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Solution Brief
Toshiba SurePOS
ACE Independent
Retailer Package
Transforming the point of sale to a point of
service starts here
Independent retailers find themselves in a challenging position in the
changing economy. They struggle to stay competitive in a world of retail
giants with extensive resources. Demanding customers are more price
conscious than ever and they expect the highest levels of service—whenever
and however they chose to shop.
Whether you’re a specialty retailer, general merchant, convenience store,
drug retailer or grocery store, Toshiba understands the challenges independent
retailers face and has developed a special point-of-sale package to help
differentiate your business in innovative ways and reduce the hassles of
everyday operations.
An Independent Retailer is defined as an enterprise of 100 stores or less who have
five lanes or less per store. This includes not only grocers, but small pharmacies,
convenience stores, health food stores, pet food stores, liquor stores and similar retail
The complete POS solution
The Toshiba SurePOS ACE (Application Client Server Environment)
Independent Retailer Package (AIR) is supported by Toshiba’s highly
skilled Business Partners who are dedicated to providing a high level of
service to the Independent Retailer. The AIR package gives retailers the
tools to build a customer-centric store experience that can build deeper, more
profitable relationships and help increase revenue. Plus, it is creates a flexible,
future-ready technology platform that integrates new store solutions with ease,
low risk and fast time to value.
—— Objective
–– Deliver a compelling experience and services
to customers with innovative store solutions
—— Solution
–– The Toshiba SurePOS™ ACE Independent
Retailer Package
—— Benefits
–– Elevates store operations to a higher level
of service with a POS solution complete
with technical support, packaged at an
affordable price
Solution Brief
“Increasingly retailers are looking
to differentiate themselves …
transforming the point of sale to
a point of service is at the top of
the list.”
The Toshiba SurePOS ACE Independent Retailer
The Toshiba SurePOS ACE Independent Retailer Package is offered in a
Basic version, with a single station printer, and a Premium version, with
a dual station printer with MICR. The package includes:
—— Toshiba SurePOS 700 or Toshiba SurePOS 300
—— Toshiba 4690 Operating System (OS)
—— Toshiba SurePOS ACE Application
—— Toshiba SurePOS ACE Electronic Payment Support (EPS)
—— Toshiba Store Integrator GUI
—— Toshiba Data Integration Facility
—— Toshiba SureMark™ Printer
—— Toshiba 67-key keyboard with magnetic stripe reader (MSR)
and 2 × 20 LCD; or 15-inch Toshiba SurePoint™ IR Touch
Display with MSR1
—— Toshiba full size cash drawer with til
—— One year hardware and software maintenance
Agent (RMA) and Light-Path Management, helps streamline
operations by efficiently monitoring and managing the POS
software and devices at a single store or multiple stores. Deep
sleep is a low power mode that conserves almost as much energy
as when the system is in the off state. Unlike powering down, deep
sleep is much faster and more reliable to get up and running when
the system is needed again. When enabled with RMA, energy cost
is reduced up to 47 percent.
The SurePOS 700 speeds checkout and helps empower employees
with the necessary tools to improve productivity and enhance
customer satisfaction. It helps reduce costs with energy-efficient
performance and virtually tool free design. And, it optimizes the
technology investment by integrating easily with legacy systems
and a service life of seven+ years.
Powerful solutions for independent
Toshiba SurePOS 700 Series—powerful and versatile
Toshiba SurePOS 300—smarter checkout in less
space, lower cost
The award-winning, energy-efficient Toshiba SurePOS 700 is the
most powerful point-of-sale solution in the Toshiba portfolio,
delivering maximum performance and adaptability. It is built
Toshiba retail-hardened and designed for long-term durability
and reliability in rigorous grocery environments. Toshiba Retail
Systems Management, including Toshiba Remote Management
The small footprint Toshiba SurePOS 300 fits in less than one foot
of counter space and offers flexible choices for placement that
compliment your store image and customer experience. The
Toshiba SurePOS 300 features smarter checkout technology,
Solution Brief
including Toshiba 4690 OS, to help stores of all sizes deliver the
next generation service solutions that customers, employees and
the business demand. Enabled with Toshiba Remote Management
Agent, the SurePOS 300 can be controlled and monitored from a
single console in the store or remotely to help keep maintenance
costs low and checkout lanes moving.
debit instead of credit saves retailers money, and enhancements to
Telecheck Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA) speed checkout
by automating the check acceptance process so the cashier does
not have to manually enter the authorization code on the paper
check when the check is being converted to an ACH (Automated
Clearing House) transaction.
Toshiba 4690 Operating System—reliable and
Toshiba SureMark Printer—fast and efficient
Toshiba SureMark printers are specifically designed to meet the
rigors of retail environments and feature the most advanced
printer technologies today. With 80 lines per second (LPS)
printing and 99.9 percent MICR reading accuracy, these printers
move fast to help improve customer satisfaction and employee
productivity. Toshiba innovations, such as standard 3 MB2 flash
memory, help print “value added” messages on receipts. Four-inch
(102 mm) receipt rolls reduce paper changes by 46 percent and
keep checkout lanes moving. A programmable sensor system
monitors printer “health” while Toshiba exclusive Remote
Management Agent allows retailers to monitor and manage
printers from a central location.
Designed specifically for rugged retail environments, the Toshiba
4690 Operating System (OS) delivers outstanding functionality,
manageability and reliability. It includes powerful security features,
including complex passwords, to help protect store data and
maintain network security. It also provides a high level of
availability that helps keep store operations running smoothly and
allows retailers to manage store and customer data in real time.
The Toshiba 4690 OS supports a wide variety of hardware,
peripherals and software and protects IT investment by providing
a secure, easy-to-manage platform to which new capabilities can
be added without replacing equipment or disrupting store
Toshiba SurePoint Touch Display—interactive and
Toshiba SurePOS Application Client Server
Environment (ACE)—innovative and dependable
The Toshiba SurePoint 15-inch flat-panel, full-color point-of-sale
display is an innovative infrared (IR) touchscreen for rapid,
accurate transactions.1 The SurePoint display is a liquid crystal
display (LCD) that works for effective multimedia operator
training, full-motion video advertising and interactive customer
displays. The advanced technology never needs recalibrating and
delivers a brighter screen with higher contrast, ideal for sunlit
The comprehensive Toshiba SurePOS ACE POS application
provides the foundation for the Toshiba SurePOS ACE
Independent Retailer Package. This innovative application is
designed to improve reliability at the POS, optimize customer
service and lower costs. It provides high volume scanning for fast
checkout and electronic marketing for loyalty programs and
complex promotions. It supports data maintenance and account
management to manage store information and streamline
Build a Smarter Checkout
Increasingly retailers are looking to differentiate themselves …
transforming the point of sale to a point of service is at the
top of the list. The capabilities of the Toshiba SurePOS ACE
Independent Retailer Package help stores develop, customize and
The popular retail application includes an open department
key, eliminating ‘unknown department’ errors; terminal offline,
recording transactions even if the controller is unavailable.
PIN encouragement, which promotes processing payments as PIN
Solution Brief
integrate broader retail solutions with fast time to value such as
front-end loss prevention, loyalty and promotion
programs, cross channel selling, and more:
Integration with Google Digital Coupons
With a simple click from a website and swipe of a loyalty card at
the point of sale, stores can offer customers a paperless solution to
redeem digital offerings and coupons. Consumers with Googlepowered accounts can access digital offers received online; via
emails and mobile phone; or through interactive TV and redeem
them at participating retailers. Retailers and manufacturers can
create incentives, measure marketing efforts in real time, and see
promotion results to help define future offerings.
—— Personalized service
——Loyalty status visible through all channels
——Specialized promotions
—— Endless aisle/Special orders
——Items carried in warehouse, not stocked in stores
——Drop ship items
—— Stock finder
——Find out-of-stock items and satisfy customer
——Alternate store pick-up or ship to store
——Ship to customer from warehouse, store or vendor
—— Alternate fulfillment options
——In-store pick-up, alternate store pick-up, gift pick-up
——Ship to store
—— Upsell and customizable products
——Find what the customer wants
——Bundle products and services together to meet needs
—— Third-party offers
——Generate incremental revenue
——Events tickets, coupons
—— Sell and deliver more services
——In-store services: copy and print, alterations, personal
——Delivery and installation
——Service plans
—— More
——Customizable to meet each retailer’s needs
GS1 DataBar Application Identifiers (AI) Infrastructure
A dynamic infrastructure for product identification gives stores
better item control, smarter category management, reduced out of
stocks, and less shrinkage—all in one POS solution. With a higher
level of product identification at the register, it is easier to keep
tainted items from being sold and to monitor perishable goods.
Fresh food identifiers provide an accurate inventory so that dated
items can be automatically triggered for quick sales.
Mobile commerce-enabled
Toshiba SurePOS ACE can be extended to provide the same front
lane POS functionality retailers know and trust to consumers’
smart phones or other mobile devices. The integration of mobile
capabilities, offered by The Toshiba Worldwide Services group,
enables stores to take advantage of the growing popularity of
customer mobile applications with minimal risk and fast time
to value.
Digital and no-receipt option
For shoppers who go paperless today, SurePOS ACE gives them
the choice. Receipts for sales transactions can be suppressed
entirely, or processed digitally in XML and delivered directly to
the customer’s online or mobile address. This not only saves time
at checkout, it helps stores reach environmental goals.
Deliver better, faster, personalized service
With Toshiba SurePOS ACE,the store checkout literally
transforms from a point of sale to a point of service. Offered at
checkout, services not only please customers, they build
incremental revenue for your stores.
Online WIC (Women, Infants, & Children) EBT
(Electronic Benefit Transfer) support
Government regulatory agencies are promoting efforts to replace
the old style WIC EBT paper benefits process with an electronic
WIC EBT card system. The new system benefits both the retailer
Solution Brief
Lower risks, reduce costs
and participant by delivering a seamless WIC transaction at
the POS that appears similar to other card payments. Other
enhancements mean customers can purchase a mixed basket
of WIC and non-WIC items, also, discounts and “best price”
identifiers can be integrated seamlessly while reducing checkout
confusion for the clerk and WIC shopper.
Enhanced security for PCI compliance
New security features for PCI compliance include enabling
retailers to remove sensitive pin pad data from store systems and
an encryption library to enable easier and superior security of
cardholder information. Additionally, retailers have the ability to
mask EBT account numbers and decrease the risk of a potential
data break.
SurePOS ACE Electronic Payment Support (EPS)
Beyond providing support for electronic payments, which
includes prepaid gift and phone cards, new features on SurePOS
ACE/EPS speed check card payments and help improve store
processes, while lowering costs. With a tool like SurePOS
ACE/EPS, managers can be more productive and more
accountable while helping stores optimize inventory and
minimize costs. SurePOS ACE/EPS enables managers to view
cashier transactions on any active terminal. They can build lists for
selective item reporting, access stored transaction logs to create
summary reports, and they can create batches for updating prices.
Fraud Prevention
SurePOS ACE has added support to detect and ID fraudulent
paper coupons. A retailer can create groups and build tables that
can support up to 540 fraudulent GS1 and 540 UPC coupons.
When a fraudulent is scanned, the cashier is notified, a customized
message is displayed to the customer, and the coupon is prevented
from being entered into transaction.
Improve accuracy
New features of Toshiba SurePOS ACE include automatically
detecting payment cards; restricting the tender type customers
can use for items such as lottery or gift cards; increased precision
on percent-off coupons and improvements for percentage-off all
matching items. Storing customer names when a payment card is
processed with a PIN pad helps if there is a transaction dispute.
Generate new revenue streams
GTech is one of three online Lotto gaming providers authorized
by State Lottery Commissions to sell Quick Pick wager lottery
tickets at the point of sale. With SurePOS ACE/EPS, no
additional equipment is necessary in the lane to sell Lotto tickets.
And there is no change in transaction flow. Tickets can be printed
out on standard receipt printer paper.
Reduce operating costs
Minimal operator training is needed when implementing the
new release of SurePOS ACE. With a flexible toolkit and strong
backward and forward compatibility, you can use the same
hardware, host interface, data format and operator interface as you
migrate between releases and develop custom extensions. Toolkit
support for Windows 7 is now provided so development work
performed by the retailer can executed on a primary workstation
running Windows 7. Enabled with Toshiba Remote Management
Agent (RMA), the advanced POS solution provides software
distribution, proactive monitoring, asset tracking, and problem
determination from one local or enterprise location. So service
and maintenance costs can be reduced dramatically.
In addition to lottery revenue, the flexible integration tools
provided by Toshiba SurePOS ACE can expand checkout
capabilities to support other store devices that can add revenue—
such as fuel pumps and in-store services like coffee shops,
boutiques and personal shopping assistants. With SurePOS ACE
you can energize loyalty and preferred shopper programs with
electronic marketing, digital coupons, and promotion engines.
Access product information and accurate price data from every
customer touch point. Streamline transaction processing with
electronic journaling.
Why Toshiba?
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A touchscreen only configuration is available (keyboard not included) for those that
prefer an operator touch interface instead of a keyboard interface. The Basic or
Premium package with touchscreen is offered in Iron Gray only.
MB/GB equals one million/billion bytes when referring to storage capacity;
accessibility may be less.
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