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27 May 2011
Canon LV-7490 & LV-7295 Commercial Multimedia Projector
Eco-Friendly, Energy Saving and Highly Portable
Enjoy Truly High Quality Projections at Ease
Canon is proud to introduce the new LV-7490 & LV-7295 commercial multimedia projectors.
The defining features of the new projectors lies in its eco-friendliness, which include an
improved lamp lighting system that prolongs lamp life up to 6,000 hours, and a standby
mode consuming only as low as 0.9W and 0.7W respectively. These features help on the
environmental reservation and reduce running cost. The new LV-7490 & LV-7295
commercial multimedia projectors comprise XGA (1,024 x 768 pixels) resolutions. Coupled
with a range of image correction functions, fine images with breathtaking details and in rich
and faithful colors are guaranteed. With the compact design, the new projectors are
definitely the stylish green projectors for every SOHO and business user.
Extra-long 6,000 Hours Lamp Life Benefiting the Environment
With a brand new lamp lighting system, the new LV-7490 & LV-7295 commercial
multimedia projectors now have much longer lamp life, amounting to 5,000 and 6,000 hours
respectively in Eco Mode. A less frequent lamp replacement means saving cost and less
impact on the environment. With a minimum consumption of 0.7W during Standby Mode,
the new projector helps saving unnecessary energy wastage.
In addition, LV-7490 commercial multimedia projector is also equipped with new Intelligent
Lamp Dimming System can effectively reduce electricity consumption up to 62%. According
to the brightness of the projection image, the projector can automatically adjust the lamp
light output, coupled with the Color Shift Correction Technology to reduce the lamp light
output at the same time highly reproduced the color of images, preserving image fidelity.
High Brightness and High Contrast Projection Performance
LV-7490 & LV-7295 commercial multimedia projectors offer an ultra high brightness of
4,000 and 2,600 lumens respectively, ensuring superior viewing of true-to-life image under
different indoor environment. LV-7490 & LV-7295 commercial multimedia projectors have
the contrast ratio up to 2000:1. The result is beautiful projected images with fine gradations,
enhancing viewing experience for users.
High Resolution Projection
LV-7490 & LV-7295 commercial multimedia projectors featuring XGA resolution (1,024 x
768 pixels) have provided versatile choices for users in meeting their projection needs, and
at the same time guaranteed crisp and clear projection images. Users can prepare their
presentations and spreadsheets on the machines with confidence and efficiency, knowing
that all important data can be projected on screen with high readability.
1.2x Optical Zoom Lens
The LV-7490 & LV-7295 commercial multimedia projectors feature 1.2x optical zoom lens
which delivers high performance projection in any venue and room, and can project image
up to 300 inches. It can deliver a huge 100-inch image at a mere distance of 3.5m and
3.3m respectively. This allows more flexible projector placement and gives the best solution
to overcome limited space concern.
Compact Design and Easy-to-Operate Network Connection
The LV-7490 & LV-7295 commercial multimedia projectors have a stylish and compact
design. With a re-designed control panel and remote control unit, this ensures a easier
operation. These compact projectors only weight 3.3kg and 2.98kg respectively, on-the-go
users who need to present at different size of conference rooms would appreciate their
portability. The new projectors also feature built-in network connectivity allowing convenient
remote monitoring of projectors status via web browser and easy installations of multiple
projectors. Users can switch the power of projectors to on/off and input signal switching via
the network. Alert notifications can also be setup to automatically send out lamp
replacement advice via email to prevent down-time and unnecessary inconvenience.
Precise Image Quality Management
Canon understands the demanding needs for color precision, and has incorporated the
new projectors with Precision Image Quality Management option that allows manual finetuning on image settings to obtain the precise colors and tones. Options include individual
color levels and color balance, as well as brightness, contrast and sharpness. Besides,
LV-7490 & LV-7295 commercial multimedia projectors also feature 6 Pre-set Quality
modes, such as standard, presentation, high contrast, cinema, black board and color board
mode. There are also 4 custom settings for users to adjust the image quality manually.
Screen Color Correction
To allow more convenient projection anytime in any venue, the LV-7490 & LV-7295
commercial multimedia projectors feature Screen Color Correction function to adjust for the
right color by selecting from the 4 preset colors. This ensures the projected images to
appear closer to how they are intended to look without being affected by the projection
environment. Accurate color reproduction is achieved even for images projecting without
using screens.
Auto Set-up for Optimum Performance
Auto Set-up function performs 2 vital set-up configurations automatically, at the touch of a
button. This convenient function helps user effortlessly to create an ideal viewing
configuration. The set-ups include Auto Input Selection which automatically detects and
displays signal from input terminals and Auto Keystone which automatically corrects image
distortion caused by projecting from an angle up to + / - 20°.
Built-in 10W speaker
LV-7490 & LV-7295 commercial multimedia projectors provide the powerful built-in 10W
speakers, with the support of external microphone, helping users to supplement their
presentations under the circumstance that is no audio setting.
Superior Compatibility
The new LV-7490 & LV-7295 commercial multimedia projectors feature multiple terminals
support including Mini D-sub interface for connection to desktop and laptop computers,
RCA composite video in and Mini Jack Audio input. The projectors are also compatible with
an extensive range of imaging devices, including computers, DVD players, digital cameras
and camcorders, VCRs and more.
Time-Saving Quick Power Off
With the Quick Power Off feature in LV-7490 & LV-7295 commercial multimedia projectors,
users no longer have to waste precious time waiting to cool down and pack up the projector
after the presentation. All you have to do is simply unplugging the power cord and pack up
the projector and you are ready to leave.
LV-7490 – High Brightness Multimedia Projector
 4,000 ANSI lumens brightness
 1,024 x 768 pixel (XGA) resolution
 2000:1 contrast ratio
 Up to 5,000 hours long lamp life
 1.2x optical zoom lens, only 3.5m is needed for
100-inch projection
 Built-in 10W speaker
 Quick Power Off
 Auto Set-up
LV-7390 – High Contrast Multimedia Projector
 2,600 ANSI lumens brightness
 1,024 x 768 pixel (XGA) resolution
 2000:1 contrast ratio
 Up to 6,000 hours long lamp life
 1.2x optical zoom lens, only 3.3m is needed for
100-inch projection
 Built-in 10W speaker
 Quick Power Off
 Auto Set-up
The new LV-7490 & LV-7295 commercial multimedia projector is available in Hong Kong
now with 2-year on-site warranty (hardware) and the suggested retail price is HK$10,980
and HK$5,980 respectively.
Optional accessory for LV-7490 & LV-7295 commercial multimedia projectors:
Suggested retail price
Replacement Lamp LV-LP34 (available for LV-7490)
Replacement Lamp LV-LP35 (available for LV-7295)
About Canon Hongkong Company Limited
Canon Inc. (TSE:7751 / NYSE:CAJ) was founded in 1937 in Japan. Its predecessor, Precision
Optical Instruments Laboratory, produced Japan's first 35 mm focal-plane-shutter camera in 1934,
called the Kwanon. Canon Inc. eventually expanded into the photocopying and printing industries,
launching Japan’s first plain-paper copier in 1970 and the world's first inkjet printer in 1985. With
over 70 years of experience in imaging products manufacturing, Canon’s global revenue currently
stands at US$34.9 billion (as of 31 December 2009). The extensive resources it devotes to
research and development has made Canon one of the U.S. imaging industry’s top technology
patent-holders, and the only manufacturer across the globe to offer both input and output device
solutions to the world’s various imaging needs.
Established in 1971, Canon Hongkong Company Limited (CHK) responsibles for sales, marketing
and services of all Canon product lines in Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Taiwan, the Philippines
and Mongolia, including its digital cameras, digital video camcorders, printers, copiers, scanners,
projectors and other imaging merchandise. CHK adheres to Canon’s corporate philosophy, kyosei,
which in essence motivates the company with its staff to proactively strive for harmonious
coexistence with other citizens through participation in various social, charitable and environmental
activities. From year 2005, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service has awarded CHK the Caring
Company Logo in recognizing CHK’s continuous efforts contributed to the local community.
Furthermore, CHK also endeavours to adopt internationally recognized management systems,
having become certified in conformance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 in 2003,
2004 and 2005 respectively. CHK is certified to COPC-2000 CSP Standard in 2006.
Being a responsible manufacturer, Canon leads to be the first in global to set up its own Canon
Toner Cartridge Recycle Factory located in Japan, China, U.S. and France since 1990 to make
sure all collected toner cartridges are utilize as reused parts in new products. Up to year 2009,
Canon has reduced the use of new resources by 110,000 tons and CO2 emission by 310,000 tons.
Likewise, CHK from 2008 has established Ink Cartridge Collection boxes placed in voluntary
schools, shopping malls, computer centres and commercial buildings. All used cartridges collected
will be delivered to factory for decomposition and recycling as materials of other products.
Canon Enquiries Hotline: 3191-2333
This press release is distributed by Canon Hongkong Company Limited - Domestic Sales Office.
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Pammy Lau / Sheila Wong
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Size and Numbers
Projection Image Size
Projection Lens
Throw Distance
Light Source
Contrast Ratio
Input/Output Terminal
Digital Keystone Adjustment
Built-in speaker
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Weight of Main Unit
Transmissive LCD
0.63" x 3
0.55" x 3
1,024 x 768 pixels, XGA
4,000 ANSI Lumens
2,600 ANSI Lumens
40" to 300"
f=22.3 ~ 26.8mm, F1.6 ~ 1.76,
f=18.38 ~ 22.06mm, F2.0 ~ 2.15,
1.2x Optical Zoom Lens
1.2x Optical Zoom Lens
1.4m to 12.7m
1.3m to 11.8m
245/170/136W UHP Lamp
215/200/140W UHP Lamp
Analog RGB Input (D-Sub 15 Pin) x 2
Analog RBG Output (D-Sub 15 Pin)
S-Video, RCA Video x 1
RCA Video x 1
RCA Audio x 2 (L/R); Stereo Mini Audio x 1
Stereo Mini Audio x 1
Service Port x 1 (DIN 8 Pin)
+/- 30o (Auto, +/- 20o)
350 x 254.4 x 87.5 mm
333.5 x 247 x 101 mm
3.3 kg
2.98 kg
All data is based on Canon’s standard testing methods. Subject to change without notice.
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