P Q M - P o w e r Q u a lit y M o n it o r in g

P Q M - P o w e r Q u a lit y M o n it o r in g
PQM - Power Quality Monitoring
UMG 96L / UMG 96
Universal measuring instruments
Digital diversity versus analogue simplicity
Universal measuring instruments of UMG 96L and UMG 96 product families are mainly designed
for use in low and medium voltage distribution systems. Due to the large number of available measurement values in an extremely compact measuring unit, a number of analogue measurement instruments can be replaced and, therefore, installation costs can be reduced. Additional functions such as
the recording of minimum and maximum values, the operating hour meter, the bi-metallic strip function, password protection and many more offer a significant amount of added value. The high measurement accuracy and a large LCD-display means universal application possibilities and offer fundamental advantages in comparison to analogue measuring instruments.
Areas of application
Replacement of analogue measurement instruments
Display and control of electrical parameters in energy distribution systems
Cost centre data collection
Measurement value generator for building management systems or PLC
Limit value monitoring
Chapter 2
Universal measuring instruments
UMG 96L/UMG 96
universal measuring instruments
96 x 96mm front panel mounting
The use of energy measurement technology in energy distribution
has moved dynamically towards digital universal measuring instruments in the past few years. The advantages are obvious: lower
equipment costs for more information and functionality. In addition,
digital measuring technology is more accurate, even all along the
entire lifespan.
Clear cost advantages also result from the construction of the
switchgear which results in lower installation costs and less wiring
efforts in comparison to analogue measuring technology. Universal
measuring instruments of the UMG 96L and UMG 96 product
families are mainly designed for use in low and medium voltage
distribution systems.
In addition to the large quantity of electrical measurement values,
this series also offers a number of additional functions such as the
recording of minimum and maximum values, the operating hour
meter, the bi-metallic strip function, password protection and
many more.
Main features
Compact housing dimensions (96x96 mm), minimal installation depth
User-friendly and reliable terminals
Large LCD with outstanding legibility
The large quantity of electrical measurement values, replaces 13 analogue measurement units and more
Excellent reliability and long life span
The UMG 96L and UMG 96 measurement instruments are digital
front panel mounted measuring instruments which are suitable
for measuring and recording electrical parameters (True-RMS) in
50/60 Hz networks. The measurement is configured for threephase systems with a neutral conductor (TN and TT networks).
At the network frequency of 50 Hz or 60 Hz, the scanning frequency of the random measurements which take place once per
second is 2.5 kHz or 3.0 kHz. The supply voltage and scanning
frequency for operating the UMG 96L is taken from the L1-N
measurement voltage. The effective values and the minimum and
maximum values are recorded every 15 minutes and the programming data is immediately stored in a non-volatile memory
(EEPROM). The main characteristic of the measurement instrument is the compact construction (96x96 mm) and the high level
of stability.
In order to achieve the functional diversity of the universal measurement instrument, you would need 13 analogue units such as
an ampere meter, volt meter, volt meter switch, power meter
(kW, kVA, kvar, cos ϕ), an effective and reactive energy meter
(kWh/kvarh) and a frequency meter. This means that the planning, installation, wiring and storage costs are significantly reduced in comparison to the use of analogue measuring instruments. Another advantage is the higher precision and better legibility.
UMG 96L / UMG 96
Measurement value displays
The extremely legible LCD display in connection with the function keys informs the user about the selected measurement
values (actual, low, high and average values). Three measurement values can be simultaneously displayed in the LCD data
field. The contrast of the LCD display can be adjusted by the user.
Display selection and automatic display rotation
All measurements values can be called up in the initial delivery status. Measurement values which are not required can be hidden and displayed again when necessary. A cycle between 1 and 250 seconds can be set for the automatic display rotation. The display rotation
function can also be deactivated.
Display examples
L-L voltage
cos (phi)
Effective power
Effective energy
Bi-metallic function (average value generation)
A common average time for achieving measurement values in L1, L2, L3 and N and an average time for the power measurement values
of effective power, apparent power and reactive power can be programmed. These values can be integrated at selectable time of 5, 10, 30,
60, 300, 480 and 900 seconds and stored as a highest average value.
Operating hour meter
The operating hour meter is immediately activated when the unit is switched on and can not be reset. The time is recorded at a 15 minute
resolution and is displayed in hours.
Digital outputs for effective or reactive energy consumption or limit values
Digital outputs can be used as pulse outputs for the effective or reactive energy consumption or as switch outputs. The digital outputs can
be programmed in order to monitor the measurement data. The transistor output can also be linked with the measurement value of the limit
value by programming which is activated if the value is not achieved or is exceeded. The transistor output is suitable for controlling
electrical devices with a DC operating voltage or units with NPN inputs e.g. PLC.
The user can protect programming and configurations against unauthorised changes with a 3-digit password.
Cost centre data collection and monitoring limit values (UMG 96)
30V DC
k varh
Max. limit
k Wh
Digital output for cost centre data collection
Min. limit
Digital output for limit value monitoring
Chapter 2
Product variants and technical data
Overview of product variants
Operating voltage
Item number
Four-phase universal measuring instrument 50/60Hz;
Current transformer: ../1/5A
Measurement range: L - N: 50 ... 255V-AC;
L - L: 86 ... 442V- AC
L-N: 196 ... 255V- AC
As above but measurement range:
L - N: 16 ... 80V- AC; L - L: 28 … 139V-AC
L-N: 45 ... 80V- AC
As above but measurement range:
L - N: 25 ... 160V- AC; L - L: 45 … 277V-AC
L-N: 90 ... 160V- AC
Four-phase universal measuring instrument 50/60Hz;
Current transformer: ../1/5A, 2 digital /pulse outputs
Measurement range: L - N: 50 ... 275V-AC;
L - L: 87 ... 476V- AC
UMG 96
L-N: 196 ... 275V- AC
As above but measurement range:
L - N: 20 ... 76V- AC; L - L: 35 … 132V-AC
UMG 96
L-N: 49 ... 76V- AC
As above but measurement range:
L - N: 30 ... 140V- AC; L - L: 52 … 242V-AC
UMG 96
L-N: 98 ... 140V- AC
General technical data
Operating voltage
Refer to order details above
Scanning rate
2.5 / 3 kHz
W= 96mm x H 96mm x D= 42mm
Front panel installation
Working temperature
-10…+55 °C
Storage temperature
-20…+70 °C
Protection class (reverse/front)
According to EN60529
IP 20/50
Connectable conductors
Single wire, multi-wire, fine-wire,
0.08 - 2.5mm2
pin cable lugs, ferrule
Measurement range
Voltage L-N
Refer to order details
Voltage L-L
Refer to order details
.../1A or .../5A
Frequency, mains
0.02...6 A
45 ...65 Hz
Measurement values
Display range
Measurement range L1 L2 L3 Sum Lowest Average
value *1
at scaling factor 1
Measurement value
Current 1/5A L1-L3
0.00 .. 9.99 kA
0.02 .. 6 A
+-1 % rng
Current calculated in N
0.00 .. 9.99 kA
0.06 .. 18 A
+-3 % rng
Voltage L-N
0.0 .. 34 kV
50 .. 255 V AC*2
+-1 % rng
Voltage L-L
0.0 .. 60 kV
86 .. 442 V AC*2
+-2% rng
Frequency (U)
45.0 .. 65.0 Hz
Effective power, sum ,+/-
0.00 W .. 150 MW
1.8 W .. 2.4 kW
+-1.5 % rng
Apparent power, sum
0.00 VA .. 150 MVA
1.8 VA .. 2.4 kVA
+-1.5 % rng
Reactive power, sum
0.00 var .. 150 MVar
1.8 var .. 2.4 kvar
Ind.+-1.5 % rng
Cos phi
0.00 ind. .. 1.00 .. 0.00 kap. 0.00 kap. .. 1.00 .. 0.00 ind.
+-3 % rng*4
Effective energy, consumed
0 .. 999.999.999 kWh
Class 2 *3
Reactive energy, inductive
0 .. 999.999.999 kvarh
Class 2 *3
Operating hour meter
0 .. 999.999.999 h
+-2 min per day
+-1.5 % rdg
rng: of measurement range, rdg: of measurement value
*1 - integration over time: 5, 10, 30, 60, 300, 480, 600 and 900 seconds.
*2 - also available: measurement range: L-N 16 .. 80V, AC, L-L 28 .. 139V, AC, operating voltage: L-N 45 .. 80V, AC and measurement range: L-N 25 .. 160V, AC, L-L 45 .. 277V, AC,
Operating voltage: L-N 90 .. 160V, AC (the operating voltage is taken from the measurement voltage)
*3 - accuracy class according to DIN EN61036:2001-01, VDE0418 part 7, IEC61036:1996 + A1:2000
*4 - the measured apparent power must be in a range between 1 and 100%.
2 digital outputs
As switch output or pulse output
UMG 96 only
UMG 96L / UMG 96
Typical connection options
UMG 96
Chapter 2
UMG 96L / UMG 96
Connection illustrations
UMG 96 - reverse side of unit
Dimensional drawings
Side view
Reverse side, cut-out dimensions: 92+0,8 x 92+0,8 mm
UMG 96L - reverse side of unit
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