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Intelligent industrial controls and automation
1. Input terminals (voltage measurement circuit and
power supply)
2. POWE LOAD LED indicator
3. Digital LED indicator for measured and controlled
4. Multiplication factor switch k (1 or 10 ) which sets
the range for the knob “maximum power capacity”
0-2 kW or 0-20kW (kVA)
5. Mode selection switch – active power limiting/
total (apparent) power limiting
6. Overload LED indicator
7. Adjustment knob – Maximum power threshold –
8. Auto-reset time delay (ton) – adjustment knob
9. Tripping time delay (toff) – adjustment knob
10. Output terminals ~250V AC, 8A
Figure 1 – Front panel and main knobs and controls
1.1. Application
Single phase power limiter OM-110 (hereinafter OM-110) is designed for the continuous control over active
or total power capacity for the single phase loads. Measured range is from 0 to 20 kW or from 0 to 20 kVA. The
function of OM-110 is to cut off the power load in case of exceeding the preset threshold for maximal level of
permitted power load consumed by the user (with user defined time delay) and automatic auto-reset with
adjusted time delay or prohibited restart. User sets the threshold values for power, tripping time delay and autoreset time delay using the knobs and DIP switches on the front panel of the OM-110.
All the measurements are done with a help of built-in current (transformer) sensor in the case of the device
without any interference to the controlled circuits.
Device can be applied as:
- digital watt meter (to measure active or total power capacity);
- Relay which limits the consumed power as per the user defined settings;
OM-110 allows to control the level of power consumption and the state of the load with help of LED
indicators located on the front panel. OM-110 doesn’t require any additional power supply sources and it is
powered by the controlled circuit from the input terminals.
1.2.Basic technical parameters and characteristics
Rated power supply voltage, V
Operational voltage range, V*
Rated voltage frequency, Hz
Measurement range , – for active power P, kW
– for total power S, kVA
Power measurement accuracy is not less than
Adjustable range for setting maximal power
a) k=1; Wmax, kW( kVA)
Absolute deviation for power measurement not more than, kW (kVA)
b) k=10; Wmax, kW(kVA)
Absolute deviation for current measurement not more than, kW, kVA
Adjustable time range for autoreclosing time delay - ton, sec
Adjustable time range for tripping time delay – toff, sec
Readiness time after turn ON, not more than, sec**
Power consumption (under the load), not more than, VA
Maximal commutation current on the output terminals at cosφ=1, А
Commutation lifetime for the output contacts:
- under the load of 5А, not less than
- under the load of 1A, not less than
Protection class:
- device plastic enclosure
- connection terminals
Climatic performance
Operational temperature range, °С
Storage temperature range, °С
Weight, kg, not more than
Dimensions (3 way standard DIN module thickness for DIN rail mounting), mm
from 130 to 300
47– 53
0– 20
0– 20
0 – 2.0
± 0.05
0 – 20
± 0.5
0 – 900, ∞
0 – 300
From - 25 to +55
From - 45 to +70
50 х 90 х 58
* To increase operational range to low voltage ОМ-110 has function to disable LED digital
indicator if voltage level gets lower than 130V. If voltage level is less than 110V then OM110 automatically opens its output terminals to initial cold state position and thus turns
** Reaction time on turn ON is not more than 2 seconds. This time includes device selftesting, turning ON the power load, measuring power consumption and tripping the power
load OFF in case fault situation is detected.
1.3. Application and Operation
On giving the power supply to the input terminals 230V 50Hz (item 1; Figure 1) within the readiness time of
0.8 sec the power load must be turned ON: output contacts 1-2 open, and contacts 3-4 close. Simultaneously
turns on LED indicator “LOAD” (item 2; Figure 1) and digital LED indicator (item 3; Figure 1) starts displaying
power being consumed by the load.
As soon as the power load reaches user adjusted threshold value for maximum power (this setting is set up
in 2 ranges: Range 1 - from 0 to 2 kW (kVA) and Range 2 from 0 to 20 kW (kVA) using the knob on the front
panel Wmax and the range selector switch (item 4; Figure 1) then the red color LED “Overload” (item 6; Figure
1) and the tripping time delay - t off (item 9; Figure 1) countdown (adjustable from 0 to 300 seconds) starts, and
the indicator in turns display the value of consumed power and the remaining time to cut off the load (in
seconds). On the expiration of the tripping time delay contacts 3 - 4 open and contacts 1 - 2 close (item 10;
Figure 1) and green “Load” LED turns off.
If the consumed power decreases lower than the preset threshold value W max “Overload” LED turns off and
the countdown of the auto-reset time delay begins (adjustable in the range from 0 to 900 seconds, being set up
using the knob (item 8; Figure 1). When counting the auto-reset time delay – digital LED indicator (item 3;
Figure 1) shows the remaining time (in seconds) to turn ON the power load automatically. If after turning the
power load off the power consumption doesn’t decrease lower than the value of W max then the countdown of
the auto-reset time delay doesn’t start and the digital LED indicator (item 3; Figure 1) will display “Err” and the
current value of the power being consumed.
After the expiration of the auto-reset time delay the power load turns ON automatically: contacts 1 - 2 open
and contacts 3 - 4 close and the LED indicator “Load” turns ON and the digital LED indicator will display current
value of the power load.
When spinning any of the adjustment knobs (items 7,8,9; Figure 1) on the digital LED indicator is being
displayed the adjusted value of the parameter and in the lower order of the digit is shown decimal point.
If the auto-reset time delay knob is set up to position inF (mark «∞» on the knob scale, item 8; Figure 1)
then there will be no automatic restart of the power load and the digital LED display will show in turns inF (autoreset prohibited) and current value of power. To turn ON the power load it’s necessary to take OFF the power
supply for the input terminals of OM-110 or to change the position of the auto-reset time delay (adjustment
knob (item 8; Figure 1) to another value different from inF. When moving the auto-reset time delay knob to the
position of prohibited auto-reset (inF) then on the digital LED indicator is being displayed “inF” within 4
There is a possibility to select one of two modes of operation of ОМ-110:
- Measurement and control over the active power
- Measurement and control over total (apparent) power
To select the required mode it’s necessary to set the DIP-switch (item 5; Figure 1) to the corresponding
position. Position “Act.kW” – measurement and control over active power; position “Total kVA” – measurement
and control over total power.
Figure 2. Wiring diagram for OM-110
1.4. Start-up preparations
In accordance to all safety regulations connect OM-110 as shown on the scheme above (Figure 2). The
wire of the circuit which should be under the device control must be inserted through the hole in the casing of
OM-110. Next step is to set up the type of measured power using DIP-switch (item 5; Figure 1) and adjust the
range for maximal power threshold values using the knob (item 4; Figure 1). Then set up the tripping time delay
and auto-reset time delay (items 7, 8, 9; Figure 1).
ATTENTION!!! According to safety regulations all the connections must be performed only on fully
de-energized (switched off) device!
After all the connections are done it’s necessary to turn ON the power supply and make precise adjustment
of all the knobs according to the values shown on the digital LED display. ОМ-110 is ready for operation.
For the convenience the scales for time delays are split for some ranges:
- Auto-reset time delay scale is divided to the ranges 0-100 and 100-900 seconds;
- Tripping time delay scale is divided to the ranges 0-50 and 50-300 seconds.
The OM-110 product in original manufacturer packing should be stored in enclosed rooms at the
temperature in the range from -45°C to +70°C and exposed to no more than 90% of relative humidity when
there are no fumes in the air that exert a deleterious effect on package and the switching material. The Buyer
must provide the protection of the switch against mechanical damages in transit.
Novatek-Electro LTD. Company assures and guarantee trouble-free operation of OM-110 phase switch
manufactured by it within 36 months (3 years) from the date of sale, provided:
-- device is connected properly as per instructions and drawings above;
-- integrity of the inspection quality control department seal;
-- the integrity of the case, no traces of opening, cracks, spalls, etc.
Production date_____________
Serial No____________________
Quality control department seal______________
Sale date______________________
Single phase power limiter ОМ-110 №_____________ was manufactured and tested according to actual
documentation and technical requirements stated above and was approved ready for installation and operation.
QA inspector
Manufacture date _____________
Manufacturer doesn’t accept claims if the device has been affected and malfunctioning by the intention or
fault of the user caused wrong connection or not followed the requirements stated in this present manual.
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