Underfloor Heating Controls Data Sheet

Underfloor Heating Controls Data Sheet
G521 JT20 L75624
July 2007
Underfloor Heating
Data Sheet
Complete range of electronic controls and programmable
thermostats. For the control of up to 8 UFH heating zones.
Wiring centres to control multi-zone heating networks
To control up to 8 UFH heating zones in housing
Linked to room temperature thermostats that operate
extensions and in new-build houses and flats
thermo-hydraulic actuator heads on the Return port
One zone may be assigned to control a conventional
for each circuit
radiator circuit
Choice of 12V network or 230V mains
May include control of Domestic Hot Water supply
Intelligent Solutions for
Heating Projects
Underfloor Heating
System Features
For 230V control system
– Control Centre (up to 4 zones)
Easy wiring: no special tools required
Control Centres incorporate output
Data Sheet
1 Ensure power supply isolated/
– Programmable LCD Thermostat
control terminals for Boiler, Pump
and Domestic Hot Water
or (including Domestic Hot Water)
Wiring Control Centres are safety fused
Wireless and PC-controlled options
also available (details on request)
Room thermostats available in 3
plastic finishes: Silver*, White, Brass*
*manufactured to order
4 Make cable connections
– From Control Centre to each thermostat
For 12V control system
– From Control centre to boiler
Up to 30m cable runs: Cat 5e cable
Up to 100m cable runs: Beldon
and actuators on Return valves
Centre. Safety Note: Installation work
For 230V control system
requiring connection to mains electricity
supply must only be carried out by a
qualified electrician
Installer Tools Required
Supplied as
– Programmable LCD Thermostat
– From Control Centre to manifold pump
– From mains power supply to Control
9538 cable
Principal Units
– Control Centre (up to 8 zones) UH-1
3 Mount individual units in position
Ancillary Components
Standard 3-core thermostat cable
For 12V control system
– Control centre and
– Room thermostats
– Dial Thermostat RMT230
Circuits can be controlled separately
or together as preferred
switched OFF
2 Identify suitable locations for
Output available for conventional
radiators/towel rail control
Installation Principles
For detailed installation procedures,
visit www.osmaufh.co.uk
– Drill and plugs
– Screwdrivers (as appropriate)
or call 01392 444122 to request an OSMA
UFH Pocket Installation Guide
– Wire stripper/cutter
Key Benefits
or (including Domestic Hot Water)
Straightforward connections
– Master Touch Pad Unit OTP
Simple, convenient operation
Programmable units
Need more information and assistance ?
Call us on:
01392 444122
go to:
system tailored to individual
Low voltage 12V system available
Wavin Plastics Limited
Parsonage Way
Wiltshire SN15 5PN
The range is supplied by OSMA Underfloor Heating which is the trading name of ThermoBoard Limited.
OSMA is a registered trade mark of Wavin Plastics Ltd and is used by ThermoBoard Limited under licence.
ThermoBoard Limited operates a programme of continual product development, and therefore reserves the right to
modify or amend the specification of their products without notice. All information in this publication is given in
good faith, and believed to be correct at the time of going to press. However, no responsibility can be accepted
for any errors, omissions or incorrect assumptions. Users should satisfy themselves that products are suitable for the
purpose and application intended.
Email: [email protected]
Intelligent Solutions for
Heating Projects
Ask for straightforward guidance from
people who really understand UFH
Easy to create and install control
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