Integrated Digital TV is certified to deliver the following

Integrated Digital TV is certified to deliver the following
VIErA TH-P46S10A 46" (116cm) Full-HD Digital Plasma TV [TH-P46S10A]
Panasonic's famous Plasma technology has evolved to
deliver better pictures than ever! - a whole new VIsual ERA
RRP: $2,899 [GST inc.]
Full-HD Plasma Panel - 550Hz Sub Field Drive
2,000,000:1 Dynamic contrast ratio
3 x HDMI inputs
VIErA Image Viewer with SD Card slot for JPEG Photo &
AVCHD video playback
VIErA Link
Integrated Digital TV is certified to deliver the following:
Certified High Definition screen resolution
Certified built-in High Definition digital TV tuner compliant with Australian standards
Certified compliance with HDMI/HDCP digital connection standards
Certified compliance with Dolby audio standards
Certified digital TV receiver software update capability
Which means you get:
Better High Definition free-to-air digital TV viewing
Better inter-connectivity with other High Definition digital devices
Better home theatre connectivity
Features and Benefits
Full High Definition Progressive
Scan Plasma Panel (1920 x 1080
Panasonic's renowned Full
High Definition TVs feature
outstanding picture quality
delivered through Full High
Resolution Panels. Panasonic designs and
manufactures Plasma Panels and TVs Sets inhouse to deliver superior quality.
Integrated High Definition Digital
DVB-T Tuner
Renowned for producing industry-leading HD
Digital Tuners - Panasonic has incorporated a
copyright © 2003 Matsushita Electric Asia, Pty Ltd. All rights
PC Input for easy connection to your
Personal Computer
Panasonic includes PC Input to easily connect
a personal computer and take advantage of
the large screen offered with VIErA TVs. You
can use your VIErA TV for presentations and
other applications.
Advanced 3D Colour Management Effective colour correction without
affecting colour balance
This system controls multiple colours at the
same time to independently adjust colour
hue, density and brightness to bring out the
full beauty and richness of every image.
digital tuner into the Television for superior
picture quality. The Television also features
an analogue tuner.
550Hz Sub-Field Drive
550Hz technology lets you view Full HD
motion and still image with 1,080 lines of
resolution. For even greater clarity with
motion images, Panasonic uses its own unique
image-analysis technology. This technology
converts the motion in each scene into data.
And each frame is practically displayed for a
shorter length of time than in previous
systems, to reduce aftereffects.
2,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast
(Native 30,000:1)
Plasma technology continues to provide
superior Contrast Ratios. Panasonic's Real
Black Drive System and Revised Filter
combine to produce deep and rich blacks.
Creating superior picture quality on a
Television requires deeper blacks and
Panasonic has achieved amazing black levels.
Rich graduation: 5,120 Equivalent
Steps of Gradation
Panasonic Plasma TV technology has superior
colour reproduction with the capbility to
produce 134 Billion viewable colours. The
large spectrum of colour reproduction is
possible by generating 5,120 equivalent steps
of gradation. Even the most detailed parts of
an image are rendered with beautiful
x.v Colour™
7-Day Electronic Program Guide
Panasonic VIErA TVs provide a 7-Day
Electronic Program Guide to easily view and
decide which program to view. * Broadcast
Superb motion image display
Each pixel in a plasma display panel
individually emits light. Compared to an LCD,
which displays images by rotating liquid
crystal molecules, the plasma display panel
maintains higher resolution in scenes with fast
motion. You'll love the clear, super-sharp
images you get from VIErA when viewing
action movies or watching football, cricket,
tennis and other sports events.
Outstanding Colour Reproduction even
when viewed from an angle
Plasma technology delivers superior colour
reproduction. When you view an LCD from an
angle, you'll notice that the skin tones appear
whitish. With VIErA plasma display panel,
colours look virtually just as good from a
sharp angle as they do from directly in front.
Digital HD TV broadcast transmissions are
based on a set of specifications called the
HDTV Standard*. VIErA reproduces 100% of
the colour range specified in this standard.
VIErA reproduces images from digital HD
broadcasts in their true original colour, with
minimal colour shift.
* Name of standard: ITU-R BT.709
Incredible Contrast and the ability to
clearly produce the darkest movie scenes
Compatibility with x.v Colour standards lets
VIErA transmit a wealth of colour information,
resulting in reproduction of images with the
same rich, vivid colours you see in nature.
This is like expanding the width of the path the
colour data takes.
Excellent connectivity with 3 x HDMI
Increase connectivity with other devices with
3 x HDMI Inputs. You can for example
connect to your VIErA TV a Blu-ray or DVD
player / recorder, a Home theatre system,
and a gaming console.
copyright © 2003 Matsushita Electric Asia, Pty Ltd. All rights
Plasma technology produces outstanding
contrast performance. The incredible contrast
enables accurate reproduction of even the
darkest movie scenes.
Long-lasting TV Long Panel Life, Up to
100,000 Hours*
VIErA Plasma TVs can be used for
approximately 30 years. Using high-quality
Products for longer, and taking care of them
is the first step to environmental
conservation. A newly design phosphor
process and rear panel process give the
Plasma panel a longevity of up to 100,00
hours*. This is more than 30 years of viewing
when watched 8 hours a day, before the
brightness of the panel decreases to half.
VIErA Image Viewer: Easy viewing of
Full HD Photos and Videos
It's easy to view Full HD
images with the SD card slot.
Watch and show your photos
and videos to family and
friends right after you take them. Simply slip
your SD card out of your camera or
camcorder, and into your VIErA TV, to display
photos and Full HD videos on the large screen.
You can also choose from among 3 types of
background music and 4 display effects.
That's Genius Sharing.
VIErA Link: Operation with a single
remote control
VIErA link allows you to
control your VIErA TV,
Panasonic Blu-ray or DVD
player / recorder, Panasonic
Home theatre system and Panasonic Full HD
camcorder with a single remote, from the
comfort of your sofa. Simply connect the
devices to each other with an HDMI cable.
That's Genius Connecting.
*This measurement is based on the time
taken for the brightness of the panel to reduce
to half of its initial maximum level based on
operation in the normal mode with dynamic
content. The time taken to reach this level
may vary depending on the image content
and the environment where the TV is used.
Image retention and malfunctions are not
taken into account.
Lead & mercury free plasmas
VIErA Plasma display panels are lead-free and
contain no mercury. This reduces the impact
on the environment when recycling or
disposing of them in the future.
For more information on Panasonic's
commitment to environmentally friendly TV
please visit:
Sub-Pixel Controller for outstanding
images with reduced jagged edges
This system maintains the image contours by
adjusting each R, G and B dot within a pixel to
deliver smooth contour lines even at diagonal
sections, where jagged lines are normally
conspicuous on a large screen.
copyright © 2003 Matsushita Electric Asia, Pty Ltd. All rights
Product Specifications
Screen Size (cm viewable)
Screen Size (inches viewable)
Screen Type
Panel Type
Progressive Full-HD Plasma Panel
Panel Aspect Ratio
16:9 (Widescreen)
Aspect Ratio Control Modes (TV/
AV modes)
4:3, 4:3 Full, 14:9, 16:9, Just, Zoom1, Zoom2, Zoom3, DTV: 16:9 & 4:3 Full
Aspect Ratio Control Modes (PC
16:9, 4:3
Comb Filter
3D Digital
100Hz Technology
Progressive Scan
TV Tuner Receiving System
DVB (Digital), PAL-B/G (Analogue)
Tuner Type
Integrated SD/HD DVB-T 7MHz Australia, PAL B/G
Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
Yes - 7 Day
Channel Preset/s
Colour System
Picture In Picture (PIP)
CATV/Hyperband Tuner
PAL 2CS Stereo
Horizontal Resolution (pixels)
Vertical Resolution (pixels)
Contrast Ratio:1 - Native
Contrast Ratio:1 - Dynamic
Picture Adjustment Modes / Film
Normal, Dynamic, Cinema, Eco, Game
Colour Temperature Control
Normal, Cool, Warm
Picture Quality Improvement
24p Film Playback, 3D Colour Management, 3D Comb Filter, Sub Pixel Control,
Motion Pattern Noise Reduction, C.A.T.S. (Contrast Automatic Tracking System),
Video Noise Reduction
Audio Output Power - Total
(Watts RMS)
Audio Features
Virtual Surround Sound, Bass/Treble, Balance, Headphone Volume
Auto Timed On/Off Switch
Off Only
On Screen Display Languages
DTV Parental Guidance Info
Remote Control
SD Card Slot
Yes, SDHC Compatible
copyright © 2003 Matsushita Electric Asia, Pty Ltd. All rights
Component Video Input
Yes, 1
Applicable Component Video
Input Signals
576i @ 50Hz (15.63KHz), 576p @ 50Hz (31.25KHz), 720p @ 50Hz (37.50KHz),
1,080i @ 50Hz (28.125KHz), 480i @ 60Hz (15.73KHz), 480p @ 60Hz
(31.47KHz), 720p @ 60Hz (45KHz), 1,080i @ 60Hz (33.75KHz)
HDMI Input/Output
Applicable HDMI Video Input
576i @ 50Hz (15.63KHz), 576p @ 50Hz (31.25KHz), 720p @ 50Hz (37.50KHz),
1,080i @ 50Hz (28.125KHz), 1,080p @ 50Hz (56.25KHz), 480i @ 60Hz
(15.73KHz), 480p @ 60Hz (31.47KHz), 720p @ 60Hz (45KHz), 1,080i @ 60Hz
(33.75KHz), 1,080p @ 60Hz (67.5KHz), 1,080/24p @ 24Hz (27KHz)
S-Video Input
Yes, 1
Combined I/O Scart Terminal(s)
PC Input
Yes, 1x VGA (15 pin Mini D-sub)
Applicable PC Input Signals
4:3 ASPECT RATIO:, 800×600 @ 60 Hz (37.88KHz), 800×600 @ 75 Hz
(46.88KHz), 800×600 @ 85 Hz (53.67KHz), 1,024×768 @ 60 Hz (48.36KHz),
1,024×768 @ 70 Hz (56.48KHz), 1,024×768 @ 75 Hz (60.02KHz), 1,024×768
@ 85 Hz (68.68KHz), 1,280×1,024 @60 Hz (63.98KHz), Macintosh 13 inch
640x480 @66.67Hz (35KHz), Macintosh 16 inch 832x624 @74.54Hz (49.72KHz),
Macintosh 21 inch 1152x870 @75.06Hz (68.68KHz)
A/V 1:
A/V 2:
Audio-in, Video-in, Component Video Input [Y, Pb, Pr]
A/V 3:
Audio/Video-in, S-Video-in
A/V 4:
Digital Audio Out
Optical Terminal, DVB-T Only
Monitor Out
Stereo L&R [RCA], Video (CUBS) [RCA]
Headphone Jack
Yes, 3.5mm Stereo, Side
Power Consumption - Normal
Operating Temperature Range Minimum (degrees C)
Operating Temperature Range Maximum (degrees C)
Operating Humidity Range
20% - 80%RH (non condensation)
Pedestal Stand
Supplied as Standard
Swivel Stand Operation
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (mm) Without Stand
- Height
Dimensions (mm) Without Stand
- Width
Dimensions (mm) Without Stand
- Depth
Dimensions (mm) With Stand Height
Dimensions (mm) With Stand Width
copyright © 2003 Matsushita Electric Asia, Pty Ltd. All rights
Dimensions (mm) With Stand Depth
EPG data is dependent on the transmission of this data from each individual broadcaster
Based on 'Normal' picture viewing mode using draft IEC62087 (2nd Edition) test method.
With Supplied Pedestal Stand. Weight without pedestal stand = 29kg
copyright © 2003 Matsushita Electric Asia, Pty Ltd. All rights
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