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Spirit One S,
One Sound, One Style
Spirit One S is the fourth pair of headphones
developed by Focal’s R&D team, and it takes
full advantage of our latest advances in terms
of headphone expertise. And in particular
those achieved with Spirit Professional and
Spirit Classic, both launched in late 2013 and
praised by critics. Definition and rich midtreble are here for the taking.
Designed with portability in mind, Spirit One S
has an improved frequency response in the
bass to provide a perfect equilibrium of tonal
balance in noisy environments. The larger
circum-aural ear cups and soft ear cushions
ensure perfect insulation, and a full, tight
bass without distortion. Its high sensitivity
provides excellent dynamics, even when using
smartphones with a low output level.
On the mechanical side, it was better to
combine various criteria to achieve optimal
comfort, lightness and robustness, key points
for portable headphones to ensure listening
pleasure without limits.
Spirit One S is perfect for all kinds of music,
a real prerequisite for Focal. Definition and
harmonic richness provide marvellous
reproduction of music with refined acoustics.
Great dynamics, vigorous bass and groovy
rhythms are guaranteed with all kinds of
vibrant music.
Spirit One S is destined for all those who are
searching for more than just a stylish product,
but also for real acoustic equipment... And at
a very reasonable cost, as these are the most
affordable headphones ever launched by
> Highly accessorised, Spirit One S is supplied with a detachable OFC cable
compatible with all smartphones, a sturdy carrying case and a soft
carrying bag, a 6.35mm jack and an airline adaptor.
Closed back, circum-aural headphones
32 Ohms
104dB SPL / 1mW
@ 1kHz
<0,3% / 1kHz /
100dB SPL
Frequency response
5Hz - 22kHz
Matching 19/16" (40mm)
Net Weight
0.6lb (280g)
Cable length
4.6ft (1.4m)
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