Connecting to the MDM for iPad Welcome to

Connecting to the MDM for iPad Welcome to
Welcome to
Connecting to the MDM for iPad
Important notes before starting
If you already have the MDM Apps, you do not need to follow these instructions.
If you do not have Wi-Fi access via WSC-WIRELESS, go to:
WSC website > BYOD Configuration > Configure Your Student iPad — Wi-Fi 2016
This is mainly for iPad users but student with MacBooks can obtain their Mail
configuration by following this. For MacBook printing instructions, however, see:
WSC website > BYOD Configuration > Configure Your student MacBook—Printing 2016
Start at the Werribee Secondary College Web Site
Using Safari browser only, go to: > BYODD > BYODD Configuration
Click the icon as shown
If asked for your passcode, please enter your 4 digit PIN.
MDM - Home Page
Click Install
Click Install
Click Install
MDM - Preparing for Installation
Click Install
Click Trust
MDM - Installation
Click Done
Click MDM User
MDM - Installation
iPad Name
Sign in with your login name only and school network password
If it says the user already exists, disregard this step and continue to the next page
iPad Name
You should get a
message like this
MDM - Installation
It will take time for this dialog to appear. You will need to log in with a valid Apple ID.
These dialogues will only appear if you have not already signed in with an Apple ID
previously. After you log in, email and apps will automatically be pushed to your device from the school server.
Click Sign In
Click Use Existing Apple ID
Enter your Apple ID and password
Click OK
MDM - Installation
You may now have 2 printing icons, one called Printing’ and the other ‘WSCPrinting’. If this is the case, just delete the one called ‘Printing’.
Your email profile is configured (this will require a password at first logon) …
see the image below where the email account has been created in settings
The Printing App and Printing queue have been installed
Apps that are purchased by the school can be pushed (sent) to your device
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