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6½″ Midwoofer
Type Number: 18W/16531G1
The Revelator series has for years been celebrated for producing
the best sounding electro dynamic transducers in the world.
Since ScanSpeak was founded in 1970, the audio engineers and
R&D experts working on the line have been on a quest to create
drivers that reveal all the sound in recordings, hiding nothing from
the listener. This quest has resulted in several revolutionary
inventions that remove distortion in the magnet systems and in
the moving parts of the speaker. The philosophy is that the sound
has to be very dynamic, giving a perfect transient response and
providing tonal balance.
One of the latest inventions realized in the Revelator midrange
design is the sliced paper (or wood) cone, which reduces breakup modes in the membrane dramatically. The result is an
undisputed clarity in sound.
Driver Highlights: 18W/8531G00 in 16 ohm
Electrical Data
Nominal impedance
Minimum impedance
Maximum impedance
DC resistance
Voice coil inductance
T-S Parameters
Resonance Frequency
Mechanical Q factor
Electrical Q factor
Total Q factor
Force factor
Mechanical resistance
Moving mass
Suspension compliance
Effective cone diameter
Effective piston area
Equivalent volume
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)
Ratio BL/ (Re)
Ratio fs/Qts
Zn 16 ohm
Zmin -- ohm
Zo -- ohm
Re 12.2
Le 0.6 mH
fs 27 Hz
Qms 4.7
Qes 0.42
Qts 0.39
Bl 9.4 Tm
Rms 0.65 Kg/s
Mms 18 g
Cms -- mm/N
D -- cm
Sd 150 cm
Vas 61.5
-F --
Power handling
100h RMS noise test (IEC)
Long-term Max Power (IEC 18.3)
Max linear SPL (rms) @ power
Short Term Max power (IEC 18.2)
60 W
-- W
-- dB/W
-- W
Voice Coil and Magnet Parameters
Voice coil diameter
Voice coil height
Voice coil layers
Height of the gap
Linear excursion +/Max mech. excursion +/Flux density of gap
Total useful flux
Diameter of magnet
Height of magnet
Weight of magnet
38 mm
-- mm
--- mm
6.5 mm
11 mm
-- mWb
-- mWb
-- mm
-- mm
-- Kg
IEC specs refer to IEC 60268-5 third edition.
All ScanSpeak products are RoHS
Frequency: 18W/16531G1
Mechanical Dimensions:18W/16531G1
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