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Product Bulletin 600
Release B-EU, Effective March 2008
Piezo Ink Jet Ink Series 600
For Mutoh Spitfire 65/90/100 Extreme and
Mutoh Blizzard 65/90 Printers
These mild-solvent-based, pigmented inks, which are
weather resistant and have excellent color retention, are
designed and approved for use with:
Mutoh Spitfire 65/90 and 100 Extreme printers.
Mutoh Blizzard 65/90 printers
Product Line
Cleaning Fluid
Do not mix or use other inks with 600 inks in the printer.
Do not use any other solvent than 3M™ Cleaning Fluid 690
for cleaning the printer.
Health and Safety
Performance statements are based upon representative
experience obtained from testing throughout Europe. Actual
performance will be determined by substrate selection and
preparation, maintenance of the marking and exposure
When to Use an Overprint Clear or Overlaminate
An overprint clear or overlaminate provides protection to a
graphic as well as changing gloss. Typically, only graphics
that are subjected to harsh conditions require this protection
in order to be warranted. They include:
Vehicle and fleet graphics
Any graphic exposed to abrasive conditions, including
automatic/power washing, harsh cleaners or chemicals.
Warranted Durability
The 3M™ MCS™ warranty statements for 3M™ Piezo Ink
Jet Ink Series 600 on selected 3M™ Graphic Films are
based on chosen media constructions.
Please refer to the European MCS™ Product Warranty
Chart for details. The Product Warranty Chart is available
on request from your local 3M contact or your 3M
authorized Mutoh representative.
When handling any chemical products, read the
container labels and the Material Safety Data Sheets
(MSDS) for important health, safety and environmental
Note: Only a 3M™ authorized manufacturer can produce
3M™MCS™ Warranted Graphics.
When using any equipment, always follow the
instructions for safe operation.
Proper ink loading is critical. Improper procedures may
damage the printer.
You must have printer exhaust air ventilation to prevent a
build up of solvent vapors.
Loading Ink into the printer
Follow the instructions in section “loading 3M™ Piezo Ink
Jet Ink Series 600 into a printer” in Instruction Bulletin
IB_600_EU for proper ink loading procedure.
Effective Performance Life
Printer Cleaning and Routine
Printer Maintenance
When manufactured, applied and maintained in accordance
with 3M recommended procedures, graphics produced with
3M™ Piezo Ink Jet Ink Series 600 on selected 3M™
Graphic Films, a warranty founded on 3M™ MCS™ will
be given by 3M.
Printer cleanliness is very important in the production of
high quality graphics. You must follow the routine
maintenance procedures described in the Mutoh User Guide
for Spitfire 65/90/100Extreme or Blizzard 65/90 printers.
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Product Bulletin PB_600-EU-B-Mar08
Shelf Life, Storage, and Shipping
Store piezo inks in their original packaging.
Store the inks at +4°C to +50°C, 40-80% humidity
Use the ink within 6 months of purchase.
We encourage you to handle all waste in a responsible
manner. For easier disposal we recommend to separate the
empty ink bag from the plastic cover.
Some general guidelines are provided below.
Any ink waste must be incinerated in an industrial or
commercial facility. Do not pour the inks down the drain,
or put in the general trash or in a landfill. Since regulations
vary, consult applicable regulations or authorities before
Printer Blotting Cloth or Toweling (wipes)
The printer blotting cloth or toweling can be disposed of in
the general trash or in a landfill if free liquid cannot be
squeezed out. If inks can be squeezed out, the blotting
cloth should be incinerated in an industrial or commercial
Once the ink bag has been removed from the plastic,
dispose the cover in the general trash or in a landfill. The
cartridges are made of Polypropylen (PP) plastic. Check
with your local recycler regarding recycling the bottles in
your area.
Important Notice
This bulletin provides technical information only.
All questions of warranty and liability relating to this
product are governed by the terms and conditions of the
sale, subject, where applicable, to the prevailing law.
Before using, the user must determine the suitability of the
product for its required or intended use, and the user
assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection
3M Related Literature
3M offers for all products detailed technical literature.
Additionally, comprehensive instruction bulletins are
available describing in detail the best usage of our products.
Ask your local 3M contact, refer to local Commercial
Graphics internet pages or ask your local 3M authorized
Mutoh contact to get the most current product and/or
instruction bulletins.
For Further Assistance
For help on specific questions relating to 3M Commercial
Graphics products, please contact your local 3M Technical
Service person or contact:
3M Laboratories (Europe)
Zweigniederlassung der 3M Deutschland GmbH
Commercial Graphics Division
Carl-Schurz-Str. 1
D-41453 Neuss
+49 (0) 2131 14 3500
+49 (0) 2131 14 2377
The use of trademark signs and brand names in this bulletin
is based upon US standards. These standards may vary
from country to country outside the USA.
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Product Bulletin PB_600-EU-B-Mar08
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