engineering design kits

engineering design kits
The Richco FEDKN Kit is a valuable source for engineers for designing, prototyping and testing parts in
applications. The FEDKN Kit contains split and solid ferrites for flat and ribbon cables as well as the solid round
(toriod) ferrites for round cables.
Ferrite Split Core Eng Design Kit
Ferrite Solid Core Eng Design Kit
Ferrite Flat Cable Eng Design Kit
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General Features
Split Ferrite Cores
These products are used as suppression cores for round cable and are available for a wide range
of cable diameters. The A5 material cores are installed around a cable and attenuate any form of
EMI emission. The nylon case makes the assembly of the core easily in equipment where retrofit
and testing is a necessity. The split ferrite cores with plastic casing allows protection against
unwanted EMI radiation in digital equipment such as personal computers, word processors, fax
machines, display equipment, photocopiers and computer consoles. This protection ensures
immunity against transmission and other types of noise in such equipment which is essential.
Solid Ferrite Cores
Bead cores are a broad selection of shielding beads that guarantee impedance specifications over
a wide frequency range. The RRH series of bead cores mainly have applications on wire
assemblies and the MATV CATV industries. The ring configuration of the RT series provides
greater utilisation of the ferrite material properties. The RT type ferrite cores can be used for a wide
frequency range and is mainly used as a multi-turn suppression core.
Flat Cable Suppression Cores
The family of Flat cable suppression cores are used to attenuate irradiated or conducted EMI noise
on ribbon cables.
Connector Suppressor Elements
Multihole plates for connectors are special solutions used as EMI suppression devices (in
connectors) to be assembled on a PCB. There is a wide selection of multihole for D sub-connectors
as well as suppressor elements for DIL and transition elements. The RSH, multiple single turn
printed circuit beads are available in four sizes. Beads are supplied with tin copper jumper wires,
which complete the desired winding configuration on the printed circuit board. The jumper wires are
oxygen free, high conductivity copper with a 95/5 tin coating.
Bead Cores
Ferrite bead cores are available in both axial and radial configurations. The bead cores Taped
ferrite bead cores are available for “pick and place”, or SMD manufacturing.
Wide Band Choke
Beads with six holes are available wound with tinned copper wire, in several winding
configurations. The wires are used for winding is oxygen free high conductivity with tin plating.
Wide band chokes are an alternative to bead cores when more impedance or dampening is
required. In these products, the conductor wire is wound through the holes in a multi-hole ferrite
core, which separates them physically and reduces coil capacitance. This results in higher
impedance over a wider frequency range.
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