Magic Chef MCIM22TW Use and Care Manual

Magic Chef MCIM22TW Use and Care Manual
“Water” indicator ls on.
Walter is low.
Stop the ice maker, fill water, and
“Ice” indicator Is on.
Ice basket 15 full,
Remove ce fram ice basket
“Water” and “ice” Indicator
Ice shoval is stuck.
Check il ice is blocking the ice
shovel. otherwise, consuls a
are both Illuminated. certified technician.
Stop the ice maker, and restar
Ice making cycle is loo long. when the ice blocks melt. Select the
small ice size.
Water temperature tn inner Change the water in the reservoir.
Ice cubes stick together. tank is 100 low Use water between 45°F-90°F
Leaving ice in the appliance
for an extended period of time
may result in the appliance
recycling the ice by melting
it down and making a new batch),
Transfer ready-made ice to
another container and store
IN a cooler or freezer to avoid
The ice cubes are meltig.
Leaving ice in the appliance
lor an extended penod of ime
may resull in the appliance
recycling the ica by malting
It down and making a new batch.
After extended period transfer
ready-made ice to another
container and store in a cooler
or freezer lo avoid recycling,
Ice making cycle is normal
but no ice is made.
Ambient temperature or
water temperature in inner
tank is too high.
Please operale Ihe ice maker below
ambient temperature of 30°F and
use cold water.
Refrigerant liquid leakage.
Consult a qualified technician.
Pipe in the cooling system is
Consult a qualified technician.
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® Before connecting the appliance to the power supply, let the unit stand upright for 4 hours,
which will reduce the possibility of the cooling system malfunctioning due to improper
® Clean your unit thoroughly before putting into use. (See "How to Clean”)
® Use the parts diagram on page 4 to insure proper positioning of intemal components,
Product Description Counter Top Ice Maker
Model No. MCIM22TS
Color Silver
Unit Dimensions Width | Height | Depth
(1 ) 11.69" | 1488" | 1445
Net Weight 26.46 (lbs)
Product Description Counter Top Ice Maker
Model No. MCIM22TW
Unit Dimensions Width | Height | Depth
(Inches) 1169" | 1488" | 1445
Net Weight 26.46 (Ibs)
1. Clean your ice maker thoroughly.
=. Open the cover, remove the ice basket and pour normal tap water into tank.
Keep water level below the level mark.
3. Plug in the unit and the power indicator light will blink.
4. Press “Power on the control panel to begin the ice making cycle. The power Indicator light will
5. Select the size of the ice cube by pressing the “Select” button. If ambient temperature is below
60°F, it is recommended to select small or medium size to avoid ice sticking together.
6. The ice making cycle lasts 7 to 14 minutes, depending on the size of the ice cube selection.
7. While the icemaker is on, check water level periodically. If water pump can't inject water, the ice
maker will stop automatically, and the “Water” Indicator will be on.
Press the “Power button, fill water up to the level mark and press “Power again.
Allow 3 minutes for the refrigerant to settle before restarting.
8. The ice maker automatically stops working when the ice basket is full and the “Ice” indicator will
ba lluminated.
9. Change water in the water reservoir every 24 hours to ensure a reasonable hygiene level.
If unit is not in use, drain all water in the tank resarvoir.
O MC 12600629 BE K
Remove the ice basket.
1. Tum the drain cap counter clockwise to drain out the water.
Clean the interior with diluted detergent, warm water and a soft cloth.
The outside of the ice maker should be cleaned regularly with a mild detergent solution and
warm water.
Dry the interior and exterior with a soft cloth.
Close the drain cap.
When the machine is not in use, open water drain cap to drain water completely from water
P The ice maker should be cleaned on a regular basis. (See: “HOW TO CLEAN”)
№ |t is necessary to have an adequate ventilation space around the ice maker in order to
sustain proper performance, dissipation of heat, maintain efficiency, and low power
consumption. Clearance of minimum 5 inches should be maintained at the rear and sides
of the unit and 8 inches at the top of the unit,
P To attain proper performance, be sure to plug the appliance into a properly grounded
115/60 Hz outlet.
E Do not modify the power cord under any circumstances to allow the unit to be plugged
into a non-grounded outlet. To avoid heat damage to the power cord, please ensure that it
does not come in proximity or in direct contact with the compressor of the ice maker,
> Please avoid installing the ice maker in a location where the appliance will come in
contact with water or moisture to minimize rusting of metal parts.
P The ice maker should not be installed near any heat source or in a location where it will
come in direct contact with the sunlight.
When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should be followed to reduce the risk of
fire, electric shock, and injury to persons or property. Read all instructions before using any
® Do not operate this or any other appliance with a damaged cord.
® Connect to properly polarized outlets only. No other appliance should be plugged into the same
outlet. Be sure that the plug is fully inserted into the receptacle.
® Do not run cord over carpeting or other heat insulators. Do not cover the cord. Keep cord away
from traffic areas, and do not submerge in water.
® We do not recommend the use of an extension cord, as it may overheat and become a risk of
fire. If you must use an extension cord, use No.14 AWG minimum size and rated no less than
1875 watts.
® Unplug the ice maker before cleaning or making repairs.
® Exercise caution and use reasonable supervision whan appliance is used near children.
® Do not clean your ice maker with flammable fluids. The fumes can create a fire hazard or
® Do not tip over.
® |i the ice maker Is brought indoors from outdoors during the wintertime, give it a few hours to
adjust to room temperature before plugging it in.
1. Cover: With a transparent window to allow intenor visibility.
2. Control Panel: Easy to use, visible functions and 1-touch display setting.
A) Selects ice cube size.
B) Starts or stops ice making cycle.
3. Water drain cap: For draining water from water reservoir.Drain cap tums counter clockwise.
4, lce basket.
5. lce scoop.
6. lca shovel,
©) © OC
1. Remove all exterior and interior packaging. Check that ice basket and ice scoop is included. If
any part or accessory Is missing, please contact our customer service,
2. Clean the interior with lukewarm water and a soft cloth. Remove the ice basket and wash It in
warm water.
3. Find a location for your ice maker that is protected from direct sunlight and other sources of heat
(l.a.: stove, fumace, radiator). Place the ice maker on a level surface. Maker sure that there Is at
least 5 inches of space between the back and sides of your ice maker and the wall.
4. Allow one hour for the refrigerant fluid to settle before plugging in the unit.
5. The appliance must be positioned so that the plug is accessible.
* Improper use of the grounded plug can result In the risk of electrical shock. If the power
cord is damaged please call our customer service.,
1. This unit should be properly grounded for your safety. The power cord of this appliance is
equipped with a three-prong plug which connects with standard three prong wall outlets to
minimize the possibility of electric shock.
2. Plug your appliance into an exclusive, properly installed, grounded wall outlet. Do not under any
circumstances, cul or remove the third (ground) prong from the power cord. Any questions
conceming power and/or grounding should be directed toward a certified electrician.
3. This appliance requires a standard 115 volt, 60Hz electrical outlet with three-prong ground.
Before using your ice maker, it is strongly recommended to clean it thoroughly.
The icemaker is not designed to be installed in an outside area such as a
garage or a porch. Ambient temperatures of below 50°F or above 100.4F
will hinder the performance of the appliance.
O MC 12400629 В ЕЗ К
Y Magic Chef
Model No.: MCIM22TS
* To ensure proper use of this appliance and your safety, please read the following
instructions completely before operating this appliance.
Y Magic Chef”
Counter Top Ice Maker Warranty
Unless otherwise prohibited, MC Appliance Corp. warrants each new Ice Maker to be free from defects in
maternal and workmanship and agrees to remedy any such defect or to furnish a new part(s) (at the company's
option} for any part(s) of the unit that has failed during the warranty period. Parts and labor expenses are
covered on this unit for a period of one year after the date of purchase. In addition MC Appliance Corp.
warrants the compressor({parts only)to be free from defects in matenal and workmanship for a period of
J years. The consumer is responsible for all labor and transportation expenses related to the diagnosis and
replacement of the compressor after the initial one-year warranty has expired. If in the event the unit requires
replacement or refund under the terms of this warranty the consumer is responsible for all transportation
expenses to retum the unit to our factory prior to receiving a replacement unit or refund. A copy of the dated
sales receipt / Invoice ia required to receive warranty service or a refund.
This warranty covers appliances in use within the continental United States, Puerto Rico and Hawail. The
warranty does not cover the following:
= Damages due to shipping damage or improper installation.
= Damages due to misuse or abuse,
= Content losses due to failure of the unit.
= Inside components such as door panaels, door shelves, racks, light bulbs etc.
= Punciures fo the evaporator system due to improper defrosting of the unit.
= Repairs performed by unauthorized service agents,
= Service calls that do not involve defects in material and workmanship such as instruction on proper
use of the product, door reversal or improper installation.
= Replacement or resatiing of house fuses or circuit breakers.
= Failure of this product if used for other than its intended purpose.
= Disposal costs of failed units not returmad to our factory.
= Any delivery costs incurred as the result of à unit thai fails to perform as specified.
= Expenses for travel and transportation for product service If your appliance Is located in a
remote area where service by an authorized service techniclan ls not avallable.
= The removal and reinstallation of your appliance if it is installed in an inaccessible location or Is
not installed in accordance with published installation instructions.
This warranty is in lieu of all warranties expressed or implied and no representative or person Is authorized to
assume for us any other liability in connection with the sale of this product Under no circumstances ls the
consumer permitted to return this unit to the factory without prior written consent from MC Appliance Corp.
Model Parts Labor Compressor (Part Only) Type of Service
MCIMZZTS One- Yaar One- Year Five Years Carry In
MCIMZ2TW One- Year One- Year Five Years Carry In
For Service or Assistance please call 888 775-0202 or visit us on the web at www _meappliance com.
OMC 124i ABE09.6.29 В Е! К
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