Band Rider - Omnipop Bands
Band Rider
One dressing room with seating capabilities for six members (5 band/1 sound tech)
Access to private bathroom in dressing room or in close proximity.
Bottled water requested for Artist (Poland Spring preferred).
Approximately 5 clean towels to be provided for Artist.
2 15-amp circuits to be provided. 3 20-amp circuits for sound reinforcement in proximity of stage
• See below for sound system requirements.
• All power and outlets are to be dedicated for the sole use by Artist
6) 12 ft in depth x 24 ft in width and 2 feet in height stage area required. Stage must be level, stable
and have a non-skid surface. The stage is for exclusive use by Artist
• Please note: The Artist is aware of architectural boundaries that may exist in certain
venues preventing the use of this size stage. Changes in size are acceptable with Artist’s
prior approval.
7) The Purchaser shall allow 2 hours for unloading of equipment, set up and sound check. The
Purchaser must provide free and clear access.
• Any load in that has stairs, an elevator must be available, or the Purchaser must provide
extra personnel, AT NO COST TO THE ARTIST, to assist in loading and unloading of
8) Sandwiches/refreshments would be appreciated for Artist (please contact Agent).
9) The band will advertise on their website for date as soon as date is booked. Artist expects the
club to do the same on their site at least one month prior to date booked.
• If show is out of NY, promote as special event by advertising along the lines of
“Peat Moss and the Fertilizers (with correct spelling) from NY”, “NY’s #1 band”,
“Coming soon….”etc.
10) Posters will be provided by Agent and are expected to be hung up at least 2 weeks prior to show.
Peat Moss and the Fertilizers require a 3-way sound system
Highs – 600 watts
Mid Range – 2000 watts
Bottom Subs – 2000-4000 watts
Artist uses an in-ear monitor system that Artist will supply, complete with splitter snake.
However, the Artist requires there be fill-in speakers in front of stage facing audience for the
front few rows.
*Amps: (3) Crown Macro Tech (1 amp per circuit preferred) or (3) QSC power amps (*rated to
push 10% more than needed), or equivalent
Professional 24 channel mixing board (example: Sound Craft or Allen & Heath)
8 compressors with 8 noise gate
Separate effects unit for vocals & drums
31 band EQ for main speakers
3 boom mic stands for vocals
26 XLR mic cables
Band Rider
All applicable power cables for system
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