My Mold Detective MMD100 Installation guide

My Mold Detective MMD100 Installation guide
 IMPORTANT TIP! Do not take air samples if it's raining. To ensure
accuracy, indoor and outdoor samples should be taken within a
15-minute period of each other.
Open accessory pack and remove air sample cassettes
and tape lift.*
For Air Sampling: You will be taking one outdoor air sample (used as
a control or baseline) and at least one indoor air sample. (a) Mark one air
sample cassette with “O” to represent the outdoor sample. The outdoor
sample location should be taken in an open and clear area that is 10 ft.
away from the structure and overhangs. Once the outdoor sample location
has been identified, place the pump on a sturdy surface approximately 3
to 5 ft. off the ground and ensure you have a power outlet to plug in to (an
extension cord may be necessary). Mark the remaining air sample cassette
with the room location name to be sampled. The indoor sample should be
taken in the middle of the room and approximately 3 to 5 ft off the ground.
(b) Peel back the tape quality seal (do NOT tear off) on both the top and
bottom of the air sample cassette marked “O” and press lid clasp on the
pump to open the lid. (The lid will remain open while pump is in operation.)
(c) Insert cassette on the air sample inlet tray, secure firmly in place
and push the green button on the front of the pump to start the air
sampling process. The pump will take a 5-minute air sample and turn off
automatically. (d) Reseal the tape on the top and bottom of the cassette
after the test is complete. Repeat the process for the indoor room sample.
For Surface Sampling: (a) Identify the surface with “suspect mold”
growth to take your surface sample. Write the location name on the sample
tape label. (b) Peel off the cover slip to expose the tacky surface of
the tape.
(c) Press the tacky surface onto the surface you want to sample.
(d) Close the tape onto the white backer. For accurate results, only
take one surface sample per tape lift
Once you have taken air and surface samples, log on to to complete registration.
(Note: No lab analysis will be completed until registration and payment
are confirmed.)
Click the “Register Samples” button at the top of the home page and
follow the instructions. Finalize the registration process by paying for
the lab analysis. Make sure to write the confirmation number on the
front of the prepaid, self-addressed envelope.
Insert air sample cassettes and tape lift into the prepaid,
self-addressed envelope.
For standard delivery, simply mail via USPS. For Express delivery, you
can overnight using the same address on the self-addressed envelope.
Mail to:
My Mold Detective, LLC
Attention: Aerobiology Laboratory Associates Inc.
43760 Trade Center Place, Suite 100
Dulles, VA 20166-9803
(Note: Results can be achieved within 48 hours by choosing the Express
service option during the online registration process. Additional processing
and mailing fees will apply. Lab analysis is $35 per sample for regular
3-day processing and $50 per sample for 24-hour Express service.)
* Use only one air sample cassette per room. Do not reuse air sample
cassettes. Air sample cassettes should be used within (1) year of purchase.
Tape lift should be used within (2) years of purchase.
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