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Capitalising on next-generation touch technologies
for increased usability and accuracy
IBM SurePoint Solution
transactions. The IBM SurePoint
offers two convenient screen sizes:
a 12-inch screen for spaceconstrained POS environments or
a 15-inch screen for larger viewing
areas. For the 12-inch screen size,
you can choose an optional dual bulb model that provides higher
Engaging retail consumers with
contrast ratio, screen brightness,
leading-edge POS display technology
viewing angle and superior overall
Today’s retailers require a powerful
image quality.
 Provides a choice of compact
point-of-sale (POS) solution that can
or large flat-panel displays to
help enhance customer service, yet
All models include a flat-panel liquid
help enable robust multimedia
is easy for operators to learn and
crystal display (LCD) that can be
use. Transactions must be rapid and
used for effective multimedia
accurate, taking the customer
operator training, full-motion video
through a dynamic, interactive
advertising and interactive customer
shopping experience.
displays. Plus, all SurePoint displays
 Features an intuitive, reliable
infrared touchscreen interface to
help reduce training and improve
customer service
 Helps offer smooth integration,
along with open connectivity
and durability of infrared touch
for a consolidated, efficient POS
come in a compact footprint,
The IBM SurePoint™ family of
enabling retailers to make the most of
flat-panel, full-colour POS displays
valuable counter space.
is compatible with all IBM POS
systems and most standard PC
Enhancing training and customer
platforms. The family includes
service through IR touch innovation
a full range of innovative infrared
While providing reliable transactions
(IR) touchscreen models as well as
has never been more critical to
non-touch models for rapid, accurate
enhancing the customer experience,
IBM SurePoint features
5 Spill-resistant, retail-hardened
construction helps protect against
extreme store environments
6 Hardware controls let users adjust
brightness and secure preferences 4
with a tamper-proof cover
7 180-degree rotation range enables
usage for customer or cashier-
8 Stable mount fixtures offer a steady
screen display with minimum movement
9 Industry-standard video attachment
facing applications
eliminates the need to purchase 12
an additional adapter
10 The choice of a 12 or 15-inch display
offers an ideal size for various POS
1 Low power consumption can help
reduce both power costs and heat dissipation
2 High-brightness, active-matrix
3 Available in pearl white or iron grey
to match existing POS equipment
4 Displays up to 16.7 million colours
for stunning video imagery
11 32-key programmable keypad for rapid data entry
12 Wide tilt range for ergonomically correct viewing
display supports full-motion video for better viewing
investing in extensive employee
Next-generation SurePoint solutions
Providing POS functionality wrapped
training can involve prohibitive
feature cost-effective IR touchscreen
in an integrated, durable package
cost. SurePoint displays help an
technology that enables personnel
The SurePoint solution is both
organisation reduce training costs
to use a broad range of interaction
modular and scalable, letting you
and transaction times by supporting
tools – from a finger to a credit card –
integrate additional peripherals –
prompt-based applications. The need
while maintaining high levels of
such as magnetic stripe readers,
for memorisation is eliminated and the
transaction accuracy and speed.
keypads, pointing devices and key
number of keystrokes reduced.
A higher contrast ratio and reduced
locks – into an aesthetic, timeless
glare offer improved screen visibility,
design. Because it features open-
Providing exceptional video quality,
even when it is positioned in brightly
standards-based Universal Serial
SurePoint displays let you take
lit environments. And because IR’s
Bus or serial connectivity, you can
advantage of the increasing selection
fixed optical alignment lasts through-
attach your SurePoint display to most
of fully-featured, touch-based POS
out the life of the display, you can
POS terminals or PCs, thereby
applications. Interactive training
avoid time-consuming recalibration
leveraging the equipment you
and multilingual solutions are
already have on hand.
readily implemented.
IBM SurePoint Solution at a glance
Product name
SurePoint 2WN
SurePoint 2GN
SurePoint 2WB SurePoint 2GB
SurePoint 5WN SurePoint 5GN
Model number: Touch
Model number: Non-touch
Screen size
Model colour
Pearl white
Iron gray
Pearl white
Iron gray
Pearl white
Iron gray
Backlight bulb
High contrast
High contrast
High brightness
High brightness
High brightness
High brightness
Power requirement 12W typical/ 17W maximum
12W typical/ 17W maximum
15W typical/ 20W maximum
15W typical/ 20W maximum
23W typical/ 29W maximum
23W typical/
29W maximum
Video interface
• Analog
Touch interface
• Powered Universal Serial Bus (USB), standard USB or RS-232
Optional mounting features
Mounting stands
• Integrated mounting stands: IBM SurePOS 700, IBM SurePOS 4694, IBM SurePOS 500
(second display)
• Distributed mounting stands: weighted distributed base, short distributed mount,
tall distributed mount
• Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA)-compliant adapter bracket
Optional I/O devices1
Magnetic stripe reader (MSR)
• Three-track or JUCC
Manager keylock
• Two-position programmable
• 32-key programmable keypad with MSR
Physical dimensions and weight
Maximum dimensions in mm (WxDxH)
• 12-inch: 321x53x269
• 15-inch: 382x53x314
Maximum dimensions in inches (WxDxH)
• 12-inch: 12.6x2.1x10.6
• 15-inch: 15x2.1x12.4
• Adds 1.7 inches (43 mm) to the width of the display
MSR and keypad
• Adds 4.4 inches (112 mm) to the width of the display
• 12-inch: 4.8lbs/2.2kg
• 15-inch: 7.5lbs/3.4kg
Operating systems supported2
• IBM 4690, Version 4
• Microsoft Windows XP
• IBM PC DOS 2000
• Microsoft ® Windows ® 2000
• Microsoft Windows XP Embedded
• IBM Retail Environment for SUSE Linux™
Drivers supported
• JavaPOS™
Warranty service3
• One year depot or on-site service
Technical support
• 24x7 phone support (during warranty period) 4 and Web-based help
Non-touch models 2WD and 2GD can not be configured with optional I/O devices.
An operating system is not included and can be purchased separately.
For a copy of the terms and conditions of the IBM statement of Limited Warranty, please contact your IBM representative or authorised reseller.
Technical support response times may vary.
To further safeguard your technology
For more information
investment, IBM conducts rigorous
To learn more about the
environmental tests – such as spill
IBM SurePoint and other
resistance and electrostatic
POS solutions from IBM,
discharge – to help extend the life
please contact your local IBM
of your SurePoint solution, even
representative, call IBM Direct at
under harsh retail conditions.
1 800 IBM-CALL (1 800 426-2255),
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Front cover show models 5WN (in back) and
2WN (in front) configured with optional base.
Page 2 shows model 2WN as a component
of an IBM SurePOS 700 system.
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