperature sensor

6. Battery level

| 6 |





R ialto

W hite

B ox

1 2

1. Reset button

2. Ethernet port

3. Micro USB input

4. App pairing button

3 4 5 6 7

5. Network radio signal t heRmostat


Blue LED on: W hite

B ox

connected to the t heRmostat


Blue flashing LED: search t heRmostat signal.

6. Ethernet connection to the local network.

White LED on: W hite

B ox

connected to the router.

7. Internet connection. White LED on: W hite

B ox connected to the Internet server

| 7 |









1. Connect the W hite

B ox

to the router with the

Ethernet cable (fig. 1 A).

2. Supply the W hite

B ox

with the USB cable and its power supply unit included in the packaging (fig.

1 B).

3. Remove the mounting plate of the R ialto t heRmostat

using a slotted screwdriver (fig. 2)

4. Insert the batteries into the t heRmostat

(fig. 3) and place it close to the W hite

B ox


5. Verify the router connection to the Internet.

6. Verify that all LED lights of the W hite

B ox

are switched steady on within few minutes.

7. Download the R ialto

C omfoRt

a pp

from AppStore or Google Play and follow the wizard procedure directly from the a pp

. Make sure you can change the temperature set-point directly from the a pp


8. Place the R ialto

t heRmostat

closer to your old thermostat.

| 8 |

A B fig. 1 fig. 2 fig. 3

9. Verify the t heRmostat

's radio signal coverage by tapping on + and - touch keys: on the display will appear at least one visible bar (fig. 4).

10. Verify the radio signal coverage of the W hite

B ox

: the blue LED on the W hite

B ox

shall be switched steady on, NOT blinking (fig. 5).

CAUTION: if the radio signal of the R ialto

t heRmo


has no coverage beyond the floor and / or the supporting wall of the room please visit the website or contact the Technical Assistance.

fig. 4 fig. 5

| 9 |

Replacing your old thermostat

CAUTION: before any intervention, make sure power is turned off.

1. Remove the cover of your old thermostat.

2. Take a picture of the wiring.

3. Identify the control cables COM (Common

Cable) and NO (Normally Open), with the help of labels and / or connection screens in your old thermostat (fig. 6). CAUTION: if there are more than two wires, the others are useless. Isolate them with the electrical tape.

4. Disconnect and remove your old thermostat from the wall.

5. Open the R ialto

t heRmostat

with a slotted screwdriver (fig. 1 page 6) and remove the protection from the terminals (fig. 7).

6. Pass the wires through the mounting plate.

Connect the cables to the terminal keeping the same position of COM and NO. Place and fix the cables with supplied screws and anchors (fig. 8 * ).

NOTE: with battery thermostat it is sufficient to inter-

* NC meaning: Normally closed. Usually not used.

| 10 |


Caution: dangerous voltage parts fig. 6

NO COM NC fig. 7 fig. 8

rupt the boiler power supply. Therefore, the position of

NO and COM wires is not important.

7. Cover the terminals with the supplied protection cover.

8. Verify the correct position of the batteries (fig. 3 page 6) and set the t heRmostat

on the mounting plate (fig. 9).

9. Switch on the electric current.

fig. 9

Installation verification

1. Once W hite

B ox

is correctly powered, check the t heRmostat

display: it shall not show the icon (no signal).

2. Tap the + and - touch keys until a flame icon appears on the t heRmostat display. The heating shall be switched on. Otherwise, please verify the connection and/or the t heRmostat

cables of the boiler.

| 11 |

Technical specifications





Main features

Radio features

Power Supply

Control relay


Dimensions (W x H x D)

Environmental parameters

Protection degree


Electric isolation

Pollution degree

Overvoltage category

Software class

Type of action and complementary action

Type 1.C

Wireless thermostat with battery and display with touch technology

Electronic control device with installation

/ Frequency: ZigBee HA 1.2

/ 2.4.4 GHz

/ Alkaline batteries (2x) AA 1.5V

/ Battery life: >2 years min

/ Contacts NC/COM/NO 250V 5A Cos( Φ)=1 resistive charge

/ Regulation range: +30°C

/ Resolution: 0,1°C

/ Precision: ±0,5°C

86 x 86 x 22 mm

Operating temperature: -10 ÷ +60°C; <80% U.R. n.c.

Storage temperature: -20 ÷ +70°C; <80% U.R. n.c.


Communitarian Directives 2006/95/CE, 89/336/EEC, 99/5/EEC

Isolation class II


Overvoltage category II

Software Class A

| 12 |







Main features

No. max t eRmostati


Power supply

Radio features

Status display


Dimensions (W x H x D)

Environmental parameters

Protection degree


Router compatibility requirements

Ethernet-ZigBee gateway to connect to the router


5 V=, 0.4 A, 2 W power supply provided

Frequency: ZigBee HA 1.2

No. 3 operating status LEDs

/ no. 1 Ethernet port RJ45

/ no. 1 micro USB for power supply

110 x 35 x 70 mm

Operating temperature: 0°C – +50°C; <80% U.R. n.c.

Storage temperature: -20°C – +70°C; < 80% U.R. n.c.


Communitarian Directives 2006/95/CE, 89/336/EEC, 99/5/EEC; ETSI EN

300-328; ETSI EN 301-489; EN60950-1; E N50371; EN61000-6-2; EN


/ Function DHCP server enabled in the router

/ Function “Broadcast UDP” enabled in the router,

/ Internet connection



” a


Free app available on AppStore and Google Play Store.

Minimum requirements: Android 4.1; Apple iOS 7.1

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| 14 |

| 15 |

All models are compliant with directives 2004/108 CE, 2006/95 CE, directives

99/5 CEE.

The device (or product) shall be separately collected according to local laws in force about specific disposal. ASTREL GROUP hereby declares compliant such products according to essential requirements and other relevant provisions established by the directive 1999/5/CE. The declaration of conformity is available on the web page

is a brand of ASTREL GROUP

ASTREL GROUP SRL / Via Isonzo, 21/E / 34070 Mossa (GO) Italy

/ /

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15.10.2016 / ASTREL GROUP reserves its rights to make changes or variations to its own products without any prior notice.


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