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New Years Issue: 2014
experience of architectural design...
Open your eyes & enjoy the
Heneghan Peng Architects / Giant's Causeway
front cover image by: Hufton & Crow
Hayes Ryan Landscape Architecture, Pg: 18
Dorman Architects, Pg: 22
Noel Lawler Consulting Engineers, Pg: 12
Showcasing architecture,
engineering & building design...
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Douglas Carroll Consulting Engineers
2/3 Colbeck Street, Waterford.
Tel: 051 306 670
email: info@dceng.ie
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Leon Whelton Planning & Design Consultants
Toormore, Goleen, Co.Cork.
Tel: 028 27700
Mobile: 086 308 8215
email: leonwhelton@eircom.net
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McNamee Chartered Building Surveyors
Excelsoir House, Jocelyn Street, Dundalk, Co. Louth.
Tel: 042 938 6478
Fax: 042 938 6479
Mobile: 086 834 7623
email: info@mcnameecbs.ie
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ce In
Thee Irish
Dream and Design
an incredible living space...
architectural design &
consultancy services
A building surveyor is a professional trained in
understanding and interpreting building law.
He or she is authorised to assess building plans
with a view to ensuring they are compliant with
the Building Regulations. In addition to having
recognised qualifications, a building surveyor
must be registered and must have appropriate
Thee Irish
Building surveyors are responsible for making
sure that buildings are safe, accessible and energy efficient and therefore have an impact on
the design, planning and functionality of buildings. They interact with other professionals
such as engineers, architects and builders to
ensure that buildings are designed and constructed to comply with building regulations.
They are experts in building legislation, technical codes and construction standards; they detect and diagnose problems with design issues,
construction techniques and materials, and undertake the inspection process from foundations through to completion.
Need an Architect?
Showcasing architectural
& engineering design
! !
Featuring Irelands leading design
and building professionals...
Inspirational Ideas
Showcasing architecture,
engineering & building design...
from Irelands Leading Architects
Building surveyors do much more than just
issue building permits. They can carry out inspections of established buildings to determine
their existing condition and the level of compliance with safety standards. The building inspection is comprehensive and comprises an
assessment of the building’s fabric.
The Irish Property Guides can showcase your
firms creative and building expertise.
If you have a ProjecT you would lIke To be
feaTured In an uP-comInG PublIcaTIon
please forward your contact details and one off our editors
will be happy to speak with you.
Another role that a building surveyor may play
is that of consultant. In this role, usually on
large construction projects, the building surveyor will provide the design team with regulatory advice on construction issues.
Because of the extent and depth of knowledge
a building surveyor typically possesses, they are
in constant demand in a variety of roles.
They are in high demand by other allied
professions like Architects, Engineers,
Town Planners and Builders for their
knowledge and expertise, and are often
called upon to sit on design teams in the
early stages of projects to provide their
expert advice.
• Architectural and Engineering Design,
Building Surveying, Project management,
Planning, Buildings and their design teams.
• We cover all construction projects, Commercial,
Residential, Educational, Industrial, and Retail.
• New Builds / Extensions / Renovations
email: ipgpublications@gmail.com
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O'Donovan MacConville & Associates
The Square, Skibbereen, Co.Cork.
Tel: 028 22155 Fax: 028 22012
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What architects
can do for you:
The Irish
Creating a home space is one of the largest
emotional, physical and financial investments
you can make. There's a lot riding on getting
it right the first time. Working with you, an
architect brings to the mix that intuitive
'creative genius' and 'flair' to help you realise
your dream.
The Irish Property Guides showcase
excellence and innovation in the
design, construction, and operations
of architecture and engineering.
Finding an architect that suits you and your
project is the key to success – from building
a new home to developing a commercial
An architect can help you improve the
appearance, functionality and sustainability
of your built environment; improve the
efficiency of your lifestyle or business and
deliver time and cost efficiencies.
& planning
Working with an architect gives you the best
chance of achieving your vision.
Architects have the qualifications, professional training, vision and experience to
manage the entire architectural design and
construction process with you.
An architect will help you set a viable and
realistic budget, guide you through the town
planning process, obtain competitive quotes
for the work, manage consultants like surveyors and engineers, monitor the budget and
administer the construction contract.
More importantly, your architect will inspect
the work right through the construction period
to ensure you get the quality and level of
finishes you require.
In this issue:
Stanford Architects
Heneghan Peng Architects
Noel Lawler Consulting Engineers
Kane Architecture
Hayes Ryan Landscape Architecture
Gleeson Consulting Engineers & Project Managers
Dorman Architects
Raymond O'Leary Consulting Engineers
Lo Homes Ltd
Dillon Drothers Construction Ltd
Martins Construction Ltd
Eugene Foley Construction
OCA Architects
Managing Director
John Crosby
Project Manager
Paul Walsh
Graphic Designer
Aleksandra Klimek
Maeve Devoy
Features Editors
Ellen Baldwin
John Daly
Frank Whyte
While every effort has been made by IPG Publications and
The Irish Property Guides to ensure that the information
included in this publication is correct, we cannot accept
responsibility for any errors, omissions or discrepancies.
All prices quoted are correct at time of going to print.
The views expressed are not necessarily those of the
publishers or The Irish Property Guides.
All information is accepted as correct before going to print.
No part of this publication may be produced in any form
without the permission of the publishers.
© Hufton & Crow / Studio Tench
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HabEco Unit with TS Design Consultants
Stanford Architects not only grant their
clients wishes and offer them several design sketches and strategies, pride and
less clutter in their homes and businesses- they draw up a master plan, giving their clients a look into the future
and an estimation of their living costs
for the years to come. They allow a project, be it domestic, commercial or public, to grow with its contractors and
make their lives that little bit easier.
Promising 100% affordability, the practice was established in 2007 by sisters, Annette Stanford, Architect and
Theresa Stanford, Interior Architect and is fully registered with the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland,
with over 13 years experience. Having graduated quite
naturally from lego to real bricks and becoming qualified
professionals in their trade- it was no surprise when the
County Clare pair quit their jobs and started working
together from home.
Living in Limerick at the time, they had a fantastic first
year.Then, the economy collapsed and they rode out the
storm, but it was tough. "We had to stop watching the
news," company director, Annette stated. "We decided
to focus all of our efforts on our home county, Clare
and in April 2010, I was told by a client to visit the BNI
(Business Networking International) chapter in the west
of Clare. BNI is the world's largest business referral program and there is only one seat for each trade or profession in each chapter- I applied to fill the architect's
seat and when I got it, it changed my business."
Within six months, Stanford Architects' name was all
over the county and their reputation had gone through
the roof. "You see, I have a brilliant network of suppliers and tradesmen, willing to offer products and services to my clients at a lower price," Annette explained.
"With me, clients save money."
By early 2012, Theresa had founded her own interior
design company, TS Design Consultants and Annette
had moved home to County Clare, for her business
was expanding rapidly. The creative duo continue to
collaborate together on various projects and they still
share the same goal- helping their clients live their
"What I love about the process, is that most of my
clients have never thought about their current homes
or work place and how they live and work in them,"
Annette discussed. "My design process gets into their
heads, brings out their dreams and puts them on
paper- then finally, my clients have a space that works
around them and caters for their needs, perfectly."
In Ireland, Annette finds that a lot of people are hesitant towards trusting architects with their projects
and they use other kinds of consultants to draw up
their plans. Annette wants them to understand that architects are trained in design and they are capable of
coming up with the most practical plan for their clients
and sticking within their current budgets, giving them,
exactly, what they want.
Annette always asks her clients, "if this was an ideal
world, what would you want from your project?" She
then takes their wish list, creates a number of designs
to best suit their demands and tells them to pick what
elements they like and the ones they don't. Sometimes,
the design process can happen quickly and other times,
it can take a bit longer- either way, Annette is there for
every step and she always builds a 3D model of the design during this time- to help her clients visualise the
Currently working on refurbishing and extending Kilkishen Cultural Centre, a two-hundred-year-old church
in Clare- Annette is also developing a number of commercial and domestic projects, while only last week, she
was granted permission from An Bord Pleanala for a
new Rescue Centre for Kilkee Marine Rescue Ltd. "I
have a 100% planning record in Tipperary, Cork, Kerry,
Clare and Galway," Annette revealed. "I've been granted
planning permission where others haven't."
What Annette’s clients know is that for a small investment in her services and her extensive network of suppliers and trades people, they can have the exact house
or commercial project that they need at a price they
can afford. And when she sits down to brainstorm with
her clients, she makes sure they are fully involved and
able to live to happily in the house she conjures up. "A
client will look at my drawings, nervously," Annette described. "They will say, can I really have that? And my favorite part is when I say, absolutely!"
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Stanford Architects
Sunnyside Heights, Kilkee, Co. Clare.
Mobile: 0877788966
Email: annette@stanfordarchitects.com
Reddan Extension
Reddan Extension
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People don't realise that architecture can give them
what they want and Annette is here to prove that it can.
Taking her inspiration from a number of different
places- from people, and how they react to spaces – be
it positive or negative, from other architects around the
world and from nature- Annette believes that a well
built space, is an enjoyable space.
Best wishes to Stanford
ford Arc
Tubs & Tiles,
from all att Tubs
Ballysimon RRoad,
oad, Limeric
T: 061 318155
ubs & Tiles ar
aree IrIreland’s
ding bathroom,
bathroom, tile and
wood floor specialists
specialists ooffering
expert advice
advice and guidanc
ttoo help yyou
ou choose
choose the righ
products for
for your
your home
The Strand Cafe 1 with TS Design Consultants
Chartered Civil & Structural Engineers
Miltown Malbay,
Tel: 086-8657569
Email: info@mckennaconsultingengineers.com
Providing a friendly, professional service
for all your AccounTing rEquirEmEnTs.
Ennis Road, Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare.
Tel: 065 707 9842 Fax: 065 707 9843
email: tcurtin1@eircom.net
Theresa Curtin Accounting
Plumbing & Heating
Contact Joe: 086 834 3360
email: hegartyplumbing@eircom.net
Miltown Malbay, Co.Clare.
Plumbing & Heating Contractors.
Renewable Energy, Solar Panels &
Wood Pellet Boilers, Underfloor
Heating, Solid Fuel Stoves and
Energy Efficient Heating Systems
Malbay Painting & Maintenance
Commercial & Residential
Painting & Decorating Contractors
The Strand Cafe 1 with TS Design Consultants
Fintra, Miltown, Malbay, Co.Clare
Tel: 065 708 5040
John Baker: 086 869 7383 or David Quinn: 086 870 4796
email: malbaypainting@gmail.com
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14–16 Lord Edward Street, Dublin 2.
Tel: 01-633 9000 Fax: 01 633 9010
Email: hparc@hparc.com
Heneghan Peng Architects
Giant's Causeway Visitors Centre
For centuries, countless visitors
have marveled at the majesty
and mystery of the Giants
Causeway, County Antrim. Its
unique rock formations stand
as a natural rampart against the
unbridled ferocity of the
Atlantic sea and inspire wonder- while, in the near the
distance, the Giant Causeway
Visitor's Centre, designed by
Henaghan Peng, re-establishes
the ridge line of the cliff edge to
make a building that looks back
out over the landscape and
remains invisible to the eye of
its beholder.
© Hufton & Crow / Studio Tench
© Hufton & Crow / Studio Tench
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© Hufton & Crow / Studio Tench
© Hufton & Crow / Studio Tench
© Hufton & Crow / Studio Tench
Utilising the large difference in level across the site,
one part of the building protrudes from a sloping
grass bank, as the other disappears down into the
same earth, shielding the car park from view. Sympathetic to the rugged symmetry around it, the Visitor's
Centre does not distract from the landscape it was
built to showcase.The selection of locally sourced materials, including basalt from the same lava flows, which
formed the Causeway and the collection of seeds for
the grass roof from the surrounding fields, ensured
the delicate ecology of the area was preserved.
From inception, the design concept was to create a carefully sculpted intervention into the coastline and
throughout the detailed design process of the project,
the competition-winning plan remained paramount. "We
were always very aware that the reason for this project
was to facilitate what was around it," said Roisin
Heneghan, of Heneghan Peng Architects.Through regular
team meetings and briefings, effective communication
structures, ongoing Client dialogue and cost reviews,
they made sure that the proposed design was at all times
realistic, appropriate and achievable from a cost perspective. Achieving the right level of quality, for both the subcontractor design and the materials was critical to the
project- so Heneghan Peng worked with global consultant AECOM’s specification consulting team to deliver detailed specification documents to ensure their design was
The Design Team also took advantage of the two-stage
tender procedure to engage with the selected Contractor prior to construction, with a view to identifying areas of the project where savings for the client
could be achieved, without compromising on design
or build quality. This review covered all aspects of the
building fabric and resulted in a series of recommendations, which were presented for the client’s consideration.
Heneghan Peng, practicing architecture, landscape and
urban design, was founded by Shih-Fu Peng and Róisín
Heneghan in New York in 1999 and relocated to
Dublin in 2001. With a multi-disciplinary approach to
design, Henaghan Peng have collaborated with many
leading designers and engineers on a range of projects,
which include larger scale urban masterplans, bridges,
landscapes and buildings.
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© Hufton & Crow / Studio Tench
6 0 F & 2 1 1 ( / / 6 2 1 6 /7 ' In 2005 an international Architectural Design Competition was held
for the design contract of a replacement Visitors’ Centre, the associated landscape and access arrangements at the Giant’s Causeway.The
aim of this international competition was to find a design which would
replace the temporary facilities, which had stood for 12 years on the
clifftops overlooking the Causeway, after the original centre burned
down in 2000 due an electrical fault. The competition proposed that
this was an opportunity to provide an appropriate introduction for
the visitor to the coastal landscape of the World Heritage Site and
Heneghan Peng's dynamic idea couldn't be faulted.
Now a "5 star" attraction, with panoramic rooftop
views of the coastline available for the first time,
the award-winning building sits seamlessly into the
landscape and opens up a new gateway into history
and the stories of its legendary giants. Lined with
186 basalt columns made from locally quarried
stone, the Visitor's Centre boasts an array of trails
and pathways that offer improved access and views
of the spectacular scenery.
6 3 ( & , $ / , 6 7 6 , 1 1 $7 8 5 $ / 6 7 2 1 (
All types of stonework undertaken
from traditional to futuristic
Full Technical Services available
Bringing Technology to Design
Bringing Designs to Fruition
The only limit is your imagination
Visitors can also discover the science behind how the site was created and read the engaging stories of local people connected to the
site. Exhibitions, audio guides and cliff top walks are all part of the
project's initiative and since opening in 2012, more than 780,000 visitors have passed through the centre, walked over the sloping grass
roof, stepped on the ceiling windows, peered down to the shiny concrete inside the building and watched as the rain and the wind of the
North Antrim coast thrashed against the glass, reinforcing the wildness of the landscape.
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KAscT Biomedical research facility
Noel Lawler Consulting Engineers
Believing there is no substitute for over 30 years experience designing, commissioning and monitoring the electrical and mechanical systems that are responsible
for energy consumption within buildings- Noel Lawler Consulting Engineers
guarantee solutions. Focused on reducing their clients' existing bills by 20 - 50%,
through expertise, innovative design and continual assessment of new technologies and system controls, the multi-disciplinary team of highly qualified professionals offer a broad range of services tailored to their clients' needs.
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Address: 7 Patrick Street, Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny.
Tel: 056 772 1115
Web: www.nlce.ie
Email: info@nlce.ie
In 2005, the company was taken over by senior management Daniel Ring, Jason Smith and Jonathan Culleton and
today, it is the personal equity that each individual director
brings to the business that is one of the most important assets in securing technically complex, fast-track or logistically
difficult or demanding work.
Having completed in excess of 3,500 commissions, including
healthcare and public buildings and gaining an intimate understanding of the design process, efficient project management and rigorous cost control during the construction
phase- NLCE has grown and developed alongside their
clients, whilst priding themselves on their repeat business
and their ability to create unique and individual designs.
With offices in Ireland, the U.K and partner offices in Riyadh
and Jeddah, the highly respected M & E Building Services
Consultancy present each of their projects with the advantage of director level involvement at every design stage and
provide an international, quality assured service.
“Established in 1980
by Noel Lawler, the Kilkenny
based practice initially secured
work within the Irish leisure, agricultural food and retail sectors before expanding in the UK and Spain, and
recently securing work with an
internationally recognised
To achieve their promises and reduce energy costs and carbon emissions for their clients, NLCE examine every element contributing to energy consumption and carbon
production and succeed through re-design, recommissioning, controls strategies and by monitoring of the use of heating, air conditioning and electrical installations. Integrating
renewable technologies onto sites and into projects, the
consultancy endeavors to embrace technological advancements that are a key feature of the industry and a keen line
to the future.
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Recently commissioned by the Office of Public Works as environmental and building
services consultants on the 2,400m² extension to the Environmental Protection
Agency’s Headquarters, Co. Wexford- the agency was tasked with environmental
management and control at a national level and accomplished each of their tasks by
recognising the fundamental inadequacies of the existing systems, optimising the natural light and ventilation of the building and using an array of renewable technologies
to heat the halls and offices. The extension received an 'A' Building Energy Rating
(BER) and since completing it, NLCE have been engaged to look at a campus wide
wind turbine for this site in conjunction with two other state agencies located on
this campus.
As a forerunner for sustainability, driven substantially by economics and legislative
requirements, but also by noticing the international desire to acquire credentials for
buildings that clearly identify the sustainability embedded into the design, construction operation and maintenance- NCLE have undertaken projects under the banner
of Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions and their strengths include, significant energy
consumption reductions in commercial buildings, such as swimming pools, laboratories, data centers/call centers and conferencing facilities.
Their role in sustainability begins with the site selection, site orientation and
building services design and while using the full weight and experience of their
in house computer simulation and modelling capacity to establish a precise computer model of the proposed developments at the earliest possible opportunity- as the design process develops, the team will investigate every avenue and
application that boasts the most effectively sustainable options.
For the combination of mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering, Noel
Lawler Green Energy Solutions, supply complementing services dedicated to
an efficient operation and with designers qualified to assess sustainable build
under BREEAM and LEED international standards, they ensure the highest quality is achieved in construction, attendance and improvement of fire protection,
ventilating and air-conditioning systems, plumbing, life safety and lighting systems,
building commissioning and alternative energy systems.
Hamilton House, Block 1,
National Technological Park
Castletroy, Co.Limerick.
Electrical Engineering Contractors
Tel: 061 335 766 Mobile: 086 170 6270 / 086 817 0338
email: admin@pureelectrical.ie
Consultation, Installation, Maintenance, and after-sales care.
M & D Fennelly Ltd
Heating & Plumbing Contractors
Unit F, Thomastown Business Park, Thomastown, Co.Kilkenny.
Tel: 056 772 4583 email: manddfennelly@eircom.net
Swimming Pools, Spas, Saunas, Hot Tubs, Service,
Maintenance, Chemicals and Accessories
Contact Dermot: 087 253 9234
Michael: 087 2504601
Old Dublin Rd., Enniscorthy, Co.Wexford.
Tel: 00353 5392 39923 Fax: 00353 5392-39927 Web: www.poolandspa.ie
ElEcTricAl conTrAcTors
commercial / industrial / Domestic
Contact JJ:
087 137 1810
Ballyragget, Co.Kilkenny.
email: info@oselectrical.com
"Irelands Leading Suppliers of
Combined Heat and Power (CHP)"
unit 9, childers Road indus trial Es tate, Limerick.
tel: 061 413 299 Fax: 061 414 974 email: info@temptech.ie
Building Management Systems
Control Panel Design & Manufacture
HVAC Service & Maintenance
Validation & Calibration Services
• Virtual Guard Monitored CCTV
• High quality Conventional CCTV
• Systems
• Commercial Monitored Alarm
Cork: 021 487 3005 Fax: 021 487 5125
• Residential Monitored Alarm
Dublin: 01 403 6206
• Access Control Solutions
London: 0044 (0) 20 3170 8624
• Fire Alarm Design
• & Installation
email: mail@acecontrol.ie
Wexford Road,
Business Park
Tel: 059 913 1424
Fax: 059 913 2059
email: info@xenonsecuritysystems.ie
• Fire Alarm Maintenance
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132 Lower Georges Street
Dún Laoghaire
Co. Dublin
Kane Architecture
Telephone: 01-214 0168
Email: info@kane.ie
Committed to environmentally sensitive design,
the team at Kane Architecture believe it is their
moral responsibility to do their part in protecting
the earth and seek to use sustainable strategies
at every level of design. Realising how environmental factors, such as indoor air quality, day
lighting, building materials and building orientation, can greatly affect their clients quality of lifetheir goal is to create enduring works of architecture, interiors and planning that clients and
communities can be proud of over time.
With extensive experience in a multitude of project types
through planning, residential, corporate, institutional, academic and general interior projects, Kane Architecture
has the knowledge to best meet the needs and desires
of their clients, whilst also going above and beyond their
expectations. For them, every project is a creative, collaborative effort between their office and their clients.
"I meet clients on site, in the environment they want their
building to be," company founder, Tim Kane explained. "It always
best when you see them with their family and their friends, because
you can see how they're using the space in that moment and that informs the initial design, which I try my best to keep my finger on...
Once you start degrading that, you start losing the initial line to your
brief and you may change your mind about something during this period of time, but it is important to stay true to your clients vision and
the design position you began with."
Using this client focused approach;Tim guarantees his clients' satisfaction and maintains an open line of communication with each of them,
making the entire process as enjoyable as possible. "You're going to be
working with each of your clients for awhile and it's nice to be able to
pick up the phone when you have an idea and share it with them, trusting that you're going to get your point across, because you're comfortable working together," Tim revealed. "Most people come to you
with an idea, but they're not sure about the specifics and it's my job to
find out exactly what they want."
As a member of the RIAI (The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland), with a degree in Architecture and Architectural Technology and
over 30-years experience in the business, both in Ireland and abroad,
Tim has a well endowed mastery of the field and as an advocate for
external and internal space, he thrives on creating a plan or a project
that embeds itself in its surroundings, integrates itself with its society
and doesn't merely exist for architecture's sake.
unit 1-3 Jenkinstown Business Park,
Jenkinstown, co.Louth.
Tel: 042 935 7700
UK: 0044 (0) 845 6800 937
email: sales@synergymedical.ie
ireland's largest supplier of medical Equipment.
magazine2013 winter newyear:Layout 1 2013-12-23 18:56 Page 19
The two-time-winner of Pub of the Year has
a strong history of client referral and repeat
business and without settling into one thing
or another, Tim intends to explore every avenue of Architecture, fill every project with
light and more light and improve the lives of
the people he works with. "My favorite part
of my job is the communication with my
clients and I try to work with them constantly," Tim discussed. "I also enjoy the very
end of a project, just before you hand it over
and you know the ins and outs of it. You can
see its shapes, what you've produced and you
can be in it, walk around in it and experience
it in its full rigor, the day before it's gone."
Rosenallis, Portlaoise, co.Laois. Tel: 057 862 8988
Showrooms Address:
unit 6, Bay Road Business Park, Mountmellick, co.Laois.
email: sales@cuddykitchens.ie
"Architecture should make a noise, but it shouldn't shout," Tim described. "In
this business, knowing what to do is just as important as knowing what not
to do and understanding what is really important during the design and building process, is every bit as vital as appreciating what's not...I have learnt all
this and more in the past five years, working in my own practice, than I had
in my previous 20 years as an architect."
Establishing his Dublin-based practice in 2005, Tim promised to provide high
quality design driven architecture and the associated planning and interior
design services. His team also offer site selection assistance, masterplanning
right through to final installation, building assessments and evaluation and
construction documentation, specifications and administration at an affordable cost.
Recently finishing the design for a 250-bed-hospital in Baghdad, Iraq and working on the remodeling of a London apartment block, the progressive practice
is continually evolving and discovering knew tricks of the trade. "I'm not precious about a plan or an idea," Tim said. "It's important to be able to change
and adapt. It keeps the work interesting and forces you to flex the different
muscles of your ability."
www. cudykitchens.ie
Philip Kelly Property Services Ltd
ilds / Ren
Old Bray Road
Dublin 18
87 262 2011
Contact Philip
email: philipk
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Hayes Ryan Landscape Architecture
Kilmead, Athy, Co. Kildare
Telephone: 059-8626093
Fax: 059-8626103
Mobile: 086-9630552
Email: anthony@hayesryan.com
Stunning gardens, intricate courtyards, busy theme-parks to quiet retreats are only a
few of Hayes Ryan Landscape Architects expertise. Basing their style on geometric
shapes, softened with planting and sensitively integrated focal point features- these
professionals view each site as their own property and provide each of their clients with
a unique and distinctive design.
The diverse practice combines art and science, ranging from the technical aspects of
soils, plants and construction to the creativity of the design process. They carefully listen
to their clients needs, analyze the site and then, take the creative leap involved in
proposing something new.
"We like to create a 'wow' effect," partner at Hayes Ryan Landscape Architects,
Anthony Ryan said. "But we are also very conscious that this needs to be a sensitive fit, both
with the client and the surrounding environs. Our concern is to develop landscapes that maximize
the potential of each property and greatly enhance the lifestyles of our clients."
Commenced by Geraldine Hayes in 1997, the Kildare based practice endeavors to offer
a personal service to their clients, where they become individually involved in finding the
best outcome for each project- because of this, they have grown through constant
referrals and by word-of-mouth. With the success of more public projects, such as
'Taytopark', and 'Bloom' they are getting many enquiries from people who were previously
unaware of the service they offer, but were very impressed with what they saw. Both
partners, Anthony Ryan and Geraldine Hayes, completed a five year landscape horticulture degree course in UCD and a two year masters degree in landscape architecture,
specialising exclusively in design and planning. They both have a passion for the business
and an integral belief in the importance of good quality design and the transformative
ability of good design, irrespective of budget.
"We like to build up a relationship and an understanding with clients their preferences, likes and dislikes," Anthony discussed. "We use our
experience and judgment to analyze the site, its potential and its
strengths and weaknesses. Then, we get started on a Master plan and
this ensures that all the elements work or relate well to each other and
that all clients can imagine very clearly what their new space will be
For clients who require greater detail, Hayes Ryan Landscape Architects
will produce individual and specific designs, plus a 3D walkthrough.
They also directly supervise some elements of a garden, such as artistic
features, where a contractor may need on-site design guidance.
Possessing the ability to form innovative landscape design solutions, the
dependable team aim to reduce project costs though proper guidance
and avoidance of unnecessary mistakes or redoing work.
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"We find that as we go through each
process, each client gains more confidence
and trust," Anthony expressed. "For us, the interaction
with the client, the personal interest and the creativity involved
are the same no matter what- whether a project is commercial
or private, large or small scale. Our inspiration in reality comes
from a lifetime of constantly observing and analyzing our surroundings, what works and what doesn't."
At this years Bloom in the Pheonix Park, Hayes Ryan Landscape Architects did five gardens for Woodies - three back gardens and two front gardens in a themed exhibit called
'neighbours', which when combined was the largest garden ever
undertaken at the annual event. The team showcased their innate grounding in both art and science, while also displaying a
true commitment to their work and a real understanding of
their clients.
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"Our goal is to develop landscapes that maximize the
potential of each property and greatly enhance the
lifestyles of our clients," Anthony professed. "Our sensitivity to the site and the client governs all of our dealings
and decisions and our costs reflect the time and detail
that goes into it.We spend considerable effort in coming
up with solutions which surpass our clients expectations
and our clients find our costs very good value for the
service we provide. Often they say, they should have involved us sooner." As variety and creativity are the driving force behind Hayes Ryan Landscape Architects, there
is never a dull moment or a sight that won't take your
breath away.
Taghadoe, Maynooth, Co.Kildare.
email: info@turflawnsales.com
www. turflawnsales.com
"GroWers of Instant roll out laWn"
Lawn turf, Top-Soil, Soil Enricher, Bark Mulch, Decorative Stone,
Building Materials, Fertilisers, Sleepers & Barbeques.
Portgloriam, Kilcock, Co.Kildare.
Contact seamus: 087 668 3018
email: info@luxurylandscapes.ie
tel: 01 628 4972
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Anglesea Mill,
9 Anglesea Row,
Smithfield, Dublin 7.
Tel: 01 8749322 Fax: 01 4588786
Mobile: 0876957925
web: www.glce.ie
t Man
ting En
Finding an engineering firm that has a combined emphasis on design excellence, sustainable development,
conservation and energy performance is key for
today’s prospective clients. One practice that is adding
flair to the market with these golden principals is
Gleeson Consulting Engineers. In today’s economic
climate competition is tough, but through providing
full engineering services for projects ranging from
award winning architectural designs to highly commercial projects, Gleeson Consulting Engineers have
set upon a winning formula.
The deep understanding of the behaviour of existing
buildings and the offering of an analytical approach to
building defects and repairs enables Gleeson Consulting Engineers to provide realistic and optimal solutions for clients and architects. It was Liam Gleeson’s
love of problem solving and working as part of project
design teams – delivering challenging and complex
projects – that led him on to establish Gleeson Consulting Engineers in 2006.
Liam Gleeson qualified with a first class honours degree in structural engineering from DIT Bolton Street
in 1995. He went on to study for an MSc in Bridge
and Structural Engineering at the University of Surrey,
Guilford. Liam then embarked on his career as a structural engineer with Peter Associates in London.
“With the emergence of the Celtic Tiger in Ireland, I
returned to work as a bridge design engineer for Ewbank Preece O’ Heocha, in Dublin,” Gleeson explained. Notable projects where he gained experience
were the M50 southern cross and Luas Line A from
Tallaght to Connolly. He subsequently went on to work
for EG Pettit & Horganlynch engineers.
Liam’s exceptional expertise is presented through the
broad range of multi-disciplinary services provided by
Gleeson Consulting Engineers, including: Civil / Structural, Mechanical / Electrical, Forensic engineering &
personal injury claims, Health & Safety, sustainability,
drainage and energy.
“Our experience ranges from providing Structural Engineering Services related to the refurbishment of existing historical buildings through to the provision of
high tech warehouse facilities. The Practice has also
considerable experience in the structural design of
commercial facilities, mixed use developments & retail
developments,” Gleeson said.
Clients can avail of the practice’s Engineering Consultancy service, which include project management and
monitoring. This means clients can rest assured while
Gleeson Consulting Engineers act as their representative, they are ensuring projects are delivered on time,
on budget and to the mandatory quality standards demanded.
Wishpark Developments Ltd
Building ContraCtors & ProPerty develoPers
Contact Paul Ruane: 087 232 2700
email: wishparkdevelopments@gmail.com
9 Anglesea Mills
Anglesea Row
Dublin 7
The Glass House
11 Coke Lane
Dublin 7
Meanwhile, the practice
strives to keep ahead of
the constantly changing
demands of consulting
engineering, The practice continually updates
skills & expertise
through continuous professional development.
ensuring clients benefit
from the latest advances
in engineering technology.
Conservation consultancy also forms a large part of
Gleeson Consulting Engineers. Their broad range of
services and conservation principles has benefited
scores of historical projects across the country. The
practice specialises in non-destructive investigative
techniques in the interest of preserving the historic fabric of our building stock. The team is currently working
on renovations and alterations to a historic building on
Leinster Road in Dublin, with Allister Coyne Architects– they are providing civil and structural engineering services.Gleeson Consulting Engineers boasts an
impressive portfolio of completed projects. Working
with DMOD Architects, Gleeson Consulting Engineers
is providing civil and structural engineering services
for the new gallery extension at DIT Linnen hall. They
are providing the same services, in conjunction with
Deaton Lysaght Architects, on the renovation and alteration of the Commercial Rowing Club, Dublin. Collaborating once again with Deaton Lysaght Architects
in Ashbourne, Gleeson Consulting Engineers are providing structural and engineering services for the renovation and alteration of St Marys National School.
Other projects include commercial projects, like The
Glass House in Smithfield (pierce & associates Architects) ; bridges, such as the Kilpedder footbridge ; conservation projects such as Killiney’s Martello Tower
and energy projects like a 160KW wind turbine for
Codd Mushrooms.
Liam continues to work on creative designs, collaborating with architects and clients to deliver exciting
new projects. His aim? To provide a focused and personable service. “Clients are assured of our full attention to develop a successful project,” he explained.
“The building process can be complex and demanding.
It is a co-operation between architects, engineers and
other members of design teams with building contractors and clients. The ultimate goal is to deliver a finished product which exceeds the brief.”
For prospective clients, still unsure about how to proceed, Liam advises clients to engage an engineer as
early as possible in the design process: “Engineers can
offer expertise in dealing with statutory requirements,
sustainability and value engineering.”
Gleeson Consulting Engineers is ultimately a firm of
chartered structural engineers with considerable capacity to deliver complex and demanding projects. Gleeson concluded, “Our people are our best asset, they
offer a professional, friendly, can do attitude. We are
hands on and are always accessible to our clients. Our
customer focused approach has resulted in clients coming back to us again and again.”
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Dorman Architects
C1 the steelworks, foley street, Dublin 1.
6,the Mall, sligo.
telephone: 01 855.9057 Mobile: 087 220 8560
fax: 01 855.9059 email: info@dorman.ie
Rising above the ordinary, Dorman Architects
combine all that is practical and necessary with
something humane and beautiful- the result is an
ethical, sustainable and ecological design, optimising light, space and views and reflecting the
global changes and the challenges faced by our
climate today. Whether it is a rural or urban enviroment, Dorman Architects design led approach
will produce a fitting and innovative building.
John Dorman, director of Dorman Architects, has always
been fascinated with natural materials and mixing them with
different mediums for his clients to enjoy. He has a Diploma
in Architectural Technology from Bolton Street College of
Technology, a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the University College Dublin and a broad portfolio of experience
and skills, which he developed through working with selected
design-led architectural practices in the US, UK and Ireland.
He established Dorman Architects, an RIAI Practice Accredited in Conservation Grade III, in 1995 and he has never
looked back. "I started like most architects- I did a tricky refurb of a 200 year old house for my brother and bit by bit
the business grew from there," John explained. "It has been
hard work but it's been worth it.With all the good feedback
we receive from clients, we know we're doing something
With numerous residential projects and an increasing number of public work on his plate, John stills makes each of his
clients his utmost concern and sits down with them, takes
their ideas, their briefs and bits of newspaper and magazine
cuttings, goes off and comes back with some small sketches.
Understanding that his clients know what they want, but may
not be sure how to visualise it- John makes it his priority to
illustrate their dreams.
"It's a process," John elaborated. "If it is an existing house, I
take a walk around to get under its skin and figure out how
best to resolve its issues. If it is a new project, I'll study the
site to optimise its potential. It's also about matching clients
expectations with any constraints that might in place on the
site or imposed by the local authorities. I discuss these general issues with my clients and as the process goes on, we
look more closely at the different aspects of planning and
work through the obstacles together."
But for the five-time award winning practice, it is not only
about the pleasure of sitting down with clients, designing
something from nothing and making fantasies come true- it's
also about the combination of resources, the unique grace
and harmony between the design and the environment, the
incremental distribution of natural light and the cost effectiveness of their methods.
As clients find it harder and harder to make the budget for
building, Dorman Architects believe it is their job to find a
way around this. "A lot of people come to us for our money
and energy saving ideas," John revealed. "Our goal is to design more cost effective, energy efficient houses. It is a winwin by saving our clients money and protecting our
Having worked on projects all over the country, Dorman
Architects boasts a strong, growing portfolio and whilst
embracing the emerging new technologies and innovations,
they still continue to encourage the natural beauty of handcrafted workmanship. They view each project as an oppurtunity to create an unimitable design and as the client's
representative, they help resolve any on-site problems and
remove the stress associated with construction through
good communication and effective management of the
building process.
Inspiration is another thing- it comes from clients and the
brief they set, and it is up to John and his team to figure out
the best way to put this information together. It also comes
from looking closely at the location, the site, the view and
the direction of the sunlight. It also involves looking at how
the seasons impact on the house and those living in it.
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finiskin road, sligo.
Tel: 071 919 0010 Fax: 071 919 0011
email: sligo@btw.ie
btw naas
Ph: 045-981750 email: naas@btw.ie and
btw Wexford
Ph: 053-9143855 email: wexford@btw.ie
oPenInG tIMes:
Monday - Friday: 9am - 5.30pm
Saturday: 10am -4pm (Sligo)
10am-5.30pm (Naas and Wexford)
Your Home, Your World
"Serving the ConStruCtion induStry for 30 yearS"
There is only one thing John is certain of; it is the motivation that comes from challenging
projects and developing a sense through experience of what works and what doesn't, that
keeps Dorman Architects work evolving. "I like to to think our work is always evolving- if it isn't, we die," John resolved. "So much resolves around light- people thrive
with it but can't live without it. Therefore it's integral to our work and success. We
are always thinking about the optimum natural light for a space and the innate
beauty in nature. When we are building in a landscape, we aim to site the building
right in there, deep into the edge of the earth."
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ROL Raymond O'Leary
Consulting Engineers Ltd
Careys Cross, Bandon, Co.Cork.
tel: 023 884 3990 Mobile: 087 943 6067
email: raymond@rolengineering.com
Raymond O’Leary Consulting Engineers
Ltd have been busy re-vamping Cork
city’s skyline with the renovation of its
highest building, on Washington Street.
The successfully completed project is just
one example of ROL Engineering’s
professional expertise in action. The
team balanced the building’s conservational requirements with the desire
to create a contemporary residential
magazine2013 winter newyear:Layout 1 2013-12-29 13:29 Page 27
ROL Engineering is a busy Engineering Consultancy
firm based in Bandon, County Cork, bringing cost
effective Project Management and Project Design to
the broader Munster region. The practice’s attention
to detail and its commitment to a high quality service
are clearly evident with the completion of the Washington Street project – which has been enjoyed by its
newest residents since last September.
One might consider the Washington Street project a statement piece for ROL Engineering. It required particular sensitivity due to its interesting
past. Raymond explained, “Originally, in the 1800s,
the family that owned it used it to store pepper.
I got a conservation officer to give us a history
of the building and over the last couple of
decades the ground floor had been used for
three or four commercial units.” He continued,
“It’s a three storey building and the upper floors
weren’t in use.”
• Tel: (023)8849821 • Mobile: (086)8224679/(085)1054486 • Email:hhpremierconstruction@gmail.com
Architectural and Construcion Services
Civil, Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Domestic Contractors
Fully Insured
Best Wishes and Continued Success to
Raymond O’Leary Consulting Engineers
Malachy Harrington
Tom Harrington
086 8224679
BScArchTech, ICIOB
Raymond had to complete remedial works
first, to make the building safe. “We had
to get an architect on board for it,” he
explained, “we then got our statutory permission and commenced remedial works
and renovation works.” The building had
been in a state for neglect for the previous
twenty years and hadn’t been maintained,
but Raymond set about transforming
it into six residential apartments, over
a ground floor commercial unit.
“We gutted the inside and retained
elements that were of a historic value,
including Georgian-style windows and a
roof structure that is unique to the building. The only similar roof of its kind is in
Gibraltar – there’s none other of its kind in
the British Isles. It’s a steel wrought iron
roof, with a natural slate tied on.”
The sensitivity of the building, paired with its
difficult location meant that the Washington
Street project was logistically not un-typical for
Engineering. “We were working in a
tight location – surrounded by public streets
on all sides and with limited access,” Raymond
explained. He was tasked with the challenge of
maintaining a balance between the structural
requirements of the building – which included
six high-standard apartments, with plenty of
features – while maintaining the structure in
terms of conservation, as a building of interest.
To us it may sound like walking a tight-rope in
a strait-jacket, but Raymond took the challenge
in his stride. As a structural engineer, his experience and expertise kicked into play and the
broad stroke of his engineering abilities were
put to solid use.
Raymond studied Structural Engineering at
Cork Institute of Technology and gained a postgraduate degree in Fire Engineering from Trinity
College. He has ten years under his belt working with a building contractor and offers a
range of services through Raymond o Leary
Consulting Engineer`s, which continues to build
on its growing reputation.
085 1054486
Raymond O Leary Consulting Engineers
Ltd is a practice committed to providing a
quality service, by listening to its clients’
needs and expectations, while endeavouring to tailor-make client specific packages
to meet with their individual requirements.
It should be no surprise that ROL Consulting Engineers Ltd has a policy of maximising its potential through continuous
professional development, ensuring that all
specialist personnel are up to speed with
Regulatory and Design Requirements.
Station Road, Co.Cork.
Tel: 023 884 3733
email: bandon@hardwoodfloors.ie
Millstreet Road, Co.Cork.
Tel:026 61007
email: macroom@hardwoodfloors.ie
Playgrounds, Surfaces, Landscaping & Design.
Loughree, Carrigadrohid, Co.Cork.
Tel:026 48130
Contact JJ: 087 629 3916 or Dan: 087 668 9556
email: brownebrothers@eircom.net
Ratharoon, Bandon, Co.Cork.
Tel:023 884 9737 Mobile: 087 967 2235
email: skim.shakey@gmail.com
Boasting a wide range of experience – from In-house Design
Prospective through to hands on Project Management – it naturally follows that at ROL Consulting Engineers , an equally
large range of services ensure all clients are catered for. As
well as private projects, such as the Washington Street project,
ROL Consulting Engineers also cater to the Commercial Sector, with equal measures of the utmost time and effort afforded
to them. Raymond affirms: “This is regardless of the size or
value of the works. It has always been said that, a measure of
a company’s success is based on its customer’s satisfaction, and
at ROL Consulting Engineers we strive to achieve this.”
So what exactly are the services offered by Planning Permission, Engineers Reports, Land Surveying, Structural Design,
Completed Projects , Fire Safety Engineering and works in the
Agriculture sector. ROL Consulting Engineers ? Clients can expect professional expert advice when it comes to Project Management,
Specifically, this means clients can avail of top Design & Planning
services, as well as Supervision & Sign Off. It also means clients
seeking work involving Structural Reinforced Concrete &
Structural Steel Design will find their match in ROL Consulting
Engineers. Clients requiring Land Surveying & Mapping will also
have their needs satisfied, as well as those in need of Fire &
Disability Access Certs – let’s not forget that this is one area
in which Raymond has particular expertise. Then there is the
Structural Surveys & Reports and Land Transfers & Sub Divisions that the practice attends to, along with QS & Budget Estimates and finally Project Management of Domestic &
Commercial Projects.
Raymond currently has a number of on-going renovation
projects in Cork and says, “most of the time I have people
coming in and wanting an opinion on what we can do with
a building.” However, his sights are set high – he hopes to continue to grow his client base while delivering a high-quality
Domestic & Commercial
Eoin Hurley Plastering Contractors
The Bridge, Bandon, Co.Cork.
Hardware, Building & Diy
Tel:023 884 1210
Fax: 023 884 1915
email: info@kellehershardware.ie
Derry O'Donovan Ltd
Tractor & Machinery Sales
New & Secondhand
Cooligboy, Timoleague, Co.Cork.
Tel: 023 884 6053
Derry: 087 268 0775
Industrial & Farm Buildings / Slatted Units / Stables
Concrete Work / Site Clearance / Ground Works
Ballygurteen, Rossmore, Clonakilty, Co.Cork.
Tel:023 883 8710 Fax: 023 883 8944
Innishannon: 021 477 5599
email: info@keohanereadymix.ie
Suppliers of Concrete, Blocks, All Stone & Aggregates to Commercial & Domestic
"All less abled bathroom
needs catered for"
Commercial Floors
& Carpets
Sports Floors,
Marmoleum & Vinyl
Unit 3, Mayfield Business Park, Cork.
Tel: 021 234 2238 / 086 259 5992
www. maryboroughimports.ie
"full range of bathroom ware,tiles & timber flooring"
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Tonamaddy Creggs, Co. Roscommon Mobile: 086-8551835 Email: seanjlohan@eircom.net
Lo-Homes Limited dedicate their time to listening to their clients and pride themselves
on their attention to detail and their utilisation of every inch of space- nothing goes to
waste with this Roscommon based practice. ey understand how a small extension or
the smallest alteration can provide another living area and change a family's way of being
"I learnt from experience," company director, Sean Lohan explained. "My first introduction to the business was my father building an extension onto our family home and I was
curious about how things worked. I spent days watching him and when he was finally finished, the work he had done changed our home and the time my family spent together."
With a certificate in civil engineering, a degree in architecture and four years experience building high-rise developments in London, Sean has a deep appreciation for
the importance of building a building that will last. It's not about how much steel is
used and how many angles are juxtaposed- it's about creating a safe, comfortable and
lasting environment for his clients to live happily ever after in.
"I wanted to work hands on in the business at first, " Sean revealed. "I wanted to figure out the methods and materials for myself. I had seen it all in college- how things
come together and the terminology that should be used, but I wanted to see what it
was really like on the ground floor, stacking and packing the bricks."
After returning to Ireland in 1992, Sean finished college and got a job working for a
consultant engineer in Roscommon. Most of the work coming in was litigation and
Sean had no interest in it- he was more intrigued by the occasional request for the
design of a private home and if any came in, Sean was the person to deal with them.
Deciding to tackle the business on his own, he established Lo-Homes Limited in
1998. He built up a large portfolio of one-off houses and watched his business grow
from strength to strength. "We depend on clients satisfaction for future business,"
Sean detailed. "We rely on word-of-mouth. Most of our business comes from a friend
of a friend and people have gotten to know and trust us in these rural communities."
Full Carpentry & Building ServiCeS
Extensions, New Builds & Renovations
David Gately Carpentry
Fearbreagues, Co.Roscommon.
Contact David: 086 839 0029
email: davygately@gmail.com
Warn N' Cosy Homes Ltd
Ballybrogan, Lecarrow, Co.Roscommon
Tel: 090 648 9804
Mobile: 086 270 5603
email: warmncosyhomes@gmail.com
INsuLatIoN CoNtraCtors
Having dealt with the same construction workers and the Galway, Mayo and
Roscommon County Councils on a regular basis, there isn't much Sean doesn't know
about getting the job done efficiently and effectively out west. His client centred approach means his ears are always open and his eyes are always looking for more ways
to make the most out of a room.
"First and foremost, I listen to what my clients have to say," Sean said. "I go out and
meet them on site. I don't ask them to come in to my office, I want to see the siteits orientation and solar gain, how it all lies right before the eye. I take it all into account and write down what my clients want. I, then, go back to the office and draw
design after design, until I have co-ordinated what my clients have asked for with
the local authorities and what is possible."
e design process can take anything up to three months and with Lo-Homes Limited competitive prices and their determination to find the best plan for their clients,
time can do nothing but fly. "I have kept the business relatively small on purpose,"
Sean declared. "I like to give a project my full attention. I know there's more money
involved in the bigger projects, but I like knowing my clients are happy in their homes
and enjoying the personal touch we leave on every one of our designs."
Moving his business onwards and upwards, Sean is focusing on more energy efficient
houses, while advising his clients to make real use of their living space and to wrap
up their homes with insulation. "It's awful hard these days to tell people to insulate
their house," Sean divulged. "But it's also awful nice when they go through a tough
winter and come back and thank me for the insulation. It's like Leonardo Da Vinci
once said, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication."
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Dillon Brothers Construction Ltd
When drawing-up the plans for your new-build or
renovation, the most important step is finding the
construction practice that not only understands your
vision, but possesses the skill and expertise to bring
it to fruition.
Why shouldn’t you create a circular home, or live in the vicinity while it’s being renovated? Dillon Brothers Construction – the trading name for Killuragh Brothers Ltd,
with its long history of civil engineering, would not deter you. With a keen focus on
performance and quality, these are the people to go to with the know-how.
The family ownership of Dillon Brothers Construction, established in 2002 in Limerick,
means the strong emphasis on hands-on-management, teamwork and client satisfaction
is consistent – resulting in trust, certainty and value for all clients. Creating innovative
and value-adding solutions for clients has meant creating solid relationships with professional teams and clients, while working to protect the welfare of future generations
through its emphasis on sustainability.
Four years after Dillon Brothers Construction completed Kildimo House in County
Limerick; its proud residents are still providing positive feedback on their improved
quality of life. They wanted their home to centre on a circular living space, from which
the space would splinter into two areas for sleeping and living – and that’s exactly what
they got.
Tadgh and Claire explained that this was no mean feat: “Normally construction of
a dwelling house would be of no great challenge or difficulty when it comes to
modern day building, but where this particular build was so different was the whole
roof structure was complex, as well as architecturally challenging.
“The roof structure comprised of three different designs inter-linked with one another. The centre of the roof is a circle structure with a diameter of 10 meters –
on one side it has a pyramid roof structure and on the other side is a hip roof.This
resulted with curved wall plates and valleys, copper vented crowns and staggered
slating to give that unique and curve effect.”
The individual roof plans – two rectangular and one conical – and complicated intersections in this elongated design required considerable expertise. The whole
build was a timber frame, constructed and fabricated on site – all built and supervised by Liam Dillon of Dillon Brothers Ltd. In keeping with their emphasis on highquality and consistency, all the carpentry work was completed using their own
carpentry services.
Tadgh and Claire explained, “The shapes involved accurate carpentry and a good
understanding of timber and roofing materials. The final result is a seamless finish,
free of leaks which can be common if carried out incorrectly.”
Kilmido House is now something of a landmark, thanks to its interesting structure.
Meanwhile its owners enjoy the magnificent views across the countryside through
the large double-aspect windows in each room.With an A2 energy rating, they can
rest assured that they’ve ticked the sustainable and renewable energy boxes.
• Full Spraying service including Hay Barns.
• High Pressure Power Washing.
• Wooden floors - sanded & varnished.
• Hand Painted Kitchen Units.
Ballinahinch, Birdhill, Co.Tipperary. Tel:061-379417 / 087-652 1053
Christy Cooney Painting & Decorating
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Dillon Brothers Construction
doesn’t simply work on residential
projects, but a range of agricultural
and healthcare projects too. Apart
from maintain a team of carpenters,
the practice also provides a whole
host of construction services, such as
landscaping, demolition and electrical; it also provides agricultural services such as slatted shed
construction, milking parlour construction and anaerobic digesters.
en there’s the cabinet making
services and professional services,
such as pre-construction advice, design & build and procurement.
Killuragh, Pallasgreen, Co. Limerick.
Tel: 086 3809274
email: killuraghbrothers@gmail.com
An example of these service put into practice can be seen
through the Dillon Brothers completion of the Riverdale
Nursing Home. The practice was approached in 2011,
with what turned out to be a rather tricky project: they
wanted to add an extension to the home, with the elderly
residents still comfortably inhabiting the space. Of course,
the Dillon Brothers took it in their stride.
The extension was to be designed to bring the nursing home up to the standard required by
HIQA for all private Nursing Homes, with notably bigger bedroom sizes, provision of a majority
of single bedrooms with en suite facilities, provision of a Visitors Room and outdoor gathering
areas – plus extending the size of the Dining and Lounge facilities.
The architect working in conjunction with the Dillon Brothers observed: “Due to the tight nature
of the site and the minimum site area we could use for expansion, it was decided that the extension would be constructed to the front of the building and would be constructed in two stages.”
He continued, “Our task was made considerably more difficult as it was a client requirement that
all residents would remain in home while construction work was carried out. In this respect
great credit is due to all the staff and residents of the home and indeed to the main contractors,
Dillon Brothers Construction Ltd to facilitate the completion of a successful project.”
In addition to the extension, the nursing home was completely refurbished internally and state
of the art fire safety measures were employed together with a new heating system, which is very
Dillon Brothers Construction’s focus on sustainable construction practices earned them recognition when a zero-waste extension project in Limerick city they were working on as the main
contractor, was nominated for a zero waste award.
It seems Dillon Brothers Construction’s reputation for being the most reliable construction company in Limerick will comfortably be put to the test by any prospective client looking to find the
right firm to realise their vision.With the team ready to commence the construction of an anaerobic digester in Limerick, they’re looking forward to further broadening their portfolio.
For all Windows/Door/Glass Requirements
• Hardwood • Aluclad • uPVC • Thermally Broken Aluminium
• Conservatories • All Type of Glass Assembles
Schools, New Houses or replacement work
Unit 10, Stereame Business Park, Limerick Road, Nenagh, Co.Tipperary.
Burgess, Carrigotgher, Tipperary .
Tel:067 42709 email: ryanstoves@eircom.net
email: info@youghalglass.ie Tel:067 40000 www.youghalglass.ie
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Martins Construction Ltd
Tel: 065 6868884
Ballycarroll, Barefield, Ennis, Co Clare.
Fax: 065 6829822 Mobile : 087 2869622 Email: martinsconstruction2@eircom.net
Daycare facility at Carrigoran Nursing Home,
Aerial View West
086 305 6897
Ashfield House, Ennis, Co.Clare.
Tel: 065 684 8772
email: michael@specialistflooring.ie
"We have a flooring solution for all flooring needs"
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"The Experienced
Professionals in Joinery"
Roslevan, Tulla Road, Ennis, Co Clare.
Tel: 065 6821122 Fax: 065 6821140
Dave Burke 086 8115960
Paudie O’Callaghan 086 6066874
email: info@westernjoinery.com
“Thanking Martins Construction for their loyalty through the years”
“AF Roofing Ltd are proud to be associated with
Martins Construction Ltd.
wishing them continued success in the future”
Tarmac Surfacing / Resurfacing
Tarmac Repair & Renewal
Tarmac Surface Dressing
AF Roofing Ltd were contracted to provide roofing
services to Martins Construction Ltd. on the
Cappamore Library & The Parteen National School.
Contact Michael: 086 811 2930
AF Roofing Ltd, Knocknastooka, Grange, Youghal, Co. Waterford.
Telephone: 024 94632 Mobile: 087 251 2539 Email: info@afroofing.ie
Fawnagowan, Tipperary. Tel: 062 31042 Fax: 062 80574
email: englishtarmac@eircom.net www.englishtarmacservices.ie
Painting & Decorating Contractors
Domestic & Commercial
Spray Painting Services
New Quay, The Burren, Co.Clare.
Contact Declan: 087 647 7622
email: declanoh@gmail.com
Best Wishes to Martins Construction
WallaCE paving is a FaMily run BusinEss ThaT has
dEvElopEd a rEpuTaTion For qualiTy, rEliaBiliTy,
good sErviCE and valuE.
We offer a complete service from initial design, associated groundwork, drainage
and installation to final completion.
Tel: 068 34353 / 087 2300408
email: info@wallacepaving.ie
Kenneth OBrien
Killeen, Ballyshrule, Portumna, Co.Galway
(T) 090-97-59733 (M) 087-685-3280 (F) 090-97-59733
Email: Obrienpaitingcontractors@eircom.net
Eugene Foley Construction Ltd.
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The Old Forge, Dowrath, Ballycallan, Co.Kilkenny
Sion Road, Kilkenny
Tel: 056 - 77 21840 Mobile: 086 822 4789
Email: efconstruction@eircom.net
renowned for producing excellent standards of construction, combined with a
high quality service on a diverse range
of projects- Eugene Foley Construction
ltd. promises quality workmanship,
along with prompt delivery of construction projects and a firm commitment to
client satisfaction. With expertise in
civil, commercial, education, healthcare,
industrial, residential, retail, fit out, demolition, conservation and refurbishment
development and fast track alterations,
the Kilkenny based company has an endless supply of solutions and a wealth of
knowledge, accumulated over many
years of hard work.
Founded in 2000, Eugene Foley Construction Ltd. recognises its team and their talents as
the company's main resource and has invested heavily in their skills and experience- not
only to guarantee their client's peace of mind, but also to improve their way of living and
enhance the standard of production. Establishing a reputation through technical competence
and a true concern for their clients needs, the versatile construction contractors have
worked with many different architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and project managers
and have succeeded, in most cases, in turning new business into repeat business, with their
reliability and efficiency.
priding themselves on understanding and reacting to their client's expectations and forging
strong, long lasting relationships- Eugene Foley
Construction ltd.'s ethos are to manage their
client's construction risk and bring added value
to a project, whilst also delivering it on time and
on budget. "We aim to save people time and
money," revealed Eugene. "We've done work in
most areas of construction- we know what works
and what doesn't and safety, always comes first. i
stay up-to-date with all of the new courses that
are brought in and make sure my men are fully
informed on the latest trade progressions."
"I get involved with every project," explained Company Managing Director, Eugene Foley.
"It's a personal thing. I like to make sure every project gets the same detail and focus and
each client receives my full attention. I have a team of 13, highly qualified men, who ensure
absolute professionalism on site and during the entire construction process and they too,
understand the importance of a job well done."
Hebron Industrial Est 056 7790 503
Sion Road, Kilkenny
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Kells Wholemeal Ltd., Co. Kilkenny
Hygienic PVC Wall & Ceiling Cladding
‡ Non-toxic
‡ Chemical Resistant
‡ No Unhygienic Grout
‡ Easy to Maintain
‡ Cost Effective
‡ Powerwashable
Working with the HSE and the Kilkenny County Council on a regular
basis, Eugene Foley Construction Ltd boasts a broad portfolio of specialised work, such as disability conversions and with a comprehensive
and modern engineering plant fleet, covering all aspects of the building
spectrum and allowing full flexibility to meet the daily demands of the
construction business, the dependable crew have everything they need
to tackle any project, any size and any brief.
"Over the years, I've learnt how to manage people and different jobs,"
Eugene stated. "It's my job to make sure each project runs smoothly and
that everything fits the building regulations and the health and safety regulations.We're working on six projects at the moment and each of them
are on their way to completing this criteria." Exercising a rigorous Quality Management System, Eugene Foley Construction Ltd. has pledged its
committal to ongoing company and construction improvement and provides a record of their adherence to employers' and designers' plans- so
there's no confusion, there's no job they can't do.
For Free Estimate, Contact Enviroclad:
Unit 57b, Hebron Industrial Estate
Hebron Road, Kilkenny.
Tel: +353 (0)56 775 2866
Fax: +353 (0)56 777 0955
Email: info@enviroclad.com
Paediatric Ward Refur’b St. Lukes Hospital
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email: kilkenny@mwhire.com
"Irish Grown Plants When Possible"
Specializing in
Planting Shrubs, Trees,
Lawns& Hedging
Unit 14, Urlingford Business Park,
Urlingford, Co.Kilkenny
Drinagh, Rosslare Road,
Unit 30, Herbon Industrial Estate,
T: 056 883 1418
T: 056 916 8122
T: 056 77 61265
M & D Fennelly Ltd
Heating & Plumbing Contractors
Unit F, Thomastown Business Park,
Thomastown, Co.Kilkenny.
Tel: 056 772 4583
email: manddfennelly@eircom.net
Watree, Gowran, Co.Kilkenny.
Tel: 056 77 26392
Contact Michael: 086 829 9157
email: doyleers@eircom.net
Michael Doyle Landscaping
Dermot: 087 253 9234
Michael: 087 2504601
Brian O'Neill
PaiNtiNg & DecOratiNg cONtractOrs
cOmmercial / iNDustrial / DOmestic
"Quality WOrkmaNshiP guaraNteeD"
Newtown, Kells, Co.Kilkenny.
Tel: 056 77 28388
Contact Michael: 087 290 9561 or Billy: 087 965 4181
email: michaelmurphyseamlessgutters@gmail.com
We Supply & Fit:
PVC Fascia & Soffit
All Types of Guttering and Down-pipes.
Fen Lodge, Newpark, Kilkenny, Co.Kilkenny.
Tel: 056 776 1907 / 086 809 6741 email: bonpon@eircom.net
Cast Aluminium Gutters & Down-pipes
Moroney Electrical Ltd
Purcellsinch, Carlow Road
Tel: 056 77 51141
Contact Sean: 086 259 2321
Looking for a Quote?
31 The Mall, Waterford.
Freephone: 0818 224 488
Tel: 051 860 600
Fax: 051 860 698
• Motor Insurance
• Home Insurance
• Commercial Insurance
• Health Insurance
• Travel Insurance
email: sean@moroney.ie
Public Lighting Installation.
Domestic & Commercial
Electrical Contractors
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The Athlone Institute of Technology International
Arena has a footprint of 6,818m2, an overall
building floor area of 9,715m2, some 850 tonnes
of structural steel and 50,000 concrete blocks that
can house 2,000 spectators. An impressive sight
within the third level college campus, with the
buildings, pitches and tracks that surround it, the
IAAF certified arena, designed by OCA Architects
in conjunction with Malachi Cullen Consulting
Engineers, integrated instantly into its environment and took its place amongst Irish athletics
44-45 Lower Camden St, Dublin 2.
Tel: 01- 476 3922 Fax: 01- 478 0028
email: info@ocaarchitects.ie
Fitted with a six lane, 200 metre oval track, using specialist ‘Mondo’
track material and laid on prefabricated suspended ‘pallets’, gradually
turning and banking at either end to achieve best athletic performancethe world-class arena offers the opportunity for Olympic preparation,
for both athletes and coaches, while creating a venue for Irish athletes
to challenge the very best athletes in the world. Also boasting a high
jump, long jump, triple jump, pole vault, sand pit, 60metre sprint track
and a fully comprehensive range of warm up, changing and parking facilities- the arena enhances the ability of many athletes to train at a high
level throughout the winter months.
"The clients were very happy and proud when we handed it over," OCA
Architects company director, Neil Fanning revealed. "A lot of work went
into resolving the demanding brief and trying to make sure all of the elements worked together to fit into the restricted site, within the overall
college campus. In the end, simple and rational ideas solved our problems
and with the help of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, engineers,
mechanical & electrical consultants and quantity surveyors, the arena
settled into the grounds really well."
"We followed a certain
logic drawing up the plan,"
neil described. "We were
very aware of the budget
we had to cater for, the
features we had to incorporate and the fact that
there was nothing else like
it in the Country... We
were delighted to be involved in such project."
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Saint Patrick Street, Ballybay, Co.Monaghan.
Tel: 042 974 1099 Fax: 042 974 1001
email: Jason@leonardengineering.ie
Leonard engineering
(Ballybay) Ltd.
Jason Leonard 3D Images/ Athlone International Arena project
Leonard Engineering (Ballybay) Ltd specialises in the design, fabrication and erection
of Heavy Structural Steel for all sectors of the market - industrial, commercial,
educational, pharmaceutical and technological - since 1901.
SounD InStaLLatIonS & HIre
As part of an AIT investment programe, partly funded by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, a competition was held
in 2010 for the arena's design contract and OCA Architects partnered up with Malachi Cullens Consulting Engineers to devise a
detailed design and fulfill the client's wish list of providing the country’s first dedicated indoor athletics facility.The client team, lead by
Professor Ciaran O’Cathain, President of Athlone Institute of Technology, gave very strong leadership and guidance in determining the
brief and supporting the design team, the project team and building
contractors throughout the project procurement.
10 Castlemaine Street
www. midlandsound.ie
email: info@midlandsound.ie
Tel: 090 647 5418
Midland Sound Equipment
The €10 million facility opened its doors to the public in mid-January 2013, with the staging of the Athletics Ireland Combined
Event Championships on Saturday, the Athletics Ireland Open Indoor Games on Sunday and the Taioseach, Enda Kenny, alongside
many legendary Irish athletes, Dr Ronnie Delaney, Senator Eamonn
Coghlan, John Treacy and Ireland’s first female Olympian, Maeve
Kyle- there to celebrate the beginning of a new era in Irish sport
and deliver a few words on the greatness of such an initiative.
Since then, the arena has successfully hosted the AAI Combined
Event Championships, the AAI Open Indoor Games, National Indoor Finals, Masters, Under 23s championships, Connacht & Leinster Indoor Championships, as well as several club and athlete
training sessions. And with a curved, glass façade looking out onto
the pitches, the arena has proven to be an invaluable resource in
the development of track and field in Ireland and has established
itself as an integral part of AIT, as the majority of campus traffic
circulate through its doors and people travel from all over the
country to experience it.
"We were concurrently working on a project of a similar size, a
plastics factory of similar complexity, but with a vastly different
brief" Neil discussed. " With the arena, it was all about the
track and making sure it was fit to meet international standards- everything had to be exact and quality had to be guarenteed. We also wanted to solve any complex issue with a
straight forward response and design a building that provided
the high class athletics facility that stands today."
Ballytherm is committed to the manufacture
and supply of effective insulation products to
the construction industry.
Annagh Industrial Park
Tel: 049 95 27000
Fax: 049 95 27002
email: info@ballytherm.ie
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Insulated Roof
& Wall Panels
KS1000 TD Topdek
KS1000 TD Topdek is a single component
factory pre-engineered roofdeck comprising
a single ply PVC membrane with high
performance insulation and steel liner.
Topdek is a fast track ‘single-fix’ solution
that can eliminate the need for valley,
boundary wall and hip gutters.
Topdek is ideal for flat, pitched or curved roof
applications. It can be installed with vacuum
lifting equipment, making installation quicker
and easier, and therefore more cost-effective
than traditional built-up systems.
For the ultimate roofing
system, think Topdek.
Kingspan Limited
Carrickmacross Road, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan, Ireland
t: +353 (0) 42 96 98500 email: info.ire@kingspanpanels.com
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Martins Construction Ltd
Tel: 065 6868884
Ballycarroll, Barefield, Ennis, Co Clare.
Fax: 065 6829822 Mobile : 087 2869622 Email: martinsconstruction2@eircom.net
Leslie Colton Engineering & Architectural Services
Tel: 057 862 5448
Underhill, Rathmore, Stradbally, Co.Laois.
Contact Leslie: 086 818 8472 email: lesliecolton@eircom.net
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