Alsa Refinish KC-KCH-Kit Installation guide

Alsa Refinish KC-KCH-Kit Installation guide
Killer Chrome application guide:
NOTE: If you already have a SMOOTH black surface you can skip to Step 2 of the application process.
How to Apply Killer Chrome
STEP 1. - Apply the Killer Cans "Stylin Basecoat (Jet Black) KC-ASB-13" over a prepped and primed surface.
STEP 2. - Using the Killer Cans "Mirra Clear KC-MCLR" you should now topcoat the black basecoat to provide you with
a High Gloss surface and insure the best results with Killer Chrome.
STEP 3. - These parts should now be allowed to FULLY cure for 24 hours.
STEP 4. - You are now ready to apply the Killer Chrome over the previously prepared piece. Begin by applying light
“DUST” coats. Do NOT SPRAY WET LIKE A SPRAY PAINT! This is a true metal deposition and requires a light, EVEN,
STEP 5. - Continue to apply these “DUST” coats until you have achieved a uniform coverage and allow it to dry for a few
minutes before proceeding.
STEP 6. - You will now use the polishing cloth (included in Killer Chrome Kit) by carefully washing with water to
remove all of the excess “dust” from the surface. Once you complete this step you will notice a drastic improvement in the
final appearance.
STEP 7. - Be sure all moisture is removed prior to moving on to STEP 8.
STEP 8. - After waiting at least 15 minutes for all of the remaining solvents to fully evaporate you are ready to apply the
protective topcoat "Mirraclear KC-MCLR".
STEP 9. - Spray 1-2 coats evenly over the Killer Chrome to give it long lasting durability and an incredible amount of
WARNING: “Speed Clear KC-SC1230” is for professional use only and requires the use of a NIOSH approved mask in a
well ventilated area.
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