TAA.TU.12020 Prismaflex Data Access Without PCMCIA Slot On PC

TAA.TU.12020 Prismaflex Data Access Without PCMCIA Slot On PC
Technical Update
TAA.TU.12020 rev. 1
Effective: 2011 Apr 22
CO 11124
PrismaFlex Data Card access when a PCMCIA
Card Slot is not available on a PC
Ken Griffin; Joe DiDomenico
This update describes how to access Prismaflex treatment data from the Technical Data
Card when a computer with a PCMCIA card slot or card reader is not available.
The Technical Data Card used with the Prismaflex, part number G5000501, is actually a Compact Flash
(CF) within a PCMCIA Card Adapter. The CF unit can be accessed by removing the Prismaflex label as
shown in the images below. Once the CF is removed from the adapter, it can be read by a compatible CF
card reader. In the image on the right, the CF card is shown connected to a computer using a USB card
reader. This allows the data on the card to be accessed without a computer having a PCMCIA card slot.
Note that the card reader pictured is the Sabrent CRW-EXT External Card Reader purchased for $7.99
(at the time of this printing) from Tigerdirect.com. Other card reader alternatives are available, but be sure
that they will read the Ultra II Compact Flash as used in the Prismaflex Technical Data Card.
To ensure the Compact Flash card meets the minimum specification for use in the Prismaflex,
use only the Compact Flash that comes with the Technical Data Card, as provided by Gambro.
1. Copy the files per normal procedure from the Prismaflex to your Technical Data Card; refer to
Prismaflex Technical Updates 12011 and 12002 for additional information.
2. Carefully remove the CF from the Technical Data Card, and then insert it into the card reader.
3. Access the data via your PC, as needed. Return the CF to the PCMCIA adapter and reseal.
Form# TAA.FRM.0136 Rev. 2
USA Technical Assistance Services
CO# 11037; Effective 19-Jan-2011
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