Using a SoloWearable Wireless Microphone
Revolabs Quick Start Guide
Using a Solo Wearable Wireless Microphone
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Remove the microphone from the Charger Base.
The microphones turn on and mute themselves
automatically when removed from Charger Base
(flashing RED LED) to prevent handling noise while
attaching the microphone.
The wireless microphone has a clip on the back
allowing the microphone to be easily clipped onto a
shirt pocket, blouse or lapel. The microphone can
also be clipped to a lanyard and worn around the
neck. Attach the microphone to clothing or a
lanyard, as close to the mouth as possible (within 6
- 12 inches is recommended).
With the microphone in the wearing position,
un-mute the microphone by pressing and releasing
the MUTE button (confirm by viewing flashing
* make sure top is pointed
toward mouth
Flashing red = muted
Flashing green = un-muted
Mute/un-mute toggle button
To turn microphones off, first mute the microphone,
and then plug it into the Charger Base. Make sure
the RED LED turns on. Optionally, the microphone
can be turned off manually. Simply press and hold
the MUTE button for ~10 seconds until the LED
turns solid RED and release button.
You are now ready to experience wireless, rechargeable and
secure (encrypted) collaborative freedom.
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