Alsa Refinish PC-777QKit Instructions / Assembly

Alsa Refinish PC-777QKit Instructions / Assembly
Prizmacoat is a unique material, with an extremely wide variety of applications. Most commonly
used over an existing paint color, and then clear coated for a glossy look, and added depth and
durability. It can, however, also be used over many other type surfaces by simply applying 1-2
light dust coats over the surface, and then clear coating as above. It can, if desired, be left UNclear coated, and will last for some time this way, but the effect will very likely diminish over
time, especially if being handled. It will also not be glossy looking without a clear coat.
Always apply paints in a well-ventilated area, and wear a NIOSH approved respirator to
avoid breathing any fumes.
2 Make sure you have good conditions for spraying. The best temperature for spraying this
paint, is 75-80 degrees F, and VERY low humidity.
3 If your piece is already base coated, you can proceed to step 7.
4 Begin by prepping the surface as you would for any paintjob (prime, sand, etc.) Epoxy
primers for bare metal, and primer surfacers for plastic, wood, fiberglass, etc.
5 Apply your choice of base colors. (For the most dramatic “pop” we recommend Stylin
Basecoat Jet Black, KC-ASB-13)
6 Allow the base to dry as recommended (usually 10-15 minutes. Air dry)
7 Apply 2 light “dusting” coats of the Prizmacoat.
8 You will now want to shine a bright light on the surface to decide if you have achieved
the desired effect. If so, you can now go on to the next step, otherwise, for an additional
blast of color explosion, add more coats as desired being sure to apply in “light” coats.
(Applying Prizmacoat too heavily will cause the Flakes to “stack” and ruin the effect.)
9 Allow the Prizmacoat to dry (usually 5 minutes. Air dry)
10 You can now topcoat it with any high quality automotive clearcoat.
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