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Retail - Epos Now
01 Businesses in your sector
14 Build customer loyalty
02 Simple to use
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03 Cloud technology
17 Ecommerce website integration
04 Remote management
18 Chip and Pin integration
06 Barcoding and shelf labels
20 PRO-C15 complete solution
07 Promotions
21 Full tablet solution
08 Customizable dashboard
22 Software only solution
09 Stock control
23 Additional hardware
09 Employee management
25 Additional accessories
11 Sales reporting
26 Support and training
11 Accurate end of day
27 About Epos Now
12 Accounting and payroll
28 Our awards
13 Product management
Businesses in
your sector
Epos Now was founded on the belief all
businesses, regardless of their size, can
leverage the power of cloud technology to
streamline their business operations. Our
award winning systems have been affording
retail businesses increased profitability,
reduced costs and peace of mind since
startup in 2011.
We serve over 50 industries, with a history
of success serving the retail sector. Our
customers range from independent
shops and boutiques to multi-site chains,
up to franchises with 100+ systems.
Our comprehensive Athena software is
engineered to meet the demand of the retail
industry, improving transaction speeds and
the customer experience.
Simple to use
Our system is so intuitive that a staff member can be fully
trained in 15 minutes or less. You need to control your
business without compromizing the quality or speed of
service. Our system delivers fast close tender keys, rapid
reordering functions and quick tab-to-table order transfers.
Our system will ensure every item is sold for the correct
price. Your staff will stop charging the wrong price (and/or
stop guessing), and you can change those prices easily. Staff
members can quickly switch between orders and can even be
prompted to upsell and cross sell with the inclusion of pop-up
Users report
a 30% speed
10% savings
for reduction in
human error
Staff are trained
in 15 minutes
Cloud technology is providing retail
business owners with more flexibility
in how they run their businesses.
The rise of mobile working means
you can access your data, anytime,
anywhere, on any device, allowing
you to run your business from your
back pocket!
Cloud technology is the perfect
partner for a growing business,
affording you unlimited scalability
and protection for your data. The
cloud also eliminates costly software
upgrades and means your system
will automatically be updated with
every release. You’ll always have the
most up to date software, without
the additional price tag.
You’re no longer chained to
the system. Work between
locations, from home or on
Whether you have 1 or 100
systems, control all business
data from your back office
Even if your hardware is
corrupted or stolen, your data
is safe in the cloud.
You can access your entire system securely
on any device, from anywhere in the world!
This allows you to; to monitor security,
access accounting information, change
pricing or run any kind of report. Just type
in your username and password into the
online portal on your phone, tablet, PC or
Mac and you can check how your business
is performing, whether you’re on vacation
or out of the office.
Athena is the culmination of two years of research and
development. We’ve analyzed over 100 million customer
interactions with our platform to ensure that Athena
cuts the average transaction time in half.
Jacyn Heavans, CEO & Founder
Barcoding and
shelf-edge labels
Our system gives any retailer the ability to print high
quality barcodes, store promotions and shelf-edge
labels easily. This ability to generate your own barcodes
for stock not only speeds up service time drastically,
as staff spend less time searching for product details,
but also ensures that your products are marked up in a
professional manner with the price and SKU details clearly
displayed for the customer.
The competition to win customer loyalty is fierce. To fight
this battle successfully, retailers must give customers
a reason to choose them over their competitors.
Promotions can be used as a great tool to increase
turnover, boost margins, and reduce non-selling stock
without a corresponding increase in marketing or
advertising expenditure. Promotions keep your customers
coming back again and again, boosting their loyalty and
satisfaction with your brand. They are also great for
attracting increased foot-traffic since passers-by will be
more encouraged to pop in if they see an attractive offer
on display.
With our system, different promotions can be run at
different locations, at different times and everything can
be updated and monitored, all from your store or whilst
away from the office.
Access and create customizable dashboards to get an instant
overview of your entire business and receive real time product,
sales and employee information on any device. Dashboard
options include profitability, revenue, staff or product analysis by
individual location, staff or the whole business. Create custom
dashboards to show the most important KPIs for your business.
Instant access to sales data & best selling products
Stock control
Stock takes can be performed in minutes rather than hours thanks to the inbuilt stock control module and
any stock variances can be instantly highlighted with intelligent reporting. This will free up your time to
focus on other important activities to grow your business such as marketing to your customers.
Automatic minimum and maximum stock alerts can be set up on products to ensure that not only fast
selling items never run out of stock, but that any cashflow tied up within stock is kept to an absolute
minimum. The system will warn you when stock has fallen below the minimum level to reduce supplier
lead time and awkward “out-of-stock” conversations. Furthermore, the system will automatically compile
purchase orders for your suppliers with all required stock on to save hours of paperwork and stock
Without having to go into the back office or stock room, staff can get an instant visibility of stock at any
location (even on back order) to help customers quickly get the product they want if it’s out of stock in
one of the locations. This will prevent customers from going to the store down the road or buying online
If your business has multiple locations the system can give you an insight into stock levels per location and
drastically reduce the hassle of moving stock between locations.
Employee Management and Security
Our systems drastically cut down on shrinkage (the inventory that
disappears due to theft), waste and misuse by employees.
A detailed record of all transactions on the system is logged. Not only
can staff be given the option to sign in with pin codes or swipe cards,
but they can also be allocated permissions and access rights to limit
certain actions such as refunds, no-sales, voids and discounts.
Fantastic System! I have been extremely impressed
with the training I have received. Everything has been
explained clearly and in “layman’s terms” rather than “IT
speak”. At the same time I have not once been made to
feel stupid. I would highly recommend Epos Now to any
of my business acquaintances.
Judi Watson-Jones, Tanzanite Jewellery
Sales reporting
Run powerful sales reports from anywhere, on any device to help you cut operational costs and
highlight areas to increase profit margins and grow the business. Detailed sales reports make it much
easier for you to keep the right stock on hand and by using historical data, you can better forecast your
future needs.
Detailed sales data by item allows you to quickly validate actual stock against expected inventory levels,
enabling you to pinpoint potential areas of waste and/or theft. Also, clear inventory information helps
make purchasing requirements more accurate – not based on past experience or estimates.
By reviewing detailed sales reports you can focus on selling higher margin items and boost sales of
those items by promoting them in addition to any under performing products. One example is to use
the various employee reports to identify your top selling staff, in order to pick up their best selling
practices then roll out these out to the rest of the team.
Accurate end of day
Your Epos Now system can tell you how many of a particular product you have sold that hour, day, week or
month, and exactly how much money you have in your cash drawer. A simple report can be run from any
till point, home or head office and will summarize takings by both individual till point, till group or location.
The end of day will effortlessly differentiate between tender types to aid reporting and accounting. The
system even offers a ‘Blind End of Day’ function to further reduce chances of fraud and shrinkage.
Accounting and payroll
The inbuilt accounting module will not only automatically run your quarterly and
end of year tax returns but also calculate your profit, loss and operating margin in
real time, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or over a custom time frame.
Another great feature is the clocking in/out function that logs the exact hours
each member of staff works, and calculates their gross pay.
Epos Now is also fully integrated with the leading accounting packages, including
Sage and Xero. All sales, stock and product data automatically synchronizes,
saving you time and improving accuracy.
Effortless product
Easily add, edit and manage all your product information
from any location and device. Enter essential information
such as product code, cost price, supplier details, brand
and RRP. The system also gives you the ability to bundle
your products in various ways to form new products, like
gift baskets, hampers or bulk packs.
If your products have color and size variants, the system
can handle this too and managing them couldn’t be
easier. The inbuilt product matrix allows you to add
any product and instantly replicate the product details
across a specific size and color range. The size ranges
can be customized for men’s, women’s, and children’s
clothes, while the color range can include any color that
you like. For each size and color of a particular product
you can enter in your stock level, as well as minimum and
maximum order level. This ensures that you are ordering
the correct number of each item – which is especially
useful if you sell more of a particular size or color.
Build customer loyalty
The built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
will automatically record all of your customer data to use for
future marketing and loyalty purposes (existing customer
information can even be imported into the system). Using
predefined and customized reports, you can analyze customer
behavior to help increase repeat business and customer
Loyalty cards can be issued for customers to earn points,
redeem special offers or membership discounts, and
customers can even be allocated tabs or credit to encourage
repeat business. You will also have the ability to schedule
promotions according to day of the week and hour of the day
to attract more customers, increase sales with repeated visits,
build customer loyalty and improve customer satisfaction.
We can also connect to your existing third party loyalty
systems, such as Mailchimp, to give you the ability to create
marketing lists to mail shot your entire customer base special.
What’s more, our system has a revolutionary feature which
emails customers their receipt and then asks them to rate
your level of service after a sale. This gives you an indication
of where your strengths and weaknesses are in relation to
customer service and lets you know you current customer
satisfaction rating. This allows you to highlight happy
customers to get them to review you online and at TripAdvisor,
boosting repeat business.
One year on, 11,500+ transactions, 30,000+ items sold,
all is good. The system has great functionality and is
easily affordable for any business looking to upgrade
their existing system. There are possibly many other
features on more expensive systems but this ticked
the box on many levels and got us up and running very
Edward Brotherton, Bartrums & Co
The Epos Now AppStore allows you to create a bespoke EPOS experience, tailored to
to meet your specific retail needs. You will find a vast collection of apps to extend the
functionality of your EPOS system to streamline processes and scale your business. Most
are offered entirely free of charge. You will find apps created by our in-house software
developers, as well as third-party certified developers. Some apps are standalone and
extend the functionality of the system for all aspects of your business, such as customer
loyalty, accounting, payroll, stock control and reporting. Additionally, the AppStore
includes many integrations with web services you already use, including Zapper mobile
payments, Caterbook hotel PMS, Appointed online booking, Wordpress, Zapier and
We are adding new apps every month. This coupled with our constant platform updates
means you always stay one step ahead of the competition.
E-commerce website integration
Our web integration helps you grow your business while keeping your back-office management
simple. Integrating with your Epos Now system gives you a single view of all of your sales,
reports, inventory and customers, be they in-store or online.
The benefits of integrating your Epos Now back office with your website:
Integrated multichannel sales
Have a single view of all your
transactions, product sales and
margin levels from both online
and instore sales.
Inventory management
Real time synchronized stock levels
ensure you always know exactly how
much stock you have when you’re
selling both online and instore and will
avoid any double-selling and stockouts
Customer loyalty
Record and analyze your customers’
buying habits, online and offline,
allowing you to spot trends, boost
customer service and run targeted loyalty
Save time and
improve processes
Whether it’s from adding information,
completing a transaction, or making a
component during the sales process, our
web integrations save time in all aspects
of the business.
Chip & Pin Integration
Epos Now has partnered with industry leading payment providers, making it easier to take card
payments by connecting your card machine directly to your Epos Now system.
Cash up in minutes
Access to transaction reports
There is no need to check figures
against end of day reports as
reconciliation is fully automated.
Access transaction information online and
have a detailed overview of your sales.
Protect your profits
Improve customer experience
Automatic settlement allows you to
monitor every transaction.
Ensure payments are processed quickly
to improve customer experience making
sure you don’t keep customers waiting.
Remove human error
Close table from card machine
There’s no chance of mistakes as the
terminal communicates with your
Epos Now system and knows t he exact
amount every time.
This revolutionary service allows you to
print, split or close a bill directly from the
card machine. Epos Now communicates
directly with the card machine, preventing
staff running back and forth from table to
till. Full till receipts print directly from the
card machine.
We’re partnered with the leading payment providers
plus many more
Epos Now have helped us scale our business. In the 7
months that I have worked with Epos Now, our account
manager Ryan has been very helpful by walking me
through anything that has needed to be done and
is always on call. Based on my experience I would
recommend Epos Now’s services to everyone.
Patrick Willis, E-Cig Wizard
The Epos Now
Complete Solution
All for just $1799
Pay upfront or spread the cost monthly. We provide
everything you need to trade with no hidden costs.
Perfect for shops, boutiques, chains and franchises.
What you get:
• 2017 dual-core touch-screen Pro-C15 terminal
• Epos Now retail software license
• 80mm receipt printer
• High quality all-metal cash drawer
• 12 month warranty
• Configuration and installation
Full Tablet
All for just $599
Pay upfront or spread the cost monthly. We provide
everything you need to trade with no hidden costs.
Perfect for shops, boutiques, chains and franchises.
What you get:
• Apple iPad Air or Android (optional)
• Heckler secure iPad POS stand
• 80mm Ethernet receipt printer
• Secure all-metal cashdrawer
• Evo Payments Chip & Pin terminal with Heckler stand
• First month’s Epos Now software installation,
configuration and training
Software Only
All for just $750
or $39 a week
Pay upfront or spread the cost monthly. We provide
everything you need to trade with no hidden costs.
Perfect for shops, boutiques, chains and franchises.
What you get:
• 12 month warranty
• Configuration and installation
Additional hardware
Pro USB Thermal
Receipt Printer
Pro Ethernet 80mm
Thermal Order Printer
Bixolon DX220
Barcode Printer
Pro Customer
Display Pole
Pro Cash Drawer
The Epos Now USB receipt
printer accepts any standard
80mm till roll, and will deliver
high resolution receipts
quickly. Using the latest
thermal technology it does not
require replacement ribbons
or ink, and is built to cope
with busy retail and hospitality
The Epos Now Pro Order
Printer minimizes human
error by allowing you to print
orders from your EPOS system
directly to your bar and
Save yourself time and money
by using this thermal printer
that prints using heat and
requires no ink. Customize
and print high quality
barcodes and labels directly
from Epos Now software.
The Pro Customer Display
Pole is perfect for noisy
environments (like bars and
nightclubs) where customers
can’t easily hear staff.
The Pro Cash Drawer is
engineered entirely out of
metal to ensure your cash is
kept secure at all times and
can easily be connected to any
standard EPOS printer.
Including Tax
Including Tax
Including Tax
Including Tax
Including Tax
Additional hardware
Pro USB Barcode
Pro Wireless Barcode
Socket Mobile 7Ci
Barcode Scanner
Speed up transactions
and avoid human errors in
every retail or hospitality
environment. The USB
Barcode Scanner is plug and
play and allows for quick
scanning, even with poor or
damaged barcodes.
Easily scan all standard 1D
barcodes. This wireless
scanner is perfect for scanning
items or products that are out
of reach of the main system or
that are awkwardly placed.
Speed up transactions,
accurately keep track of stock
and cut down on human
error with the Socket Mobile
7Ci. Easily scan all standard
1D/linear and stacked
barcodes with this portable
barcode scanner that is small,
lightweight, and comfortable
to hold.
Including Tax
Including Tax
Including Tax
Additional accessories
Pro Till Roll
Barcode Labels
Staff Swipe Cards
Pro Magnetic Swipe
Card Reader
Our premium quality till rolls
are designed for thermal
receipt printing and are the
perfect size for the Epos Now
receipt printers, as well as
most standard 80mm receipt
Premium quality barcode
labels for high resolution
printing on all thermal
barcode printers. Designed
to be the perfect size for the
Epos Now Barcode Printing
Increase your security and
transaction speed by allowing
staff to swipe to access the
system, whilst decreasing
admin by having your staff
swipe to clock in and out of
their shifts.
Improve productivity of staff
and the security of your
business by allowing staff to
use a swipe card to log in.
Enable your terminal to read
and process staff cards, loyalty
cards and gift cards with a
single swipe.
Including Tax
Including Tax
Including Tax
Including Tax
Support & training
Billed monthly
Billed monthly
Software included
Software included
Unlimited data storage
and reporting
Unlimited data storage
and reporting
Unlimited training sessions
Unlimited training sessions
9am-6pm Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm
Saturday support
24/7 Prioritised support
Onsite engineers based
across the US
Next day hardware
replacement service
Unlimited 1-1 training
and coaching
12 month warranty on all
Online backup and
financial grade encryption
Dedicated account
management and
corporate department
About Epos Now
Epos Now is an award winning point of-sale-software and hardware
provider, committed to providing industry leading technology to SMEs in
the retail and hospitality sectors. Creator of the UK’s first POS AppStore
and winner of the Queen’s Award for Innovation, Epos Now products
are customer-centric by design, empowering entrepreneurs to run their
businesses more effectively.
Founded by Jacyn Heavens in 2011, he set up Epos Now in a room above
his bar when he struggled to find an affordable and insightful EPOS to
help him run his business profitably. Today, Epos Now has over 30,000
customers in 109 different countries and continues to create pioneering
EPOS products to add value to the lives and businesses of business
owners worldwide.
I started Epos Now because I was a frustrated
business owner. It’s just not enough for EPOS
systems to accept transactions, deliver receipts,
create reports and be ludicrously expensive.
They should be affordable, make life easier,
make your customers happier and be
accessible from anywhere.
Jacyn Heavans, CEO & Founder
Our Awards
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