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Maytag® 4.5 cu. ft. Bravos XL® HE Top Load Washer with PowerSpray ...
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Maytag® 4.5 cu. ft. Bravos XL® HE
Top Load Washer with PowerSpray
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Top Features
Maytag® Commercial
A Best Buy rated top-load
washer, according to a
leading consumer magazine.
A Best Buy rated front-load
washer, according to a
leading consumer magazine.
May tag brand washers are
known for their
dependability . The new
Bravos XL® washers continue
that legacy with long-lasting,
components such as
corrosion-resistant springs,
Direct Driv e motor and a
durable wash impeller.
Additional Features
Extra-Large Capacity to Clean Your Largest
At 4.5 cu. ft. of capacity, Bravos XL® HE washers
are capable of washing even your largest loads.
These washers have the ability to clean 21
towels in a single load.
PowerSpray Technology
Water and detergent are sprayed directly onto
clothes early in the cycle for enhanced cleaning.
This unique technology delivers enhanced
cleaning performance by ensuring that
detergent is evenly distributed throughout the
Optimal Dispensers
Stainless Steel Wash Basket
This washer features an all-new stainless steel
wash basket that adds a polished, premium
look and feel.
IntelliClean™ Impeller
Available in high efficiency top load washers,
this feature is a wash plate with fins at the
bottom of the wash basket. The wash plate
continuously moves clothes through the water
to clean more gently than a traditional agitator,
and takes up less space to maximize capacity.
Meets CEE Tier 33 Standards
May tag brand optimal dispensers provide
enhanced cleaning performance. The
dispensers work in unison with PowerSpray
technology to inject detergent and other
additives for better cleaning.
This washer meets CEE Tier 33 standards and is
among the most efficient in the industry. It uses
74% less water and 82% less energy for a savings
of up to $2,200 in lifetime water and energy
costs. Select markets qualify for CEE Tier 33
Energy and Water Rating rebates. Consult y our
local utility company for available rebates.
PowerWash® Cycle
SmoothClose™ Lid
The PowerWash® cycle uses a combination of
extra cleaning action and a thorough rinse to
help remove even your toughest stains.
Maytag brand's SmoothClose™ lid hinge design
closes the washer lid slowly, helping with
loading and unloading.
Recirculation System
10-year Limited Parts Warranty1 on Washer
Motor and Stainless Steel Wash Basket
One of the many ways that Bravos XL® washers
deliver superior cleaning is through
recirculation. The washer uses a pumping
system to redistribute detergent and water from
the bottom of the washer to the top,
contributing to the Best Cleaning in the
Bravos X™ washers are backed by a 10-year
limited parts warranty 1 on the washer motor
and stainless steel wash basket. With a 10-year
limited parts warranty 1, you can look forward
to years of worry-free, dependable cleaning. See
Warranty certificate for more details.
3/21/2014 3:16 PM
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