Operating Manual
Caller ID Phone
Congratulation on your purchase of the CT-178 Caller ID Phone. You now possess one of the
most sophisticated telephone on the market today. With features like Time and Date Stamp,
Caller ID, Inbound/outbound numbers memory, the CT-178 can fulfill virtually all telephone
needs. Be sure to review these instructions carefully prior to use to ensure complete
understanding of the unit. There are many new features to be explored. Proper care and usage
will provide for years of trouble free service. Contact information for technical support can be
found at the back of these instructions.
Frequently Asked Questions:
I can not hear ring tone, what’s wrong?
The C/O line is not well connected to the unit. Please check and make a reliable
The ring sounds so low, Why?
There is a ring selector on the unit. Press it to select for a higher ring volume.
1, Large LCD display for new call, repeat call, privacy, out of area, erase
2. Works with both FSK and DTMF systems
3. 90 memory for incoming calls
4. 25 memory for outgoing calls
5. Record inbound/outbound numbers for later review
6. Call back from memory
7. LCD contrast control
8. 1 one-touch speed dialing memory
9. Hold on music, hand free dialing, volume and ring adjustable
10. Local area code setting
Installation: Please refer to the location of control keys.
Plug to Tel.
Connection Box
C/O Line
Connection to the Power:
You may provide power to the CT-178 with the use of 2 x AAA batteries.
To Install batteries: Turn the unit over. Remove the battery compartment cover. Insert 2 AAA batteries
following the polarity diagram. Replace the battery compartment cover. You should replace the new
battery if the LCD can not adjusted to a suitable reading or the function key can’t work well.
Connection to Telephone Line:
Choose the telephone outlet in your home or office where you wish to connect the unit. Plug the
supplied telephone line to the telephone outlet. Connect the other end of the telephone line to the unit.
When I am using the phone I hear noise, What’s wrong?
It is due to poor connection between C/O line and the unit. Ensure the C/O line,
Connection box and plugs are in good condition and are well connected.
All of my incoming calls are ending after the first ring, but the outgoing call is
working well. What’s wrong?
You have to check whether the connection box dropped into water. Ensure all
extensions are in good condition.
I am not seeing the telephone number of calling party on the LCD, why?
In order to receive the telephone number of the calling party, you must have Caller
ID service. Check with your local telephone company regarding available and cost.
The LCD can not display the data properly, what’s wrong?
Ensure that batteries have continuous power. If battery is ok, remove the battery
and disconnect the unit to the C/O line for 10 minutes. Replace batteries and
connect the line again.
The data displayed on the LCD is not clear, why?
This can be due to poor quality battery. Replace batteries if these batteries do not
work. Adjust the LCD contrast to the proper level.
Connection to the Handset and Unit:
Plug one end of the supplied coil cable into the outlet of handset. Use the other end for the connection
to the unit. NOTE: If the unit is not properly featured, you need to remove battery and telephone line
then, re-connect 10 minutes later.
1 One-Touch Speed Dialing:
The unit allows you to set 1 number for speed dialing
To Set the Number:
In standby mode, Press a desired number. Press SET/STORE key. Press M1 key.
The number now is set for speed dialing.
4 Ringing Memory Selection:
In standby mode. Press MEMORY/FLASH key to select the memory.
TONE OFF means turn off the ringing memory.
5 Level Ringing Volume Selection:
In standby mode, Press Ring ADJ key to adjust the ringing volume.
5 Level LCD Contrast Control:
With the unit in standby mode, Press LCD key to adjust the LCD brightness
Setup and Operations:
To Receive a Phone Call:
With the use of Caller ID available from your local telephone company, you can see the
telephone number of the calling party. Also, the LCD can display the time, date, call count, new
call and repeat call. You may select whether answer the call.
To Make a Phone Call:
Pick up the handset or press HANDFREE key. Press desired number while hearing a dialing
tone. The LCD will display the number dialed. The LCD will revert to call duration in 6 seconds
when the dialed number is connected. After finishing calls all data will be stored, then the LCD
will revert to time stamp mode. When the last desired number is busy you may press REDIAL
key to dial out the number again. Press DELETE key if you press wrong digits.
Setup Time and Date:
Press SET/STORE key when the unit is in standby mode. The SET 1daTE will be displayed.
Press UP or DOWN key to set year. Press SET/STORE. Month should be flicking. Press UP or
DOWN key to set month. Press SET/STORE to move to date. Press UP or DOWN to set date
etc. Unit will respond with SET 2 COdE when date and time are set.
Setup Local Area Code:
The LCD will display SET 2 COdE after finishing the time and date setting or press
SET/STORE key then press UP key to enter SET 2 COdE mode when unit is in standby mode.
Press SET/STORE key, then press the UP and DOWN keys to select the area code. Press
SET/STORE key to confirm the area code is set.
NOTE: The area code is associated with the place where the unit is connected. For example: If
the unit was used in Taipei, you can set the area code 02 or 2 to be deleted while the unit
receives a local call and will recall from the call memory.
Setup Long Distance Area Code:
With the unit in standby mode, Press SET/STORE key. The SET 1dATE will be display. Press
UP key repeatedly until the SET 3 LCOdE is displayed. Press SET/STORE key, then press the
UP and DOWN keys to select the area code. Press SET/STORE key to confirm the area code
is set.
NOTE: This function is not required in Taiwan.
Setup Flash:
The LCD will display SET 4 FLASH after finishing the area code setting or Press SET/STORE
key, then press UP key repeatedly until the SET 4 FLASH is displayed. Press SET/STORE key
to observe currently set flash duration.
The unit supplies with 90ms, 120ms, 180ms, 300ms, 600ms and 1000 ms flash duration. Press
UP and DOWN keys to recycle through the 6 modes. Press SET/STORE key to confirm the
selection or press DELETE key to erase the selection.
Setup Tone/Pulse:
The LCD will display SET 6 P-T after finishing the flashing setting or press SET/STORE, then press
UP key repeatedly until the LCD display SET 6 P-T. Press SET/STORE , then press UP and DOWNS
key to set the Tone/Pulse. The default for this function is on TONE. In most cases it may remain in the
default position.
Setup Alarm:
The LCD will display SET 7 ALRr after finishing the flashing setting or press SET/STORE key
then press UP or DOWN key until the SET 7ALRr is displayed. Press UP or DOWN to turn
on/off the alarm function.
NOTE: This function is preventing fraudulent use from extension or outside line. The unit will
alarm when fraud occurs.
Incoming Call – Review, Call Back and Delete
When the unit receives a call, the last incoming call number, time, date, call count, new call and
repeat will display on the LCD. The LCD also displays ----P---, -----O---- to indicate the number
is privacy or out of area. If data is not correctly detected, the LCD will display ERROR.
NOTE: In FSK system, time and date as sent by the telephone company is recorded as the
time stamp for incoming call, not the time and date as programmed into the unit. Time and date
function is not available in DTMF system.
To Review Incoming Calls and Call Back:
Press UP or DOWN key to review the inbound numbers. Press REDIAL key when the desired
number is selected. Press REDIAL key twice. The unit will automatically add 0 as the mobile
phone or long distance call prefix.
In standby mode you can press UP or DOWN key 3 seconds for speed reviewing the incoming
call numbers.
To Delete Incoming Calls Data:!
Press UP or DOWN key to select the number when the unit is in standby mode. Press DELETE
key when desired selection is on screen, or press DELETE key for 4 seconds to erase all
incoming call data.
Outgoing Call- Review, Redial and Delete:
The unit can store up to 25 sets of dialed number associated with call count and time stamps.
The new number will replace the oldest one as the unit stores more than 25 outgoing calls.
To Review and Redial an Outgoing Number:
Press DIAL CHECK key repeatedly to select the desired number. Press REDIAL key. The
number will be automatically dialed out. The unit will display – END – when all numbers are
To Delete Outgoing Call Number from Memory
Press the DIAL CHECK key to select the number when the unit is in standby mode. Press
delete key when the selected number is on screen.
Last number Redial:
If you get a busy tone and you want to call the same number again, press REDIAL key. The
unit will automatically redial the last number.
Flash: Momentarily hangs up the phone to access custom calling features provided by your
presetting flash duration.
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