Packed Lunch Guidelines - St. John Lutheran Church

Packed Lunch Guidelines - St. John Lutheran Church
Packed Lunch Guidelines
St. John’s will provide milk for each child. Please pack a lunch for your child which contains at
1 grain item; 1 serving of protein; and 2 fruits and/or vegetables.
Acceptable items include:
Grain: 1 slice of bread; ½ cup pasta or rice; 1 bagel or muffin; etc.
Protein: 1 ½ oz. meat; 1 Tbsp. peanut butter; 1 ½ oz. cheese; etc.
Fruits & Veg.: ½ cup applesauce, peaches, pears, banana, melon, etc.
½ cup carrot sticks, broccoli, etc.
Note: one whole banana or apple counts as 2 servings
Combination items: spaghetti & meatballs; macaroni & cheese; soups; stews; etc. Make sure
combination items include sufficient amounts of each food group being counted.
Your child may have additional items, such as desserts, at your discretion, but please remind
your child that the healthy foods are to be eaten first. We are required to check each lunch for
appropriate nutrition levels. If any item is lacking, we will supplement at a charge of 75 cents
per item. Supplements will include peanut butter sandwiches and fruit cups.
We will not have a microwave available for use of children’s lunches, so we request that hot
items be brought in an insulated container. Refrigeration is available in the basement storage
room if needed. Staff members will be unable to leave the children to place items in the
refrigerator, so please take your child’s lunch to the basement before leaving for the day.
Lunches may also be stored in the child’s cubby.
St. John Child Care Staff
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