Door Sensors Motion Detector Keypad Interior Siren Key - Ener-Tel

Door Sensors Motion Detector Keypad Interior Siren Key - Ener-Tel
It’s important to develop a home security
plan that meets your unique needs.
We know there’s no cookie-cutter approach
when it comes to safety. That’s why we
assess your home’s entry points and
vulnerable areas before designing a home
security system for you and your family.
Take a look at what comes with our most
comprehensive solution.
Door Sensors
Motion Detector
Interior Siren
Key Fobs
Remote Access
Wireless Transmission
Smart Thermostat
Lighting Controls
Glass Break Sensors
Surveillance Cameras
Automatic Door Locks
Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors
 Remote Access
With Total Connect, Ener-Tel’s remote access service, you can control
what goes on in your home from wherever you are.
Need to unlock the doors for the neighbor while you are at the gym?
Done. Need to adjust the thermostat because a cold front is blowing
in? Easy. Heading out of town and want to make sure you locked the
doors? Check. Getting home after dark and want to turn on some
exterior lights? Can do. Total Connect makes all this possible.
 Wireless Transmission
Traditionally, security systems were monitored using a landline. However, recent technology allows us to monitor
your system wirelessly (without using that home phone!) Wireless transmission gives your home an extra layer of
protection in the case of power-loss or damaged phone lines.
 Expandability
One of the best features of an Ener-Tel security system is its ability to grow to match your budget and needs. When
you’re ready for more, adding new devices is simple and easy.
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