M aryville PAC Theatrical Systems Description
M aryville PAC
Theatrical Systems Description
Recital Hall
Stage Size: ¶-´:[¶'PD[LPXP
Theatrical Rigging
Variable Acoustics Draperies in the auditorium
Variable Acoustics manually tracked curtains in the orchestra pit
Performance Lighting System
(1) racks of ETC Sensor Dimmers,
o 23 performance lighting circuits (dimmable)
o 9 work light/relay/non-dim circuits
Side box booms (L&R)
Ethernet control distributed throughout the auditorium and stagehouse
Lighting Console with 500 channels, 2 monitors
LCD stage managers console
Performance Sound System
(1)Yamaha LS9-32 Digital Audio Mixing Console,
o 32 Microphone Input Channels, 4 Stereo Input Channels
o Can be used at House Mix Position
(2) CD Players. (1) HD/CD Recorder
Microphone inventory including 4 wireless microphones
Yamaha Digital Mixing Engine Signal Processing
EAW Powered Speakers, Mains and Monitors
Clear-Com Intercom System
Closed Circuit Television and backstage audio monitoring
Video Projection ± To Be Determined
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