Starting the watch
Setting the date
Your TWO.2 is equipped with a self-winding movement. While you
wear it, the mainspring is continually wound by the motions of
your wrist. If the watch is set aside, the mainspring will deliver its
energy to the movement until its power reserve is depleted.
Gently pull the crown out to position 1. Turn the crown counterclockwise until the correct date appears in the aperture. Push the
crown home.
When the watch is delivered to you or after longer periods of
standstill, rotate the crown clockwise by about 20 full turns to
provide the mainspring with enough initial energy. The watch will
now start running.
Hint: Set the date display to one day prior to the current date.
Then pull the crown out to position 2 and turn it clockwise until
the date display switches to the correct date at about 12 o’clock.
Your watch is now set to midnight of the prior day. Set the correct
time by advancing the hands clockwise. This procedure assures
that the date will switch daily at midnight and not at noon.
Setting the time
Gently pull the crown out to position 2. The seconds hand will
stop. Set the correct time by turning the crown clockwise or
counterclockwise. Push the crown home. The seconds hand will
start running again.
Hint: Stop the watch when the seconds hand is at 12 o’clock. This
allows you to synchronize your watch with a time signal (radio,
Internet): push the crown home to start it.
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