Component Soldering Tin Printed Circuit Board (PCB

Component Soldering Tin Printed Circuit Board (PCB
Soldering Iron
Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
Soldering Tin
STEP 1: Preparation
Bend the legs of the component if nessasary
Push the comonent
through the top of the PCB
Turn the PCB over, so that the legs are pointing up
STEP 2: Solder
Apply the iron tip to both the PCB
and the leg of the component
Continue heating and add
a little bit of soldering tin
STEP 3: finish
First pull back the soldering tin
And then the soldering iron.
Make sure to keep your joint steady!
STEP 4: Evaluate
Congratualtions! It only takes a few seconds to make a good joint.
Take a look at your joint to see if it is perfect:
A good joint looks shiny and has a vulcano type of shape, which insures maximum
conducting area.
If the joint looks dull you should try to work quicker or you might have moved
components during the soldering.
When you don’t preheat the component and the PCB enough, the solder might
not attach to one or the other. This can cause components to detach or unwanted
behaviour in your circuit.
However, heating the component or the PCB too much will damage them.
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