Team Reports Edition! T-Ball - AA

Team Reports Edition! T-Ball - AA
Albany Little League Newsletter
Volume XIX Number 2
T-Ball - AA
June 9, 2015
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Manager: Evan Schulz
Coaches: Dan Cutter and Brian Wise
Coming off what long-time ALL fans are dubbing the ―best parade
ever,‖ the Albany Bees are preparing for a T-ball season like no
other. Leading the charge is skipper Evan Schulz, who is proud of his
young team and optimistic about the season ahead: ―Coach Brian,
Coach Dan, and I are truly fortunate to be leading the Bees, a
collection of wonderful kids who show great promise, even after only
two practices!‖
The rotation for the Bees is looking exceptionally strong this spring,
with Fletcher “the Flame Thrower” Oliver among an all-star cast of
hurlers. ―The parade was awesome, and now we‘re just looking
forward to the first game,‖ said Fletcher. These young phenoms will
be developing their arms under the sage play-calling of Miles “Wise
Guy” Wise, who will be donning the mask and playing catcher this
year, among other positions.
Backing up this staff of superstars will be an all-star infield of hot
prospects. At shortstop is Ethan “E-Chan” Ching, who likes
throwing the most. When Ethan is not on the field himself, he
watches both the A‘s and ―the Panda‖ for inspiration. Speaking of
―the Panda,‖ next to Ethan we find power third baseman Kai
“Superstar” Sarkar, who reports that he just ―can‘t wait for the first
game Sunday.‖
But whether supporting their friends on the road or grinding out their
own wins at home, the Bees players agree that the games are not
complete without a trip to the snack shack. ―We love the cotton candy
and hot dogs!‖ the team screamed in harmony as they reminisced
about opening day.
--- Josh Konecky
Kahn Design Associates Architects
Manager: Garth Schultz
Coaches: Chris Beynon
Bulls players are starting off strong, with Coaches Garth Schultz and
Chris Beynon leading the team. With two practices under the team‘s
belt, they are ready to start this season on April 4 charging ahead.
Training and drills are getting these rookies in shape with the help of
each of the players‘ parents. Thomas Adams, Ryan Sharpless, and
Magnus Williams are acing the alligator drill of catching ground
Batter up for Takeo Dea, Cavan Miller, Henry Schultz, and Jack
Beynon, who are mastering the T. They will be batting a thousand by
the end of the season. Jorge Carrillo, Elias Denny, Remmy Norris,
and Dashiell Wedeking-Lucido know the bases and positions
backwards and forwards. The first scrimmage was players against
parents. The Bulls won with a no hitter, 11-0.
Let‘s go Bulls!
--- Tracy Dea
The batting lineup for the Bees is also shaping up to be one that will
pound fear into the hearts of opposing pitchers throughout the
league. Sky “Power Ball” Meyers, Colin “the Batting Champ”
Chan, Malek “the Masher” Herwig, and Jacob “Hot Wheels”
Konecky have each looked sharp during batting practice. They all
―love hitting‖ and are on the cusp of breakout seasons.
Teamwork and adventure also appear high on the list of objectives
this year for the Bees. ―I‘m looking forward to the games, so I can
play all the positions and see what I like best,‖ reports Ian
“Superman” Schulz, who wants baseball to keep going as long as
possible. Ian‟s team spirit was echoed by Lucela “Til-The-LastGame” Galinson, who says she‘s ready to learn hitting, catching,
and throwing all the way until the end of the season. Ian and Luli
look strong all around the diamond.
The Bees also will be big on sportsmanship this spring: ―I‘m looking
forward to playing and to seeing my friends on the other teams, too,‖
said Noah “the Heart” Hance, who likes catching; batting; and, of
course, winning the No 1. Banner at the parade. Noah and his
teammates are frontrunners in the rookie of the year competition.
Coach Schulz picked up on the enthusiastic words of his players:
―Beyond tomorrow's first game, we look forward to the Bees staying
safe, having fun, and beginning their mastery of our beloved pastime
all season long!‖
Copy Central
Manager: Tom Morgan
Coaches: Nick Jackson and Robert Rimi
Niko Adames loves baseball. If he could, he would wear his baseball
uniform every day. He is a switch hitter, and when he's not at bat, he
loves to play catcher. Emilio Bottrell-Rogers has only played a little
T-ball before, and the fact that he loves the Oakland A's concerns his
grandfather, a lifelong Dodgers fan. Will Forrest-Rimi‘s second word
was "baseball." He's been anxiously awaiting T-ball since he was two
years old. He is a dedicated Oakland A's fan and is excited to be a
part of Team Express!
This is Lucas Jackson's first experience with T-ball. His favorite
team is the Oakland A's, and his favorite player is Coco Crisp. Lucas
likes to play second base. Omar Johnson's favorite baseball team is
the Yankees. His favorite position is first base, and his favorite player
is Angel Pagan. He loves playing, watching, and reading about
baseball every chance he gets. Sam LeMaster is new to T-ball. He
likes the Boston Red Sox and being a batter. Jorge Roman Melgoza
is a Bay Area native with lots of Dodgers pride, and his favorite
professional players include Jackie Robinson, Adrian Gonzalez, and
Clayton Kershaw. Connor Morgan joins team Express in his first
spring season of T-ball. He loves playing catcher, just like his favorite
player, Buster Posey.
Ishaan Ranchod is an active kindergartener at Marin Elementary
who was born with team spirit. He is a big SF Giants fan, and when
he lost his first tooth, he asked the tooth fairy for a Buster Posey
Lego action figure. Go Express! Milo Schneider has been going to
Oakland A's games since he was two and is thrilled to be on his first
team! Niko Izquierdo's favorite team is the Oakland A's. He loves
going to A's games and eating peanuts. He will sit through an inning
or two just shelling and eating peanuts. Nahom Kidane's favorite
team is the Oakland A's, and he loves playing first base.
--- Jennifer Forrest
Mele Water
Manager: David Glass
Coaches: Dan Goodson and Jeff Koehler
The Raptors, led by a coaching trio of David Glass, Dan Goodson,
and Jeff Koehler, are ready for a great year. Coach David, who is
serving his inaugural year as ―official‖ head coach, is using the
experience he gained last year as an assistant to guide the Raptors
through fun practices aimed at learning the basics. The Raptors are
grateful for the sponsorship of Paul Mele of Mele Water.
After two practices and its first game against the Express, the team is
shaping up to be quite a force to be reckoned with. The Raptors are:
Six-year old Mabel Athanasiou, a strong left-handed thrower, is a
multifaceted player who loves to hit. Mabel is a fan of the A‘s and
reports that her favorite dinosaur is the T. rex. Mabel‘s favorite postgame snack is mango. When she is not hitting liners off the T, Mabel
enjoys spending quality time with her family. Jack Brencic, at 6
years old, has already earned the nickname ―the Hammer‖—both
because of his love of hitting and his hobby of working on projects
with tools. Jack hits right-handed and follows the Giants. He fuels up
on tacos after a long practice and before starting his next project.
Southpaw Nico Casher plans on stealing bases, when ALL rules
permit him to do so. He loves running. Nico is a Giants fan whose
favorite food is served at AT&T Park: a basket of chicken tenders
and fries. Nico hits the pool when he is not playing baseball. Calder
Glass, a 5-year-old right hander, has most enjoyed catching ground
balls and hitting. Calder is a fan of the Boston Red Sox and
especially likes to watch David ―Big Papi‖ Ortiz. When not fielding
grounders, Calder spends his spare time playing Kung Fu Pets and
eating tacos.
Under the tutelage of his father, Assistant Coach Dan, Andrew
Goodson is ready for a great year of T-ball with the Raptors. Andrew
has been working on all aspects of his game during practices and
has impressed observers with his powerful swing. Oakland A‘s fan
Karl Knox is 5 years old. To confuse his opponents, Karl throws with
his right hand but hits left-handed. Karl has refined taste in food,
favoring the shrimp noodle. Karl‘s favorite dinosaur is the
stegosaurus. He especially enjoys skateboarding in his spare time.
Emmett Koehler is another Raptor who throws and hits from
opposite sides. Emmett throws with his left hand but hits from the
right side of the T. Emmett is 6 and loves to hit the ball. He prefers
the Giants over the A‘s. His favorite non-Raptor activity is building
marble runs. At dinnertime, Emmett‘s meal of choice is a plate full of
pasta. Henry Nickelsen is a 6-year-old right-hander. Henry loves
hitting off the T and is anxious to start hitting pitches. He is a Giants
fan. Henry likes the most ferocious dinosaur of all: the T. rex. His diet
is unlike that of the T. rex, though; his preference is a plate of sushi.
Off the field, he enjoys playing with Legos. Taking the spring away
from the hockey rink is 6-year-old Soren Pearce. Soren can hit a
mean slap shot and has been seen altering his swing at the T so that
he will soon be hitting homer after homer. Soren is right-handed,
carbo-loads spaghetti, and likes the Giants. A 6-year old Giants fan,
Hank Roberts loves the thrill of running the bases. Hank throws and
hits right-handed and is perfectly happy eating macaroni and
cheese—from the box, please. Although he is happy to be a Raptor,
when pressed, Hank will tell you that he is especially fond of the
apatosaurus. Hank also enjoys playing soccer.
Milo Sinclaire is 5—going on 6. A right-handed Giants fan, Milo has
especially enjoyed working on his catching skills in the team‘s first
practices. Although his favorite dinosaur is the megalodon, a huge
prehistoric shark that fed on whales and other sea creatures, Milo‘s
taste in food pegs him as a true East Bay child. He prefers to eat
cherry tomatoes. Milo spends his time off the diamond on a number
of other activities, including science experiments. Leo Smock is
fresh off a 5th birthday celebration. Like his teammate Karl, Leo
throws right and hits left. A fan of the A‘s, Leo enjoys hitting and
hopes to one day have the skills of Coco Crisp. After a big game, Leo
prefers to fill up on a large plate of french fries. Biking is also a big
hobby for Leo.
River Cats
Solano Avenue Association
Manager: Tim Switft
Coaches: Phil Walz and Charles Wolff
Happy just to dress for success, Owen Martinez is proud of his Sand
Gnats uniform, and Caleb “Ball of Fire” Kahn can be seen tucking
his baseball pants into his socks in order to look ―just like Hunter
There is no lack of enthusiasm for the coming games, as Robbie
Bixler likes ―T-ball and baseball a lot‖ and is ―really good at hitting
and pitching,‖ while Devon Sampietro likes ―everything about Tball‖, especially batting and catching. Jax Koepp is looking forward
to ―hitting the ball so hard,‖ and Hayes “Riptide” Petersen plans to
―smack the ball over the fence.‖ Meadow Snyder plans to improve
everyone‘s RBI, as she really likes ―running to the bases.‖
In the scoring department, Monty Russell wants to ―hit a home run,‖
and Enzo Vargas aspires to ―crush a home run,‖ while “Wreck-it”
Beckett Helmbrecht has the Sand Gnats covered on the field, as he
can‘t wait to learn how to ―catch good.‖ On and off the field, the Sand
Gnats just want to have fun. David Day Palermo is hoping to make
lots of friends on the team, and he‘s definitely not alone in that
River Dogs
Ramen Shop
Manager: Aaron Shugart
Coaches: Scott Ferguson and Justus Watt
The Albany Little League T-ball River Dogs are brought to you by
Ramen Shop in Oakland. The River Dogs are led by Aaron Shugart
(manager), Scott Ferguson (coach) and Justus Watt (coach). The
River Dogs coaches are proud and honored to represent the
following list of eager and fun-loving first-time T-ball players:
#1: Nate Rauenhorst
#2: Kingston Jones
#3: Sean Lutz
#4: MJ Thompson
#5: Hayden Watt
#6: Danny Ferguson
#8: Benjamin Schechter
#9: Renato De Guzman
#10: Judah Shugart
#12: Matteo Tarantino
#13: Xavier Applen-Aycock
―River Dogs, River Dogs, River Dogs WOOF WOOF!‖
--- Aaron Shugart
Sand Gnats
Manager: Manoa Koepp
Coaches: Michael Helmbrecht and Dave Martinez
There is no repelling the Sand Gnats this season! Lead by Coach
Manoa Koepp and Assistant Coaches Michael Helmbrecht and Dave
Martinez, the Sand Gnats are jumping and biting at the opportunity to
play ball.
If their intentions are any indication, the Sand Gnats are in for an
amazing season. And as Sean Santa Cruz put it, ―Let‘s go bananas!‖
--- Serena Speth
In Memory of Peggy Thomsen
Manager: Rob Regan
Coaches: Ben Thompson
It was all exciting to see the Scrappers, together with other teams in
the league, marching in the parade for the opening of the 2015
season! Having participated in the first two practices, the Scrappers
players seem to be ready to dive in the following games.
Aiden Thompson has been looking forward to his first season of Tball since he was 2 years old. Having spent plenty of time watching
his older brother Lucas play baseball has prepared him for this big
moment. His favorite MLB team is the Oakland A's. Milo Duhamel
shares his love of baseball with his PopPop, a Bronx-born, die-hard
Yankees fan. He is in love with Albany Little League, his teammates,
and great coaches and is really happy that his logo is an angry dog.
Sinjin Amianda-Cook hopes to stay a Scrapper, but as a big
slugger and an A‘s fan, he fears that Coach Rob may trade him
midyear for pitching prospects. Grant Deutschbauer enjoys
practicing baseball with his big brother, Luke (A Astros) and his dad.
Mica Li likes the pitching and the batting the most. He has not
thought too much about anything else yet except for improving his
skills. He feels sorry that he‘s missing the first two games because of
his travel to China with the family. Drew Regan says T-ball is fun.
He likes catching the ball at first base on the REAL baseball field. His
favorite team is the Giants. Andres Karell-Griffin likes playing the
second base position with the scrappers. He wants to try being the
catcher soon. He loves the Oakland A's and the Puerto Rican
national baseball team. Rhys Mckernon is excited to play T-ball,
because he likes watching the Giants games and it makes him want
to play. He likes catching the ball best. Being the relatively young
players in the team, Dax Gibson, Luca Maharbiz, Owen Novick-
Prucher, and Santiago Sul all have done great jobs through the
Team Scrappers have two great coaches, Rob Regan and Ben
Thompson, both of whom have had a long-time family tradition with
ALL. Ben is a proud father of three boys, with two now playing in the
ALL. He himself began playing baseball in the ALL back in the
1980's. He played his first season with the Orioles. As he put it, ‗It's
been amazing to see how far the league has come since then. This is
a true testament to the volunteer spirt that thrives in the ALL
community.‘ Rob, the coach and team manager, commented that the
Scrappers (and their super-devoted parents) are doing a great job of
practicing throwing, catching, hitting and running the bases, and
especially cheering!
Go ALL! Go Scrappers! Woof, woof, woof ,woof!
--- Hailan Duan
Game On! Youth & Sports Photography
Manager: Jonathan Hudacko
Coaches: Jordan Griggs
No report submitted.
Albany Firefighter’s Association
Coaches: Matt Maclear and Tom Mazzota
Aubrey Barrett Orthodontics
Coaches: Bryan Matheney and Dirk Brockstedt
This season's Red Wings have already started building their team
spirit, as they hone their skills in practice and get to know each
other. There's some surprisingly good hitting on the team and in their
practices, they're running bases and fielding with real hustle.
Lansing Boswell (9) goes to Rosa Parks School, is ambidextrous
but favors his left, already working to perfect his left-handed batting.
Ranier Bissell (3) is a Cragmont student and loves scrimmaging as
much as he does running and hitting. Kameron Buckhout (10) of
Ocean View School, is another lefty who loves to bat, loves the
Giants and Buster Posey. Ronan Gardner (7), a student at Marin, is
an A's fan. His twin sister plays in Albany softball. Yoni Gaysinsky
(5), the tallest Red Wings player with one of the team's strongest
arms, goes to Ocean View and is another of our lefties. Nathan
Jennings (6) goes to Marin, wants both to hit and pitch, and is one of
the more enthusiastic players on the team. Ari Leichender (2) goes
to Cornell and enjoys fielding and hitting and working with the
coaches. Teddy Lewis (14) goes to Cornell, loves to hit homers,
and kids his Giants-loving parents by pretending to be a Dodgers
fan. Always happy and fired up, Griffin Maclear (8) attends Escuela
Bilingüe Internacional (EBI) and is the son of team coach Matt.
Matthew Mazzotta (1) goes to Cornell and enjoys the support of
coach dad Tom and older brother Peter in learning his
fundamentals. And Harry Weinberger (5) goes to John Muir School
and is our fourth southpaw. The team members bring plenty of skills
and even more spark to the field. It's going to be a great season.
---- Danny Lewis
Quoting from the Urban Dictionary ―lugnut: An integral component to
virtually all objects.‖ Those words are what come to mind when I
think of our Lugnuts. Each player brings his own strengths and a
passion for the game. When you put them together with Coaches
Bryan Matheney and Dirk Brockstedt, you have the ingredients of an
amazing team. Carter Helmbrecht (2), Marin student and avid Lego
builder ,has shown strength in the infield with an amazing pop fly
catch and showed us all how to do a celebratory dance. We have two
brothers on the team: Drake (6) and Cooper Matheney (7). Drake
showed that there are more ways to stop a ball without using hands
during his first game of the season. His brother, Cooper, is a natural
as a second baseman – not letting any balls get by. New to the
game is Caden Thomson (4) from Marin School, who methodically
looks right at home in the outfield and was smokin‘ at bat during
practice. Malcolm X‘s Nathan Ehrlich (9) sports a strong arm
throwing great high balls; he showed how it‘s done at first base
getting an out during our first game against the River Bandits.
―Fierce,‖ ―Intense,‖ and ―Watch Out!‖ are words that describe Nicolas
DeSerio (10), also from MalcolmX. Exciting to watch! Henry
Sullivan (8), an aspiring catcher shows great promise as a second
baseman with an outstanding play at second during training. Keep an
eye on Asher Cohen (11), who smacked a ball and sent fellow
teammate Drake to third. Way to go Asher! Speaking of Drake
Barrett (1), he‘s our only lefty; he‘s comfortable in the field and at
bat, and he scored the first Lugnut run this season! Showing great
presence is EBI student Shea Turon (13). He knows how to catch
and showed us all by catching a pop fly for a double play like
nobody‘s business. Marin Student Raiden Dea (5), who loves to
catch and is excited about being a second baseman or in right field,
showed arm strength in the outfield. Last but certainly not least is EB
student Dominik Borckstedt (3) another natural on our team, with
wicked throws and a lot of gusto for everything that he does. The
Lugnuts are tightening up as a team as they continue to learn and
embrace the game we know and love. GO Lugnuts!
---Monique Torres
Albany Peace Officers Association
Coaches: Sriram Gopalakrishnan, John Johnson and Chris
The River Bandits include boys from kindergarten and the first and
second grades. The team members attend eight different schools.
Most played tee ball, but four are playing organized baseball for the
first time. Team members are involved in other sports and have a
wide variety of outside interests. One common denominator is they
are all right-handed. The other thing they have in common is their
excitement about playing baseball at the Rookie level and developing
their baseball skills and knowledge. Dylan Boucherk (1) is a second
grader at Marin School. He also does Karate and plays soccer. His
outside interests include video games, science, camping and the
outdoors. Pritam Misri (2) is a first grader at Thousand Oaks. He
also plays cricket. Pritam‘s outside interests include playing chess.
Dylan Kenny (3) is a first grader at Thousand Oaks. Dylan also
plays soccer and is interested in all kinds of sports. He collects sports
cards and likes to play with Legos. Luke Conway (5) is a second
grader at Cornell. Luke also plays soccer and skis. His outside
interests include Cub Scouts and Legos. Juan Polanco (6) is a
kindergartener at Jefferson. He played organized baseball for two
years in his native Venezuela before moving to the area. In his free
time, Juan enjoys playing video games. Andrew Johnson (7) is a
first grader at Thousand Oaks. In addition to baseball, he plays
football. Andrew‘s outside interests include Legos and video games.
Daniel Stone (10) is a kindergartner at Madeline. Daniel also plays
soccer. His other interests include playing with Legos and watching
TV. Max Zoidis (11) is a first grader at Washington. Max also plays
basketball and swims. His outside interests include art, Legos, and
dancing. Sammy Walker (12) is a first grader at the Academy.
Sammy also plays soccer, basketball and golf. His other interests
include video games, Legos and the piano. Joel Siegel (13) is a
second grader at Aurora. In addition to playing baseball, Joel is a
rock climber. His outside interests include playing on his iPad and
building and inventing things. Max Mahmood (14) is a first grader at
Jefferson. Max also plays basketball. His outside interests include
playing the drums. These 11 kids came together in their first game
and demonstrated remarkable hitting, fielding and game smarts.
Looking forward to a great River Bandits season.
--- Larry Walker
Berkeley Lions Club
Coach: Kevin Beadles
The 2015 Mudcats team has been working hard and having fun
building their skills in practice, which was apparent at their first game
of the season on March 29. This season‘s team of 12 has 6 players
who are new to Little League.
Everyone is looking great! Sam Cherin (1) had some great hits in the
Mudcats‘ first game. Griffin Foster,(2) had a few key catches in the
game. Aaron Geisler (3) hit a double in the first game of the
season. Kate Goodson (4) has been swinging hard and hitting with
authority in practices. Leander Miller (5) made a fabulous play at
second base for a force-out in the game. Nathan Beadles (6) made
a great tag play on a hard slide at third base in the game. Evan
Mendel (7) hit a grand slam and was awarded the game ball. Miles
Sobky (8) had some good hits and catches in the team‘s first game.
Brooks Trotmore (9) has looked awesome at the plate in practices.
Hazel Knox (10) scored a run and did a great job catching in the
outfield. Hayn Troutman (11) also had some nice hits. Calder
Corson (12) made a great play at second base at the Mudcats‘ first
scrimmage. Go Mudcats!
--- Keri Hayes Troutman
Pastime Hardware
Coaches: Jonathan Reynolds and Jody Policar
The Iron Birds team is off to a great 2015 training season with
coaches Jonathan Reynolds and Jody Policar. Practices have been
going well and the players have been focused on building their skills
of catching, throwing, and hitting. Lucas Cohen (1) is a first grader
at Marin Elementary. He enjoys batting and catching and he is a big
fan of the Giants. Another first grader at Marin Elementary, Caleb
McNulty (2), loves the Oakland Athletics and he likes to work hard
during practice. Coach Jonathan says that Caleb‘s strong work ethic
and enthusiasm remind him of player Derek Jeter. Alexander
Cesana (3) is a first grader at Oceanview Elementary. While
Alexander reports that he is good at batting, he‘d like to improve his
catching skills. Coach Jonathan admires that Alexander likes helping
his teammates, which reminds him of Jim Gantner from the 1980s
Brewers. With Rickey Henderson-like qualities, Ty Manning (4) is a
fast and speedy threat on the base paths. He is a first grader at
Jefferson Elementary and likes to play second base. Nat SaintAndre (5) is a 2nd grader at Marin Elementary and he enjoys playing
outfield. Coach Jonathan thinks he is a skilled fielder like Willie
Randolph. Caz Carothers (7) attends 2nd grade at Prospect Sierra.
He likes catching and has quick reflexes, possessing similar qualities
to that of Buster Posey. As a 1st grader at Cragmont Elementary,
Henry Reynolds (8) likes ―having fun‖ at practice. Second base is
his favorite position and his father, Coach Jonathan, says that he is a
great batter similar to Gorman Thomas. Tiernan Smith (10), who is a
2nd grader at Marin Elementary, likes to play outfield and wants to
become a more accurate thrower. He is considerate and focused like
Cal Ripken Jr. Blake Policar (11) attends the School of the Madeline
and is in second grade. He is a big Giants fan, likes to make new
friends, and is a great hitter. Ray Marino (12) is a 2nd grader at
Walden School and he thinks that the Giants ―are the best!‖ He likes
pitching in practice and wants to get better at fielding. Ray‘s good
strong arm is like that of Roger Clemens. Tej Asaravala (14) is a 1st
grader at Ocenview Elementary and loves batting. This skilled athlete
has a big heart like Yogi Berra. The Iron Birds have room for
improvement but they exude potential and have very good team
spirit. Caw!!!
--- Andrea Balazs
baserunners; he‘s also demonstrated some great glove skills over at
first base. On the firing end of many tosses to Michael has been
Lucca Zapata (14), who also made some great pickups of ground
balls to start those plays off. More great glove skills were on display
by Sam Shabel (13), who snared a blistering comebacker at the
mound in the first game – and Sam then turned around and blistered
several balls of his own up at the plate, rattling the chain link of the
fences in right and left fields. Up at the plate, Tao Mahshi (12) has
another of the team‘s enviably smooth swings, and he‘s also got a
great arm – he fires some crisp throws across the diamond from 3rd
base. Wyatt Hsu (5), meanwhile, looks like a journeyman out there
– during the game, he made a great grab of a towering pop fly,
spanked baseballs all over the field, and played catcher like he‘d
been calling signals since he was born. Zachary Winslow (8) may
be the team‘s craftiest player, and like Wyatt, appears to have an
innate understanding of the game – don‘t take your eye off him on
the basepaths, whatever you do. Another one steeped in the game
is Andres Roberts (7), who can equal Zachary as the team‘s most
dangerous runner; Andres also wields a powerful bat (from both
sides!), and pounces on slow rolling grounders like a lion leaping on
prey. Sacha Spear (6) has been stinging baseballs in his time at the
plate, and is becoming a great target over at first base, pulling in
throws smoothly with his glove. Tai Tachibana (10) is another
whose bat will make some noise this spring, and he‘s got some fleet
feet out there on the bases, as well. And the Thresher out there
making the diving stops at shortstop? That was Finn Gradia (2),
who‘s locked onto the baseball, and dogged in his pursuit of it. This
Thresher squad is certainly having fun in these early spring days –
indicators suggest that it‘s going to be a fantastic season (even if the
baseballs aren‘t too happy about it).
--- Andy Spear
Sports Authority
Coaches: Mark Brilliant, Bill McGowen, and Jason Turbow
―We are fired up, we are fired up!‖ The chant was lead by Bats player
Adam Teiblum (1) at their first game against the Hot Rods. The
game was an exciting back and forth battle to the very end. The hard
work leading up to opening day paid off with many great hits and
outstanding fielding.
Brushstrokes Studio
Coaches: Sam Roberts and Jim Vislocky
Complaints were heard coming from the baseball bucket after the
Threshers‘ opening game this past weekend. Apparently the
baseballs weren‘t expecting to get hit quite so hard, and a number of
them have already started asking if there might be another team in
need of their services. It‘s true that the Threshers put a hurtin‘ on
some of those balls in that first game, and they‘ve been doing the
same thing in their practices! The team is shaping up to be the sort
of bunch that‘s going to have a pretty good time out on the ball field
this spring. Kyree Daniels (11) is already in possession of a lovely,
smooth swing, and he‘s one fast runner, too. Another speedster on
the basepaths is Neil Mashlakian (9), who‘s also been spotted
vacuuming up grounders in the infield. Michael Roberts (3) is not
only quick on his feet, but one of the team‘s more ambitious
Ezra Brilliant (12) goes to Jefferson Elementary along with
teammate Adam. Ezra likes to play third base and threw out several
players to first baseman Brady Zweben (14). Although Brady prefers
first base, his favorite player is A‘s outfielder Coco Crisp. Preston
McGowen (8) of Marin Elementary is also a Coco Crisp fan and likes
to play the outfield. The hustle he demonstrated on the field will keep
shots into the outfield within his reach. Teagan Knowles (11) goes to
Ocean View school. She prefers to play third base and at the game
against the Hot Rods she had a hit deep over the third baseman‘s
head. Owen Flaherty (9) is also an Ocean View student. He is quick
on his feet, an important skill for playing his favorite position,
shortstop. He can‘t decide if his favorite team is the A‘s or the Giants.
The Bats third Ocean View student is Katie Perez (6). Katie is a
pitcher and her favorite team is the Dodgers. She has a good arm but
don‘t count her out at the bat. Judah Press (5) goes to Black Pine
Circle school. He likes to play first base. He already has the first
baseman‘s stretch to catch throws down pat. Marin Elementary
fielded 4 players for the Bats. Along with Preston McGowen,
Reuben Turbow (13), Alex Martinez (4), and Itai Weinberg (7)
attend Marin. Reuben's favorite player is Willie Mays and he likes to
play shortstop or first base but feels his best skill is pitching. Alex
Martinez's (4) favorite player is Buster Posey. If he keeps hitting like
on Saturday, he may get the nickname Buster. Itai Weinberg (7)
likes to play shortstop although his favorite player is Giants pitcher,
Madison Bumgarner. With his throwing arm, he could play either
position. Evan Vela (2) goes to Berkeley Maynard Academy. Evan‘s
favorite player is Buster Posey. The Bats are counting on him to
continue his home run hitting ways from last season. Look out,
Rookies; the Bats are coming!
---- Jake Flaherty
Gordo Tacqueria
Coaches: Mike Jones and Max Sell
The Rock Hounds are off to a great start this season with Coach
Mike Jones and Coach Max Sell leading the charge! Our players are
really coming together as a team. Theodore Blaine (4), has real grit
and a good arm. Lauren Michelle Jones (1) is a lightning fast base
runner with a solid bat. Cole Mahoney (3) shows great hustle out on
the field, making plays at second base. Joshua Melnick (7) is
tenacious at the plate and proudly held our banner the whole
parade! Esme Nakabayashi (2) showed great fielding during
practice as she made an out playing third base. Ollie Olsen (12)
throws with a strong arm and great form. Isaac Rothman Tierney
(9) loves Buster Posey and the Giants. Wolfie Sell (11) always has
a smile and shows great sportsmanship. Sachin Sharp (14) loves
the A‘s and makes solid contact at bat. Nate Urbania (5) has a
positive attitude and is a good fielder. Henry Ward (6) is another
speedy base runner and races to the ball in the outfield. Isaac Wolf
(10) is a power hitter and has a great arm. Looking forward to a
great season together!
---- Kathleen Tierney
Gilman Collision
Coaches: Frank Weiss and Jamie Zimmerman
Every week sees the Hot Rods making plays as they learn how to
read the game, play in positions, and learn each others‘ strengths.
The 3rd practice saw Hugo Loeb (3) throwing left-hand and catching
enough balls at first base to keep surprising his teammates with outs.
Not only do Curtis Chan (8) and Savio Mah (5), with impeccable
baseball style, know about playing ball, they bring smiles to the faces
of their fans and continue to remind us why we love Little League.
This season, Griffen Weiss (6) plans to give fans as much to cheer
in hitting homers as he does in strategic bunts. Watch Willem
Loveless (7), a left-handed batter, as he tries to outrun any attempts
to tag him out and steals the bases before you know he‘s gone.
Simon Scurlock (9) took on field positions this week, moving
wherever he needed to cover and sweep up those grounders. Cody
Zimmerman (10) plays with an obvious presence of mind and means
to make the plays by throwing to first. Raycer Verrecchia (12)
loves baseball a lot -- not just a little -- especially batting! Zach
Noble (11) a piano player, also really really like sports and thinks
you should know: baseball is just fun! Watch Leo Alvarado (13)
and no matter what position he plays, you will come to know him as
many already do: Mr. Fierce. Esai Murillo (14) is a mystery. Stay
tuned. Hot Rods are excited to take the field this season to have
fun and play ball.
---- Deb Lewis
5 Little Monkeys
Coaches: Rob Grimes and Van Clark
Do you hear that noise from the depths of Rookie ball field? Under
the veteran leadership of MVP returning players, Juelz Grimes (1)
and Kaelin Morris (11), the Thunder is back in town and roaring its
way towards another all-star season. Newcomers Hudson Goulette
(15) and Armann Dhindsa (4) have added some more power to the
line-up with towering hits in the first two games. The raw talent and
powerful arms of Levi Collins (10) and Evan Larkin (5) are sure to
produce some exciting plays in the field -- Coach Van was even
overheard talking double plays. RBI's come fast for our fierce
female duo of Camden Bernhard (12) and Kelilah Newman-Anand
(2) who are sure to drive in runs in close games all season long.
Jack Hernandez (13), our very own ―picking machine‖ provides
talent at first base while Cade Vix (6) keeps it close behind the plate
as catcher. Watching Kyle Chien (3) and Theo Leonard (7) dart
around the base path, you would never know they are rookie ball
first-timers. This team has got it all and Coach Rob guarantees all
you Thunder fans that there will be a lot to look forward to this
season. So get comfy in those bleacher seats, you won‘t want to
miss a single play!
---- Nisha Anand
St. Albans
Manager: Ryan Damon
Coaches: Kevin Chan, Shashi Jivan
The spring 2015 season of the Single A division Athletics is off to a
fine start. The twelve-boy team has two games under its green belts
so far, and they've brought great team spirit to both outings.
Leading off the season against the Astros was Jacob Goldman, who
ripped a single and made it all the way to home before the inning was
through. Other players wielding big bats this season include Kavi
Jivan, Jack Schrader, Ian Monday, and Zachary GoldbergerJudd. In Louis Dickinson's hands, the bat is more like a club. All of
the boys are showing real tenacity at the plate as many of them face
the threat of a real strikeout for the first time.
Out in the field, the A's are putting plays together and thinking on
their feet. Wyatt Chan has been working on his creep-and-charge at
short, while Russell Wohlsen has been keeping his foot planted for
the force at first. Sidney Walsh is sending opponents back to the
dugout with quick thinking at second.
Single A is also the first time many of the boys are taking a turn on
the mound. Players showing that Sonny Gray flair include Theo
Ranelletti and Jack Damon. Several players are joining Albany
Little League for the first time this season, including slugger Max
Castelli, who loves to play first base and whose favorite player is
Coco Crisp.
Spring break left the A's with a seven-boy squad for the second
game of the season. But the short-handed staff faced the Pirates with
flair. Mid-April brings two weekends of back-to-back games, and
these mini sultans of swat are ready to bring the hustle.
-- Marcus Wohlsen
addition to getting the Astros‘ first hit at their first at-bat of the
season, Lucas also played first base in the first inning of the first
game and his jersey number is… #1! Very auspicious! Perhaps not
surprising, he‘s not alone in favoring being up at the plate – Will
Herndon, Sacha Donovan-Tolki, Thomas Eknoian all agree.
Will has been working on hitting it out of the park for 4 years now,
and plans to focus on his batting this season. Sam Rothstein takes it
even further: he wants to be a designated hitter for life!
However, not every Astro is chasing the fame and glory of smacking
the ball over the far fence. Nunzio Burley, in his first year of
baseball, plans to focus on his skills in catching the ball this
season. He made a fantastic catch of a pop-fly to center field, so he‘s
off to a good start. We are also lucky to have two boys who plan to
work on their pitching this season: Wyatt Rago and Sacha DonovanTolki. Wyatt also plans to work on his lunges. Thankfully, we have at
least one Astro who is already enthusiastic about playing catcher,
and that‘s Emmett Arikan, in his third year of little league.
Sam Wise is so obsessed with baseball that it would be difficult for
him to pick his favorite part of the game. Wyatt Fortner as well is
keeping his options open during his first season. He enjoyed
baseball with friends and at recess, but really wanted to play on a
team. Arden Costello, another first-year little leaguer, has had
some great fun up at the plate. Perhaps he‘ll be like his favorite
player (Tim Lincecum) by the end of the
season! Luke Deutschbauer is on board for another year of
baseball, ready to make some great infield plays, like the one that
finished off the second game of the season in style.
In closing, the Astros are off to a great and enthusiastic start. This is
in no small part due to the wonderful coaching of Paul Rago and
Jesse Rothstein. Thanks, coaches!
-- Betsey Noth
Hansen’s Manufacturing Jewelers
Manager: Manoa Koepp
Coaches: Sarah Brochard, Scott Ronay
The Cardinals are soaring off to a great start. They‘re flocking
together on the field and in the dugout. The players are really starting
to get into a groove with practice and with the games. From
understanding how to prepare to come up to bat (on-deck and in-thehole), to keeping track of outs and where they need to go with a
batted ball on defense, to learning how to pitch and catch! These
guys are real ball-players now!
So…who are these great kids? Let‘s get to know ‗em a bit…
Dr. Brehnan’s Smilemakers
Manager: Paul Rago
Coach: Jesse Rothstein
The Astros started off this season with second-year
player Lucas Culverwell doing what he likes to do best – hitting. In
Zorian Passmore starts the lineup with his love of playing shortstop,
the color green and Jackie Robinson. Felix Badde enjoys burgers,
the Giants and the great Buster Posey while his teammate Callan
“Cal” Ronay loves the Orioles, pizza and his favorite number, 19.
Davin Koepp lives for the color blue and pitching on the mound, and
is another fan of the Giants. Sebastian Valle joins Davin in his love
of blue, the Giants and pitching. Miles Medveczky is another big fan
of the Giants and the color blue; his favorite number is 10. Maxwell
“Max” Medveczky, meanwhile, roots for the A‘s and (naturally)
prefers the color green. Max prefers playing shortstop. Jack
Brailsford likes hanging out at first base, but also enjoys pizza and
watching The Panda, Pablo Sandoval, play ball. Wyatt Black goes
out on a limb, liking the number 8, eating ribs and watching Coco
Crisp on the field (not in his bowl.) We look forward to the rest of the
Cardinals season and seeing these guys improve week-in and weekout!
(Also suiting up for the Cards, but unfortunately unavailable for
interview, are Ulysses “Uly” Kelly-Fay, Jonah Brochard, and
Yaakov “Koby” Fenton.)
-- Laura Ronay
Cool and confident, Zoe Gildemeister is the team's friendliest
Giant. Preston Mullen's easy-going attitude and Luke Tangherlini's
team spirit are infectious, and team player Henry Banks
drives everyone to bring their best ball game. Dean Perry is 100%
dedicated — all the time, every time — and Andrew Regan amps
up his teammates whenever he's on the field.
Backed by the support of Omar Sabeh and team parent Stephanie
Shrieve-Hawkins, the team is learning lots and having a blast
together. Great start to the season, ALL Giants!
-- Seran Chen
J.G. Audio & Alarm
Manager: John Ormsby
Coaches: Mario de la Vega, Rich Price, Eitan Spanier
The Cubs came roaring out of hibernation for their first game.
Starting off at bat, the entire line-up got on base and kept batting the
runs in. Emmett Price started out on the pitcher‘s mound and
looked like a mighty southpaw. Nico Munro-Carovano led off as
catcher and picked up pitches like a miniature Buster Posey. Adrian
Chuang started at first base and played a solid game all the way
Pablo Howard wowed the crowd by snagging two line drives from
the pitcher‘s mound for the first two outs of the season, and took over
actual pitching in the third inning. Later Rowan Hartley and Pablo
de la Vega each pitched ―three up and three down‖ innings – striking
out three batters in a row.
On defense Arson Ormsby showed style at shortstop picking up a
tough hit and firing it to Jasper Black who had first base covered.
Maksim Zykov-Chisholm showed field sense and a great arm as he
ably covered second base and short stop.
The Cubs are learning that focus is the most important muscle and
they are practicing that! With the bases loaded Avi Spanier showed
huge focus as he smacked a hit out to the field and drove another
run across home plate. Noah Lee and Bennett Lee have been
showing their focus both in the field and at bat – looking more like full
grown bears than Cubs!
-- Nancy Munro
T-Rex Restaurant & Bar
Manager: Chris Markus
Coaches: Darrin Banks, Drew Goetting
The Giants hit the turf running, quickly coming together as a team
under the patient, positive guidance of coaches Chris Markus, Drew
Goetting and Darrin Banks.
The team's effortless enthusiasm shines each time they take the
field. With his strong pitching, Oliver Shrieve leads by example.
Anthony Sabeh's left-handed power-hitting and Henry Markus' allaround readiness keep things lively. Jude Hatamiya is as focused
of a player as Kaleo Chen is intense – and both are always ready to
learn more. Jake Goetting always has his head in the game.
Oxi Fresh
Manager: Mike Mayeri
Coach: Alfredo Neira
“Baseball. It’s time to play some baseball!” -- Jim Leyland
As if taking inspiration from one of the all-time great baseball
managers, Jim Leyland – who led the Florida Marlins to their first
World Series championship – manager Mike Mayeri and coach
Alfredo Neira have this Marlins crew focused on a simple, yet critical
mission: playing some baseball.
And how did the team respond in their opening game? With a focus
not often seen in youth baseball. If you‘re skeptical, simply look at
the eyes of Alex “The Attack” Neira (pictured) just before he sends
a poor baseball into orbit. And Alex wasn‘t alone in his focusedhitting prowess; all of these fellow Marlins had multi-hit games in the
opener: Cooper “I ain‟t hitting no bloopers” Hu, Joaquin “The
Dream” Jackson, Oliver “My fans just call me „Oli‟” Nickelson,
Rudy “Rifle-shot” Hayden, and Keaton “I just gave that ball a
beatin‟” Fallon.
Hitting, of course, is just one aspect of the game. And the Marlins‘
coaches won‘t settle for a one-dimensional crew. They‘ve got these
kids hustling on the basepaths with Adam “I‟m faster than a
Maybach” Mayeri, Aaron “The Accelerator” Coon, Andrew
“Lightning” Lindsey and Nasir “Air” Anderson all displaying quick
feet and sound fundamentals.
So the team can hit and run… but how‘s the pitching, you ask? I‘ll
confess, I was a bit skeptical myself. I‘ve watched enough youth
baseball that I instinctively cringe every time a young hurler reaches
back and slings the ball toward the plate. (Getting beaned hurts,
don‘t let anyone tell you differently.) But I digress... If the opener is a
sign of things to come, these Marlins might cure the muscle-memory
cringe that has plagued me through the years. Samuel “The Slider”
Jepson took the mound as calm as a seasoned veteran, striking out
the side 1-2-3. And he was followed by Alex Neira, who showed
similar command – striking out two and getting the third batter to
ground out.
Big picture: the outlook of this team is bright, especially considering
they played without Alden “Automatic” Pixley – an emerging talent,
who missed the opener. Only time will tell if these little Marlins will
follow the same path as the 1997 Florida Marlins, a team which
shocked the nation when they won the World Series. I, for one, have
seen enough promise to know they are capable of great things. Now
it‘s simply time for them ―to play some baseball,‖ and prove it to the
rest of the world.
-- Richard Jackson
Domino’s Pizza
Manager: Michael Lewis
Coach: Brandon Luce
The Albany Little League Single-A Nationals have returned to the
field! Coach Michael and Coach Brandon are guiding a strong crew
under the Nationals banner, including ―The Quad Squad‖: four
teammates who played together on the Nationals last year. Those
four returning players – Adrian Smith, Brody Luce, Walker Lewis
and Dylan Schulz – are a formidable fielding unit. They are joined
this season by a collection of powerful bats, on-base speed, and onfield talent.
From behind the plate, Judah Branoff is showing himself to be a
power hitter, with reliable extra-base hits to the outfield. Tazewell
Smith has settled down in the batter‘s box, now dropping rather than
throwing his bat before running out hard to first. Opposing teams are
learning to respect Eli Schnoll‟s long stride and speed – any
misplayed ball in the field allows him to pick up an extra base with
In the field, Abe Rokhsar caught an exceptional fly ball while playing
first, preventing baserunners from advancing late in a close
game. Skylar Gold fielded a hard-hit ball back toward the mound
and made the put-out at first. Ari Oshry is mastering the cut-off on
balls hit to the outfield. Finally, Cameron Santiago and Lucas
Bradley pitched back-to-back shutout innings in the Nationals‘
second game of the season.
These kids together promise a deep run into the playoffs!
-- Evan Schulz
American ATM
Manager: Will Tams
Coach: Heather Rogers
No report submitted
Monkey Business Camp
Manager: Mike Norton
Coaches: Doug Johnson, Sammy Seo
With a full roster and big hearts, the Single A Pirates are off to a
great season. Their spirit and grit show in every play – and the young
lads had a lot to say recently, after their first game on Victory Field.
They talked about their favorite positions to play, top Major League
players to cheer on and what baseball means to them.
―I love baseball, and I love playing second base,‖ cheered Remi
Matos, in his third year with ALL. Remi, who attends Black Pine
Circle in Berkeley, talked about his favorite player – Coco Crisp. Ian
Nakabayashi, also a second-grader at Black Pine Circle who is in
his third year with the League, prefers to cheer on Buster Posey and
the San Francisco Giants. Jonah Fleisher, another Black Pine Circle
student, is also a huge Giants fan. Jonah likes playing left field best
and added, ―I think baseball is very fun.‖
Other young Pirates cheer on the San Francisco Giants as well.
Slugger Sam Beynon – now in his fourth year with ALL – likes
playing first base and really likes playing baseball because ―baseball
gives you tons of exercise.‖ Sam‘s good friend Evan Klein, also an
ALL fourth-year veteran, likes the SF Giants best, and his favorite
position is pitcher. Speaking of pitchers, Klein added, ―You know that
country-loving, MVP of the 2014 World Series? Yep, that‘s my
favorite player, Madison Bumgarner.‖
Aaron Seo, in second grade at Marin Elementary School in Albany,
says with a big smile, ―I just think baseball is fun.‖ Aaron is in his third
year with ALL and really likes to pitch. His dad, Coach Sammy Seo,
said, ―Being out here with my son and this fantastic group of boys is
the highlight of my week.‖ Interestingly, there was only one Pirates
player who talked about liking the position of catcher best: Nahele
Cajina. Nahele, a third-grader at Marin Elementary, couldn‘t decide if
he preferred the Pittsburgh Pirates or the S.F. Giants. Sometimes,
life presents us with hard choices.
ball hard when they hit it‖ against the Nationals. Spirits were high at
the parade as our team cheered, ―Let‘s go White Sox!‖ the whole
Speaking of the MLB Pirates, Coach Mike Norton‘s high-energy,
baseball-loving son Liam Norton told us after last week‘s game that
his favorite player is legend Willie Stargell. ―You know, that‘s why
we‘re the Pirates because my family loves the Pittsburgh Pirates.‖
Liam‘s love for baseball is palpable: he led the team in a 45 minute,
non-stop cheer of ―Let‘s go Pirates‖ throughout the Opening Day
Parade. The parents who heard him lost their voices just listening to
his spirited cheer.
Anderson Reis, whose favorite position is first base, switched over
to ALL from El Cerrito this year. A second-grader at Marin
Elementary, Anderson is a Josh Donaldson fan, who now plays for
the Toronto Blue Jays. When asked about baseball, Anderson said
one word. ―Cool.‖
Cornell first-grader Dexter Johnson talked about playing his favorite
position, shortstop, just like Xander Bogarts from the Boston Red
Sox. The Red Sox are his favorite Major League team, and his
favorite player is David Ortiz or Big Papi. Dexter loves baseball, and
can‘t wait to see the Red Sox beat the Yankees at Fenway this
coming July in person with his big brother Leo. Single A teammates
McBride and Caden Winslow also love baseball – stay tuned for
their in-depth interviews in our next article!
Thanks to all of the many ALL volunteers, coaches, managers,
siblings and parents who are there cheering on our boys each week.
Building memories for them each spring is the greatest gift!
-- Sara Marcellino
The Sox have several first-timers who are having tons of fun
alongside their more experienced teammates. Leo Kepler loves
batting and hit a grounder during the first game; in the field his
favorite position is second base. . He loves being on the team with
some of his best buds and making new friends. Sami Doppler really
likes playing baseball, and his favorite positions are the big-glove
spots behind the plate and on first. His favorite MLB player is Josh
Donaldson and his favorite team is the Oakland A's. Timour
Annamuhamed‘s favorite position is pitcher and his favorite MLB
player is Buster Posey. In addition to baseball, he loves hamburgers
and playing with friends and Legos. Theo Kojan‘s favorite spot is
also on the mound, and he will no doubt keep the batters guessing
with his southpaw delivery. Theo looks back to one of the all-time
greats for his MLB inspiration: Jackie Robinson. Nathaniel
Brundjar is new to ALL, but last year he was in NOLL/SOLL Farm
A. His favorite position is first base, ―because people throw the ball
to me!‖ Madison Bumgarner is his favorite major leaguer because
―he is one of the best pitchers in America. He throws good pitches.‖
A couple of our second-timers are Cal Schelling and Joseph “Trey”
West. Cal‘s favorite part of being on the team is being with friends
and playing a game he loves. His favorite positions are both first
base and catcher, like his top MLB pick Buster Posey. Cal played
Rookie division on the Iron Pigs 2 years ago, and is back after a year
off. Trey loved everything about the first game. His favorite MLB
player is Josh Donaldson, and his favorite position is pitcher.
White Sox
Albany Bowl
Manager: Joe West
Coach: Chris Schelling
The White Sox started the season out with a bang against the
Nationals after just two weeks of practice. At practice they‘ve been
having a grand old time perfecting their wheelbarrow races and trying
out double plays. Coach Joe was proud to say that ―everybody hit the
The Sox also have some seasoned veterans on hand. Andrew
Hudacko is in his third year, previously playing in the T-ball and
Rookie divisions. He‘s is a fan of the Oakland A's and likes Coco
Crisp (sadly, his other favorite players have been traded away).
Andrew is a switch hitter and likes playing pitcher. Jacob
Winkleman also prefers pitching, is a fellow third-year vet, AND and
shares the Coco Crisp love! Jadon Redman Shedroff roots for the
A‘s, but misses Yoenis Cespedes. He leads the team in experience,
and is now in his fourth season! Like the other vets, his favorite spot
is on the mound.
Luckily there‘s a lot of chances to pitch in AA, because our last two
players also love to throw the ball. Kizuki “Kiki” Russell likes
playing baseball with his good friends on the team. He pitched the
second game of the season and can‘t wait to pitch again. This
baseball fan has MLB favorites from both coasts: Buster Posey,
Madison Bumgarner, David Ortiz, and Dustin Pedroia. From
Thousand Oaks Elementary comes Shai Krantz. Shai‘s three
favorite things are friends, food and video games and his favorite
MLB player is Buster Posey. He also loves football and basketball.
-- Jenny Kepler
positions. Sam Denny, creator of the "Sammy Shake" (the now
famous victorious shimmy of the shoulders) has been excelling
behind home plate. Evan Sullivan, also catcher extraordinaire, has
batting skills that are off the charts.
Bavarian Professionals
Managers: Michael Norton and Drew Steckler
Coach: Rob Frankenberg
Under clear blue skies and a fading sun, the Rangers wasted no time
getting things going in a recent game against the Blue Jays in the
first: Ryan Norton, Sam Steckler, Sebbi Frankenberg, Luke de
Valpine and Hunter Morgan all scored to make it a quick 5-0. While
runs were harder to come by in the second, children like Edward
Said made visible strides, popping up to the pitcher and moving his
teammates along the bases. Two of those teammates would
eventually score making it a tight 7-6 lead for the Rangers after two.
Coach Mike Norton called everyone in for a quick pep talk to start
the third and the team responded. Ronan Fishbein showed patience
and got on with a walk followed by Leo Limbert who took a pitch in
the elbow for the team. Jonah Lachs took a walk and Takeo
Fernandez took a pitch for the team as well. All those contributions
made Theo Sully‟s double pay dividends in the form of two RBI.
It was 9-8 Rangers at the end of the 3rd. Coach Drew Stickler
patted Edward on the shoulder and said, ―OK Edward, start us off.‖
Edward responded with a sharp single to short. He eventually
reached third but was left stranded. The Blue Jays got one run and
the game finished in a 9-9 tie. Coach Rob Frankenberg gathered
the team for a final cheer for the Blue Jays.
Although the Rangers took their first non-win of the season, there
was plenty to be proud of. They showed sportsmanship and effort
and from players, to coaches, to fans, supported one another
throughout. It was a true team effort where everyone contributed and
gave it their all - including Peter Bock, who showed up for pregame
practice despite an illness. That‘s the kind of teamwork and
dedication that exemplifies the 2015 AA Rangers.
— Tom Lambert
Oori Foods
Michael Sowle - Manager
Coaches: Greg Denny and Trey Walker
Spring has sprung and the Tigers have come out to battle! This year,
the Tigers have shown an amazing amount of improvement, skill,
sportsmanship and overall grit. Over the last few weeks we have
seen each of the Tigers hone their skills and play hard at all different
The boys have been working hard at practice, focusing on team play
and communication. Teo Tompson is a great hitter. He has been
clutch at bat, on the mound, and at second base. Max Dreskin is an
excellent all-around player, bringing his skills to the infield, the
pitching mound, and the plate. Karek Walker told us that coolest
thing about baseball is stealing bases and he always brings
excitement to the game. He is also an exceptional pitcher. Fans
never know when Karek is about to go!
William Chang's pitching accuracy and cool demeanor is any
batter's biggest fear. His ability to keep calm during any situation has
been a huge asset to the team. Khazin Shah's fine pitching and
power at the plate are huge for the Tigers.
The Tigers have been really working on their batting skills. The boys
come up the plate with confidence and poise - it's been a thrill for
Tiger fans to hear that "crack" repeatedly throughout an inning.
Jacob Laba's batting and fielding have been tremendous. Jacob
says that the coolest thing about baseball is being on the team!
Calder Fritz has not only has been clutch on the pitcher's mound,
but has been cracking the ball for numerous base hits.
Lighting-fast Casey Brown brings a whole new intensity to the team.
She intimidates opposing teams with her fearless batting style and
running. Big hitter Henry Sowle is a beast at the plate and in the
field. Opposing teams start stepping back as he steps up to bat
because they know they have some ball chasing to do. Shyel
Meisels has been an excellent hitter and a steady presence at first
base. He summed it up perfectly when he said, "The Tigers are
bunch of really cool kids that are funny, love baseball and play fair".
The Tiger coaching staff have been working relentlessly with the
boys. For Tiger fans, watching the kids improve week to week keeps
us warm in the bleachers. Head coach Mike Sowle loves the
enthusiasm the kids bring to each game. It's obvious to him that they
love baseball and he considers it a joy to be coaching them. Without
assistant coaches D.C Brown,Greg Denny, and Trey Walker, there
would be no Tigers. Their dedication, love for the kids and the game,
and sheer baseball knowledge are invaluable.
Go Tigers!
—Seth Meisels
the field, will be remembered for a dramatic steal of home that won a
game against the Diamondbacks. Leo “The Closer” Silverburg
earned his nickname by shutting down the red hot Angels, leaving
the tying run stranded at second.
The team showed a lot of character during tough times as well.
Patrick Becketti threw two shutout innings in a game the Padres
ultimately forfeited for lack of players, but not before they fought back
to within one run on a dramatic triple off the bat of Yahel Sharon.
During the same game, Aiden Sheppeck turned an unassisted
double play, and in his first time on the mound retired the only batter
he faced with a single pitch. Ivo Maringouin survived a rough day at
the plate in an early contest, getting beaned twice, and earning the
respect of his teammates in the process and the game ball for his
Abby Grant brings an infectious enthusiasm to the dugout that
endears him to his teammates. Maximus Francis patrols the infield
with gold glove defense and baseball moxie. Max Tangherlini has
excelled both on the mound and behind the dish, ready and willing
for whatever assignment he gets. Om Aggarwal, who is new to the
game, is a quick study who swings a big bat and brings a great
attitude to the field. It‘s easy to see why the parents in the stands
support this team with such enthusiasm. These Padres come to play!
--Kevin Becketti
The Wooden Duck
Managers: Michael Drapeau and Roger Myers
Dax Kajiwara - Assistant Coach
The Twins have had a very exciting season with a couple of high-run
and nail-biting games under their belt. Each game, these kids play
with heart, passion and purpose. All the boys have had the pleasure
of rounding the bases numerous times and have been enjoying
rotating positions so they can each get a chance to learn something
new or master an old favorite.
Manager: Mark Francis
Coaches: Jeff Jarvis and Teresa Provenzano
Half way through the 2015 campaign, the Padres are having a great
season. Manager Mark Francis, ably assisted by coaches Jeff
Jarvis and Teresa Provenzano, create a positive atmosphere where
players acquire new skills while having fun together. Every week the
coaches emphasize a different aspect of the game, such as running
hard through first base, or always being in the ready position, and if
the team improves in that area, they are another step closer to being
treated to an ice cream party.
The way these Padres are playing, they better stock up at Fenton‘s!
Antonio Nordman, the ace of the staff, hit a dramatic grand slam
against the Rangers that had the dugout dancing in delirium. Alex
Jarvis is his dependable battery mate, making heads-up defensive
plays out of the crouch. Mason Mullen, steady on the mound and in
Darragh Westover is a true team player and is always on the
lookout to back up and support his teammates especially when
playing outfield! In one memorable inning as pitcher, he caught a pop
fly and fielded a ball for a first base out. Niall Monteleone‘s pitches
always buzz across home plate — sometimes without any swings
attempted by the opposing team. Niall also enjoys batting and hit a
two-run homer in the second game. Etienne Drapeau is a strong
hitter and quick on his feet, once hitting to center field, making it to
second base, and then stealing third base.
With his intense stare down, Etienne is a fun pitcher to watch as he
develops this new skill.
All the boys seem to enjoy stealing — bases that is. Luke Childs has
a watchful eye and, once on base, is always on the lookout for any
opportunity to steal a base and move to third to get a chance to steal
home. Nathan Joffe is lightning fast and at the top of the first against
the Orioles he quickly got a base hit and stole to third base before
the crowd could even locate him. He and Ruben Murillo have
emerged as other strong Twin hitters, usually earning a grounder to
first base or cracking the ball into outfield.
Since the rule changed allowing kids to steal home, the game against
the Orioles provided this opportunity. In one inning, Ruben stole
home to make the score 3-1 (Orioles-Twins.) Then Luke stole home:
3-2. Then finally Nathan Joffe stole home to end the inning in a tied
score of 3-3.
Jefferson Kajiwara always puts in a solid performance infield and
outfield. He had the first hit of the season at the top of the first inning
against the Yankees. Against the Tigers, Aidan Myers smacked one
into center field driving in two RBIs. He has also displayed strong
pitching skills and opened the season with a solo HR in the second
inning against the Yankees.
Mateo Morales is a strong and consistent hitter — hitting triples or
doubles in most games. On one hit to center field, he earned a 2
RBIs. Sevan Minassian-Godner is light on his feet and a force to be
reckoned with playing catcher for the Twins. With his powerful gaze
and trademark leaping catch, he keeps all opposing players thinking
twice about trying to steal.
Nolan Whitehil, another strong hitter for the Twins, once hit a
grounder to center field and claimed second base, ensuring an RBI
and allowing Mateo to cross home base. Emil Adams has been
honing his pitching skills and is equally entertaining at bat. In the
game against the Orioles, he struck out two batters to make a short
inning and in the first game again the Yankees, Emil cracked one out
and earned 3 RBIs.
When questioned on the season and what can be expected from the
Twins, Coach Mike said, ―The season has been a lot of fun. We‘ve
had our ups and downs and some very competitive games. They‘re
playing hard, improving every game, and having fun learning about
themselves and the game of baseball. We have a lot of potential and
talent and I‘m looking forward to spending the rest of the season
watching our team grow. It‘s truly an honor working with such a great
group of kids.‖
--Eileen King and Angelina Perez
Blue Jays
As You Wish
Manager: Ben Schwartz
Coaches: Phil Walz and Kevin Newman
The AA Blue Jays are off and running with a great season so far, with
a team that has been practicing hard, playing their hearts out and
having a blast. Led by Coaches Ben Schwartz, Phil Walz, Kevin
Newman and Brad Battson, the boys on this team bring everything
they‘ve got to every game, and their team spirit is carrying them
through game after game of awesome playing and high excitement.
The coaches focused early practices on team building, plus pitching,
catching and batting. The players‘ progress was noticeable
immediately as the boys bonded with each other and found their
stride individually and really started to play as a team. By the time of
the first game, Milton Cruz announced his presence as one of the
team‘s big hitters, including one the ump called ―the biggest hit I‘ve
ever seen in little league.‖ Milton, along with Malcolm Dinani, Max
Sell and Jacob Ward, have been ably defending the outfield as well
as perfecting their infield skills at second and third base. They‘ve all
been impressing spectators by running after every ball and pursuing
every opportunity for an out.
Lev Teiblum and Ethan Walz, two other power hitters for the Blue
Jays, have been fast on their feet as catcher, defending home
against opponents trying to steal their way to a run. Lev‘s never-quit
attitude help inspire the whole team, and he‘s also done great as
pitcher, as has Ethan. Further strength on the mound has come from
Elliot Watts-Zagha, Gabriel Schwartz, and Kalani Battson. Also
churning out hits are Johan Newman, Zev Pollick and William
O‟Brien, all of whom have shown outstanding sportsmanship all over
the field and have tried their hand at pitching as well. All of the boys
have developed quick instincts for stealing bases, and their
excitement at advancing right under their opponents‘ noses is
palpable. The Blue Jays are their own best cheerleaders, and the
boys never fail to encourage their teammates on the field and behind
the plate. These talented young men are giving it everything they‘ve
got, and most important, they know how to play as a team, always
staying positive and looking for ways to improve.
As we move through the season, friendships and team spirit are
developing just as much as skills on the field. These Blue Jays will no
doubt keep bringing their unbridled enthusiasm and their pure love of
baseball to every practice and game.
— Jillian Ward
Albany Little League California New cover photo thanks to the awesome Marcy Newman-Lauer!
Dave Monk The A's!
Bill McGowen Co-Volunteer
Of the Year, Jim Radkey
w/Ryan. Thanks for all you
do for our league!
Beth Ellis-Dickson Thank you
for sponsoring the River Cats, Solano Avenue
Association and Stroll! We're excited to play
our first T-Ball game next Saturday, and we're
having a great time at Opening Day today for
Albany Little League California.
Deirdre Levine
Coach Rick's first
dip today!*
Bill McGowen Great to see
Todd Perlman back on
the field! With Ben &Peyton.
Anissa Boukhris Go Scrappers!
John Travis Johnson
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Facebook page!
Albany Little League Newsletter
Volume XIX Number 2
June 9, 2015
Mechanics Bank
Manager: Phil Polishuk
Coaches: Phil Polishuk
from second. He's gotten one so far, and in a very early game
jumped to catch a fly ball and retire the side. He's a Giants fan, and
follows David Ortiz and former Giant Pablo Sandoval.
No report submitted.
Ready State
Manager: Aaron Lechuga
Coaches: Aaron Lechuga, Tim Larkin and Dan Newman
The Mets are playing well, but have lost a few hard-fought games by
a single run. By early April, the team has been playing much more
like one, with players hitting throughout the batting order, and infield
errors down to a minimum.
Coaches Aaron Lechuga, Tim Larkin, and Dan Newman all like the
team's chances, and praise the players for their efforts and earlyseason improvements. Parent turnout at early weekend games and
weekday evening games has been high, and while the players are
enjoying the support, they thrive on the friendly rivalry with former
teammates, school friends, and neighbors on opposing teams.
Pitcher and infielder Eric Kim (#1) likes watching the Giants,
especially Mike Trout. He put in a great performance in the team's
most recent victory, pitching the last two innings and striking out
three batters. Infielder and expert catcher Kieran Bracken-Sierra
(#2) holds his loyalties on the near side of the Bay, where is favorite
player is the A's fielder, Coco Crisp. Kieran has been working hard to
stop opponents stealing bases. It's a tough play to make, but with his
four seasons of experience, he's the right kid for the job.
In his second season playing baseball, Nicolas Wong-Shea (#3)
often plays second base, where he snagged a recent last-inning fly
ball to help the Mets keep their close lead. He's an A's fan.
Frequently playing catcher or third base, Kai Mitchell (#4) likes the
Giants and Buster Posey. He has three seasons of Albany Little
League experience under his belt, and always knows which play to
make. Colin Larkin (#5) may have lost track of how many seasons
he's played, but he has whittled his favorite teams (A's, Giants, and
Diamondbacks), players (Paul Goldschmitt, Madison Bumgarner, and
Josh Donaldson), and positions (pitcher, catcher, and shortstop)
each down to three. He's much more decisive on the field,
Often seen at first base, Devin Mitchell (#6) really stretches to make
the play, helping out the team a lot. He's been a reliable hitter as
well, getting to first by swatting the best pitches rather than running
up the count of balls. Devin favors the Giants and Joe Panik.
Although Nico Zlatchin (#7) has pitched several innings of three
strikeouts, he shows up all over the field, and really loves running the
bases, especially stealing home. He's a Giants fan. Third base is
where we often find Alex Vargas (#8), determined to stop the steal
Nikhil Newman-Anand (#9) starts many of the Mets' games on the
mound, but also likes playing third base, where his fast arm helps
keep runners off of first. He's a fan of the A's and Sonny Gray. Asked
whether he had a favorite play this season to look back on, he
answered "Not yet." It would be hard to notice that this is Elliot
Chang's (#10) first season of baseball. He doesn't have a favorite
pro team or player, but he does already have a home run to his
credit. Lefty pitcher Henry Thompson (#11) is in his second
season, dealing strings of strikes to surprised batters. Another fan of
the A's and Sonny Gray, he often takes a break from pitching to play
first base, where he uses his height to the team's defensive
advantage. Marku-Atzin Lechuga (#13) is the only Dodgers fan on
the squad, and enjoys playing every position except catcher. He is
often seen fielding a grounder at second base, his throw beating the
runner to first.
The Mets appreciate their sponsor, Ready State, which although it is
a marketing agency, sounds a lot like the coaches' advice to fielders:
bend their knees, watch the pitch, and move toward the hit.
--- Steve Shea
Manager: Joe Petersen
Coaches: Joe, Spencer and Casey
The fantastic ALL AAA Royals are off to a rollicking start this year. 12
young enthusiastic guys playing together under the skilled coaching
of Joe Petersen, Spencer and Casey are showing up, working hard,
and having fun; sponsored by Hearing Science. Of those 12, all 12
are awesome. And when I say awesome, what I mean is that there is
an attitude of willingness to listen, to learn, to share: all of these
things adding up to some great sportsmanship and the perfect
atmosphere for fun and success. If we look at the lineup, we have a
range of experience and talent, many different strengths, sizes and
personalities, all making a very ROYAL collection of kids.
Vitorio Mexas, #7 loves playing 2nd or 3rd base, and has been
playing for four years. Not only here in Albany, but in Phoenix,
Arizona and Bethesda, Maryland where he used to live. He tells us
his favorite player is the Giants own Buster Posey. When we think of
Vitorio this season, we think of him with some fast plays on third,
getting runners out with great throws to first. Nick Anxolabehere
takes his job as catcher seriously, and really loves it. He‟s played for
3 years: first on the Cubs and then the Phillies. He tells us one of his
favorite memories is pitching a no-score inning. Who‟s Nick‟s favorite
player? Pablo Sandoval! He says he forgives him for trading. That
shows you the kind of stuff old #11is made of. Nice work, Nick!
Franco Daganzo wears lucky #13, and plays catcher whenever he
has the chance! He likes Tony Gwynn and has played three seasons
in his young career: for The Nationals, The Tigers, and now The
Royals. He tells us this year‟s team is favorite hat. Franco doesn‟t
take kindly to players trying to steal home when he‟s hard at work as
catcher. He does not like thieves.
--- Kat Gilpatrick
Isaac Petersen loves to pitch. We think of him as a pitching
machine. He wears #8 and recalls fondly the play in centerfield
where he had a diving catch. His favorite players are Madison
Bumgarner of the Giants, and Sonny Gray, and this is his fifth year
playing! We love having Isaac on the team. Isaiah Amoranto can
play left field, second base and also pitches. He wears #4 and is a
great asset to the team. He‟s played for 5 seasons, 3 in ALL, and his
very favorite memory is when he pitched so many strikes to the
Reds! Not to mention that famous grand slam moment that‟s on
everyone‟s favorites list. Drew Henderson plays 2nd base and
wears #2. He‟s a big fan of Derek Jeter, and this is his third year of
making memories in Albany Little League. One of his best memories
of this season so far is when the team ran out of the dugout at end of
the Mets game. That was quite a moment!
White Sox
Manager: Daniel Cutter
Coaches: Daniel Cutter
Next up is Pablo Mendoza, who loves playing either first or second
base. You‟ll see Pablo wearing #1, and his favorite player is Dustin
Pedroia. He‟s had 3 years of little league, and before that, a lot of
practice playing with his older brother since he was 5. What‟s his
favorite memory so far this Spring? When a batter hit a drive to the
field and he dove for the ball and threw it immediately to third base -the runner didn't have a chance. Nathan Murff, #6, loves to play
catcher. And we love to watch him play. Nathan has a great team
spirit, and works hard! His favorite player is Matt Kemp, and he has
been playing for 4 years now. It shows! His favorite memory so far
with the Royals is that amazing grand slam in the game against the
Brewers. Nicely done Nate! Anton Donovan-Tolki loves Buster
Posey almost as much as he loves playing short stop this season for
the Royals. He wears #5 and has played for three years. Anton‟s
favorite thing he‟s done this season? "Probably pitching three innings
with seven strikeouts” We like that, Anton.
Declan Gusick loves first base. He wears #12 and suits up and
shows up with a passion. He‟s thrilled to be on Coach Joe‟s 2015
Royals, and looks forward to a big year. Declan‟s favorite player is
Brandon Belt of the Giants, and his favorite memory is definitely that
grand slam. He‟s been playing for 3 years, including Fall Ball as well
as regular season, and wouldn‟t mind being in the MLB someday.
Declan‟s a lefty. Other players we‟re proud to have as Royals are
Marley Filson and Ethan Irwin. It‟s gonna be a great year for the
Royals, and for Albany Little League Baseball! GO TEAM!
The White Sox have started the season off strong!
Chase Black (10) made an incredible throw from third base to first,
making a fabulous play. Dak Palen (4) is a consistent hitter who we
always count on. Finn Hartney (11) hit a fabulous triple in one of our
first games. Henry Grant (7) has been a star pitcher for the
beginning of our season. Jacob Cutter (1) made an amazing diving
catch in center field. Kai Charp (8) has been keeping spirits high
throughout all of our games. Miles Cull (9) hit a single and brought
two runners home in the bottom of the fourth against the Phillies.
Miles Fleischer (6) hit an amazing triple against the Rays. Oliver
Miller (3) threw an 11 pitch, no-hit inning. Taylor Forbrush (14)
made an amazing catch in right field. Zev Massey (2) threw a 6 pitch
inning on his 10th birthday.
--- Deb Massey
Sponsor: Berkeley IronWorks
Manager: Darryl Jones
Coaches: Darryl Jones, Aaron Jones and Michael Butler
The AAA Berkeley IronWorks Rockies look to be a tough team to
beat in the upcoming Albany Little League 2015 Season.
As the core 4 of Beau Jones, Julian Schroeder, and twins Ben and
Jack Elfenbaum, will lead the rest of the Rockies to the top of the
Fielding will be the calling card of the Rockies, with slick fielding Kai
Kumar and Owen Dullum, Jaime Loizeaux on the mound, and
Matthew Perez behind the plate, opposing teams may find it tough to
score runs.
On the offensive side of the ball, Colin Dickson and Joaquin Santa
Cruz look to power the offense, with Merrick Horne and Aaron
Butler rounding out, what should be a very formidable line-up.
Manager Darryl Jones, with the help of Asst coaches Aaron Jones
and Michael Butler, team parent Susan Schroeder, and their rabid
fan base, affectionately named “The Rock Pile”, the Rockies will
definitely bring fun and excitement to Albany Little League baseball
this season.
--- Darryl Jones
Manager: Kenny Stuart
Coaches: Kenny, Aaron
First timer wearing a uniform, Tonio Manqueros is someone who
loves the game, and he can find the ball with the bat. Tonio is
someone to watch as the season progresses. Nico came to the
Reds with an injured foot but has been a loyal rooter from the
beginning. Nico Lauer has chops and the coaches hope to play him
later in the season. Jonah and Danny, two arms of the pitching staff,
both excel also at ball handling in the infield. Both have been able to
get on base and bring it home. The Reds are looking forward to
playing more baseball.
--- Paul Farrell
Our players include Kahuna Stuart whose favorite position is 2nd
Base, favorite player is Mike Trout and who has been playing
baseball for 5 years; Julian Johnson whose favorite position is
Pitcher, favorite player is Buster Posey and who has been playing
baseball for 3 years; Jacob-Devin "JD" Romero whose favorite
position is 2nd Base and has been playing baseball for 6 years; Theo
Greenberg whose favorite position is 1st Base, favorite player is Joe
Panik, and has been playing baseball for 5 years; Leo Johnson
whose favorite position is 2nd Base, favorite player is David Ortiz and
has been playing baseball for 4 years; Mason Pancoast whose
favorite position is Shortstop, favorite player is Hunter Pence and has
been playing baseball for 4 years; and Owen Husband-Meyer
whose favorite positions are Pitcher and Shortstop, favorite player is
Hunter Pence and who has been playing baseball for 2 years.
--- Obie Greenberg
Manager: James Kotter
Coaches: James, Paul, Michael, Alan and Martin
The Reds are a team of solid fielders, hitters, stealers and throwers.
A tough 5-coach staff is playing hardball around good sportsmanship
with the team and the opponents no matter who is ahead or behind.
The season has been marked by one no-hitter, and back to back 5run innings after handing over 5 runs when the other guys were atbat . Cedric Farrell, James Hogan, Danny Winkleman, Jonah
Gray and Eli Kotter form the core pitching staff and are throwing
rockets that are hard to find and harder to hit. Lloyd Jones is a
frequent flyer from third to home and has at least one double play
and one triple to his credit. Ukulele-strumming Cassius Kloehn is a
team builder, on the ready with an encouraging word. Mindful of not
swinging at balls, Cassius was able to get on base and score twice in
a recent match. Pitcher Eli, of the famous arm, can put the ball
where it needs to be from left field or the mound.
In a recent contest, with four at-bats, Eli got on base each time and
scored twice. Yehiel Hibshoosh, the sneak attacker and
compulsive stealer will not let the opponents rest while he is on base.
Multiple home steals and repeated line-drive stoppers gives the other
guys fits. Catcher Jonas Holdenried is a backstop behind the plate
and can get the ball to 2nd in a hurry when needed. On the flip side,
he has crossed the plate several times to score for the Reds.
Marlon Jones is a fielder and a hitter with natural talent. He
singled, doubled, and stole home in recent games.
Manager: Bill Bailey
Coaches: Coach Bill, Coach Ralph, Coach Jake, Coach Chris and
Coach Mark
It‟s been an exciting year for the AAA Rays as we‟ve seen big
contributions from every player on the team through the first 7
games. Led by Coach Bill Bailey, with a supporting cast of multiple
coaches including Coach Ralph, Coach Jake, Coach Chris and
Coach Mark, the Rays are an energetic bunch.
Playing in his first year of ALL, Atlas Buescher has proved himself
to be a quick learner of the game. Atlas has already played a wide
range of positions and has shined on defense, somehow managing
to nearly always come up with the ball. Ben Brochard has been a
solidly reliable player for the Rays. As a first baseman, he‟s made
several outstanding plays. As a hitter, he‟s used his quick hands and
good sense of the strike zone to get on base frequently. Despite
being the youngest player on the team, Cade Freightman has some
of the Rays biggest hits and is always a threat to steal a base. In the
field, he‟s played almost everywhere, including pitcher, catcher,
outfield, and 2nd base.
With his trademark mismatched socks, it‟s easy to spot Enzo
Marino. He‟s been one of the Rays‟ top pitchers this year, almost
throwing a complete game against the powerful Royals. Gili Stein‟s
signature moment of the season was a massive triple against the
Rockies that seemingly kept going and going while he hustled around
the bases. Defensively, he alternates time between 3rd base and the
outfield. The team‟s most fiery competitor is Gus Bailey, who has
already provided the Rays with several memorable blasts off his bat.
When not running around the bases, Gus has excelled both on the
mound and at shortstop.
Joaquin Chun can always be counted on to keep the dugout
atmosphere fun and lighthearted. But on the field, Joaquin is much
more serious, showing off a mighty swing and rocket arm. He‟s
played 3rd base, along with learning how to pitch. From the leadoff
spot, the speedy Kiva Schweig possesses a dangerous bat,
spraying the ball all over the field. He‟s also displayed a natural talent
in the field, gamely chasing down fly balls and showing off a powerful
arm. Miles Rasmussen has shown himself to be a valuable asset to
the team, gamely taking on almost every position so far. But it‟s not
just defense for Miles, he also earned one of the team‟s first game
balls for a clutch line drive hit.
Now in his 7th season with ALL, Matthew Monk likes the pitcher‟s
mound. Daniel Nava is his favorite player. Playing the trumpet is his
preferred non-baseball activity. Micah Fong is really enjoying his
3rd season. He likes to play first base and roots for Madison
Bumgarner. Micah is learning the flute and took his first trip abroad to
England this past fall. Ryan O’Sullivan is also in his 3rd year and
also likes playing first base. Javier Lopez is his favorite player. Ryan
Sure, Paxton Lymon smiles easily, but beneath his sunny exterior is
another tough competitor. Paxton has pitched in most Rays games
this season, and has also been enjoying learning to be a catcher.
Satchel Wasserman has played every single position, including a
stint as the starting pitcher against the Rockies. He loves hitting, and
consistently smacks line drives in every direction.
--- Mark Wasserman
Krav Maga
Manager: Dave Monk
Coaches: Marc Melnick; Shaun O‟Sullivan
Let‟s get to know a little about the Albany Little League Majors
division A‟s!
First up is Aaron Greensfelder. Aaron is in his 5th year in the ALL,
likes to play first base and loves Buster Posey. In his spare time,
Aaron enjoys riding his bike and playing the saxophone. Next up is
Benjamin Melnick, who‟s now in his 7th season here in Albany. His
favorite position is pitcher and he‟s a fan of Gregor Blanco. Ben also
has musical talent as he plays the trumpet. Doole Gaiende
Edwards (3rd year) is a fan of many big leaguers but his favorite is
Dee Gordon. It‟s no wonder he likes playing second base. He also
loves pizza and Philly cheesesteaks.
Here‟s Jackson Eddy. This 4th year player is solid at both middle
infield positions but has a preference for second. He‟s a Brandon
Crawford fan and when not playing baseball, he likes to do
gymnastics. Kai Speirs is in his 3rd year in the ALL. He likes to pitch
and cites Clayton Kershaw as his favorite professional. Kai was born
in New York City and loves Cookie Dough ice cream. Leif Carlson,
now in his 6th year in Albany, prefers to patrol 2nd base. When not
practicing his electric guitar or flute, he can be found looking for cool
science experiments on YouTube.
continues the musical theme as he plays the saxophone. He can
always enjoy a dish of Birthday Cake ice cream.
Our other Ryan, “Ryno” Wang is in his 3rd season. He likes to pitch,
just like his favorite, Sonny Gray. Ryno completes our boy band as
he attends the Pacific Boychoir Academy. He has also shot, skinned,
and eaten a rabbit! Sidney Card Gormley, in his 4th season, is one
of our catchers, citing Buster Posey as his favorite pro. He plays the
saxophone and once lived a year in Berlin, Germany. Thomas
Rhoades rounds out the A‟s roster, doing a great job behind the
--- Kellee Fong
Mary & Joe’s Sporting Goods
Manager: Frank Knowles
Coaches: Greg Lind and Matt McKerley
The Redbird‟s 2015 campaign took flight, fast and furious. In the very
first game of the season versus the world champs Giants, they fought
hard until the very last pitch in an epic pitchers‟ duel. Ever since then
they have been entertaining their passionate fans (and any
Clydesdales that care) with some heart-throbbing, spine-tingling,
hair-raising, nerve-wracking nail biters. Win or lose, they are playing
the game with great team spirit, and geeing each other up through
the tough stretches that seem inevitable in the long little league
Who can forget the innumerous indelible moments from this season,
bringing to their fans a few fond memories of their namesakes from
the “Gateway to the West:”
Miles “Money” Camp has shown strong leadership behind the plate
in calling the plays and boosting his team mates through some tough
outings. He has been a productive clean-up hitter, providing big
“Musialesque” hits at clutch moments, and as a pitcher has strung
together many 1-2-3 innings . Gabriel Ishii-Lusk has demonstrated
“Ozzie-like” agility at short with his glove, leaving many a hitters
wondering just what they have to do to get the ball through the
infield. His pitching effort to close out the A‟s in a high scoring
slugfest was a thing of beauty. Yahiness “double machine” Martinez
has been showing the boys how to consistently hit for extra bases,
and is on the verge of earning the nickname Yanni Baseball.
Not to be left behind, Luca McCurley can do it all – clever gap
hitting, efficient catching, and consistently dishing heat from the
mound to keep opposing batters off the bases to collect a paltry
ERA that would make Bob Gibson proud. And who can forget
his slick glove work in an exciting double play versus the Pirates
quickly snuffing out a fast developing rally. Aiden Boone has
been a big contributor in the middle infield with his laser sharp,
ESPN-worthy, throws to first, and on the hill, pitching with guile
and carving up the opposing batters by painting the corners.
Kyle “The Smile” Yoshida is a power to reckon with in setting
the table at the leadoff spot, possessing an uncanny eye to
discern balls and strikes, and as a perennial steal threat with
breakneck speed on bases – all culminating in a high OBP that
would make Billy Beane salivate. One for the ages was his 2
RBI deep ball in left center for a stand up triple, breaking open a
pitchers‟ duel versus the mighty Cubs.
Yet another all-around strong athlete on the team, Owen Knowles,
has contributed in all aspects of the game --with his hitting, pitching,
fielding, catching, and aggressive base running. He can do whatever
the coaches need him to do – and epitomizes the “Whiteyball hit and
run” Cardinal offense of the yore. Keenan Bhansali has shown
versatility by playing solid defense in the infield and the outfield, and
making his glove work like a black hole where the long fly balls seem
to disappear, as the Nationals hitters discovered in another 1-run win
for the Cards. He is also emerging as a consistent pitcher who can
slow down the best of offenses. Jasper Ro has come on strong with
his power hitting as the season wore on, getting some lumber on the
ball and threatening the outfield fence at Krone on more than one
occasion. His fielding prowess shone in the yet another close win in a
high scoring contest against the A‟s where he snared up some
sharply hit balls in the infield.
Miles Franklin has shown tremendous athletic ability all throughout
the season, exhibiting a strong pitching arm, and hitting many deep
balls in the outfield to extend a rally or two. His bases loaded, clutch
walk-off line drive against the Nationals was electrifying to watch.
Gabriel Eshleman has provided some much needed middle of the
order oomph with his reliably solid contact hitting, shown solid glove
work behind the dish, and contributed in the bullpen when called
upon to shut down the opposing batters with his speed variations.
Marc Metz has impressed with his consistent pitching in long relief,
his fielding at the corners, and with his power hitting in tattooing the
ball to the fence at Victory a few times. His unflappable pitching gem
when closing against the Cubs, to eke out of a bases loaded jam in
the bottom of the 7th innings for 1-run win, was a thrill to witness.
Watch out for these Redbirds as the season progresses. Manager
Frank “Red” Knowles observes, “These kids have steadily improved
in all aspects of their game. Additionally, as a team, they have
developed a never give-up toughness that has enabled them to come
back from deficits in multiple games to ultimately win.” Coaches Matt
“Branch” McCurley and Greg “LaRussa” Lind are extremely proud of
what these kids have achieved. They certainly seem to be peaking
just in time for the playoffs and appear poised to soar to new
--- Roveen Bhansali
Feagley Realtors
Manager: Brad Adams
Coaches: Steven Rothman and Phil Worman
No report submitted
Dr Frank Cortese
Manager: Darrin Banks
Coaches: Mark Bradley and Rob Koch
No report submitted
Manager: Pat Bryant
Coaches: Andres Cediel and Laura Peterson
No report submitted
Wheelhouse Academy of Baseball
Manager: Lauren Richmond
Coaches: Eitan Spanier, Nick Walchuk, and Todd Watson
#1 Jared Nakahara „s favorite positions are shortstop and pitcher.
Off the field, Jared enjoys playing basketball and watching all sports.
#2 Nolan Walchuk‟s favorite positions are catcher and shortstop.
Off the field, Nolan likes playing Minecraft and basketball, practicing
the clarinet, and reading. #3 Leo Spanier‟s favorite positions are
second base, first base, and shortstop. Off the field, Leo enjoys
skateboarding, playing football, and practicing the trumpet. #4 Zev
Spanier‟s favorite positions are center field, pitcher, and shortstop.
Off the field, Zev keeps busy with football, basketball, pegboard
climbing, drawing, and fiction writing.
#5 Ethan Chen‟s favorite positions are pitcher, third base, and
center field. Off the field, Ethan likes playing all sports, practicing the
trumpet, and swimming. #7 Braden Watson‟s favorite positions are
pitcher and third base. Off the field, Braden enjoys jumping on his
trampoline, practicing the trumpet, and playing video games. #8
Jack Lawrence‟s favorite positions are third base and second base.
Off the field, Jack likes playing basketball and watching sports,
especially baseball and basketball. #9 Sam O’Brien‟s favorite
positions are pitcher and catcher. Off the field, Sam enjoys playing
soccer and board games, practicing the piano, and singing in a choir.
bat, pitching, or in the field. Emerson Schwarz has good hustle, and
is a solid infielder and contact hitter. Ethan Boniello has a strong
arm and composure while pitching and swinging a good lefty bat.
The Sox have come together as a team and supported each other
throughout the season so far. No Curse of the Bambino here…just a
great group of players.
Go Red Sox!
--Caroline Keller Lottmann
#10 Chase McFarland‟s favorite positions are shortstop, pitcher, first
base, and catcher. Off the field, Chase keeps busy playing water
polo and basketball and practicing the guitar and trumpet. #11 Theo
Serafimidis‟s favorite positions are second base, first base, and
shortstop. Off the field, Theo enjoys video games, Nerf gun wars
with his friends, playing the piano, and scouts. #12 Trevor
Buchan‟s favorite positions are first base, third base, and pitcher.
Off the field, Trevor likes hanging out and playing football, basketball,
and soccer with friends, scouts, and playing percussion in the school
band. #13 Cooper Richmond‟s favorite positions are first base,
pitching, and catching. Off the field, Cooper keeps busy practicing
the saxophone, being with friends, swimming, and playing football,
basketball, and golf.
---- Sarah Serafimidis
Red Sox
Mr Rooter Plumbing
Manager: Mike Roberts
Coaches: Spencer Ferguson and John Johnson
Red Sox Nation would be proud of this great group of players who
play hard, cheer each other on, and work together and improve with
each game. The coaching staff says they‟re continually impressed
with the coachability and spirit of the team.
It sounds like Fenway Park when our BoSox step up to the plate or
make a nice play out in the field. Billy Ferguson has plenty of hustle
and got two nice hits against the Cubs. Emerson R. is a great hitting
catcher who‟s had some nice pitching outings. Zach Lottmann has
been playing solid third base and swings a good bat, with a nice hit
against the Giants. Eliot Smith is a strong armed dynamo who leads
the hitting attack, and got a homer against the Nationals. Alex
Ferguson is a lefty slugger playing solid outfield, with a nice outfield
grab against the Cubs. Michael Johnson is a good catcher and
contact hitter, and relieved nicely against the Giants.
Kajuan Stuart is a great form infielder and good contact hitter. Leo
Nordman is a power-hitting first baseman who also power pitches.
Elliott Schwarz is Mr. Versatile, and plays well all over the field and
hits with good power. Truman Roberts shows great effort whether at
Manager: Thomas Gary
Coach: Francisco Hernandez
The Ducks are doing great! We have eleven players with
experience, and six first year players who are all learning very fast.
All of our first year players have recorded hits. Very impressive! Our
team owes all this progress to the more experienced players who
have become coaches in their own right. They have taken this young
group under their wing and shown them how to play hard no matter
what, and to ENJOY THE GAME !!! I’m a very lucky coach. Coach
The Richmond Ducks players:
Jonathan Coleman #12 – My favorite player is Derek Jeter! I like
him because he‟s a shortstop and I‟m a short stop. I‟m also a
pitcher! My favorite team is the Yankees!
Alberto Cortez #6 – My favorite player is Coco Crisp because he
hits the ball super far and he‟s one of the best baseball players.
Victor Cortez #11 – My favorite player is Riddick from the A‟s
because he‟s a good right fielder.
Rodney Green #5 – Madison Bumgarner! I like him because he‟s a
lefty and great pitcher like me.
David Guevara #1 – My favorite player is Coco Crisp because I like
the way he plays.
Jorge Gutierrez #13 – My favorite player is also Coco Crisp
because he hits far.
Benicio Hernandez #15 – Yeonis Cespedes because he plays the
same position as me, left field, and he‟s a good hitter.
Emil Jellinek #4 – My favorite player is Coco Crisp because I like
how he plays.
David Jose #9 – My favorite player is Brandon Moss because he‟s a
power hitter and he mainly hits home runs.
Michael Levingston #14 – Pablo Sandoval! I like him because he‟s
well -known, a good baseball player and loves the game.
Keyonn Martin #8 – My favorite player is Josh Donaldson because I
want to be a good 3rd baseman like him.
Keyshawn Martin #7 – My favorite player is Madison Bumgarner! I
like him because he‟s a good pitcher and I look up to him.
Julian Montes # 16 – Pablo Sandoval because despite his size, he‟s
a great player!
Jayden Pierson #3 – My favorite player is Josh Donaldson because
he‟s a power hitter.
Jaden Sance #10 – My favorite player is Coco Crisp.
Demoni Simmons #2 – My favorite player is also Coco Crisp
because he can bat left and right and he‟s fast.
---Sonia Coleman and Tina Martin
Metro Dog
Manager: Frank Ciangi
Coaches: Michael Gest and Craig Henritzy
The Cowboys‟ early-season record clearly illustrates one thing: Don‟t
judge a team by its place in the standings. Despite going winless in
their first five games, the „Boys are no pushovers, losing three games
by just 1 run and tying another. A few breaks here and there and
Oklahoma State could be leading the 50-70 division.
Built around speed and pitching, the Cowboys show “a great attitude
toward learning the game,” Coach Frank Ciangi said. “Early on, we're
learning the difference between winning and losing a baseball game
is very close. The small details matter.” Those details include how
big of a lead to take off the bases or what constitutes a balk – the
Achilles‟ heels for Oklahoma State early on. With most of the
Cowboys playing intermediate ball for the first time, the learning
curve is steep.
Still, the fleet-of-foot top of the lineup – Ben Perlman, Ryan Gest
and Connor Henritzy – is doing plenty of damage at the plate and
on the bases. All three, along with James Richards, Charlie Allen
and Gianluca Ciangi, also have turned in terrific performances on
the mound. Xavier Tennant is a workhorse behind the dish, catching
more innings than any other Cowboy.
The defense shows flashes of brilliance all around the diamond,
whether from Jesse Kane or Ryan at 3rd base; Connor or Ben at
shortstop; Jaden Knott, Orion Wilde, Miles Cutmore or Gianluca at
2nd; or Jakob Seidner, Omar Romero-Godoy or James at 1st.
Coach Ciangi, with assistants Mike Gest and Craig Henritzy, stress
the importance of accountability to teammates on every play and
that, at this level of ball, “communication on defense should start
coming from the team, and less from the coaches.”
No play demonstrates an understanding of those principles more
than a relay to the plate sparked by a hard-hit ball to right field. Jakob
tracked down the ball in the corner and threw to his cutoff man;
though he fired a bit off-line, Ben, from shortstop, heeded Ciangi‟s
teaching from the previous practice of backing up every play. He
positioned himself to scoop up the throw as it skidded past the cutoff,
then threw a bullet to Xavier at the plate, who deftly dropped a tag to
thwart the runner‟s attempt to stretch a triple into a home run.
That type of teamwork ultimately will pay off in the standings.
---Todd Perlman
Yellow Jackets
East Bay Paint Center
Manager: John Anderson
Coach: Rick Motamedi
The 2015 season of Albany Little League is underway, and a buzz
can be heard resounding above Ocean View Park. The Georgia Tech
Yellow Jackets are swarming their way to early season wins, under
the skillful tutelage of coaches John Anderson and Rich Motamedi.
Already showing great unity, the Yellow Jackets are chalking up
multiple victories over worthy opponents. Pitchers, Kai Yovanavich,
Kaveh Motamedi, Giacomo Di Domenico and Vincent Deganzo
have been delivering fast balls and change ups, yielding some
impressive shutout innings. They are backed up by the fearless
blocking and strong throws of catcher, Cam Anderson. The Jackets‟
fielding has been solid, with Will McLean at 2nd base snagging hard
hit ground balls, Emerson Miller grabbing line drives at 3rd, and
Zach Adler at 1st base making great catches to thwart runners
hoping for a single. Ethan Wong has been making difficult catches
in center field look easy.
By mid-season, the Rams‟ pitchers are throwing more heat from
week to week. Asa Schiller, a southpaw with nonchalant confidence
and surgical accuracy, and all-around star Mateo Okimoto, rearing
back and firing strikes and never walking anybody, teamed up for
victories on three straight Saturdays. Anthony Suva is a key cog in
the Rams‟ attack, pitching with increasing velocity and a field general
behind the mask. Big Dash McFarland is intimidating opponents with
60-mile-an-hour flames, and starting to pound it as hard at the plate
as everyone knows he can.
Without question, the Yellow Jackets are a team to watch this
season. Coach John Anderson says, “The Jackets are having a great
start to the season. We have had great approaches at the plate and
we‟ve had exemplary pitching. There is always room to improve, but I
couldn‟t ask for a better start.” Of course, nobody knows yet how
things will turn out, but what seems clear to this reporter is that we
can expect a lot of excitement from this young team, and even
though they may seem to float like butterflies, these Yellow Jackets
can definitely sting like bees (well wasps actually!).
--Karen O‟Leary Adler
The Rams are causing damage with their bats, led by Christian
McDaniel’s RBI gappers to right center. Ben Newton plays like he
was bred for baseball, a line-drive switch-hitter with a 999 OBP, who
picks off baserunners from behind the plate with his eyes closed.
Gabriel Malat Del Valle clobbered a triple and a homer out of sight
to drive in big late-inning runs in two straight games. Henry
Christopher had a several-game streak where every swing
produced a solid outfield base hit. Elijah Perlstadt, with good hands
around the bags and an aggressive swing, had a big two-run RBI
double. Savvy Liam Marder has made a passel of good plays at
second base, laid down a beauty of a sacrifice bunt, and is a
constant threat on the base paths, like Alonso Raimilla-Couture,
who sets an example for the teammates with his hard work to
become a better player. Kai Page comes out early and eager,
hustles everywhere, goes up to the plate swinging, and has had a
couple of clutch hits. Max Yoshida, a roadrunner on the bases and
50/70 All Star last year, has relieved his teammates by coming out to
play now that basketball season is over, key to the Rams‟ playoff
---Randal Malat
June McDaniels, BHG Mason McDuffie Real Estate
Manager: Parker Newton
Coach: Christopher McDaniels
Sun Devils
938 Crawfish
Manager: Tim Ferdun
Coaches: Michael Burns and Qin Zhang
Gaze into the Colorado State Rams‟ dugout and you‟ll see a bunch of
smiling kids, getting along like there was nowhere they‟d rather be.
But that‟s not a surprise with Coach Parker Newton at the helm,
honing his ballplayers‟ life lessons no less than their skills. “Don‟t be
afraid to make a mistake,” he reminds them, using every nuance on
the field as a teachable moment. “Remember you‟re a kid playing a
game. Have fun out there,”patiently helping each kid while melding
them into an enthusiastic team.
The Albany Sun Devils have a lot to be proud of in the spring of
2015. David Kim states it well, “Our team works very well together,
and we have a lot of fun.”
And these guys can hit! It is not unusual for the Yellow Jackets to
bring their big bats to an inning, with Kyle Paiz thrilling the stands
with a whopper RBI double out to center, and Ben Cabanatuan
saving the day with a late inning line drive to right field. The Jackets
are making base stealing look effortless, and recent high scoring
wins can be attributed to consistent team batting, excellent base
running by Max Medcalf, and fearless stealing by Zane Chaplin.
David Kim (DK) is a dazzling short stop and has been scorching the
balls and bringing runners home. Bryce Nakahara is focused and
unruffled as he pitches, with just a hint of a smile as he picks off an
opponent trying to steal a base or pitches two consecutive 1-2-3
innings. David Verdin has been hauling down the fly balls in center
and left fields, and scored the Devils‟ first run against Richmond in an
away game.
Victor “Quiet but Lethal” Zhang’s relief pitching stymied the Ducks,
and his huge triple in the top of the 7th drove in a run and started a
key rally. Teammate, Damon Chau, has been solid on all fronts
offering great fielding, pitching, and catching for the Devils as well as
strong batting at the plate. Benny Burns is smart, efficient and
tireless. He thinks three steps ahead and picks the opponents off
with ease. The team awaits his return to the field after an injury, but
in true team spirit, he cheers for his team at every game.
Buster Posey fan, Finn Ferdun, is in his 5th season with ALL and
has been commanding and eagle eyed as catcher in addition to his
strong outings as pitcher. Andrew Frey has been making solid
contact with the ball at the plate and is consistently strong in the
outfield, while Peter Mazzota, Giants fan and fabulous second
baseman, has been working his way around the bases and scoring.
For Lincoln Chapman, a highlight came against the Cowboys when
he drove in 2 with a single down the right field line, then drew a walk
and scored the go-ahead run in the 6th.
Dodé Sanjaya hails from Bali, Indonesia and has had power hits
from the plate and is solid on defense in the outfield and at first base.
Colin Michael O’Brien always comes through in clutch time. His
stretch off first has produced many outs, and his huge hit against GA
Tech started the game winning rally. Zander Laurence, a formidable
figure at first base, is fast thinking and fast moving and has had some
big hits for the team.
Manager Tim Ferdun and coaches, Michael Burns and Qin Zhang
have consistently led the players to challenge themselves and
continue growing.
For the coaches, it‟s not just about baseball. As the fearless Ferdun
points out, “Both the kids and the coaches are learning many lessons
during the Spring ALL season. Playing for a team is metaphorically
like navigating life… Some days the balls find the gap and some
days they don't…We want players to feel confident in their skills yet
humble and open to wanting to grow as players and people.”
---Emiko Susilo
Hotsy Totsy
Manager: Edward Kleinhans
Coaches: Ryan Brekke and DuVal Hicks
With coaches Eddy Kleinhans, DuVal Hicks and Ryan Brekke at the
helm, the Intermediate 50/70 Miami Hurricanes have torn through the
first part of the season, posting a 6-0 record at deadline. Each player
has made outstanding contributions to the team's success thus far.
Against the Rams on March 15, Flynn Mager started a rally with a
lead-off double, then scored on Cole Filson's big sacrifice fly. In the
same rally, Trey Wenrick slammed his own double and also scored.
That game ended with a bang when, with bases loaded with
threatening Rams in the top of the 7th, third baseman Evan
Kleinhans smoothly fielded a hard-hit grounder and threw the ball to
catcher Will Regan, who got the force out at home. Then Will,
thinking fast, threw the ball to first baseman Walker Hicks, who, with
a long stretch, completed the double play to end the game with a 5-4
win for the Hurricanes.
Pitching and defense have been a big part of the team's success.
Isaiah Fairchild pitched the first two innings of the season and has
been a consistent workhorse on the mound ever since. Ben Hoban
pitched 2 solid innings against the Tigers on March 28. And on
March 22 against the Sun Devils, Kyle Bialk threw only 35 pitches in
3 innings, retiring the side in just 8 pitches in the first inning. Backing
up the solid pitching, Brandon Vargas has been a human vacuum
cleaner at short, killing opponents' rallies left and right.
The Hurricanes' teamwork shone on March 28, when the team
roared through a game in which every Hurricane player got a hit and
also scored. Michael Wright showed guts and agility when he stole
home, leaping over the attempted tag for the score. Dias Belda
smacked a big hit to start an 8-run rally, including a double slugged
by Noah Green for 2 RBI's. With hard work and fast play, the
Hurricanes plan to keep the momentum going as the season
---Lisa Carvalho
Restoration Design Group, LLC
Manager: Daniel Cutter
Coaches: Bill McGowen and Jim Radkey
The LSU Tigers are pulling together as a team over their interests
and homemade cookies every game. With excellent leadership from
the coaching staff and solid support from their growing base of rabid
fans, the Tigers are building momentum and pounce on their
opponents in true Tiger form. This team‟s mainstay is their stellar
pitching staff. Coach Cutter can call on nearly ½ the team to get on
the mound and throw solid innings whenever he needs them to.
Their hitting is starting to get to mid-season form just in time for the
stretch-run to the playoffs.
What‟s holding this pack together? Oatmeal cookies and their love of
baseball. Go Tigers!
Get to know the players… Here are a few of their favorite things:
Peyton McGowen– Giants, Red licorice, and the color red
Lucas Cutter- Giants, Tim Lincecum, fav position: pitcher
Miles Alberga – Jose Bautista, Blue Jays, color blue
Will Sypher- fav #: 2, fav team: Orioles, fav position: shortstop
Luciano Salzano – Fav #: 21, Fav players: Buster Posey/Derek
Jeter, Fav Position: 2nd
Quinten Sargent – Fav video game: Madden 25, Fav player: Ricky
Henderson, fav color: turquoise
Agustin De Jesus – Fav food: Chocolate, Fav Team: Yankees, Fav
position: 2nd base
Bennett Ronay – Fav team: Twins, Fav position: catcher, fav #: 19
Ryan Radkey – Fav Position: 1st base, Fav Food: gummy bears,
Fav #: 11
Owen Jump – Fav Position: Pitcher, Fav Video Game: FIFA 15, Fav
#: 38
Will Jennings – Fav Food: Chocolate, Fav Team: Giants, Fav #: 48
Isaac Shores and Dylan Goetting were unavailable for interview
---Laura Ronay
Mike Sim – Manager
John Brusseau – Assistant Coach
Frank Knowles – Assistant Coach
The weather has been perfect for baseball, and The Stars are rising.
The boys worked hard during spring training and are pulling together
as a team. Now that the season‟s begun and the games are exciting
and close (every game so far has been decided by one run, or less!),
the boys are having fun and finding ways to improve. With guidance
and wisdom from coaches Mike Sim, Frank Knowles, and John
Brusseau, they‟re already moving in a strong, positive direction.
I caught up with the team between their last home stand and road trip
(both on the same day) and got some insight into the team‟s work
ethic and each player‟s goals for the season. A big emphasis for the
team is hitting, both for average and power. Deven Beasley is
looking to get more hits and raise his average. Dominic Tressler
feels good about making contact but he‟s looking to add power to his
hitting arsenal. Ian Haggitt also plans to amp up his power outage
and hit the ball farther. Jaylen Ivey wants to make more contact
when at bat, Riley Kirkman-Davis wants to up his average and hit it
farther, and Ben Wenger and Matthew Brusseau plan very simply
(and simple is good in baseball) to improve their hitting. Milo
Ruberto summed up the focus on power for the team, saying his
goal is to hit it farther and hit it stronger. Well said!
No team has ever won strictly with hitting, and many of the Stars are
focusing on the defensive side of the diamond. Ethan Davis is
turning his attention to fielding grounders, Aidan Knowles on his
throwing accuracy, and Matthew Sim on developing a stronger arm.
Ezri Mayeri plans nothing less than to make a game saving, diving
catch in center field, and Royce Williams very simply wants to play
good, error-free baseball. A worthy goal.
Coach Sim believes that with all players focusing on their goals and
with the coaches‟ emphasis on playing as a team and having fun, it
should be an exciting and rewarding season for the rising Stars!
--- Neal Davis
Cerami Builders
Mitchell Masia – Manager
Erik Davidson – Assitant Coach
Sergio Mendoza – Assistant Coach
The Seals have been making a " Big Splash " in the early part of the
Juniors Division season, enjoying competitive games each and every
The core of the Seals team is made-up of experienced players, and
they have led the charge. Aidan Price has proven very capable on
the mound, Mateo Rodriguez is exploiting his talents, Ezra Mander
shows his durability on a daily basis. All these players, and the rest,
have come together as a very supportive group of ballplayers.
I have really enjoyed all our players very much this season. The
effort and willingness to get better has impressed me. My favorite
realization is watching the boys work on a particular skill in practice,
and then see them execute in the games. Baseball can be one of
the most humbling games to play, at any level, but that is what
makes the game such a pleasure to coach. Opportunities are found
every time we take the field to teach the players how to handle
adversity, frustration, and mental challenges. Being part of a team
and understanding that collective results are always greater than
individual accomplishments, is a wonderful lesson to be learned by
all the players. Our boys seem to really embrace this opportunity to
be a very good team.
A lot of games to be played, but I'm sure that the best is yet to come
for the Seals, of the Albany Little League Juniors Division. I'm
excited to see how this season resolves itself.
--- Mitchel Masia
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