Alsa Refinish KC-CRZS-BS Installation guide

Alsa Refinish KC-CRZS-BS Installation guide
How to Apply (Application Steps)
1 Crazer Paint is applied over an existing base coat of any color (such as Alsa’s Base
Pearls, or Alsa’s Stylin’s base coats) with black being the most popular, and then
“marbleized” using plastic wrap as a “texturing tool” to create the marbling effect.
Standard plastic wrap, such as Saran Wrap, is all you need for this effect. You can also
use any number of things to create a texture…Brushes, sponges….anything that will
leave a pattern behind, in the wet Crazer paint. This is your time to experiment!
3 If you piece already has a base coat on it, you can proceed to step 14
4 Always apply paints in a well-ventilated area, and wear a NIOSH approved respirator
to avoid breathing any fumes.
5 Make sure you have good conditions for spraying. The best temperature for spraying
this paint, is 75-80 degrees F, and VERY low humidity.
6 Prepare and prime your part first. Epoxy primers are best for bare metal, and primer
surfacers are best for plastics, fiberglass, or wood. Some plastics may require an
adhesion promoter but most plastics, like ABS plastic, are fine without adhesion
promoters. Our tech support department can assist with what primer is best, if you are
7 Before applying your primer, remove all dirt, grease, oil, salt, and chemical
contaminants, by washing the surface with a commercial detergent, or other suitable
cleaning method.
8 Rinse with fresh water and allow to completely dry.
9 Remove any existing loose paint, or rust, etc, with a wire brush or sand paper.
10 Lightly sand glossy surfaces to create a surface profile for adhesion.
11 Apply your primer to the surface according to the manufacturers’ specifications for your
particular primer.
12 Let your primer cure according to the manufacturers specifications for your particular
primer, and then lightly scuff that to create a surface profile for adhesion.
13 Now apply your Alsa base coat, or any good urethane base coat, according to the
manufacturers’ specifications for your base coat.
14 If a second coat is required, let the first coat flash for about 10-15 minutes, and then
apply your second coat over that, again, making sure to use steady even passes.
15 Let your base coat flash for about 10-15 minutes, and now you are ready to apply your
Crazer paint.
16 Apply a wet coat of the Crazer paint over your existing base color, and immediately
wrap in plastic wrap. The more you wrinkle the plastic wrap, the more dramatic the
effect will be. Removing the plastic wrap right away, after texturing, will allow the
Crazer paint to flow back out a little bit, and give you softer edges to the pattern.
Letting the Crazer dry completely (about 30-45 minutes) and then removing the plastic
wrap, will give you very distinct sharp edges to the pattern.
17 Other patterns: Crazer paint can also be “textured” using other items as well. Try using
a brush, to create “Brush Strokes” or even a sponge to create a “Swiss Cheese, or
Snakeskin type of look. This is only limited by your creativity. Anything that will produce
a texture in the wet Crazer can be used. Experimentation is encouraged.
18 Always try to “texture” your Crazer paint immediately after applying. If you allow the
Crazer to start to dry, it will be less viscous, and will not texture as well.
19 Once you have finished “texturing” your Crazer paint, let it dry for approximately 1-2
hours after removing the plastic wrap (or whichever technique you chose), and then
clear coat with any good quality clear, such as Alsa’s Mirraclear, part number “KCMCLR”.
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