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MammothTape Library
Convenient, compact, affordable data storage for distributed networking environments
Supported applications: Network backup/restore, remote storage and automated archiving
Compact, high performance automated data storage
4 drives, 30 cartridges
1.8 TB capacity (4.5 TB compressed*)
173 GB/hr (432 GB/hr compressed*)
Low total cost of ownership
Barcode capability
Reduces inventory time;
optimizes media management
Faster access to data; lower cost
of ownership
Ethernet connectivity
Enables remote management
Increased productivity
Entry/exit port
Provides secure access to individual
data cartridges without interrupting
library operations
Ease of use; increased data security;
increased performance; lower cost
of ownership
Field-upgradable tape drives
Grows with storage needs
Ease of service, increased functionality
and lower cost of ownership
Fibre Channel or SCSI
interface options
Connectivity flexibility for SAN
and NAS applications
Optimized performance; increased
reliability; reduced overhead costs
Multiple tape drives
Increased performance, fault
tolerance and redundancy
Reduced cost of ownership;
increased efficiency
Ideal for IT environments with data-intensive networks,
the Exabyte 430M M2 tape library delivers high™
performance, dependable automated backup. The Exabyte
430M accommodates up to four M2 tape drives and 30 data
cartridges, providing continuous, unattended data storage
operations for up to 30 days.
The 430M occupies just five rack units and two cubic feet,
maximizing valuable data center space. Designed to
provide a scalable SCSI or native Fibre Channel solution,
the library allows users to add drives and cartridges as
their data storage needs grow.
The 430M-FC with native Fibre Channel offers enhanced
performance and reliability features. Exabyte’s newest
native Fibre Channel library is also the only midrange library
in the world to offer serverless backup capability. M2 drives
inside the library communicate directly with RAID devices,
bypassing the server and eliminating backup windows.
Users get continuous 24/7 backup and restore operations at
speeds up to five times faster than competitive libraries.
Exabyte’s award-winning M2 drives are field-replaceable,
making them easy to maintain and upgrade, protecting the
user’s investment. The intuitive operator interface guides
users through library and drive functions.
* Compressed specifications assume a 2.5:1 compression ratio. Compression, capacity and throughput will vary
depending upon type of data and system configuration. All specifications are subject to change without notice.
Exabyte 430M Plus libraries include two M2 drives, robotics, and enclosure, as well as a
power cord, cables, 30 Exabyte 225m AME cartridges, two data cartridge magazines, an
installation and operation manual, a barcode scanner and remote management software.
430M Configurations
Exabyte Part #
430M Plus, 2/M2, LVD, Ethernet, barcode, kitted
430M-FC Plus, 2/M2, Fibre Channel, Ethernet, barcode, kitted
Professional Installation Program
NOTE: To ensure optimal connectivity and performance, the Exabyte
Professional Installation Program is required with all 430M-FC installations.
430M Options
Exabyte Part #
Rack Mount Kit
430M M2 LVD drive carrier
430M-FC M2 Fibre Channel drive carrier
430M/215M Exapak (magazine loaded with ten 225m AME data cartridges)
Exabyte 430M Technical Specifications
Exabyte AME Media
1.8 TB, native
4.5 TB, compressed*
225, 150 or 75m with
SmartClean™ technology.
Media is also available in Exapaks:
data cartridge magazines preloaded
with appropriate Exabyte tapes.
<10 seconds
Operating temperature:
5° C to 35° C
41° F to 95° F
Nonoperating temperature:
-20° C to 60° C
-40° F to 140° F
Relative humidity, noncondensing,
operating: 20% to 80%
Native Fibre Channel or
SCSI-2 Ultra Wide LVD (Low
Voltage Differential)
SCSI connection: 68-pin MicroD
100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
Auto-switching power supply
Maximum watts: 215
8.65 x 17.25 x 24.10 inches
(21.97 x 43.82 x 61.21 cm)
Rack height: 5u
Three-year limited warranty; on-site
service options
NOTE: To ensure optimal
connectivity and performance, the
Exabyte Professional Installation
Program is required with all
430M-FC installations.
Shipping Package:
Software Compatibility
Data Transfer Rate
173 GB/hr, native
Up to 432 GB/hr, compressed*
Cartridge Access Time
Robotics: >1,000,000 mean cycles
between failures (MCBF)
Drive MTBF:
>300,000 hours
Dimensions (HxWxD)
21.0 x 33.75 x 30.0 inches
(53.0 x 78.11 x 76.21 cm)
64 lbs. with 2 tape drives,
2 magazines and no cartridges
Agency Certifications
For the most current software
compatibility information, please
visit the Products section on the
Exabyte website at
* Compressed specifications assume a 2.5:1compression ratio. Compression, capacity and throughput will vary dependent upon type of
data and system configuration. All specifications are subject to change without notice.
© 2001 Exabyte Corporation. Exabyte and Exapak are registered trademarks, and M2 and SmartClean are trademarks of Exabyte Corporation.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Media Compatibility
The Exabyte 430M supports Exabyte
AME SmartClean™ media for optimal
data recording and drive performance.
Library Integration
The Exabyte 430M is configured
with M2 (Mammoth-2) SCSI or Fibre
Channel tape drives. For more
information about Fibre Channel
SAN and NAS environments, visit
fc.exabyte.com or call 1-866-FIBRE-EX.
Contact an Exabyte sales
representative at 1-800-EXABYTE
for availability of MammothTape
technology products.
Exabyte Corporation
1685 38th Street
Boulder, CO 80301 USA
(303) 442-4333
End-User/Product Info: 1-800-EXABYTE
Reseller Sales Support: 1-800-774-7172
Technical Support: 1-800-445-7736
Government Sales: 1-800-292-4688
Asia Pacific: (65) 271 6331
Australia: (612) 9436 4977
Japan: (813) 3237 2832
Latin America: (303) 417-5700
Argentina: 001-800-200-1111
at the tone dial 1-800-982-6369
Brazil: 000 811 728 0552
Chile: 1230 020 2007
Mexico: 95 800 887 6745
France: +33 (0)1 69353340
Germany: +49 (0)6103 90960
Netherlands: +31 (0)30 2548800
UK: +44 (0)1608 646888
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