NSi™ Output Manager
Output Manager™
Control what you print, deliver — and save.
Information drives your business. And it helps define who you are as a company. So why aren’t you
controlling how it’s delivered? NSi™ Output Manager™ from LANIER™ consolidates output management
systems to simplify how you produce and share information. Use it to send documents to any location,
including email, network folders, FTP sites and network printers. You can choose the most convenient
delivery method to minimize print output and associated costs. Plus, you can track the entire process
so you know who is sharing documents and where they are printed.
Combine workflows. Add efficiency.
You have your own way of working. So does the person in the next office. That’s why you use different
technologies to create files and documents. You probably have preferences for delivering them too.
But what happens when some of those are less efficient than others? NSi Output Manager is designed
to optimize production, office and enterprise printing. Integrate the easy-to-use system seamlessly into
existing infrastructure and merge every file into a single, integrated workflow. Use it to set business
rules, migrate from inefficient legacy printers, audit users and tasks, help recover costs and much more
— all from the convenience of an intuitive software interface.
Transform production and office printing
Comprehensive, end-to-end control for the office
You’re in charge. That means you’re accountable for managing the flow of information and controlling costs for your organization.
Choose NSi Output Manager to consolidate input from multiple platforms and applications in a single, comprehensive system. It
enables you to account for all output and offers a convenient way to print documents to an office printer at your users’ convenience
without compromising security or efficiency. Each print request is held in queue until an authorized user with a username and
password or security card releases it. It helps reduce unnecessary printing and ensures your most critical documents end up in the
right hands at the right time.
Streamline your workflow
Do you know what’s being printed in your office? Do you know
who’s printing it? Most importantly, do you know how much
it’s costing you? Whether files originate on a mobile device,
mainframe, desktop or an office MFP, you can manage them
easily by mapping document properties (headers, job tickets,
etc.) directly to NSi Output Manager and creating a workflow
based on specific job information. Use it to queue jobs,
schedule printing, reprint, balance loads, set priorities and
merge information. Take advantage of advanced reporting to
gather critical information and calculate print costs, too.
With NSi Output Manager, you can connect to your systems
and receive files seamlessly from any number of input sources,
• FTP and Web Upload
• LPD/LPR and IP Sockets
• Network Folders • Mainframe Printer Emulation
• Windows Print Queues • MQ Series
• Email
• Network Job Entry (NJE)
rovide unprecedented control and flexibility for document
• Improve print applications by modifying document contents
(i.e. add or remove text, OMR marks, barcodes, imposition
commands, overlays, and images)
utomatically burst, bundle and group documents to eliminate
manual post production processes
• Meet SLAs by splitting large print jobs across multiple engines
rovide outstanding job/queue management through tailored
operator and user interfaces enabling page range reprints,
redirection of print, failover workflows and automatic alerts
llocate costs of office, CRD and production environments in
a single tool
• Increase security and reduce waste through ‘secure release’
device access
• Provide audit trails and accounting reports
• Manage printers in multiple vendor environments
Share efficiencies throughout the office
Shouldn’t finding a more efficient way to work be automatic?
We think so. That’s why we’ve simplified workflow so you can
capture print streams and share documents more effectively in
a variety of ways, including:
onnect devices to local, remote and legacy host
erge office and data center applications into a single
workflow to improve efficiency and security while reducing
apture and redirect large print files from inefficient desktop
printers to cost-effective production printers
• Transform incompatible document formats
• Remotely submit jobs to data centers and print rooms
Choose NSi Output Manager to route files to multiple destinations,
including network folders, FTP, email, fax, web, CD/DVD, COLD/
ERM, network printers, MFDs, continuous and cut-sheet printers
and IPDS printers.
Enterprise-wide printing and distribution
Simplify printing across your
New technologies allow you to submit print jobs from almost
anywhere. Shouldn’t you be able to distribute or retrieve them
just as easily? NSi Output Manager includes rules-based
capabilities so jobs can be automatically routed to a more
appropriate printer or device, anywhere on the network.
Sometimes documents will require modifications depending
on the final destination. Use the intuitive user interface to
configure a string of actions to occur in sequence. The
complete sequence is saved as a process to expedite future
tasks, including:
• Searching and replacing
• Inserting banners
• Inserting headers or footers
• Pre-pending and appending of files
• Translating code pages
• Running scripts
• Transforming document formats
• Inserting and replacing PJL commands
• Applying Forms Control Buffers (FCBs)
Real-time tracking and reporting
Now you know. With NSi Output Manager you can centrally
monitor all sources, documents, document management
activities and destinations in real-time and display complete
details of print usage. Choose to be notified if errors occur
when documents are routed, retrieved or converted — or
when printer problems compromise performance. End
users can follow the status of their projects with automated
notifications. In addition, it includes a comprehensive print
audit trail. Every processed document, every device and
every click is documented, so you can identify bottlenecks,
inefficiencies and abuse and take corrective action.
Versatility that grows with you
One thing never changes — your enterprise is in flux. Output
devices move or change almost as often as the people who
use them do. Fortunately, NSi Output Manager can move
with them. The user interface console and Windows services
that form the core of the solution for administrators, operators
and support teams can run on almost any PC. It can even
be used on virtual platforms, including VMWare and many
other virtual or Cloud-based environments. Plus, it enhances
business continuity by automatically re-routing print jobs to
backup printers when necessary.
About Ricoh
Ricoh is a global technology company specializing in office
imaging equipment, production print solutions, document
management systems and IT services. Headquartered in Tokyo,
Ricoh Group operates in about 200 countries and regions.
In the financial year ending March 2013, Ricoh Group had
worldwide sales of 1,924 billion yen (approx. 20 billion USD).
The majority of the company’s revenue comes from products,
solutions and services that improve the interaction between
people and information. Ricoh also produces award-winning
digital cameras and specialized industrial products. It is known
for the quality of its technology, the exceptional standard of its
customer service and sustainability initiatives.
Add more control and smarter rules-based print capabilities
into existing environments and workflows with the all-in-one,
scalable NSi Output Manager.
Under its corporate tagline, imagine. change. Ricoh helps
companies transform the way they work and harness
the collective imagination of their employees. For further
information, please visit www.ricoh.com/about.
NSi™ Output Manager™
Comparison Matrix
Office Printers
Multifunction Devices (MFDs)
Production Printers
Scan to Folder (image only)
Scan to Email (image only)
Smartcards, PIN, LDAP, AP
Pull-Print Release
Printer Detection and Monitoring
Print Failover
Universal PostScript Driver
Usage Reporting
Document Control
Alerts and Notifications
Web Release Station
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NSi™ Output Manager™
Comparison Matrix
Mobile Print & Submit
Enhanced Desktop Client
Rules Based Printing
NSi™ AutoStore® Integration
Cost Management
Desktop Notifications
Access Control
Pull-Print Release Guest Mode
Management of Print Centers
• Support for IPDS Printers
• Queue management
• Spooling, load balancing
• Reprints, Page range printing
• Finishing modifications
• Print Preferences via PJL, Job tickets
Host/Mainframe print stream
management (SAP/PeopleSoft, etc.)
• Search and replace, splitting
• Insertion of overlays, barcodes,
OMR marks
• Text, PCL, PS, PDF, TIF, AFP, etc.
Content Based Filtering
Document Print Library
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