SPT SC-1813SS Use and Care Manual

SPT SC-1813SS Use and Care Manual
Important Safety Precautions
Electric Rice Cooker
SC-1202W (6 cups)
SC-1202SS (6 cups – Stainless Steel)
SC-1813W (10 cups)
SC-1813SS (10 cups – Stainless Steel)
Thank you for your purchase. Please read this instruction manual prior
to using and store it for future reference.
Danger of suffocation! Keep all packaging materials away from children.
Dispose of the packaging material in an appropriate way. Contact your
local authorities about collection points or waste separation.
Always switch off and unplug the appliance from the main electrical supply
after each use and BEFORE any maintenance.
OR OTHER LIQUIDS. Refer to section “Care and Cleaning”.
Close supervision is needed when operating appliance near children. Place
the cord in such a way that accidental pulling or tripping over is impossible.
Do not let the cord hang over sharp edges and keep it away from hot objects
and open flames. When disconnecting from the socket, always pull by the plug
and not by the cord.
Always connect the power cord to the appliance BEFORE you plug in to the
main electrical supply. To disconnect the appliance, switch off the main
electrical supply before removing the plug from the appliance.
Do not operate the appliance with a damaged cord or plug. Any repairs should
always be carried out by the Customer Service Centre or by an authorized
service centre.
Do not place the appliance on or near a hot gas or electric burner, in a heated
oven, or near easily flammable materials.
Do not use outdoors or in damp area.
Do not use this appliance for any other purposes than its intended use.
Always place appliance on a flat sturdy surface. When moving appliance,
always take precaution not to touch hot surfaces. Extreme caution must be
used when moving an appliance containing hot liquids.
Use of accessories or equipment not supplied by the manufacturer may cause
damage or result in the malfunctioning of your appliance or injuries.
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or by those with a lack of
experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or
instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their
The manufacturer is not responsible for damages caused by improper use or
non-observance of this instruction manual.
Never leave the appliance unsupervised when in use.
When unit is not in good order, please use common sense to prevent further
damage to surroundings.
All clean up is operator's responsibility.
Allow the appliance to cool down completely before cleaning.
Do not operate in the presence of flammable or explosive material.
Do not attempt to repair or disassemble the appliance. There are no user
serviceable parts.
Danger of scalding! Do not touch hot surfaces. Open and close the rice
cooker only by the handle.
Danger of Scalding! Beware of hot steam being emitted from steam vent.
This appliance is not intended to be operated by means of an external timer or
separate remote control system.
The device is intended for private use only and must not be used for commercial
Parts Identification
Lid Release
6 cups
10 cups
Dew Collector
Indicator Light
Keep warm
Indicator Light
Operating Instructions
Cook Switch
Steam Tray
Power Cord
Clean the rice cooker thoroughly prior to first use. Wash inner
pot, steam tray and scoop with warm soapy water and a soft
cloth. Use a soft damp cloth to clean all other parts of the
Choose a level, non-skid and clean surface that can withstand
the weight of a fully filled rice cooker. Avoid placing the rice
cooker on sinks drain boards or uneven surfaces.
Be careful when setting the rice cooker on surfaces with
delicate finishes such as wood or stone to avoid damages by
hot steam or humidity produced during rice cooking.
Ensure the voltage indicated on the rating plate corresponds to
the mains supply.
Minimum amount of rice to be cooked is 2 cups. Maximum is
based on your model’s max capacity.
Only use the supplied measuring cup as water level markings
inside the inner pot are set to suit the supplied cup.
General rule of thumb, 1 of rice measured with the supplied
cup yields about 2 cups of cooked rice.
For softer rice, prepare rice and water in the inner pot and let it
soak for 10-20 minutes before cooking.
Do not interfere with the automatic switch mechanism by
preventing it from switching to Keep Warm mode. Do not
immediately depress the Cook Switch again after it pops up.
Beware of hot steam being emitted from the steam vent!
Always make sure there is enough water in the inner pot. Do
not operate without water in the inner pot.
Do not operate the rice cooker without inner pot in place.
Do not operate with an open lid.
3) Placed the inner pot into the cooker. Make sure the heating
plate is clean and dry to ensure proper contact. Inner pot
should be placed directly in contact with the heating plate.
Before preparing the next batch of rice let the cooker cool down
4) Close the top lid until a “click” sound is heard.
5) Connect the power cord to the cooker’s inlet first then plug into
the electrical outlet.
To reheat rice, add ¼ cup (60ml) of cold water per cup of cooked
rice. Stir to mix and then press the cook button. When rice has
warmed, the cooker will automatically switch to keep warm
1) Measure the amount of rice needed with the measuring cup
provided. Place rice in a separate bowl and wash thoroughly
under cold running water to remove excess starch. Do not use
the inner pot for this step as you may scratch or dent the pot.
Improper contact with the heating plate can result in
unsatisfactory cooking.
2) Transfer the washed rice into the inner pot and add water. In
general, 1 cup of water to 1 cup of rice. Or refer to the
measuring marks on the inner pot. For example, for 3 cups of
rice, add water till water level reaches the 3 CUP mark.
6) Depress the Cook Switch to start the cooking process. The
cooking light (red) illuminates.
7) Cooking time is determined by the rice cooker. Once cooking is
completed, the switch will pop up and indicator light will switch
to Keep Warm (green). The appliance will stay in keep warm
state until it is disconnected from the electrical outlet.
8) After the unit goes into Keep Warm mode, wait at least 10-15
minutes before opening the lid. This allows the rice to finish
cooking. Cooking brown rice: Follow the normal procedures
but allow rice to stay in Keep Warm mode for 25-30 minutes.
9) When opening lid, be cautious of emitting steam. Make sure
the lid opens away from your face. Use the supplied scoop. Do
not use other tools as not to damage the non-stick surface of
the inner pot. Do not use metal tools.
• Unplug the cord after each use.
Do not open the lid during the cooking process
It is not recommended to keep rice in Keep Warm mode for
more than 5 hours, the quality of rice will begin to deteriorate.
Add 150~300ml of cold water to the inner pot and place inner
pot into cooker. Place food on the steam tray and place tray on
top of inner pot. Close lid and start the cooking cycle.
Food may be placed directly on the steam tray or on aluminum
foil, glass bowls, cups or plates that fit in the steam tray.
Make sure food or receptacles do not exceed the height of the
steam tray and the lid can close properly.
Steaming times vary depending on the size and firmness of the
food to be cooked. Allow 5 to 10 minutes for soft foods like
beans, asparagus and squash. Firmer foods such as corn and
potatoes require 15 to 25 minutes.
Cooking does not stop automatically when steaming. When the
required time has elapsed, turn the cooker off by unplugging
the power cord.
Standing time is not necessary for most steam-cooked
Care and Cleaning
Your Guarantee
Attention! Do not use alcohol, acetone, benzene,
scouring cleaning agents, etc., to clean the rice cooker.
Do not use hard brushes or metallic objects.
Attention! Before cleaning, disconnect the power plug
from the socket and allow cooker to cool completely.
Never clean the rice cooker when it is still hot.
Clean the inner pot as soon as the cooker has cooled down, to
prevent rice from drying on the non-stick surface.
Do not let food remain in the rice cooker over an extended
period of time to avoid bacteria growth.
Never immerse the appliance or cord into water, or allow
moisture to contact with the appliance.
Wipe the exterior parts of appliance with a mild and damp cloth
or cleaner, never use a corrosive cleaner.
If water should accidentally enter the switch mechanism, power
cord inlet socket, or spill onto the heating plate, allow to dry
thoroughly before using the cooker again.
Inner pot, steam tray and scoop may be washed in warm
soapy water. Do not use abrasive cleaners or metal scouring
pads. Scratching or denting the surface of the inner pot could
result in poor contact with the heating plate.
Remove the dew collector from the holder by gently pulling
horizontally. Discard water, clean collector in warm soapy water,
dry and replace.
Keep ventilation openings on the bottom of cooker clean.
Use fine sandpaper to remove cooked rice or any remaining
food residue stuck to the heating plate. Polish the plate to
ensure good contact between the heating plate and the bottom
of inner pot.
Store the cooker in a dry cool place away from direct sunlight,
humidity and splash water. Preferably store in original
packaging. Keep children away from the appliance.
If this product is found to be faulty as a result of faulty materials or workmanship
within one year from date of purchase, it will be repaired free of charge.
This guarantee is subject to the following terms:
• Sunpentown must be notified of the fault.
• Proof of purchase must be presented to Sunpentown’s nominated
• The warranty will be void if the product if modified, misused or
repaired by an unauthorized person.
• The warranty after repair will not be extended beyond the original
one-year period.
• All replacement parts will be new or reconditioned.
• Parts, which are replaced, become the property of Sunpentown.
• The warranty applies for the use of the product in the USA only.
Warranty does not include freight charges.
Incidental or consequential damage caused by possible defects with
this product.
Damage to product caused by improper power supply voltage,
accident, fire, floods or acts of nature.
Failure of product resulting from unauthorized modifications to the
Improper installation or failure to perform the necessary maintenance.
This GUARANTEE is in addition to your Statutory Rights
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