Panel Builder 600 integration for Automation Builder 2.0.x

Panel Builder 600 integration for Automation Builder 2.0.x
Panel Builder 600 integration for Automation Builder 2.0.x
Automation Builder 2.0.x
Panel Builder 600 version 2.4 and above
AC500 V2 Controller (AC500 V3 Controller are not support)
ABB CoDeSys ETH Protocol Only
Basic settings in Automation Builder
1. Start Automation Builder.
2. In the main menu, click File and select New Project.
3. At the templates column, select AC500 Project and click OK to continue.
4. Select the desire AC500 PLC and click Add PLC.
5. Now right click Project1 and select Add object.
6. In the Add object window select CP600 Control Panel and click Add object.
7. AC500 PLC and CP600 panel is added to the Automation Builder project.
Basic settings in CODESYS application editor
1. Define variables in the CODESYS application.
2. In the CODESYS application editor main menu, select Project > Options.
3. In the Options window, click Symbol configuration and then enable Dump symbol entries and Dump XML
symbol table and click Configure symbol file.
4. Set object attributes window is displayed.
Select the desire variables and enable Export variables of object and click OK.
5. In the CODESYS application editor window, click Resources at the bottom of the window and double-click Target
In the Target Settings window, click General tab and then enable Download symbol file and click OK.
6. In the main menu, select Project > Build to compile the project.
7. Save and close the CODESYS application Editor.
Integration for Panel Builder 600.
1. Switch to Automation Builder project.
2. In the Devices tree, right-click PLC_AC500_V2 and then click Communication Settings.
3. In the Communication Settings windows, key in the PLC IP Address or click on the ‘…’ button to scan the network
and click OK.
4. In the Devices tree, double click Panel_CP600.
In the right windows, make sure the box are check for
o Connect
o Use Standard Conn. Settings
o Update Panel Builder project on launch
5. Click Launch Panel Builder Editor.
In the Import Project File, select New.
6. Select the desire Panel type and click Finish.
7. The ABB CoDeSys ETH protocol is automatically created in the Protocol Setting.
8. In the Panel Project tree, double click Tags.
Select the desire tags at the bottom windows and click Import Tags.
9. The tags are imported and able to be use in the project.
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