West Shore Community Ice Arena

West Shore Community Ice Arena
West Shore Amateur Hockey Association
West Shore Community Ice Arena
2014 – 15 Hockey Tournament Rules
Team representative must register the team at the arena 1 hour prior to the first game.
Team registration must be USA Hockey approved.
All players must be able to show proof of USA Hockey registration at any point during tournament.
Age requirements and classifications will be followed through USA Hockey and Michigan Amateur Hockey Association
official regulations.
Any team responsible for delaying these procedures may put their team into a position of forfeiting that game.
A team using ineligible players will be automatically disqualified.
RULES – Please read these carefully.
All USA Hockey/MAHA rules apply.
All participants and spectators will be expected to follow the USA Hockey zero tolerance policy. Those found to be in
violation by any of the arena staff, officials or Tournament Directors will be removed immediately from the
tournament and the rink. Team managers please make sure your team knows this rule.
3. We also consider our Tournament Hotels a part of this tournament and these rules. Please be respectful of
their facility and staff as well. If we receive reports of unacceptable behavior on the part of a certain team(s)
at one of the tournament hotels we will treat that the same as if it happened here at our arena and will be
forced to remove that team from the tournament all together.
No protest will be permitted.
5. No Refunds
Tournament Directors reserve the right to make all final decisions regarding the interpretation any rules and
All teams are guaranteed four (4) games.
First team listed on the schedule is considered home team. Please wear appropriate jersey color to reflect this status
– HOME team will wear white jerseys and AWAY team will wear dark jerseys (i.e if not applicable, please let opposing
team know prior to taking the ice to make appropriate jersey arrangements.)
Have players ready to take the ice ten (10) minutes prior to the game.
There is a pre-game of 3 minutes prior to face off and will be designated on the game clock. Teams must remain off
the ice until the Zamboni gates are closed and the on ice officials are present. A team must organize their players for
the face off to start play promptly, when the game clock reaches zero.
Period lengths will be based on the times below and all tournaments at West Shore are stop time.
Cross Ice Jamboree – 12 Minute Games(4 games guarantee)
Squirt House – 12 minute periods
Peewees – 13 minute periods
Bantams - 14 minute periods
JV - 15 minute periods
Running time will occur any time in the third period if the score exceeds a five goal differential. Once the game has
converted to running time, it shall remain running time until the conclusion of the game.
No time outs allowed during round robin play. Only one (1) time out is allowed during the championship game only.
When finished with final games, please see the pro shop to pick up medals and trophies.
Game Points:
Your games will be played on the following scoring system.
Teams will be awarded points in the following manner:
 Two points for win
 One point for tie
Tournament Standings:
Standings will be compiled by the tournament director and staff and posted at the rinks. Teams will be ranked within their
tournament division by the total number of points obtained. In event of a tie, final standings will be determined by the
following criteria.
Note: if two or more teams are tied in points, their positions will be determined by the following tiebreaker process. If one tiebreaker determines the team(s) positions then they will be placed accordingly. Once a team is placed in a position, the
remaining tied teams shall start the tie-breaking process over at step “a” to determine their positions.
Head to head competition
Most wins
Fewest goals against
Goal differential (5 goal maximum differential for a single game)
Most periods won/lost for all games (2 points for period won/1 point for period tied)
Fewest penalty minutes
Coin Toss
Tie Games/Tie breaking procedure:
Regulation games will be able to end in a tie. There are no tiebreakers for regulation games.
If semi-final game ends in a tie, the teams will have a 5 minute sudden death 4 on 4. If the game remains tied after extra
period, there will be a 5 skater shootout. Each team must have their 5 skaters chosen prior to start of the game. Each team
must go through the entire roster of players before anyone can shoot for a second time.
If a finals game ends in a tie:
a. 5 minute sudden death period (4 on 4)
b. Shootout (5 players per team-each player may only shoot once)-most goals during the first 5 shooters wins.
c. If shootout ends in a tie, sudden death shootout until winner is decided. Each team must go through their entire
roster of players before anyone can shoot for a second time.
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