Primex Wireless OneVue™ Technical Overview

Primex Wireless OneVue™ Technical Overview
Technical Overview
Secure, cloud-based workflow, alert, and notification platform built on
top of Amazon Web Services (AWS)
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Primex Wireless OneVue™ Technical Overview
Primex Wireless recognizes today's organizations have complex network infrastructures, a division of
responsibilities, and standard information security policies associated with data confidentiality, network
bandwidth, and security of the systems deployed at their facilities.
The following overview of the OneVue platform is intended to provide the information to answer the technical
questions you or your staff may have regarding the Primex OneVue platform and Primex devices.
OneVue is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Primex Wireless devices connect to OneVue using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) protocol
(port 443); all communication is encrypted.
Primex devices and the OneVue web interface only initiate outbound network connections and do not
initiate inbound network connections.
OneVue client and device data is encrypted in transmit and at rest.
Primex devices support an array of network communication options for secure network connectivity.
Users can access a OneVue from any internet enabled device, improving flexibility and mobility.
User access to the OneVue user interface is through a web browser by way of the HTTPS protocol (port
OneVue Deployment Diagram
Technical Overview
Network Port Requirements
Primex devices communicate to OneVue over your facility’s wireless or wired Ethernet network over Hypertext
Transport Protocol Secure (HTTPS). All device communication is secure and encrypted to and from OneVue.
Port 443 TCP - used for Hypertext Transfer Protocol over TLS/SSL (HTTPS) communication with OneVue and
Primex devices.
Port UDP 123 - used by Primex clocks to access an external NTP server. Port is required to be open for use
with external Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers.
Network Communication Protocols - Primex Devices
The complete technology stack of the Primex Wireless OneVue platform is designed in-house, allowing Primex
to control the user experience and provide the highest level of reliability and security.
To support the myriad of network security and protocol standards in today’s business environment, Primex
devices offer an array of options for secure network connectivity. This ensures our customers can use and
leverage our full line of products without adding costly, additional IT infrastructure.
Wireless Networking Protocols: 802.11b, 11g, single stream 11n* (2.4 GHz)
Security Protocols: None, WEP (Open & Shared), WPA (TKIP & AES), WPA2 (TKIP & AES)
Encryption Protocols: TLS 1.2
Authentication Protocols: None, EAP-FAST, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS (MSCHAPv2), PEAP v0 (MSCHAPv2), PEAP v1
Network Communication Protocols: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)
IP Addressing: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), static IP addressing
Data Packet Size: typically less than 5 kilobytes (kB)
* Only applies to PrimexTEMP and IAQ series sensors, PrimexEVENT devices, and Levo series clocks.
System Requirements
OneVue is a cloud-based, mobile-first design allowing users to access OneVue from any web browser on a
tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. The mobile-first design eliminates the need for separate
mobile apps, plug-ins or downloads for optimal viewing on any size screen.
Supported web browsers
OneVue can be accessed from any of the web browsers below.
Google Chrome™, most recent version
Mozilla Firefox®, most recent version
Microsoft® Internet Explorer®, versions 9, 10 and 11
Apple® Safari®, most recent version
JavaScript must be enabled
PDF viewer is required to view and print PDF reports
Supported mobile devices
OneVue can be accessed on any of the mobile devices below.
Apple® mobile devices with iOS 7 and greater
Android mobile devices with 4.2 and greater
JavaScript must be enabled
About Primex Wireless
Primex Wireless is the leading provider of solutions to automate and maintain facility compliance, increase
efficiencies, enhance safety and reduce risk for enterprise organizations in the healthcare, education,
manufacturing and government vertical markets.
Primex Wireless delivers platforms that use a facility’s existing network infrastructure to automate, monitor,
document, and report on the essential activities performed by facility staff. The platforms delivered by Primex
include synchronized time, environmental monitoring, and bell scheduling systems.
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Technical Overview
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