Wi-Fi Enabled Mobile Video System
Wi-Fi Enabled Mobile Video System
Designed by law enforcement agents, this advanced in-car video system includes front and rear
cameras, G-force sensor, wireless microphone and more!
Whether it’s undercover operations, long range surveillance, interview rooms or on patrol, Supercircuits video
systems has the bad guy covered! For mobile, Supercircuits is pleased to release its third-generation in-car
camera system that is packed with the latest advancements and a purpose-built design that is modular enough to
meet the needs of any department size.
Features of this stand-alone system include:
»» Homebase Wi-Fi upload
»» Radar gun integration
»» Solid state recording
»» 8 Zone G-force sensing
»» Integrated system & monitor controls
»» Software suite with evidence management
»» Laptop compatibility
»» And more!
For more information about Supercircuits, call 1.800.335.9777 or visit www.supercircuits.com
Front Camera
The standard camera includes some very non-standard features.
For example, officers on patrol conducting field sobriety test can
determine at a glance whether or not the subject is within the
cameras field of view. Additionally, controls are mounted on the
driver’s side for the ultimate in convenience and safety.
»» Side Mounted Controls
»» Night Mode Button
»» Compact Size
»» LP Capture Mode – Speed Zoom
»» 600 Lines of Resolution
»» Top Mount – Dual Purpose Indicator
»» 10X Optical Zoom
Video Monitor
At a user level, all system functions such as playback, manual
recording, multi-camera views, and more, can be accessed with this
monitor. When not in use, it can be tucked away and then later
retrieved with ease. The included, standard bracket is designed for
placement in between the visors of Ford brand vehicles.
»» Backlit controls
»» Full access to user level functions
»» Built-in speaker
»» Brightness & contrast controls
»» Stowaway mount
»» 4.3” Color TFT LCD screen
G-Force Sensor
Combined with GPS overlay, speed overlay and emergency
equipment overlay, this g-force sensor works to provide a full
spectrum documentation of what transpired. The sensor detects
g-force in eight different zones stemming from acceleration,
braking, cornering and impacts, and includes ten levels of
sensitivity and can be used to trigger event based recording.
»» 8 Zone G-force detection
»» Plug and play integration
»» 10 level sensitivity
»» LED event display
For more information about Supercircuits, call 1.800.335.9777 or visit www.supercircuits.com
Wireless Microphone
This digital 2.4GHz microphone is built for the daily rigors of patrol and to gather the
all important details of “what was said”. Automatic balancing circuits and a sensitive
microphone ensure both quality and discernable audio levels, despite noisy environments.
»» Remote activation
»» Secure frequency hopping
»» 1500’ Range
»» 12 hour run time on 3 hour charge
»» Covert Mode
»» LED & Vibration Indicators
»» Mute Button
»» Includes internal & lapel microphone
»» 95 Channels with auto
unit sync
»» Includes carrying case with wind screen
Rear Seat Camera
The rear seat camera is designed to capture important details including high resolution
video and audio, with built in IR illuminators for video in darkness and a rugged,
weatherproof design.
»» Auto Day/Night function
»» Built-in microphone
»» 840nM Infrared lighting
»» Waterproof housing
»» 420 lines of resolution
»» Rugged cast construction
Digital Video Recorder
Features such as a Linux based operating system, 100% solid-state
design including memory and shock design, all work to make this
reliable for the rigors of patrol, day in, and day out. With the small
chassis design, full-system access via the monitor or laptop and WiFi upload, it can be secured underneath seats, dashboards, consoles
and trunks with no need for access during or after shifts.
»» 100% solid state design - no moving parts
»» Metadata suite & independent OSD
»» Portable user configurations
»» Automatic homebase Wi-Fi upload
»» Remote configuration of settings
»» Scalable resolution
»» 4 Camera & 4 microphone inputs
»» Linux based operating system
»» Smart power management
»» 8 Sensor inputs & 2 relay outputs
For more information about Supercircuits, call 1.800.335.9777 or visit www.supercircuits.com
Client & Management Software
»» Search, play, copy, export, email video files
»» Configuration of user accounts and rights
»» Remote configuration of DVR settings
»» Production of usb access keys
»» Generates usb keys for patrolman ID video overlay
»» Interfaces with evidence management server
Evidence Management Software
»» Low processor demand
»» Full remote communication with DVRs
»» Automatically retrieves files for storage
»» Chain of custody records includes:
• File History
• User History
Laptop Software
»» Allows onboard laptop to replace standard monitor
»» Full system access to user level controls
»» Live steaming for real-time remote monitoring
For more information about Supercircuits, call 1.800.335.9777 or visit www.supercircuits.com
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