Basketball High school sports are extremely valuable to students, as

Basketball High school sports are extremely valuable to students, as
High school sports are extremely valuable to students, as they teach many
skills that cannot be learned in the classroom. Health is important because it leads to
happiness and allows people to perform daily tasks at full capacity. The physical
education class in secondary school is essential because many students do not get
enough exercise in America. Often they are too busy watching television at home and
eating potato chips on the couch gaining weight and losing muscle. One productive
way to fix obesity is to incorporate physical education into a required curriculum. On
the other hand, the class appears a little repetitive at times if kids receive the same
education while playing on school sports teams. Basketball seems to especially teach
students about the necessary fitness knowledge needed to stay healthy in life.
Basketball also helps athletes learn other social skills necessary in the real world,
where collaboration, preparation, and intellect are key. Basketball relates to all three
standards required for the second course of physical education.
Standard 1: “Students demonstrate knowledge of and competency in motor
skills, movement patterns, and strategies needed to perform a variety of physical
activities.” While playing basketball, one must “evaluate the relationships of physical,
emotional, and cognitive factors affecting individual and team performance” (1.6). As
far as individual skills, confidence can change everything on the basketball court.
One of the motor skills that is important as a basketball player is the ability to shoot.
In order to shoot, one must demonstrate proper form, timing, and hand-eye
coordination. As far as the form, a player must begin with the primary hand under the
basketball and the secondary hand off to the side. The player’s primary foot should
be slightly ahead of the other and facing toward the basket. As the shooter
progresses into the motion, the hands should move straight upwards and end with a
flick of the wrist with the primary hand as the secondary hand guides the ball without
impeding its forward motion. the legs should be bent at the beginning and finish with
a jumping action. Another variable that has the ability to alter an individual’s
performance is health. If a player is not up to full strength, he/she will not be able to
compete normally. The best way to prevent injuries is to get adequate sleep and to
eat a healthy diet. For growing teenagers, this may mean anywhere from eight to ten
hours of sleep. As for the food that you eat, it is best to stay away from processed
sugars and fats. Calories is a good way to measure how much energy you are
consuming because you need to burn off an equal amount to stay fit. Additionally, a
cognitive component plays a role in performance, such as whether or not the player
got enough sleep the night before the game. If not, he/she might not be able to think
fast enough to make the necessary quick decisions. There is also a definite
relationship between physical, emotional, and cognitive factors and the performance
of a basketball team. It is evident that the success of a basketball team is dependent
on its chemistry, health and preparation. It is impossible for a team to function well if
everyone is arguing with each other and nobody has the same goals. The best teams
are selfless, which means that each player does not care about personal
performance, but rather is concerned with the overall team success. This attitude will
lead to players who are Basketball also requires one to “analyze situations to
determine appropriate strategies to use in combative, gymnastic/tumbling, and team
activities” (1.10). Basketball involves a great deal of intelligence about the game. The
rulebook, which includes very specific details, is very important. If not followed
properly, consequences could follow. For example, when a shooting foul is
committed, the offensive player is allowed two free throws. During the free throw, the
shooter is allowed ten seconds before a violation is called that cancels the outcome
of the free shot. Also, six other players are allowed to line up around the key, four
from the defending team, and two others from the shooting team. A new rule this
year, the players surrounding the key with the exception of the shooter may enter
upon the release of the shot to rebound. However, if a player moves too soon, the
team will be subject to a violation, which means either one more or one less attempt.
Another element of basketball that demonstrates strategy is the art of calling plays.
Both on defense and on offense, teams usually have plays and sets to counteract
those of the opposite team. These are developed through film study and hours of
practice. Such strategy can also be applied to other areas of physical education
where close analyzation and planning are imperative. An athlete must remain on
schedule and develop a consistent workout plan to get maximum results. Basketball
demonstrates both relationships to performance and problem-solving ability, which
are essential to playing sports or participating in any physical activity.
Standard 2: “Students achieve a level of physical fitness for health and
performance while demonstrating knowledge of fitness concepts, principles, and
strategies.” Basketball requires exceptional physical fitness, which improves through
rigorous practices and tough games. All high school basketball players “participate in
moderate to vigorous physical activity at least four days each week” (2.1). Beginning
at the start of the school year, basketball players prepare vigorously for the season.
Training can involve running on the track, improving strength in the weight room, or
practicing skills on the court. Often these activities involve running on the bleachers,
using the bench press, and running suicides. These are completed as a team, so
players can familiarize themselves with one another. One person spots the other in
the weight room and players compete to lift the greatest amount of pounds. When
such equipment is not available, push-ups and sit-ups work very well. This preseason
program is essential to a players performance during the season because a more fit
player will be able to play more of a game without getting tired. Also, a stronger
player will be able to rebound and finish at the rim more easily because he will
remain more unaffected by contact. After tryouts are held, practice is held five days a
week for two or more hours each day. During these practices, the players condition
further for the season and begin to work more on individual skills as well as
teamwork. A key to improvement is repetition. If a player is struggling with their shot,
the best way for them to improve it is to keep trying, and eventually it should
straighten out and the distance can be adjusted as well. The final stage is during the
season, when often the basketball team plays two or more games per week in
addition to regular practices and Saturday workouts. During practices, the team runs
different plays so that the team will be ready to execute them in a game. Sometimes
it can be difficult to memorize all of the options of a play, but more practice
eventually leads to improvement and mastery. A basketball player should also
“evaluate the availability and quality of fitness resources in the community” (2.10).
Aside from using the school gymnasiums, the basketball teams look for other
opportunities to practice in the community. One example is that often the players go
running as a team, either on dirt trails in the hills or on routes through the
surrounding neighborhood using its sidewalks. When the school gymnasium is not
available, the basketball team finds other facilities in the area to use for practice. In
addition, players go on their own to local fitness centers where there is abundant
equipment with which they can improve. Many high school basketball players in
Oakland attend either the YMCA or 24 Hour Fitness, both of which have full size
basketball courts, weight equipment and pools. Another instance where basketball
involves the community is in the event of a competition between schools. In this
case, at least one of the teams travels in order to play a game, which allows them to
evaluate the availability and quality of other fitness resources in the community.
These events often bring many students from the respective schools, who come to
support their classmates. Such interaction creates lasting relationships in the form of
rivalries that are an integral part of school pride. This sense of community is essential
to a sport that thrives off of community integration. Basketball heavily involves the
knowledge of fitness with respect to health and performance.
Standard 3: “Students demonstrate knowledge of psychological and
sociological concepts, principles, and strategies that apply to the learning and
performance of physical activity.” The skills that come with learning the game of
basketball can help with all types of physical activity. Students definitely “participate
in physical activities for personal enjoyment” (3.1). High school basketball players
participate in hopes of having fun. With already busy schedules that include
abundant homework time, there is not much motivation to play basketball because it
means less free time. However, basketball not only serves as a pathway through
which students can enjoy sports, but also as a reliever of stress. At times, high school
is difficult both socially and academically, so basketball can act as an activity that
takes the mind off of everything else to focus on playing a game. The thrill of
winning, comfort of friendships and sense of collaboration are well worth the sacrifice
of playing on a high school basketball team. A player can learn many things that are
not taught in the classroom through basketball. It also provides an activity that
players can continue for the rest of their lives in order to remain healthy and in
shape. After some time, players “identify the effect of individual differences, such as
age, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and culture, or preferences for and
participation in physical activity.” In Oakland, basketball is dominated by tall African
American male student athletes. However, this archetype changes when viewing
other communities throughout the world. No matter where the community, a player
can learn about other cultures and how they relate to preferences in physical activity.
Basketball is just one case of how sports can be connected with other demographics,
such as age, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, etc. Athletes must learn to
recognize differences among the populations. Basketball is also a way for different
cultures to interact, as games can be universally played throughout the world. In the
Olympics, the United States basketball team competes against other countries’
teams for a gold medal. This forms a bond between the players of different
nationalities because they share a common interest in basketball. In addition, the
fans become connected around the globe as they watch their teams and root for
them to win. Basketball introduces new aspects of life that bring them closer to
sports in general. This allows them to be more intelligent about the specific physical
activity in which they choose to participate. Basketball satisfies the last standard for
course two, focusing on fitness concepts, principles, and strategies.
Overall, basketball is a tool for high school students to learn about physical
activities while enjoying themselves. Basketball is valuable not just during high
school years, but also for the rest of a player’s life. The sport teaches many skills that
cannot be obtained in a classroom setting. With respect to high school physical
education, playing basketball allows a student to focus on and become involved in
one sport at a time. In this way, the athlete knows more about the game than if they
were to learn from a teacher. Playing high school basketball is also a choice for the
student, who is more likely to participate in physical activity if he/she enjoys it.
Therefore, the advanced sports option should continue to be offered for sports
enthusiasts who take time out of their busy schedules every day to focus on personal
fitness and have fun all at once.
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