Divitec | HDB-M120 | The major updates of the VioStor NVR series firmware v4.0.0

The major updates of the VioStor NVR series firmware v4.0.0 are as below:
[Important Notice]
1. For optimized system performance, please use minimum five hard drives for
RAID 5 or minimum six hard drives for RAID 6 on VS-12100U-RP Pro,
VS-8100U-RP Pro and VS-8100 Pro+ series NVR.
2. Strongly suggest to select 5% available storage capacity or above to overwrite
the oldest recordings on Camera Settings -> Advanced Settings.
3. To view the live video by Internet Explorer, please add the NVR IP address to
the list of trusted sites. While accessing NVR via IE, it will be prompted to
install the ActiveX add-on.
To view the live video or playback recording files from VioStor NVR by Google
Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or QNAP Surveillance Client on Windows PC, please
visit http://www.qnapsecurity.com/download.asp to download and install
QNAP Surveillance Client for Windows first.
EoS notification: FW of VS-8000 and VS-8000U series will be EoS (end of
support). We strongly suggest you can consider to use replacement models,
VS-8100 Pro+ (ex: VS-8148 Pro+) and VS-8100U-RP Pro (VS-8148U-RP Pro)
series for new projects.
[New Features Supported]
1. Cross browsers enhancement: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8/9/10 (desktop
mode, 32-bit), Google Chrome 23.0.1271.64 m, Mozilla Firefox 17.0.1 on
Windows PC
2. New remote monitoring/playback interface
A. Intuitive monitoring/playback interface
B. New device/camera tree for clear system overview
C. Flexible drag & drop of control panel
D. Max 64-channel display mode
E. Alert for disk error and warning
F. Timeline of recording status
360° panomorph ready
A. ImmerVision lens is supported
B. More fisheye cameras are supported, including ACTi KCM-7911, Vivotek
[New Cameras Supported]
Atsumi brand is newly supported.
Channel Vision brand is newly supported.
6521, 6522, 6531, 6530, 6524
Hitron brand is newly supported.
HDB-M120, HDG-T420R, HNV3H22D1NSH1
SIQURA brand is newly supported.
VARiCAM brand is newly supported.
VFB-200, VMD-030, VMD-200
ACTi IP camera D11 is added.
AVTECH IP cameras AVM365, AVN807, AVM457 are added.
Axis IP cameras M1143, M1144, M3004, M3005, P1204, P1214-E, P1214-E,
P3353, P3363, P3384, P5544 are added.
Brickcom IP cameras FB-300Np, VD-300Np, MD-300Np, VD-302Np, OB-300Np,
WOB-300Np, GOB-300Np, OB-302Np, WOB-302Np, GOB-302Np are added.
10. BEWARD IP cameras ESN-H2300, ESN-H2500VP, ESN-H9200 are added.
11. Canon IP camera VB-H41 is added.
12. DIGITUS IP cameras DN16053-1, DN16054-1, DN16055-1, DN16058-1, DN16059,
DN16059-1, DN16060-1 are added.
13. Dynacolor IP cameras NH820-18XN1, W1-B are added.
14. EDIMAX IP cameras 3115W, IC-3030i, IC-3030iPoE, IC-3030iWn, IC-3030PoE,
IC-3030Wn, IC-3100, IC-3100P, IC-3100W, IC-3110, IC-3110P, IC-3110W, IR-103E,
IR-113E, IR-123E, NC-203E, NC-213E, ND-233E are added.
15. ELMO IP cameras ESN-H2500VP, ESN-H2300, ESN-H9200 are added.
16. Eneo IP cameras NLD-1401, NXC-1602, NXD-1502, NXD-1602, PXD-1010F02,
PXD-1020F02, PXD-2012PTZ, PXD-2018PTZ, PXD-2036PTZ are added.
17. ICY BOX IP cameras IB-CAM-B3210E, IB-CAM-G3211E, IB-CAM-G3211S,
IB-CAM-N3211E are added.
IPX IP camera DDK-1800(D) is added.
JVC IP cameras VN-H137, VN-H157WP, VN-H237VP, VN-H257, VN-H257VP,
VN-H37, VN-H57, VN-T16U, VN-T216VPRU are added.
LILIN IP cameras IPD2122S, IPD2220ES, IPD6220, IPG1022ES, IPG1032ESX,
IPR320ES, IPR434/IPR438, IPR722S4.3, IPR7334, IPR7424, IPS8364,
IPS9364/IPS9368 are added.
MESSOA IP camera NCC800 is added.
22. Planet IP cameras ICA-2200, ICA-2500, ICA-3350V, ICA-5350V, ICA-HM100,
ICA-HM100W, ICA-HM101, ICA-HM101W, ICA-HM126, ICA-HM126R,
ICA-HM131R(v2), ICA-HM316, ICA-HM351, ICA-HM718, IVS-H120 are added.
23. Samsung IP cameras SNB-5001, SNB-7001, SND-1011P, SND-5011, SND-5061,
SND-7001, SND-7061 are added.
24. SHANY IP cameras SNC-2252DN, SNC-WDL2322DN are added.
25. TRENDnet IP cameras TV-IP551W, TV-IP551WI, TV-IP572P, TV-IP572PI/W/WI,
TV-IP851WC/WIC are added.
26. VIVOTEK fisheye camera FE8172 and IP cameras BD5115, CC8130, FD8131,
IP8172 are added.
27. Y-CAM IP camera BUlletHD1080 is added.
28. Supports monitoring, recording, and playback from more ONVIF conformant
* To use ONVIF conformant products with QNAP VioStor NVR, ONVIF
specification must be fully implemented by camera vendors. The following IP
camera and video server models have been tested by QNAP.
A. ZAVIO brand is newly tested under ONVIF cameras.
D5113, F210A, F3000, F3210
3S N9071 is tested under ONVIF cameras.
EverFocus EHN 3340, EPN4220, EZN3340 are tested under EverFocus
Note: For other ONVIF conformant products, please execute the
compatibility test before any further usage.
[Camera Features Supported]
1. Single stream (Full HD, full image), dual stream (720P, full image), and 6-stream
(VGA, partial image) mode of ACTi KCM-7911 are newly supported.
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