Sony ICF-506 Operating instructions

Sony ICF-506 Operating instructions
©2017 Sony Corporation
Printed in China
For Better Reception
FM/AM Radio
Operating Instructions
R6/LR6 (AA) × 3
Do not install the appliance in a confined space, such as a
bookcase or built-in cabinet.
To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose
this apparatus to dripping or splashing, and do not place
objects filled with liquids, such as vases, on the
To reduce the risk of fire, do not cover the ventilation
opening of the appliance with newspapers, tablecloths,
curtains, etc. Do not expose the appliance to naked flame
sources (for example, lighted candles).
As the main plug is used to disconnect the unit from the
mains, connect the unit to an easily accessible AC outlet.
Should you notice an abnormality in the unit, disconnect
the main plug from the AC outlet immediately.
The unit is not disconnected from the AC power source
(mains) as long as it is connected to the wall outlet, even
if the unit itself has been turned off.
Batteries or batteries installed apparatus shall not be
exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the
The validity of the CE marking is restricted to only those
countries where it is legally enforced, mainly in the
countries EEA (European Economic Area).
Notice for customers: the following information is only
applicable to equipment sold in countries applying EU
This product has been manufactured by or on behalf of
Sony Corporation, 1-7-1 Konan Minato-ku Tokyo, 108-0075
Japan. Inquiries related to product compliance based on
European Union legislation shall be addressed to the
authorized representative, Sony Belgium, bijkantoor van
Sony Europe Limited, Da Vincilaan 7-D1, 1935 Zaventem,
Belgium. For any service or guarantee matters, please
refer to the addresses provided in the separate service or
guarantee documents.
Disposal of waste batteries and electrical
and electronic equipment (applicable in
the European Union and other European
countries with separate collection systems)
This symbol on the product, the battery or
on the packaging indicates that the product and the
battery shall not be treated as household waste. On
certain batteries this symbol might be used in
combination with a chemical symbol. The chemical
symbols for mercury (Hg) or lead (Pb) are added if the
battery contains more than 0.0005% mercury or 0.004%
lead. By ensuring these products and batteries are
disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potentially
negative consequences for the environment and human
health which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate
waste handling. The recycling of the materials will help to
conserve natural resources.
In case of products that for safety, performance or data
integrity reasons require a permanent connection with an
incorporated battery, this battery should be replaced by
qualified service staff only. To ensure that the battery and
the electrical and electronic equipment will be treated
properly, hand over these products at end-of-life to the
applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical
and electronic equipment. For all other batteries, please
view the section on how to remove the battery from the
product safely. Hand the battery over to the applicable
collection point for the recycling of waste batteries. For
more detailed information about recycling of this product
or battery, please contact your local Civic Office, your
household waste disposal service or the shop where you
purchased the product or battery.
•• Operate the unit on the power sources specified in
•• For AC operation, use the supplied AC power cord; do
not use any other cord.
•• Unplug the unit from the wall outlet if it is not to be
used for an extended period of time.
•• To use the unit on battery power, disconnect the AC
power cord from the wall outlet and the AC IN jack. The
unit cannot be powered by batteries if the AC power
cord is connected.
•• When the AC power cord is connected, even if batteries
are inserted, the power source will automatically switch
from batteries to AC power.
•• Avoid exposure to temperature extremes, direct
sunlight, moisture, sand, dust or mechanical shock.
Never leave in a car parked under the sun.
•• Should anything fall into the unit, remove the batteries,
and have the unit checked by qualified personnel
before operating it any further.
•• Since a strong magnet is used for the speaker, keep
personal credit cards using magnetic coding or
spring-wound watches away from the unit to prevent
possible damage from the magnet.
•• When the casing becomes soiled, clean it with a soft
dry cloth moistened with mild detergent solution.
•• Never use abrasive cleansers or chemical solvents, as
they may deform the casing.
•• Make sure not to splash water on the unit. This unit is
not waterproof.
•• Always keep this product out of the reach of small
children. The headphone cord may become twisted
around a child’s neck and cause strangulation.
•• Listening with this unit at high volume may affect your
hearing. For traffic safety, do not use this unit while
driving or cycling.
•• Under certain circumstances, especially when the air is
very dry, it is not uncommon to experience a discharge
of static electricity, or shock, when your body comes in
contact with another object, in this case the ear buds
touching your ear(s). The energy from this natural
discharge is extremely small and is not emitted by your
product but rather a natural environmental occurrence.
•• Depending on the strength of radio signals, the TUNE
(tuning) indicator may not light up even if a broadcast
is being received. Furthermore, the indicator may light
up incorrectly due to extraneous noise even when a
broadcast is not being received. Use the TUNE indicator
as a reference.
•• When connecting headphones (not supplied) to the
unit, use headphones with a stereo (3-pole) or
monaural (2-pole) mini plug. Sound may not be heard
when using other types of plugs.
Monaural mini
Compatible plug
1 ring
Stereo mini plug*
Other types of
plugs cannot be
2 rings
3 or more rings
* When connecting stereo headphones, you
will hear monaural sound in both ears.
•• The nameplate and important information concerning
safety are located on the bottom exterior.
When to replace the batteries
Replace all three batteries with new ones when the
OPR/BATT (operation/battery) indicator goes out. As the
batteries become drained, the OPR/BATT indicator may
gradually grow dimmer before it goes out or static from
the radio may grow louder. Although you may still be able
to use the radio for a while in this state, please replace
the batteries as soon as possible.
Notes on batteries
•• Do not mix an old battery with a new one or mix
different type of batteries.
•• When you are not going to use the unit for a long time,
remove the batteries to avoid damage from battery
leakage and corrosion.
•• Check if the batteries are inserted in the correct
orientation ( and ) when the radio does not turn on
after battery replacement.
•• Batteries have a recommended use-by date for proper
use. When using expired batteries, battery life will be
extremely short. Check the use-by date on the batteries
and if they are expired, replace them with new ones.
If the battery compartment cover comes off
Insert the right hook tab
of the lid into the right
hole, then put the left
hook tab on the edge of
the opening and slide it
slowly until it fits into
the left hole.
If you have any questions or problems concerning your
unit, please consult your nearest Sony dealer.
Frequency range:
FM: 87.5 MHz – 108 MHz/AM: 531 kHz – 1,602 kHz
Intermediate frequency:
FM: 128 kHz/AM: 45 kHz
Approx. 10 cm dia., 8 Ω
 (headphones) jack (ø3.5 mm mini jack)
Audio power output:
640 mW
Power requirements:
Models for Australia and New Zealand: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
(AC power supply)/4.5 V DC, three R6/LR6 (size AA)
Other models: 230 V – 240 V AC, 50 Hz (AC power
supply)/4.5 V DC, three R6/LR6 (size AA) batteries
Battery life*:
Approx. 35 hours (FM reception)/Approx. 35 hours (AM
* When listening through the speaker on alkaline batteries
manufactured by Sony (LR6SG). The actual battery life varies
significantly depending on battery type (such as rechargeable
batteries), usage and circumstances.
Dimensions (W/H/D):
Approx. 223.5 mm × 126.5 mm × 62 mm (incl. projecting
Approx. 860 g (incl. batteries)
Supplied accessories*:
AC power cord (1), Warranty card (1)
* Headphones are not included.
Design and specifications are subject to change without
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