Fire and Emergency Access Lock Box Release Cutsheet

Fire and Emergency Access Lock Box Release Cutsheet
Fire and Emergency
Access Lock Box
with Manual Release Cable
Cable Release
Provide Fast Gate Entry for SlideDriver Gate Operators
Emergency Release
Installation with
SlideDriver Gate Operator
• Gate is easy to manually open when red access
door is opened and drive wheels are released by
pulling cable release handle.
Fire and
Access Lock Box
• Built-in micro switch easily connects to the Smart
Touch controller. When connected, the gate opens
automatically when the red access door is opened.
• Gate is held open until the gate operator is reset.
• For additional security, access door is standardized
to accept Fire Department padlock
• Bright red painted 14-gauge steel faceplate for
high visibility.
Power Availability
AC Power Active
AC Power Outage; Operator running
on DC UPS Backup Power
AC Power Outage; No DC UPS Backup
Open door on Fire & Emergency Access Lock
Box triggering microswitch*
Open Fire & Emergency Access Lock Box
and pull Cable Release Handle, disengaging
SlideDriver drive wheels to allow manual gate
Automatically opens gate, overriding all
inputs that would normally prevent gate from
opening (blocked photo eyes, etc.). Operator
must be reset to accept another command.
Manually operate the gate
*Requires microswitch connection to Fire Department Open on Smart Touch or Emergency Open on Smart DC board.
1-800-321-9947 •
Manufacturer of ultra-reliable high security, industrial, commercial,
residential, parking and crash gate operators and accessories.
D0560 062617
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