JBL® ControL® SerieS - Moj

JBL® ControL® SerieS - Moj
JBL Control Series
JBL Control NOW™ and JBL Control NOW AW loudspeakers
Loud, clear, stunningly realistic audio reproduction for public spaces and private homes has been the JBL®
stock-in-trade for more than 60 years. But in all those years, there has never been anything even remotely like
JBL Control NOW™ loudspeakers or the all-weather JBL Control NOW AW speakers. Advanced JBL technologies
have been seamlessly engineered into a unique arced enclosure that makes these speakers perhaps the most flexible
ever developed. Individually, or in a circular or semicircular array of up to four speakers, there’s virtually no place
where JBL Control NOW speakers cannot go, and there are more than a few places where only they can fit.
Maximum recommended amplifier power*:
Power handling: 50W continuous/300W peak
Frequency response: 80Hz – 30kHz (–6dB)
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 90dB @ 1 watt/1 meter
Crossover point: 2kHz
Crossover slope: 18dB/octave (low-frequency driver);
36dB/octave (high-frequency driver)
Low-frequency drivers: Dual 100mm (4") PolyPlas™, shielded
High-frequency driver: 19mm (3/4") titanium-laminate, shielded
*The maximum recommended amplifier power rating will ensure proper system headroom to allow for occasional peaks.
We do not recommend sustained operation at these maximum power levels.
JBL Control Series
JBL Control NOW and JBL Control NOW AW loudspeakers
90 degrees of pure ingenuity
One speaker, dozens of mounting possibilities – perhaps the most flexible speaker ever developed
Evenly distributed sound with minimal distortion in any listening environment
Optional pole-mount bracket kit for hanging a four-speaker array
Inclusive multi-unit wiring adapter eliminates impedance restrictions
• Finish: Black (indoor) or White (all-weather*)
• Arrays of two, three and four speakers can be mounted virtually anywhere and can be configured for either single-channel
or single-point stereo use
• Use them in traditional stereo setups, for home theatres or for whole-house-music and background-music systems
• Patented Bi-Radial® horn delivers smooth, wide and uniform high-frequency response even in challenging placement such
as corner mounting and multi-unit configurations
• Low-frequency drivers: dual 100mm (4") PolyPlas, shielded
• High-frequency driver: 19mm (3/4") titanium-laminate, shielded
• Frequency response (–6dB): 80Hz – 30kHz
*Please note that while the JBL Control NOW AW loudspeaker is an all-weather outdoor speaker, it is not waterproof. It should be sheltered from
direct exposure to ice, snow and sustained moisture.
Mounting options
• Mounting options for single speakers and multispeaker arrays are literally too numerous to list in detail. But just to get you
thinking in the right direction, here are a few possibilities.
Option 1: On a bookshelf either vertically or
horizontally placed
Option 2: In a corner between walls, or between a wall and
ceiling (using inclusive bracket)
Option 3: On a wall, vertically, horizontally or in a
two-speaker array (using inclusive bracket)
Option 4: As a three-speaker horizontal array, mounted
on a wall corner (using inclusive bracket)
Option 5: On a floor stand using included floor stand
adapter, compatible with a multitude of third-party stands
Option 6: As a four-speaker array (using the optional
pole-mount bracket and standard ceiling fan hardware)
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